3rd Fleet

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3rd Fleet
3rd Battle Group Logo.jpg
3rd Battle Group Insignia
Dates: 20602.21 - 20904.14, 21004.27 - 21112.10
Allegiance: United Federation of Planets, Star Fleet
Type: Defensive Fleet
Role: Defense, Exploration, Scientific Research
Ship Classes:
Garrison: Starbase Charlie
Motto: "Speak softly and carry a big stick" - Theodore Roosevelt
Commander: Vice Admiral Douglas Shields {Roberts}
Notable Commanders: Cmdr Kinziri Jal, RAdm Alanna Treborn

The Third Fleet was disbanded on Stardate 21112.10 following the destruction of Starbase Charlie and Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18. The fleet assets and zones of responsibility were split between the 1st Fleet and the 4th Fleet.

The Third Fleet is the primary defense force along the Cardassian and Klingon borders. It is overseen administratively by Admiral Gordon Hernandez on Earth, and is commanded by Vice Admiral Douglas Shields {Roberts}, former head of Starfleet Tactical, from the Third Fleet’s main base of operation Starbase Charlie. The Third Battle Fleets’s primary area of operations spans from Space Station Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18, to Starbase Charlie at the former location of Deep Space 9, to Starbase 129, to Deep Space Station K-7. The primary function of the Third Fleet is to secure the borders of the Federation along the Klingon and Cardassian borders. Its secondary function is to delve into the unknowns both in exploration and science.


The Third Fleet, has been on active duty in the 23rd and 24th centuries.

When the Federation/Dominion War began in late 2373, the Third Fleet was assigned to the defense of Sector 001 and in particular, Earth. A large number of ships from the fleet were in the Sol system not long after the first shots of the war were fired. The Third Fleet was joined by the Ninth Fleet in the defense of Earth.

On Stardate 20602.21, following a restructuring of all the Fleets, the Third Fleet was converted into the Third Exploration Group. While administratively the group had retained its same structure, its primary focus had changed. The Third Exploration Group was now tasked to be the primary example of Starfleet’s quest to further better the Federation through science and exploration.


On Stardate 20904.14 to assist in the war efforts against the Romulan’s the Third Exploration Group was officially merged into the First and Second Battle Groups. While many ships and stations had been operating under the command of other Battle Groups for some time prior, this date marked the official end to the Third Exploration Group.

On Stardate 21004.27 following the conclusion of the Second Romulan War, the Third Group emerged from the First and Second Battle Groups to once again operate as its own group. With many of the old Exploration Group’s ships refitted or converted for wartime operations and many crew and captains having a significant amount of battle experience, the primary mission of the group had been changed. Because of this the Third Group’s emergence from the First and Second Battle groups was marked with an official designation change from an Exploration Group to a Battle Group, and the group was assigned to protect the Federation borders along Cardassian and Klingon space.

On Stardate 21009.17 coinciding with various fleet-wide changes, such as the emergence of the Third Group from the First and Second Groups, Group structures were once again designated as Fleets.

The Third Fleet was disbanded on Stardate 21112.10 following the destruction of Starbase Charlie and Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18.

Former Starships and Facilities

Ship Registry Commanding Officer
Battle Group Kappa-3
Purpose: Flagship unit
Location: Starbase Charlie
Unit Commander: Vice Admiral Shields
USS Democracy CV-03 Capt
USS Endeavor CA-1483 Capt
USS Courageous CA-1201 Capt
USS Lexington CA-1775 [1] Capt
USS Athena CL-2001 Capt
USS Pandora CL-2006 Capt
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
Battle Group Rho-3
Purpose: Offensive unit
Location: Starbase 2
Unit Commander: Commodore Jackson Lewis
USS Comet BB-102 Capt
USS Saratoga CA-1778 Captain Novae
Caitian Female
USS Stalingrad CA-1942 Capt
USS Aphrodite CL-2013 Capt
USS Centaur CL-2513 Capt
USS Ramses DD-4016 Commander Voevolk
Vulcan Male
USS James DD-4003 Capt
USS Knox DD-4105 Capt
USS Pontiac DD-4110 Capt
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
Battle Group Tau-3
Purpose: Defensive unit
Location: Starbase 129
Unit Commander: Commodore
USS Hera CL-2011 Capt
USS Roland DD-4026 Capt
USS Guderian DD-4036 Capt
USS R.E. Lee DD-4044 Capt
USS Madrid FF-6012 Capt
USS Istanbul FF-6015 Capt
USS Prague FF-6028 Cdr
USS Luanda FF-6033 Cdr
USS Bangkok FF-6036 Cdr
USS Rabar FF-6040 Cdr
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
Battle Group Gamma-3
Purpose: Defensive unit
Location: Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18
Unit Commander: Vice Admiral Jericho Roberts
USS Titan CL-2007 Commodore Alexis Tregelen
USS Marion DD-4067 Captain Dmitri Mikhailov
Human (Russian) Male
USS Constantine DD-4052 Captain Marcello Monaldo
Human (Italian) Male
USS Rommel DD-4088 Captain Yoshihiko Ootani
Human (Japanese) Male
USS Ankara FF-6078 Captain Audrey Chauvet
Human (French) Female
USS Minsk FF-6090 Captain Maximilian Kaestner
Human (German) Male
USS Naples FF-6122 Lieutenant Commander Nadzieja Michalska
Human (Polish) Female
USS Kiev FF-6096 [2] Commander Cooper Highett
Human (Australian) Male
USS Indianapolis FF-6027 Commander Ronald Wakefield
Human (British) Male
USS Helsinki FF-6099 Lieutenant Commander Hassan Boutros
Human (Iranian) Male
USS Yeager SC-8018 Captain Julia Nielson
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
321st Support Flotilla
Purpose: Light Defensive/Support unit
Location: Outpost Epsilon 3
Unit Commander: Commodore
USS Quantrill DD-4072 Capt
USS Naples FF-6122 Capt
USS Boise FF-6137 Capt
USS Lansing FF-6139 Capt
USS Nashville FF-6147 Cdr
USS Minneapolis FF-6152 Cdr
USS Dampier SC-8017 LCdr
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
377th Support Flotilla
Purpose: Light Defensive/Support unit
Location: Space Station K-7
Unit Commander: Commodore
USS Grant DD-4043 Capt
USS Cairo FF-6031 Capt
USS Vilnius FF-6091 Capt
USS Dresden FF-6106 Cdr
USS Concorde FF-6153 Cdr
USS Abu Dhabi FF-6180 Cdr
USS Linburg SC-8012 Cdr
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
356th Science Flotilla
Purpose: Operations Support (Science) unit
Location: Detached
Unit Commander: Commodore
USS Einstein GEC-9000 Capt
USS Hartford FF-6154 Capt
USS Ogden FF-6161 Capt
USS Aldrin SC-8003 Cdr
Ship Registry Commanding Officer
348th Exploration Flotilla
Purpose: Operations Support (Exploration) unit
Location: Detached
Unit Commander: Commodore
USS Franklin GEC-9003 Capt
USS Calcutta FF-6183 Capt
USS Lisbon FF-6098 LCdr
USS Louis SC-8008 Capt

Former Starships and Facilities

USS Copernicus, GEC-9035
USS Darwin, GEC-9000
USS Dauntless, BC-1553
USS Drake, CL-2509
USS Sheridan, DD-4086

  1. Original destroyed; New ship commissioned in honor.
  2. Original destroyed; new ship commissioned in honor.