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United Federation of Planets logo.png SaurianUnited Federation of Planets logo.png
United Federation of Planets
Average Male Height:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Male Weight:
68 kg (150 lb.) to 113.4 kg (250 lb.)
Average Female Height:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Female Weight:
68 kg (150 lb.) to 113.4 kg (250 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

Note: This is a PC and NPC rated species.

A Saurian Star Fleet officer.

The Saurians are a lizard-like, humanoid species from the planet Sauria. Highly intelligent beings, they are said to make excellent Star Fleet officers.

This species has the unusual ability to breathe several different gases, which can otherwise be toxic to other humanoid beings.
If a Saurian is part of a Federation landing party, this can make the officer invaluable to the mission.

Known to be quite strong, this species is noted for their robust nature in part for having four hearts.

The Saurians have been members of the United Federation of Planets since the mid-23rd century.

Saurian brandy, bottled since at least 2169, is a famous beverage throughout the Federation.

Biology & Physiology

The Saurians resemble Earth lizards, with scaly skin which can range in hue from pinks to grays.

They have an upright, straight posture, and uniquely have four hearts.

With their planet's gravity being 1/5th more than Earth's, with a considerable number of atmospheric gases toxic to other humanoids, the Saurians have evolved to be a hardy species.

The race as a whole are able to survive in environments that would be fatal to most other humanoids, though as a side-effect, they are more sensitive to bright lights, and are mostly nocturnal, as well.

This race is also defined by their large eyes, which posses two sets of eyelids (vertical and horizontal).
In colors of black or yellow, they are able to see an enormous visual spectrum beyond what most humanoids can see.

Saurians can also move at great speeds on their clawed feet, and they also had webbed, clawed hands as well.


A well-known export of Sauria is something commonly called "Saurian brandy." An alcoholic beverage, it has been bottled and sold to the Federation since at least the 22nd century.

Another large export of the planet and its people are the rare metals dilithium and trilithium.

By in large a necessity, most Saurians have learned to communicate in Earth tongues, as their own vocal language has proven too complicated for other humanoids' vocal cords.

Saurian music is said to be similar to, or at least have a great appreciation by, both Vulcans and Andorians.


Unofficial first contact between Humans and Saurians occurred in 2157. It has been said that during this event, Saurian brandy was shared between the two representing parties.

Official Federation first contact took place in 2162 by the USS Essex, with assistance from Vulcan diplomats.

By 2162, due to major merging between countries on the planet, two major nations of Sauria remained: the Global League of Lyaksti'kton, and the Kingdom of M'Tezir.

  • The Global League of Lyaksti'kton was made up primarily of the Lyaksti Empire, which had been the dominant power on Sauria for the previous three centuries.
    Their capital city became a barge, located in neutral seas, and traveled from one League member nation to another.
  • The Kingdom of M'Tezir was the second, though slightly smaller nation, made up of several less powerful states.

Both the Saurian Global League and the Kingdom of M'Tezir then placed space stations in orbit of Sauria.