USS Darwin, GEC-9000

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Darwin, GEC-9000United Federation of Planets logo.png
Darwin-class Explorer
United Federation of Planets
Decomissioned (241512.01)

The USS Darwin, GEC-9000 was Darwin-class Explorer, the sole example of a proposed subclass of the Luna Class Reconnaissance Science Vessel assigned to the 3rd Exploration Group. She was decommissioned and is currently in storage at Surplus Depot Z15.

Crew Manifest

Command Staff
Com-cdr.jpg Stovon Stewart Commanding Officer E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg New First Officer E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-blank.jpg Chief Tactical Officer E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Xavier Caine Tactical Officer E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-blank.jpg Chief Engineer E-Mail
Eng-blank.jpg Engineering Officer E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-blank.jpg Chief of Security E-Mail
Sec-mid.jpg Alex Ankar Security Officer E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Marcus De Carabas Security Officer * NPC E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-blank.jpg Chief Science Officer E-Mail
Sci-ltjg.jpg Elspeth St Vrain Science Officer E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-blank.jpg Chief Medical Officer E-Mail

Gallery of Images

Points Guidelines

1. During a mission: 1.1. Each in-game, player-character (not NPC) post will merit 50 points, provided it meets one of the following criteria (up to a maximum of 400 points per month):
1.1.1. Mission value: A post which helps to move the mission along or helps to develop the storyline.
1.1.2. Post length/quality overall: A post which has full paragraphs and detail. Two-liners do not rate well!
1.1.3. Character building: A post which may not accomplish either of the above but builds the character should be given a higher consideration.
1.2. These are GUIDELINES. DH's should use them when evaluating the posts of their subordinates, and making their recommendations to the FO; who will use the same guidelines when making their recommendation to the CO. Then I will use them as I make any adjustments I feel prudent.
1.3. An additional 100 points may be awarded to any player at the recommendation of the DH, FO, or CO for quality or other reasons. Again, this is subjective.
1.4. Any player who's absence (announced LOA or otherwise) of more than 5 days causes one of the main plotlines on the ship to be held up, or causes other players to be forced to wait on them in the mission, will have points deducted based on the following criteria:
1.4.1. 100 points per 5-day period after the third day of absence;
1.4.2. Additional points as determined by the CO based on the level of disruption.
1.4.3. If the player informs the CO or FO that they will be gone and that their character can be 'hijacked' or placed in a non-pivotal role for that time, then the penalty will be automatically waived. However, in order to receive full points, the player must make a minimum of 8 posts during the rest of the month.
1.5. Any time a player is awarded less than the maximum 500 points recommended for the month; he/she/it will be notified via email from the Captain. This will generally be after points are finalized and sent to the GC.
1.6. Anytime a DH or FO points recommendation is overridden, then the CO will email the FO and associated DH with an explanation as to the alteration and why.
1.7. Points awards issues or questions should be addressed to the CO in email at all times.

2. Non-Mission (shoreleave):
2.1. A simple 50 points per post shall be awarded, up to a maximum of 400; plus the 100 quality judgment.
2.2. LOA's must still be requested, as normal, however points calculations will not account for the missing time unless it infringes upon the beginning or end of a mission.

3. Department Head (DH) points:
3.1. The rules allow for up to 100 points per month for DH duties as judged by the CO.
3.2. These points are a combination of two administrative aspects of your duties as a DH:
3.2.1. Keeping your subordinates involved and posting. This accounts for 50 points per month-prorated. In a mission, this means that they have something to do , regardless of the mission parameters. As a senior player, a DH should ALWAYS be able to find something to keep their people busy. Outside of a mission, this includes helping them (as necessary) to come up with subplots or involving them in other activities in game.
3.2.2. Performing administrative duties. This accounts for 50 points per month-prorated. Submitting points at end of month, prior to the 21st of each month at midnight site time, unless otherwise instructed by the CO or FO. You should NOT need to be reminded to do points. Missing points one month will result in a 25-point positional deduction; 2nd consecutive month will result in a 50-point positional deduction; and may also result in being put on probation for your position at the discretion of the CO in consultation with the FO. 3rd consecutive month will result in 100-point positional deduction (no positional points) and and removal from your DH position. While it is true that from time to time real life may get in the way of submitting your points, a consistent, yet non-consecutive pattern of failing to submit points properly and on time will warrant serious discussion regarding the application of the above deductions. Submitting an RPG'er recommendation for the month. Recommending NO ONE is valid, provided you explain it. If you simply do not mention RPG'er at all, you will have 20 points deducted from your positional points. With your points and RPG'er you are asked to provide a briefing on your subordinates (This should at least include character's location and assessment of posting quality) and the department (what is going on, in general) and why you recommended RPG'er. Keeping in contact with crew members who are not posting regularly. If you see one of your subordinates not posting for 5 or more days, drop them a friendly line asking them if everything is OK, etc. Contacting crew for various reasons at the request of the CO or FO.

4. First Officer (FO) points:
4.1. FO is awarded up to 200 points per month at the discretion of the CO.
4.2. Points are based on the above, plus:
4.2.1. Accepting points recommendations from the DH's and processing them.
4.2.2. Providing a points recommendation update and crew update to the CO on or before 23rd of each month except where changed by the CO.

5. Commanding Officer (CO) points:
5.1. CO is awarded up to 300 points per month at the discretion of the GC and CinC.
5.2. Points are based on all of the above, plus:
5.2.1. Processing points from the FO and submitting to the GC prior to 25th of each month except where ordered otherwise.
5.2.2. Administrative duties relating to mission, timelines, etc.

Captain's Logs

Mission Log 1 - Stardate 240812.29 Ghost in the Shell