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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Sheridan, DD-4086United Federation of Planets logo.png
Sun-Tzu Class Destroyer
United Federation of Planets
Decomissioned (Scrapped) (242101.28)
Type: Destroyer (DD)
Length: 200 Meters
Beam: 100 Meters
Height: 36 Meters
Mass: 390,480 Metric Tons
Decks: 8 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 43 Officers, 174 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 400
Warp Speed: Type: 1 Main Warp Engines (Type 5C2)
Cruise Speed: 5
Sustainable Speed: 8.0
Emergency Speed: 9.2 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engine (Class 6),
1 Secondary Impulse Engines (Class 4)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type 3 Main Shield Generator (MSG-3)
Other Defensive Systems: None
Armament: Phasers: 2 banks of 2 Type 1 (P/S), 1 bank of 2 Type 1 (1F-360D)

Torpedoes: 4 Torpedo Launchers (4F)
Payload: 20 Quantum, 80 Photon Torpedoes
Planet Landing Capabilities (Blue Alert)
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 5 Shuttles (5 Type 7)
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-3
Offensive Rating: 50%
Defensive Rating: 70%
Maneuverability Rating: 80%
CER: 66.6%

The USS Sheridan, DD-4086 was a Sun-Tzu Class destroyer of the 2nd Fleet. Retired after a long life of service, the Sheridan was consigned to the breaker's yard to be salvaged, her material helping to build Star Fleet's future in the Fleet Modernization Program.


Assigned to the Expeditionary Force, USS Sheridan is named for the military leader General Philip Henry Sheridan who assumed the nation's highest military office at the comparative youthful age of fifty-two.

USS Sheridan APA-51 was a 20th Century Ormsby Class Attack Transport which served during the 2nd World War. Launched on the 11th Nov 1942 until her decommission on the 5th March 1946.

USS Sheridan NCC-4463 a 23rd Century MKVII Larson Class destroyer was the first starship to bear the name. Destroyed on her maiden voyage when the warp core and systems failed. Leaving three survivors.

USS Sheridan DD-4086 (MKI commissioned 20306.20) was the second starship to bear the name and was destroyed during the battle of Starbase 157.

USS Sheridan DD-4086 (MKII refit commissioned 20807.19) is currenty the third starship to bear the name.

Current: USS Sheridan, DD-4086
Vessel Class: Sun-Tzu

Commanding Officer(s):
Captain Himbog (240306.20 - 240404.12)
Captain Quill Dramar (240404.12 - 241106.02)
Captain Benjamin Vaughn (241106.02 - 241511.17)
Commander Griffin Wright (241511.17 - 241710.03)
Commander Serran Zan (241710.03 - 241806.30)
Rear Admiral Kinziri Jal (241807.01 - 241902.01)
Captain Harrison Boislevesque (241902.01 - 242101.28)

Vessel Dedication Quote

"Working through adversity, we will travel to the stars"
- Motto British Royal Air Force

Sun-Tzu Class Destroyer Mk 2
Sun-Tzu Class Destroyer Mk2

Crew Manifest

Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Harrison Boislevesque Commanding Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Daniel Brooks First Officer / Chief Medical Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cmcpo.png T'Kol {Sothrick} Chief of the Boat Vulcan E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-blank.jpg Vacant Position Chief Tactical Officer
Tac-lt.jpg Mori Lunori {ZenZin} Tactical Officer Betazoid Email
Tac-mid.jpg Amy Martinez Tactical Officer Human [1]
Security Department
Sec-lcdr.jpg Luna Pond Chief of Security Human E-mail
Sec-ens.jpg Artemis D'Tor'an Security Officer Human/Klingon E-mail
Sec-blank.jpg Vacant Position Security Officer
Engineering Department
Eng-blank.jpg Vacant Position Chief Engineering Officer
Eng-lt.jpg Robert Ballantyne {Boislevesque} Engineering Officer Human E-mail
Eng-ltjg.jpg Mathew Phoenix {Sothrick} Engineering Officer Human E-Mail
Eng-blank.jpg Vacant Position Engineering Officer
Medical Department
Com-cdr.jpg Daniel Brooks First Officer / Chief Medical Officer Human E-Mail
Med-lt.jpg Raven Hurst Medical Officer Human/Vulcan E-Mail
Med-ens.jpg Aurora Pond {Pond} Medical Officer Human E-mail
Med-ens.jpg Shene McGill Medical Officer Human/Klingon Email
Science Department
Sci-lt.jpg Sapphire ZenZin Chief Science Officer Trill (Unjoined) E-Mail
Sci-lt.jpg Feta Science Officer Ferengi E-Mail
Sci-blank.jpg Vacant Position Science Officer

Sheridan's History

Stardate 240309.22 The planet of Ferenginar has been attacked by pirates and the USS Sheridan was dispatched to assist. With a skeleton crew, the ship headed out for the planet only to come upon the remnants of a battle. All that remained was the tattered remains of battle field debris and a crippled marauder. The Sheridan itself split it's very small crew into two parts. Some stayed and beamed on board the marauder to offer aid and support while the Sheridan headed to land on Ferenginar. Upon landing it was discovered that the pirate ship had spun out of control during the battle and crash landed on the village of Ped. This caused mass destruction and incalculable losses. A cave was discovered a few kilos away from the crash site, some of the Ferengi had taken refuge within, and there the Captain found his parents alive and well. Meanwhile, the Security team was sent to the village, rumors abounded that two of the surviving pirates were raiding the villages nearby. Sure enough, the rumors were true and the Security officers were able to chase the pirates back to their ship. One of the pirates made it on board the marauder and took off into space leaving his companion behind. However, it would prove to be his mistake as the shields failed and the ship exploded without the protection. The remaining pirate was detained, and the ship headed back towards it's Starbase. Unfortunately, they lost their First Officer, Matthew Lewis, on the journey home due to injuries sustained on the planet.

Stardate 240411.03 the Sheridan was sent out to the Federation and Orion border. There, observation posts were picking up evidence of Phasic and Chronoton energy across Orion space. After a few hours travel, the ship arrived in sector 472. Soon after a distress call was picked up by The Bootlegger, a Ferengi vessel. Commander Joseph Daher was sent over to the Bootlegger with an away team to investigate. The ship had no warp engines, no weapons, and no comm systems. Upon further scanning, it was discovered that the Cronoton particles had caused the damage to the Ferengi ship. Dilithium crystals in the warp core had begun to destabilize. They worked to find a deal that could enable them to give the Bootlegger some dilithium to help the ship. However, an Ensign, over stepped her bounds and ended up captured by the Ferengi. Some fast thinking from the Captain, however, got her released. Lieutenant John Talek did some scanning, and located a dampening field and through that two Starfleet issue combadges. Turned out that the Bootlegger was in fact a slave ship. The Captives were released as well as an anti-matter charge. The Bootlegger was taken out by a Quantum Torpedo. Upon arriving at 472, the scans picked up a debris field likely caused by the Phasic weaponry. They also, oddly detected some Thalaron Radiation. During their investigation of the debris field their sensors went down, probes were launched to help boost the information they could get from the surrounding areas until the sensors were fixed. These probes picked up another distress call, this time from over the Orion border. It was time to cross into Orion territory. They found yet another debris field, and there they found the remains of an external weapons pod, that had chronoton signatures. The distress signal was coming from an EV suit, the wearer long departed. Leaving the area, with the intent to head back to Starbase, their sensor array began to work again, and just in time to inform them of a cloaked ship that was hiding nearby. The offending ship dropped it's cloak and a massive ship with a large array of weaponry stood there. The Captain hailed the Sheridan, ready to make a bargain to allow them passage into Federation Space. The Orion vessel, known as the Privateer beamed a party on board just as the Sheridan jump warped. They sent a message back to Starbase Alpha and dealt with the boarding party. Some lives were lost but the Federation remained secure. The Privateer gave chase, and wounded the Sheridan, dropping it out of warp. A battle ensued, and just before the Sheridan went to ram the Privateer a rescue battle cruiser by the name of USS Exeter arrived and helped fight and run off the Privateer. Once the ship was gone the Exeter towed the Sheridan back to Starbase for repairs and rest.

Stardate 240511.03 Distress call received from the USS Jutland CA-1029. A ship that had been retrofitted for deep space exploration, however, it had gone missing a year prior. The Sheridan was tasked with going to the last known location of the Jutland and to try to ascertain what had become of the crew and the ship. The Jutland had been tasked with mapping and surveying an area of deep space for mineral deposits. The hope was that there was information that could benefit the Federation locked in her computer core. Preliminary findings and reports were very promising to the Federation. A three week journey had them locating the ship that seemed to be dead in space. Scans showed that minimal life support and shields were all that were running at this point, however, proof of odd energy readings showed that something was keeping the dilithium crystals going. The first officer manned a shuttle with an away team and rendezvoused with the ship. The plan was, once inside, they would secure the ship and a support team would be beamed over to help in any way that they could. However, once the away team were on board, the impulse engines kicked on and the Jutland began darting away into open space, prepping for warp. The Captain ordered the away team to engineering to hopefully disable the warp drives before they could jump. A cryptic message appeared on the Science Console, 'Find.. Gone.. Where....' Over and over again. The away team finally came back with some information from the computer core of the Jutland. Things had been going well at first, until they were sent to research a black hole. When they got to the hole, a large ship came out of the hole. It seemed the crew of the Jutland had decided to go through the singularity tunnel in the black hole to the other side. There they found that the universe was different and even located a planet full of seemingly peaceful humanoid inhabitants. However, further research, thanks to the quick thinking of the First Officer, showed that the once thought peaceful officers were in fact barbaric. The crew of the Jutland fled through the black hole back to the regular system, and it was then that something followed them. This entity turned the Jutland crew against one another, and was now doing the same to the Sheridan crew. One by one, crew began suffering hallucinations. The Entity claimed that it was going to enjoy it's time in this system, and the Jutland crew had not lasted long enough to be good toys. The Captain called a meeting of his senior staff to discuss options of how to take back the Entity and the away team was called back from the Jutland. Two entities boarded the Sheridan and began messing with the crew. Though, one seemed childlike, the others spoke of a third entity one that they both seemed to fear a bit. The Entity would not leave, and the Captain was forced to make a decision on how to rid the ship of the entity and hopefully get it to go back through the black hole. He told Engineering to create the largest anti-matter bomb it could. They would beam it on board the Jutland, and send the ship into the black hole. At just the right time, the Captain would enter the command codes to detonate. The plan went off, the singularity closed.

Stardate 240703.17 Rumors of pirates in the Typhon Sector had made it's way to Starfleet Intelligence. They decided that the pirates, who were targeting freighters and small outposts, needed to be neutralized. Intelligence thought that the best way to do that was to take them down from the inside out and to have the Starfleet personnel go in under cover. They had three days in which to get prepared to go undercover, and the USS part of their ship name was burned from the hull of their ship. Ralston had suggested that the crew dress in civilian clothes and to arm themselves to give off the deserter vibe. As soon as the Sheridan entered the sector, the pirates sprung it's trap. Negotiations failed, and the Sheridan was reduced to only ten percent shields. There were several ships in the fleet, and the Captain swore they were ex-Fleeters that were looking for a new place to belong. The Pirate Captain wanted to beam a party on board, but the Captain of the Sheridan told them that he had rigged up a failsafe with the warp core, that it would melt down if he lost connections with it. Hoping to protect the Sheridan from being forcefully taken over. Before the crew could really join the pirates a test had to be passed, they were tasked with raiding the USS Coleman, a Federation Frigate. With the test passed, the crew was split up over various ships, each given a kit with a specialized PADD in it to keep in touch with orders to assimilate with the crew as best as they could. Over the course of the next several months, the crew of the Sheridan participated in many Federation ship raids while earning their cred. The Pirate captain wished to settle down on a planet, and had picked an O-class planet out for his use. A multi-level attack was put into place, and the Sheridan was right there at it's core. A fight ensued as members of the crew were alerted and began to fight for the Federation against the Pirates. The Captain nearly died due to blood loss as he was beamed away from the enemy ship and back onto the Sheridan, however, they were able to save his life.

Stardate 240712.05 The ship was tasked with helping the USS Noras in the Halloran Sector which was currently studying never before seen subspace phenomenon. While there, they received a distress signal from the Olean Colony on a planet called Euwindon 3. There they found the planet had suffered a massive catastrophic explosion of one of their waste and recycling facilities. The resulting explosion had killed many having changed the atmosphere and biosphere. Those that did not perish began to mutate and change. On the surface the team met with Executive Johnson, who told them that if they could not help right the atmosphere and change the mutations that the colonies would not survive much longer. At once the Engineers began to reconstruct a new facility that would allow the air to be cycled through and scrubbed clean so that they could rebalance things. Momentarily delayed by a group of natives that believed that they could survive without the help of Starfleet, a quick meeting and some fancy talk had the Ambassador on their side and the people were moved so that construction could begin. Despite their best efforts the mutagen even made it's way onto the Sheridan and some of the crew members lost their lives. The atmosphere on the planet grew too thick and the communication with the away team was lost. During a meeting with the Ambassador the Captain himself became infected with the mutagen and soon began to try to kill the Ambassador. First Officer and another officer struggled to get him to the brig, which was successful until they forgot to cancel his command codes and he beamed himself out of the Brig and went in search of his prey. Engineering and Science were able to come up with a compound that would work to neutralize the toxins and soon everyone on the ship was calm and the Captain was no longer looking for blood. However, he was near death, when his old wound from the previous mission reopened and he bled internally. The anti-toxin was released to the colonists and the Colonies were saved.

Stardate 240805.12 The Sheridan has orders to patrol the Federation-Romulan borders. What would seem like an ordinary and quite low key mission it was not. Due to some kind of failed test in Engineering killed the power to the ship while it was going warp 3. The ship was fixed, those that were injured healed, and the ship was on again in several hours. Arriving at Waystation Sierra, sensor sweeps indicated that there were no lifeforms on board. No warp trails could be found but sensors did pick up some anti-proton which indicated disruptor activity. The Away team sent into the Waystation found the two crew members dead and the command center completely destroyed down to the equipment. Their deaths indicated Bajoran weaponry had been used. The Captain feared that this was not a lone attack, and they went on to check Waystation Romeo which had the same effect. Destroyed, crew dead, Bajoran weapons. The Captain figured out where the next attack would take place and ordered the away team back and to make quick to Waystation November. Before they could get there though, emergency orders came through, Captain's eyes only. They were to rendezvous with others and quickly make their way to Starbase 157 in Sector 228. The Sheridan was forced to leave the area and follow their new orders, however they left probes behind so that they could tell what was going on. Several other waystations had been hit, but at Waystation Oscar, the shuttle's warp core was breached and it exploded. The Sheridan continued onto it's next destination.

Stardate 240808.01 The Sheridan rendezvoused with other Federation vessels that were recalled to Starbase 157. The ships joined together in fighting an all out Romulan invasion. Starfleet suffered some severe losses in the battles including the Sheridan when some sort of temporal event happened and it left the Romulans retreating while the victorious but weak Starfleet held strong. The Sheridan suffered severe damage from the battle and was relocated for a complete refit and rebuild.

Stardate 240903.24 The Sheridan was sent on a mission to investigate a level 8 encrypted transmission that was coming in from Rosox IV. Which was home to the pre-warp civilization the Durios. When they arrived on scene the Sheridan found itself face to face with the Duration. A Aeon Class Time Vessel from the 29th century. Pirates had attacked the Duration back in it's own time line causing it to forcefully time jump and they ended up crash landing on the planet of Rosox IV over 2000 years ago. Another time traveler, Captain Takari, came and said she would help the Sheridan recover the vessel. While the Captain and the away team were on Rosox IV, another version of Captain Takari came and she attacked the Sheridan. The Sheridan was outmatched and nearly destroyed in the battle but managed to fight off Takari. The real Takari went back in time and rescued the Duration from that point in time and the Sheridan's entire mission time line was erased.

Stardate 240908.22 The Mirak Star League, the Sheridan, and some of the elements of the 2nd battle group came together to perform a counter attack on the Romulans. The goal in mind was the recapture of Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18, a very valuable station that had been captured by the Romulans at the beginning of the war. The Sheridan fought hard, but the battle was tough, and the Sheridan was further crippled by a computer virus that was installed by the Romulan boarding party. Through effort and hard work, the crew was able to neutralize the virus and regain control of the ship just in time to fight off the counter attack by the Romulans. Negotiations were attempted by Rear Admiral Daher and the Romulan leader, finally, Sierra-18 was back in the hands of the Federation.

Stardate 241002.08

Stardate 241005.19

Stardate 241105.09 Several vessels, including the Sheridan were recalled to Starbase Delta for a strategic conference. While there, a distress call came from Carraya system claiming that they were under attack by Klingon. The Omega-4 Rapid Response Group, the USS Ticonderoga and the USS Lejune were dispatched to lend assistance. Upon arrival, it was clear there was significant Klingon presence. The Sheridan was tasked with helping take back the orbital base COB-1 with the USS Armstrong along for support. Once the Chief of Security and other forces were beamed on board the base, the Destroyer was called to assist the USS Philadelphia which had suffered an attack and been damaged. The Sheridan managed to fend off an attack of the Klingon vessels as the Philadelphia was boarded by Klingon hybrids. After a heavy and fierce battle, the Lejune was lost, but the Carraya system was saved and back in Federation hands.

Stardate 241112.01 The Sheridan is tasked with exploring the planet of Telbar, one of seven planets in the Dalmatia System near the Cardassian border. Although Telbar was initially classified as a Class-C planet, it was later discovered that it was actually a Class-P planet, and could possibly have inhabitants. The Sheridan was eager to go down and make First Contact. Once on the planet, unfortuantely, it was discovered that there was no race or inhabitants on the planet at all. Instead, four large gravitic tractor beam generators. The generators were actually keeping the planets in the system stable, however further scans showed that they were beginning to fail. If they did in fact fail, the planets in the system would lose stability and a cataclysmic event would occur. An away team is dispatched to the surface of Telbar, and as they landed two drones are released from the planet and attack the Sheridan. Both were easily dispatched, only to have two more advanced drones come and attack the Sheridan next. It was discovered that there was a base on the planet that were controlling the drones. The team on the planet, split into two as they sought out and infiltrated the drone control facility. One set of the team was locked in the generator complex, the other team however was able to make it to the control room. There a hologram told them that this was the defense system for the planet and was created to protect against the Iconians. The teams were able to fix the systems and the drones went down allowing the team to return to the Sheridan.

Stardate 241308.22 Various anomalies and signals erupting in the Bajor sector send the Sheridan out in that direction. Upon their arrival they discover a very faint distress signal that ends up belonging to a 22nd century Starfleet beacon. The Sheridan send out a shuttle and team into the Ditrobulan Nebula to investigate the distress signal. Inside the Nebula, the Sheridan crew find themselves face to face with a dead ship. The USS Challenger, thought to have disappeared with a full crew around 250 years prior. An investigation proves that the ship was taken down by an Aphasia type virus. Unfortunately, some of the Sheridan crew members find themselves infected with the virus. However, they are prevented from investigating further because the Sheridan is recalled to the front lines of the Krynar war. The Chief Medical Officer and team worked hard to find a cure for the virus and saved the Officers that had been infected.

Stardate 241312.11 Called to the front lines of the Krynar war, the Sheridan makes it's way from it's last mission with knowledge that the Krynar have positioned themselves 400,000 kilometers from Earth. On their way, two days out, they recieve new orders from the Admiral Grayson that they were to go to Utopia Planitia where the Krynar had somehow managed to knock a moon out of orbit and it was heading on a collision course for Earth. The destruction of Earth was a blow to many that were on the ship. Arriving on scene they joined up with the Nova Battle Group and were set out to patrol the fringes until the rest of Starfleet arrived. Once everyone had been recalled to the system they all made their way to Tellar to take her back from the Krynar. The battle ensued, many lives and ships were lost but eventually the Krynar, defeated, escaped through their own kinds of worm holes and the ships were tasked with returning to their starbases for repairs. After a three week break to rebuild and repair ships the Sheridan and other ships were tasked to go with the SCE to the Krynar home world. With the USS Ozaki, a flotilla, and the USS Titan they headed to what would hopefully be the final push for the war. While the SCE began building a gate that would allow the Federation to go back home, several vessels were headed in their direction and a defensive formation was put into place to protect the flotilla. The Sherida and others were able to hold off the alien vessels when suddenly four mother ships appeared and the alien ships turned their attention to attacking the motherships instead of the Federation. Two Krynar were beamed on board the Sheridan in the hopes of saving them, however they exploded right after they beamed on board, destroying parts of the ship and personnel as well. The ships were ordered back through the new gate and to Alpha.

Stardate 241406.01 The Sheridan is sent to the planet of Myar V where a group of Scientists have disappeared while they were studying a pre-warp race that had only just entered the iron age. Arriving at the outpost it is empty but there are no signs of a struggle. Through some research information that was found in the outpost it becomes clear that the Myarans are an offshoot of the Tellarite race who had just recently joined with the Krynar. Further research proves that the Scientists and some of the Myarans have disappeared after developing the symptoms of the common cold. Within the community of Myarans there are various clans that are all in dispute with one another thinking that the other is responsible for the disappearances that have happened to their own kind. The crew of the Sheridan find themselves becoming afflicted with the same cold like symptoms and soom they too disappear. When they wake up they find themselves captives and several Myarans in cages. It turns out their captives are from an Andorian family called the Th'Dila a known criminal organization known to be in league with the Orion slavers. The cold symptoms were brought on by nanite markers that allowed for them to be beamed on board the ship. A space battle ensued and the Thriss class vessel was destroyed. Though the Captain and first officer escaped, there were some prisoners that were taken onto the Sheridan. The Researchers were sent back to the planet to continue observing as they had been before, but they requested more protection from the planet. The Myarans had their memories erased so that they could not void the Prime Directive. One hard hitting casualty, due to a transporter malfunction the first officer lost his life.

Stardate 241502.03 Dispatched to investigate a powerful subspace phenomenon on the Romulan Neutral Zone near the Devari nebula, the crew of the Sheridan discover traces of a short lived subspace tear and a large asteroid that exited the tear. Another tear appears, and out from that comes the USS Erebus. In rough shape, the Erebus has minimal power, hull integrity of 30%, and they are heavily irradiated. Scans show that a quarter of her crew is dead and those left are weak. Not surprising, this ship is out of time, having disappeared over a hundred and fifty years ago. Because her structure was too weak and unstable to survive in this universe, the ship is breaking apart. The Romulans arrive and tell the Sheridan they must leave or else. However, the quick work of the Captain gives them two hours to help the Erebus and to make repairs. The Romulan ship retreats but is watching them on the threat that if any mega weapons are used, they will be destroyed. The crew realize the only way to return the Erebus to it's time line is to open a new rift, however doing that would require firing a graviton weapon through the deflector dish. The asteroid nearby has Silithium that could help by changing the isotopes resonance which would allow them to find the proper subspace frequency. The Sheridan itself is under large strain and is finding it hard to keep a stable shield. Once the graviton beam is ready they fire, and a rip is torn in space and time. Massive amounts of radiation come from the rip and start to damage the Erebus and Sheridan. The Romulans demand to know what they are doing, and command them to stop. The ship's scanners pick up chatter of a rescue team out looking for the Erebus on the other side of the rift. The Erebus has just enough power to make it home and goes through the rift. The Romulans order the Sheridan to leave, and they do.

Stardate 241610.15 The Sheridan is on standard patrol in the Silen system around a Class-O planet which is in an, until now, uncharted sector of space. The crew come across a planet that has developed a relationship with a unknown alien being called Babla. The species of the planet, the Eklata, use the Babla as a enzymatic contributor to their reproductive systems. Since the arrival of Babla, it is found that the Eklata rely on it for all the procreation that has happened in the last two hundred and fifty years. The Eklata are a humanoid species with webbed thin ears, fingers, and toes. They can breathe oxygen and pull it from water as well. They are warp-capable and are used to building their lives around Babla. The Babla is a space faring creature that communicates with the Eklata through a song that they have, so far, been unable to translate. The Captain, in an effort to prove they were intelligent as well played a piece of classical music which ended up in declaring war from the Eklata on the away team and the Sheridan. The First Officer was able to calm down the people of Silen and allow for a peace to return in the hopes that if the Federation visits the planet again, they can have a better result.

Stardate 241707.29 The Sheridan returned home after her latest mission, docking at SBB for the 1st time after being transferred to second fleet. Having suffered extensive damage from anti-tachyon infiltration while orbiting Ecurai and an explosion in the Observation Lounge just after getting underway, repairs to the Sheridan will take some time. Numerous injuries on board were reported, and several casualties came back after failed peace talks with the DRR in the Ecurai capital. One assassination attempt was thwarted thanks to a gallant Away Team, but the cost was high, and the suspect never captured. Ensign Black of the Sheridan then executed the Federation diplomat that the Sheridan crew was tasked with escorting and protecting. Ambassador Whitten was an assertive individual, bringing a tone of frank honesty to the arena which was both a blessing and a curse. Had his life been spared and the talks successful, they would have helped secure better trade relations between the UFP and DDR. As it stands, the situation has only worsened.

Stardate 241711.18

Stardate 241807.01

Stardate 241902.01 Following a distress call that was received by Star Fleet Command from Outpost 147, the USS Sheridan was dispatched to meet up with the USS Tsung, upon arriving at the outpost the found out that the science teams had found a type of mushroom on a nearby planet, however before they were about to work out what was special about these mushrooms they released some kind of spore that affected the crew. The Tsung became infected with the spore when they tried to help, so we were looking at issues on two fronts. We beamed a team to the Outpost and they found some survivers from the Outpost and the Tsung, but there wasn't many and they had been under constant attack from the infected. After getting the team back with some uninvited guests, which we dealt with, our science, medical and engineering teams were able to work out what the cause was and then come up with a cure.

Stardate 241910.07 USS Sheridan was ordered to complete in a combat simulation with the USS Ozaki in unclaimed space that was way out of anywhere so that we wouldn't run foul of other races space.

Stardate 241912.22 While we were on route to our combat simulation battle with the USS Ozaki we received orders to cancel the mission and return directly to Pioneer outpost. While we were heading back all Commanding Officers and First Officers were called to a holographic meeting with the Admiralty board where we were told that on a mission it was discovered that the Borg had been rediscovered in what was being called a 'megasphere', we were being ordered to it's location where we would do a pre-emptive strike to destroy it. The Sheridan along with the rest of the task force arrived to find the Megasphere also had company with a number of other Borg vessels. The Sheridan was boarded in the Engineering and Aux Bridge sections. The Borg were stopped once the Megasphere was disabled by the rest of the task force. The Sheridan was left adrift with major damage and was helped back to Pioneer.

Stardate 242004.05 The Sheridan was dispatched on a diplomatic mission to get a treaty signed on Farpoint Station. We had to pick up Ambassador Mavros enroute as he was critical for the final phase of the talks. Upon the arrival Groppler Zorn pleased happy to see us and was soon in talks with the Ambassador, until their was an incident of both CO and FO getting posioned that left it to the COS to help finish the talks. Finally, both officers where well enough to return and help oversee the last part of the treaty. Once the treaty was successfully signed, the Sheridan was released back to Pioneer without the Ambassador Mavros who stayed behind to finish up a few things before heading home.

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Episode 17 - Stardate 241312.11 - The Krynar
Episode 18 - Stardate 241406.01 - Disappearing into the Night
Episode 19 - Stardate 241502.03 - Homecoming
Episode 20 - Stardate ?
Episode 21 - Stardate 241610.15 - Symbiotic Disaster
Episode 22 - Stardate 241701.16 - Hostile Negotiation
Episode 23 - Stardate 241711.18 - Lost Vulcans
Episode 24 - Stardate 241807.01 - Interrupted Supply Run
Episode 25 - Stardate 241902.01 - Mushroom Spore Outbreak
Episode 26 - Stardate 241910.07 - Battle Simulation
Episode 27 - Stardate 241912.22 - The Borg have returned
Episode 28 - Stardate 242004.05 - Diplomacy at Farpoint

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttles, Type-7

Chickamauga DD-4086-1
Yellow Tavern DD-4086-2
Appomattox DD-4086-3
Murfreesboro DD-4086-4
Booneville DD-4086-5


Ship's Manual

How Points Are Awarded

1.1 Monthly Points
1.1.1 Players are expected to post a minimum of twice weekly. Each post made by a player will accrue up to 50 (1-50) points towards their monthly total depending on length and content (up to a max total of 500 points).
1.1.2 Qualifying posts must be written with full paragraphs and contain detail. Posts that are less than four lines, or consistently formatted incorrectly, will not be counted towards the monthly total.
1.1.3 Additional points can be gained by receiving medals for outstanding post quality and expression of character, at the discretion of the CO and FO. As a guideline these medals are for posts which are consistently well written, move the story along, and interact well with others in an engaging and entertaining manner.
1.1.4 NPC posts can accrue a player points in the same way as PC posts, though points may NOT be awarded in such instances if an NPC post appears to have been given priority over a PC post where the latter seems more urgent in moving along the mission/providing other players with a response.

1.2 Department Head Points
1.2.1 Department Heads receive up to 100 positional points each month for performing the duties required of them in the Constitution. In order to earn those points, DHs must turn in points recommendations for their department along with an RPGer nomination by the end of the 18th of each month, site time.
1.2.2 If a DH has not submitted points by that deadline, they will be docked 50 points. They then have until the end of the 21st, site time, to submit them or risk losing all positional points for the month.
1.2.3 DHs who fail to turn in the required points and RPGer nomination by the end of the 21st will receive no positional points for the month.
1.2.4 Site time refers to the time shown on the main board.

Leaves of Absence

2.1 If a player is to be away from the site for more than 5 days, they are required to announce a Leave of Absence, either by posting on the ship or by sending an email to their superior officer.
2.2 Players whose LOA causes disruption of the game will have their characters hijacked at the CO's discretion to help move along the plotline.
2.3 Players who request LOA will have the twice weekly posting quota waved, but they must make a minimum of 8 posts during the month to receive the full 400 points.