Federation Reserve Fleet

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Federation Reserve Fleet
SF reserve.png
Federation Reserve Fleet
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet
Type: Fleet
Role: Offense, Defense,
Emergency Deployment
Ship Classes: Varies
Garrison: Sector 001
Motto: Ready Anytime, Anywhere
Commander: Classified information
Notable Commanders:

The Federation Reserve Fleet is a collection of vessels, of varying types and ages, still fully-equipped and ready for service. These ships have been semi-retired or are not currently in service, and are not yet obsolete enough to be fully decommissioned.

  • Any ship in a reserve fleet is said to have been "mothballed," and is generally considered "retired."

Ships in the Reserve Fleet may be modified, such as a sealed-off, unstocked Sickbay, or be in the midst of repairs.
While being in Reserve, a skeleton crew is used to maintain the ship, part of a larger maintenance crew, which rotate via starbase to upkeep all the ships in the Fleet.

While in Reserve, ships can be used for experiments, strategic practice, or even parted out to repair other ships. Occasionally, a ship with such a reputation can become a museum ship, such as the Enterprise-A.