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Federation Space Canon

USS Voyager specific events

  • The USS Voyager pursues the USS Equinox and negotiates a cease fire with the nucleogenic lifeforms.
    The Equinox is later destroyed; only five crewmembers survive.

  • After a near death experience, B'Elanna Torres travels to Klingon Hell to rescue her mother's soul.
  • Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse and retrieves data about the phenomenon from the command module of the Ares IV spacecraft, which had been trapped in the ellipse since 2032.
  • Voyager uses a graviton catapult designed by an alien called "Tash" to travel 600 light years closer to Earth.

  • The Ocampan city is presumed to have run out of the surplus of power that the Caretaker sent to them before he died.

Other Events

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