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Welcome to the Star Fleet Logistics and Support Command. Below you will find helpful information about the tactical department and find several sections to answer many questions you might have.

The Head of Star Fleet Logistics is responsible for updating all Logistical information on the site, as well as answering related questions and creating content for the site that is both helpful to the players and informative to the Federation Space community.

This page will be a work in progress as new information is developed. If there is anything that you cannot find here, contact.

What is Star Fleet Logistics and Support Command?

Star Fleet Logistics and Support Command, commonly known as the Support Department, comprises the personnel who make Star Fleet work. Either officers on temporary assignment or professional administrators, Logistics and Support personnel make up Star Fleets ranks of Yeomen, Quartermasters, Sickbay Attendants, and the myriad other professions that do not require technical or specialist skills. Logistics and Support Command is also responsible for staff at Star Fleet Academy, though a hands-off approach is maintained and the Academy retains its independence.