4th Fleet

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4th Rapid Response Fleet
4th Rapid Response Fleet Insignia
Dates: 21007.01 - Present
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet
Type: Fleet
Role: Exploration, Offense, Defense,
Direct Fleet Operations, Rapid Deployment
Ship Classes:
Garrison: Star Base Delta near Acamar
Motto: Arma potentius aequum. (Justice is more powerful than weapons.)
Commander: Admiral Thomas Grayson
Notable Commanders:

, Deputy FC Commodore Nicholas Ristone

The 4th Fleet is one of the numbered fleets in the Federation Star Fleet. Commanded by Admiral Thomas Grayson, Star Base Delta near the Acamar system serves as Fleet Headquarters. The group’s primary operating range encompasses much of the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant and is deployed to any area on an as-needed basis. Group and fleet operations can be based on virtually any mission profile which Star Fleet requires.

All science operations in the Fourth Fleet are under the oversight of Commodore Quill Dramar.

Recent Activity


Fleet Structure

The below is an overview of the 4th Fleet's current composition:

1 Carrier
1 Battleship
1 Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser
3 Heavy Cruisers
12 Light Cruisers
2 Exploration Cruisers
17 Destroyers
17 Frigates
4 Scouts
1 Escort (USS James Madison, ES-17877, assigned to Star Base Delta)

Starships and Facilities

Battle Group Omega-4
Purpose: Rapid Response unit
Location: Varies
Unit Commander: Cmdr Draev
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Nova[1] BB-106 Cmdr Draev
Mirak Male
USS Avenger BC-1500 Capt Derrick Grant
Human Male
USS Chin'toka CA-1375 Capt Aloysia Yvette
USS Yeager FSC-28018 Cdr Mattiana
Kriosian Female
USS Salem FF-6135 Capt Varek
Vulcan Male
USS Austin FF-6162 Cdr Lara Gideon
Human Female
USS Armstrong SC-8002 LCdr Thelor
Andorian Male
Battle Group Omicron-4
Purpose: Offensive unit
Location: Klingon Border, outer regions, near Tholian space
Unit Commander: VAdm T'Hil Ruan Bay
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Confederation CV-04 VAdm T'Hil Ruan Bay
Betazoid Female
USS Freedom CA-1883 Capt Jonathan Graves
Human Male
USS Orge CL-2518 Capt Shriela zh'Therom
Andorian Female
USS Chimera CL-2502 Capt Ingolb
Bolian Male
USS Chang DD-4051 Cdr Tanol
Vulcan Male
USS Lafayette DD-4085 Cdr Kendrick O'Neill
Human/Klingon Male
USS Memphis FF-6056 Cdr Alyssa Rhodes
Human Female
Battle Group Delta-4
Purpose: Defensive unit
Location: Sector 228, Klingon/Romulan/Federation Triangle
Unit Commander: Cmdr Evan Foster
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Independence CA-1553 Cmdr Evan Foster
Human Male
USS Aries CL-2003 Capt Garav Rimosi
Andorian Male
USS Thanatos CL-2008 Capt Kwong Ju'an
Human Female
USS Medusa CL-2505 Capt Ravek
Vulcan Male
USS Thor CL-2203 Capt Akeras Pela
Bolian Female
USS Hamilton DD-4010 Cdr T'Piam
Human/Vulcan Female
USS Halsey DD-4089 Cdr Jorian Zen
Trill Male
USS Dublin FF-6056 Cdr Robert Graves
Human Male
Battle Group Xi-4
Purpose: Defensive unit
Location: Cardassian Border Region
Unit Commander: Capt Laertezvedha Mundir'Zah
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Zeus CL-2000 Capt Laertezvedha Mundir'Zah
Saurian Male
USS Chronos CL-2019 Capt Nyota Dryer
Human Female
USS Caesar DD-4040 Capt Amila Thon
Betazoid/Trill Female
USS Howe DD-4041 Capt Terri Letac
Bajoran Female
USS Powell DD-4084 Cdr Lox
Human Male
USS Rome FF-6016 Cdr Golin Dalar
Cardassian Male
USS Dallas FF-6159 LCdr Virak
Vulcan Female
401st Support Flotilla
Purpose:Support unit
Location: Klingon Border Region, near Gorn Space
Unit Commander: Capt Yanje
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Sphinx CL-2517 Capt Yanje
Bolian Male
USS Douglas DD-4034 Capt Nealo Mtolo
Human Male
USS Sherman DD-4071 Capt Svek
Vulcan Male
USS Gates DD-4091 Capt S'ress
Caitian Female
USS Sydney FF-6021 Cdr Gerold McLeod
Human Male
USS Coventry FF-6011 Cdr ch'Arus
Andorian Male
USS Warsaw FF-6029 LCdr Yanis Caeda
Trill Female
420th Expeditionary Flotilla
Purpose:Scout/Support unit
Location: Deep Space, exact location classified
Unit Commander: Capt Aaron Prentice
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Phoenix CL-2512 Capt Aaron Prentice
Human Male
USS Hood DD-4029 Capt Throl
Denobulan Male
USS Scott DD-4111 Capt Toran
Vulcan Male
USS Bligh DD-4038 Cdr Jikra Lar
Trill Female
USS Pittsburgh FF-6046 Cdr Endis
Risian Male
USS Halifax FF-6068 Cdr Roger Donovan
Human Male
USS Balboa SC-8017 LCdr H’Raat
Caitian Female
450th Science Flotilla
Purpose: Operations Support (Science) unit
Location: Inner Federation Sectors near Klingon/Cardassian Region
Unit Commander: Capt Susan Cardinell
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Cochrane GEC-9036 Capt Susan Cardinell
Human Female
USS Hindenburg DD-4020 Capt Kalia Parsala
Deltan Female
USS McClellan DD-4058 Capt K'Tan
Vulcan Male
USS Beirut FF-6041 Cdr Neomi Jenkins
Human/Caitian Female
USS Albany FF-6050 Cdr Ashok
Bolian Male
USS Kabul FF-6081 Cdr Henrietta Newton
Human Female
USS Providence FF-6141 LCdr Shriela zh'Therom
Andorian Male
455th Exploration Flotilla
Purpose: Operations Support (Exploration) unit
Location: Exploration Mission Cardassian/Breen Region
Unit Commander: Capt Sirish ch'Zehl
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Edison GEC-9001 Capt Sirish ch'Zehl
Vulcan/Andorian Female
USS Loki CL-2201 Capt Robert Day
Human Male
USS Napoleon DD-4109 Capt Tr'Aarikah
Vulcan/Romulan Female
USS Nobunaga DD-4109 Cdr Caar
Tellarite Masle
USS Baghdad FF-6035 Cdr Hylen
Argelian Female
USS Concord FF-6153 Cdr Malina
Human/Orion Female
USS Magellan SC-8019 LCdr Amaranta Ramirez
Human Female
413th Special Operations
Location: Special Operations
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
USS Pegasus CL-2500 Capt Razili Nillian
Acamarian Male
USS James Madison ES-17877 See USS Avenger, BC-1500


  1. Fleet Flagship