1st Fleet

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1st Fleet
Insignia of the Old 1st Battle Group
Dates: 20602.21 - Present
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet
Type: Fleet
Role: Exploration, Offense, Defense, Direct Fleet Operations
Ship Classes:
Garrison: Starbase Alpha
Motto: Audentes Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favors the Bold
Commander: RAdm Kinziri Jal
Notable Commanders: Adm Matthew Thrawn
Adm Daniel Wueste

The 1st Fleet is one of the numbered fleets in the Federation Star Fleet. Commanded by Admiral Daniel Wueste, USS Pulsar serves as Flagship, while Starbase Alpha, in Sector 001 in orbit of Earth, acts as Fleet Headquarters. Admiral Jeffrey Linden serves as the 1st Fleet Security Commander and CO of Starbase Alpha, overseeing all security concerns for the Fleet and the day-to-day operation of the installation. The Fleet’s primary operating range encompasses much of the Federation core including Earth, Alpha Centauri, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar. Sometimes referred to as the "Home Fleet," the 1st Fleet is directly tasked with protecting not only the central systems of the Federation, but also defending against any forces threatening Federation security. Fleet operations are not limited to combat exercises and also involve humanitarian aid to member worlds and deep space exploration.

Admiral Daniel Wueste serves as Fleet Commander directing all Fleet activity, assignments, and supervising attached COs. Fleet security is overseen administratively at Starbase Alpha by Admiral Jeffrey Linden who serves as the Fleet Security Commander and as SBA's Commanding Officer.

History and Reorganization

The 1st Fleet had a long and distinguished history of exploration and defense of Federation assets. During its existence the 1st Fleet played a leading role in every major conflict since the founding of the Federation. As one of eight numbered fleets, the 1st Fleet earned its nickname of the “Home Fleet” for its primary service in the defense of the Federation’s founding members. At full strength the 1st Fleet was intended to include a Carrier, Battleship, five Heavy Cruisers, six Light Cruisers, twelve Destroyers, twenty Frigates, two Scout Ships, and four Galactic Exploration Cruisers for a total of fifty-one vessels.

The 1st Fleet was based out of Starbase One and was overseen administratively by Rear Admiral Rasmus Benestad who served as Fleet Commander. During this time period, owing to the destruction of the USS Federation shortly prior to initiation of the Armageddon Directive, and the decision to remove USS Pulsar from the public eye following the Kwalin fiasco, Admiral Benestad designated USS Dauntless, Matthew Thrawn commanding, as 1st Fleet Flagship.

On Stardate 20602.21 the 1st Fleet was reorganized into the 1st Battle Group. Star Fleet’s new group organization allowed for several important changes. Among these changes were greater flexibility in fleet structure and the creation of two new posts: Group Chief of Operations and Group Commander. Where the position of Fleet Commander called for a single primary fleet head operating from a central headquarters, the positions of Chief of Operations and Group Commander allow for an administrative figure working from headquarters and another individual directly coordinating group activities from in the field. From Stardate 20602.21 – 20808.20 the 1BG was commanded by Admiral Lance Odell and Vice Admiral Matthew Thrawn, respectively serving as Chief of Operations and Group Commander. During their tenure with Group Command, USS Enterprise was designated as group Flagship.

Recent Activity and Reorganization

On Stardate 20808.20, shortly after the Battle of Starbase 157, and following Enterprise’s transfer to the 1st Special Operations Group, leadership of the 1st Battle Group changed. Admiral Jeffrey Linden was assigned as Battle Group Chief of Operations and Vice Admiral Daniel Wueste as Group Commander. During the early stages of this new group administration the USS Dauntless, with Admiral Wueste commanding, again served as Flagship. A short time later USS Pulsar, having undergone a major refit, was returned to active service and was, upon Admiral Wueste’s reassignment, designated as group Flagship.

The 1BG was extremely active during the recent war with the Romulan Star Empire. USS Pulsar was directly involved in the signing of a treaty with the Democratic Romulan Republic. The signing of this treaty, coupled with Pulsar’s presense at Ecurai, proved to be instrumental factors in bringing a conclusion to the conflict with the Empire.

Since the conclusion of the war the 1BG has turned its attention to its other primary focus, exploration. During times of peace roughly 60-70% of 1BG vessels engage in deep space exploration and missions of humanitarian aid. Nevertheless the group is, at all times, ready to defend Federation interests. During the Terran Empire/Grath crisis more than a third of 1BG vessels were deployed to assist impacted star systems and eliminate the cross-dimensional spatial rifts.

The 1BG was subsequently reorganized back into the 1st Fleet and USS Pulsar was assigned to Battle Group Alpha-1 where it continues to operate out of Starbase Alpha and stands-by to host the Fleet Commander and act as 1st Fleet Flagship.

In response to the destruction of Space Station Sierra 18 and the loss of the Bajoran System, the Fleet was re-deployed to assign vessels to safeguard each founding member system of the Federation. For this purpose Exploration Group Epsilon-1 was temporarily re-designated as a Battle Group (as part of this change USS Wright was reassigned to Independent Operations and the Group Flag was placed aboard USS Trafalgar).

To further consolidate Fleet activities and enhance SBA security, Admiral Wueste was assigned as Fleet Commander, while Admiral Linden, remaining as SBA CO, has been moved to Fleet Security Command. With this transition Star Fleet Security has direct administrative influence over Starbase Alpha, USS Pulsar is permanently assigned as Fleet Flagship, and the position of Deputy Fleet Commander has been eliminated.

Fleet Structure

The following Starships and Facilities are currently attached to the 1st Fleet:

1st Fleet Units
Starbases: Star Base Alpha Star Fleet command emblem.png1stBG.jpeg
Capital Ships: USS Pulsar, BB-100USS Enterprise, CS-1701 • USS Vesta, EX-10000
Cruiser Squadron 101 USS Dauntless, CA-1553 • USS Poseidon, CL-2004 • USS Ares, CL-2012 • USS Hawkings, GSC-9004
Cruiser Squadron 102 USS AR-558, CA-1001 • USS Balaklava, CA-1222 • USS Hades, CL-2017 • USS Ra, CL-2101 • USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Cruiser Squadron 103 USS Endeavour, CA-1483 • USS Odin, CL-2200 • USS Stabley, GSC-9029
Destroyer Squadron 111 USS Sun-Tzu, DD-4000 • USS DeGaulle, DD-4008 • USS Sitting Bull, DD-4017 • USS Pershing, DD-4027 • USS Hamilcar, DD-4033 • USS Cromwell, DD-4035
Destroyer Squadron 112 USS Yamamoto, DD-4046 • USS Tokugawa, DD-4056 • USS Steuben, DD-4062 • USS Bonaparte, DD-4082 • USS Powell, DD-4084 • USS Bismarck, DD-4095
Frigate Squadron 121 USS Berlin, FF-6000 • USS Munich, FF-6006 • USS Amsterdam, FF-6008 • USS London, FF-6009 • USS Venice, FF-6017
Frigate Squadron 122 USS Los Angeles, FF-6024 • USS New York, FF-6025 • USS Las Vegas, FF-6049 • USS Droxana, FF-6052 • USS Seattle, FF-6062
Frigate Squadron 123 USS Trolius, FF-6071 • USS Vienna, FF-6107 • USS Bahrain, FF-6113 • USS Poznan, FF-6127 • USS New Athens, FF-6138 • USS New Jaleyl, FF-6146
Reconnaissance Squadron 131 USS Goddard, GSC-9006 • USS Rralrark, FF-6169 • USS Cologne, FF-6172 • USS Armstrong, FSC-28002
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