466th Fighter Squadron

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466th Fighter Squadron "The Wolf Pack"
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Dates: 21208.01 - Present
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet, Star Fleet Special Operations Command, Stealth Fighter Wing
Type: Fighter Squadron
Role: Test and Evaluation, Reconnaissance, Strike
Ship Classes: XF-2 Strike Fighter
Garrison: USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471 (Former), USS Anarchy, CV-11
Commander: Cdr Jennifer Braggins
Notable Commanders:

Squadron Manifest

Position Pilot Rank Pilot Name Pilot Species WSO Rank WSO Name WSO Species
"Alpha Wolf"/Wolf Leader (CO) Avi-cdr.jpg Jennifer Braggins Augment Avi-cdr.jpg Sopek Vulcan
Wolf Two Avi-lt.jpg Lana Dauzart Human Avi-lt.jpg V'Laal Vulcan
"Beta Wolf"/Wolf Three (XO) Avi-lcdr.jpg Tala zh'Thane Andorian Avi-lt.jpg Zissyn sh'Thane Andorian
Wolf Four Avi-lt.jpg Hildred Betsinger Trill Avi-lt.jpg Audlid Yonas Betazoid
Wolf Five Avi-lt.jpg Zohm Dlixx Bolian Avi-lt.jpg Bazs Tellarite
Wolf Six Avi-lt.jpg Jored Alyw Bajoran Avi-lt.jpg Srokki Saurian