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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Copernicus, GSC-9035United Federation of Planets logo.png
Logo ship copernicus GSC.jpg
Einstein Class Galactic Science Cruiser
United Federation of Planets
Undergoing Refits (242106.01)
Ded plaque copernicus.jpg
Type: Galactic Science Cruiser (GSC)
Length: 650 Meters
Beam: 350 Meters
Height: 100 Meters
Mass: 3,651,300 Metric Tons
Decks: 23 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 173 Officers, 691 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 1,500
Warp Speed: Type: 2 Main Warp Engines (Type 6D)
Cruise Speed: 6.2 (3 with saucer separation)
Sustainable Speed: 9.3 (7 with saucer separation)
Emergency Speed: 9.6 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 1 Main Impulse Engine (Class 5),
2 Secondary Impulse Engines (Class 3)
Speed: .93 C
Defensive Systems: Type 3 Main Shield Generator (MSG-3)
Other Defensive Systems: None
Armament: Phasers: 1 bank of 4 Type 1 (F/360D)
Torpedoes: 1 Torpedo/Probe Launcher (1F)
Payload: 10 Quantum, 50 Photon Torpedoes.
Other: Increased Sensor/Communication abilities
Computer System: Daystrom Industries HSCS-3SC
Tractor/Repulsor: 2 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams,
6 Docking Tractors,
2 Shuttle Tractors
Shuttlecraft: 1 Bay (A), 8 Shuttles (6 Type 7, 2 Type 9A)
1 Runabout (Type 1). 1 Lanthanum Class Science Escort (ESS)
Sensors: Andorian Industries FSMSA-5
Offensive Rating: 45%
Defensive Rating: 90%
Maneuverability Rating: 60%
CER: 65%

The USS Copernicus is an Einstein Class Galactic Science Cruiser in service to Star Fleet. Following a long career, the Copernicus has been retired from front-line duty and is being converted to a diplomatic services ship at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.


Named for the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, the USS Copernicus is a Einstein Class Galactic Science Cruiser (GSC) assigned to Pioneer Outpost. Equipped with conventional tactical and state of the art propulsion systems, as well as cutting-edge scientific and communication equipment, the Galactic Science Cruisers serve as the vanguard for Star Fleet’s scientific and exploration efforts.

The following Star Fleet vessels have carried the name Copernicus:

USS Copernicus, NCC-623, the first Starship to bear the name, was an Oberth-class Federation vessel in service during the late 23rd century.

Current: USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Vessel Class: Einstein
Commanding Officer:
Captain Ysiadina Lanael (240306.01 - 240311.15)
Captain Darsyn Syntranos (240311.15 - 240402.23)
Captain Elisa Godard (240403.04 - 240812.31)
Commander Gloria Dys (240809.04 - 240901.25, ACO)
Captain Stovon Stewart (240901.25 - 241009.25)
Captain Jaden Hawk (241009.25 - 241302.19)
Captain Jane Fields (241302.19 - 242105.23)

The USS Copernicus GSC-9035 was launched on Stardate 240306.01 from the Archimedes Shipyards in response to the Borg threat against the Federation.

Vessel Dedication Quote

The plaque reads: "Courage is resistance to fear; mastery of fear - not absence of it."--Mark Twain

Einstein Class, side view
Einstein Class
Einstein Class
Einstein Class
Deck 1 and Bridge

Crew Manifest At Decommissioning

Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Jane Fields Commanding Officer Human E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Jaden Hawk First Officer Human E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg VACANT Chief Tactical Officer
Tac-ens.jpg Kahe Oza Tactical Officer Betazoid E-Mail
Tac-mid.jpg Richard Lincoln Tactical Officer Human E-Mail
Engineering Department
Eng-lcdr.jpg Morad Ameen Chief Engineer Human E-Mail
Eng-lt.jpg Tamara Kotho Engineering Officer Klingon E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lcdr.jpg Shione Kurasa Chief of Security Vulcan/Betazoid E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Simon Starr Security Officer Human E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-lcdr.jpg Alexander Talion Chief Science Officer Betazoid


Sci-mid.jpg Barjax Killrama Science Officer Mirak


Medical Department
Med-mid.jpg Zamha Medical Officer Selay


Med-mid.jpg Neelia Pureheart Medical Officer Orion/Betazoid


See USS Copernicus NRC Crew Manifest



USS Copernicus GSC - 9035 was launched under automatic computer control from Starbase Alpha.On Stardate 240304.22 it detected an incoming Borg vessel, and Star Fleet designation 'wedge' was initiated. Using the sensor array, the Borg bio-neural frequency was detected and jammed. Disruption of Borg Collective on the vessel was immediate and complete. A channel was opened to USS Titan CL - 2007 and USS Agincourt CA - 1412, and orders to destroy inactive Borg ship were sent. At battle completion, automatic control returned the ship to assigned docking position and systems were placed in standby.


After being upgraded at Star Base Alpha, the USS Copernicus was ordered to bring Admiral Jeffrey Linden to Star Base Bravo.

Then the ship under Captain Ysiadina Lanael took the ship to an unexplored sector with a registered Class O and Class Q planets. Captain Ysiandia took a team to the Class O planet while Commander Darsyn Syntranos took a team to the Class Q planet. A sentient species known as the Zshe was found on the Class Q planet. The Commander’s team also found that mining equipment had been set up on the planet by another species, the Dopterians: whom possessed familiar appearances to Ferengi, and apparently morals and interests. The Dopterians were mining latinum from the Class Q planet which was severely hurting the native Zshe.

In the mess of trying to deal with the Dopterians, an incident involving Lieutenant Tor-ith Cateil evolved into a full on battle. A Cardassian warship had entered the system and moved in to attack the Copernicus. All away teams were called back to the vessel, but Captain Ysiandia Lanael’s shuttle was destroyed on the return trip, leaving Commander Syntranos in command.

When the Copernicus engaged the Cardassian warship, the Federation vessel’s shields were nil. The crew learned that the Cardassians had somehow obtained their shield modulation frequency. Medical, led by Lieutenant Commander Kinziri Jal, was able to treat the large amount of injured crew members effectively. The Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Rillith, indicated that the ship was dead in space, and the Cardassians began to board.

Lieutenant Karl Brackett, and Lieutenant Ferguson were able to keep the ship from falling into Cardassian hands before Commander Syntranos ejected the remaining boarding parties into space.

Able to restore some power to the ship, Commander Syntranos ordered the ship to scrape the enemies shields, which ended up furthering the Copernicus’ damage but destroying the Cardassian vessel.


Repaired and refit once more, Captain Elisa Godard was the new Commanding Officer, and the ship sent to investigate a nebula where a Borg transwarp conduit had been located. The Copernicus entered the warp conduit but was violently ejected out of it into the Magellanic Cloud, damaged and partially disabled. At this point, Lieutenant Commander Avark, Chief of Security, discovered a Cardassian saboteur aboard who was eventually captured and put into the brig. The COS relieved himself of duty after he began to feel unwell, and a parasite was eventually discovered that led to erratic behaviour.

A large asteroid was than on approach to the Copernicus. Unable to avoid its path, the ship fired on it. The asteroid shell fizzled away and revealed an alien vessel which fired upon the Copernicus. The ship was not destroyed, merely drained of energy before leaving.

The Cardassian saboteur managed to escape containment and caused trouble on the ship, including the death of Lieutenant Commander Avark’s lover: Lieutenant Junior Grade Susan Caffery. Midshipman Shard Vinzz was able to bring the Cardassian to Security and seal him in the brig. Later, the Cardassian was somehow beamed from the brig to Holodeck 1 using Avark's codes, where he was engaged in melee combat by Lieutenant Imrix Trem, the chief Engineer. Both were wounded greatly, but the Cardassian died of his wounds.

Strange things began to happen on the ship including delusional behaviour from several personnel. Lieutenant Commander Ariana Lacey, CSO, shot Crewman Smith and was relieved of duty. In a chase at the Computer core, Commander Lacey injured two more crew members before attempting to shoot the Captain. The shot missed, and hit the computer core causing a catastrophic malfunction and subsequent explosion: severely injuring Captain Godard. Then Lieutenant Commander Avark was arrested, and newly appointed Lieutenant Junior Grade Shard Vinzz was left in command of Security for a short time while the parasite was removed and Avark put back into command of Security. The alien vessel managed to fire a purple beam at the Copernicus, and Lacey was abducted from the bridge. The alien vessel then retreated and the Copernicus followed it to a nearby planet, swarming with other alien ships of the same kind. However, they ignored the Copernicus, and an away team was dispatched to the planet where Lacey had been taken. The team were put through a gladiatorial 'alien Olympics.' Lacey was retrieved. Eventually the ship was able to return home thanks to Ensign Abaa who was able to engineer the conduit to bring them home.


The Copernicus, along with Titan and Yeager, was tasked to explore and catalogue a hidden system with just over 100 planets to analyze, the Copernicus was assigned the mid-system to investigate. After being given temporary command of the ship, First Officer Commander Avark’s biotic implants malfunctioned causing him to lose consciousness for several minutes. An away team led by Commander Ariana Lacey was sent to the Botticelli homeworld--an previously unregistered species. Lieutenant Commander Crowhurst was picked for the vacant CTO position, and Lieutnant Tru resigned from Medical.

Chaos struck the Copernicus and allies almost simultaneously. The Yeager was lost to sensors and communications. Commander Lacey’s away team also fell out of communication, and more shuttles were lost from sensors or comms. Commander Avark was killed by a malignant virus created by Crewman Smith. Commander Avark, however, was stored in Holographic form. The Titan suffered from minor communication problems as well as some navigational issues.

Captain Godard ordered all ships to return and a full tactical analysis of the situation. The consensus was to retreat from the system. After finding the Yeager smashed into the pieces, the survivors were rescued and the remaining ships returned to Starbase Alpha


Klingon activity was detected in the Vigo System. In a rushed attempt to find answers, the Copernicus was sent to investigate. Captain Elisa Goddard departed for a personal mission and First Officer Commander Areack Jackson was placed in command. Towards the end of the mission, newly arrived [[Dys, Gloria|Lieutenant Commander Gloria Dys] became First Officer as Godard was not to return.

A Klingon space station was found in the Vigo system. The Science department deduced that the Klingons were creating artificial wormholes, but had not harnessed the ability to effectively control them. The Klingon Base Commander made a request for the Copernicus’ help as the unstable wormhole was in danger of ripping apart their station. An away team was sent to help the Klingons, but the team and the Klingons were dragged through the wormhole unexpectedly.

The away team was transported to a desert planet--but the Klingons would not reveal any information about the wormhole terminus and were uncooperative. Firing a probe into the wormhole, the Copernicus was able to find and retrieve the away team but the CSO Misty Wood was seriously injured and left in a permanent vegetative state.

En route back to Starbase Charlie, the crew was waylaid due to a photonic entity which trapped the crew in a holographic World War II Earth simulation.


While searching for a new Commanding Officer to fill the gap of the now resigned Captain Elisa Godard, Commander Gloria Dys was installed as Acting Captain. Lieutenant Commander Lee Ander was made Acting First Officer, promoted from CMO.

The ship is sent to a newly discovered M-Class world believed to be uninhabited, lying within the borderlands between Federation and Romulan space. Of potentially strategic importance, an outpost on the planet could not only mean potential protection from future incursion, but also access to large swaths of dilithium and latinum deposits.

Two away teams lead by Lieutenant Commander Lee Ander and Lieutenant Junior Grade Jane Fields are sent to individual potential-dilithium mining sites. Soon after their dispatch, the Copernicus had begun to run into targeting troubles. Unable to get a lock or sensor reading on the away team.

The Away Teams found that the planet was not uninhabited as first thought. Both away teams came into contact with two separate species: the Nakai and Joran. Both species lived on their homeworld of Kryn'tor, but the Joran had little contact with their technologically naïve counterparts the Nakai. The away teams had planned to stay to initiate further communication with the natives but were forced to pull out with the presence of a Romulan warbird in the system, threatening attack.


After receiving their new Commanding Officer, Captain Stovon Stewart, the Copernicus along with the USS Drake rushed to aid emergency evacuations and rescue operation from a colony on the planet Tekna, which had erupted in devastating tectonic activity that was ripping the planet apart. The ships first made a detour to the Troligan Waystation to gather other civilian ships to aid in the evacuation of the plant's population. Commander Dys, now first officer, led an advanced party to Tekna in the runabout Pegasus. Undefended, the Pegasus was attacked by two Cardassian ships and boarded. USS Dauntless arrived on the scene, also en route to help with the Tekna situation, and picked up the Pegasus distress signal, rescuing the runabout crew but not before one Security fatality.

The Dauntless now arrived to aid the Copernicus. The two sjips proceeded to help the colonists of Tekna with what could only be described as ‘fire lizards’ that were terrorizing the planet, emerging out of huge fissures in the earth. All efforts to evacuate the planet were cut short when the planet entered into a catastrophic meltdown and the surface opened up in flame and swallowed what was left of the colonies. The planet surface then returned to normal but with all traces of the colonies erased. Commander Dys requested for Star Fleet to put the planet under quarantine after the Science department theorized it to be a sentient planet, reacting to the mining operation from the colonists with the violent tectonic activity, and effectively purging itself of the alien presence. Though some colonists were evacuated from the planet, millions died and the operation was a great tragedy.


The Copernicus is assigned to research an unexplored system, Gamma Cephei. The mission began well, and initial scans met with interesting results. Before any real information could be gathered, a fleetwide emergency was declared and the Copernicus was diverted to Tellar. Temporal anomalies were plaguing key Federation homeworlds, to the extent that when the Copernicus arrived on the scene they could no longer recognize them.

The Terran Empire had taken place of Star Fleet and the Copernicus engaged in verbal negotiations with the Empire while two ships - the Tallahassee and Poseidon, modulated subspace beams to close the temporal anomaly and restore the situation - with all returning to normal after the rift was closed. Later is was found that the temporal anomaly was exploited by a species called the Grath from a alternate universe, and they were using this to enter our timeline with hostile intentions.

The ship continued its journey to Gamma Cephei. An away team was beamed down to collect samples. Unexpectedly natives were encountered on the planet, but with no sensor readings showing sentient life. The away team discovered that the natives were humans who had put aside their advanced technology in the Federation to live a simple life from several generations earlier. The natives kidnapped Lieutenant Commander Daniel Brooks and Lieutenant Elspeth Saint Vrain, who were held captives for a short time before rescue. After that the crew decided to leave the planet and the humans to the lifestyle they had chosen.


Captain Stewart resigned his commission, and Commander Jaden Hawk took command. Lieutenant Commander Jane Fields was promoted to Commander and First Officer, due to Commander Gloria Dys being kept at Star Base Alpha over temporal transgressions.

The Copernicus was assigned to explore the Typhon Expanse. Upon entering the Expanse, crew members reported seeing Romulans and officers in earlier forms of uniform from decades earlier. A thirty-year old Romulan Warbird attacked the vessel with boarding parties. Captain Hawk set the ship to self-destruct, and this made the Romulans retreat.

Next a battle ensued. Looking to be on the losing side, the Copernicus ejected its auxiliary warp core. In the midst of the battle the core explosion knocked the vessel out of the expanse and out of the temporal loop in which it was stuck. Apparently the warbird and apparitions were all from the past, stuck in the temporal anomaly.


The Copernicus received major upgrades and a refit at Starbase Alpha.

Commander Jaden Hawk and the Copernicus are sent to the Dalmatia System along with the USS Philadelphia, USS Pegasus, and USS Sheridan. Ships were deployed different sections of the Dalmatia System, the Copernicus to the Titian sub-system.

An away team is dispatched to the surface to find the surface dwelling Terrannovans. The Captain’s transporter pattern is lost during transport tot the surface to make first contact. The Terranovans deny any involvement, but the Captain was kidnapped and tortured by the Aquanoverrans, who shared the planet with the Terrannovans, and were largely displeased with the Federation’s arrival.

To avoid breaking the Prime Directive, the away teams were recalled after rescuing the Captain, and the Copernicus sent to Starbase Charlie.


Captain Jaden Hawk, was given a secret assignment by Admiral Wueste, the Admiral serveed as a VIP onboard the ship, as well as mission consultant.

Under the guise of a scientific mission to Nimbus III, the mission aimed to track and detain a terrorist cell lead by former Star Fleet Officer Thomas Shaw/Paul Vice.

The Copernicus approached the planet, hiding in a nearby nebula to mask their approach. Captain Hawk and Admiral Wueste beamed to the planet without security (much to the objection of the First Officer and other department heads) in order to infiltrate the terrorist lab. There they found a bioweapon that the terrorists were working on. Concurrent to this, the Copernicus came under attack by the terrorists. Commander Jane Fields commanded the vessel and its defence. Suffering only moderate damage, the ship was able to defeat the terrorists. On the planet. Wueste and Hawk obtained the bioweapon, but Vice escaped.


The USS Copernicus was sent to find the USS Wright, which was long overdue for check in with Star Fleet Command. The ship found the USS Wright caught in a dense asteroid field with no possible way of escaping under its own systems. Commander Hawk ordered a complete evacuation of the Wright after finally coming into contact with the ship's CO, Captain McDowell. During the evacuation, the Copernicus science team discovered several asteroids around them were holographically disguised Krynar shard ships.

Hawk ordered self-destruct to be set on the Engineering section of the Wright to destroy the shards, while the rest of the Wright crew escaped on the ship’s saucer section. First Officer, Commander Fields, strongly objected to this hostile action against the shards, as they had not initiated any aggression and were apparently simply observing. Hawk ignored the objection and went ahead, but the self-destruct did not destroy the shard ships and they simply retreated. The Copernicus was able to tow the Wright’s saucer section back to Starbase Alpha.


Under Captain Jane Fields as the Commanding Officer, after a two-month long journey, the ship arrived at the unexplored Zaniah system. The third planet contained an advanced civilization, and inexplicably the planet contacted them using Federation protocols. The President of the planet knew the name and class of the Copernicus as well as her Captain’s name, and claimed that their ancient prophecies had predicted their arrival. Scans found Federation power signatures across the planet and it seemed as if there had been extensive influence by the Federation on their society and technology.

The Captain led a team to the planet to uncover the mystery. A state banquet was laid on for their arrival, although protected by armed guards. The away team found that not all of the planet’s populace was as welcoming as the planetary President, and some military personnel seemed openly hostile and sceptical about the 'prophecy' coming true. The crew had indeed landed amid a political situation and one of the generals initiated a coup on the president at the banquet. The team were forced to flee with the President, not before an officer was killed. A bright flash engulfed the planet, and the natives continued as if nothing was unusual, but the Away Team could not contact the USS Copernicus and indeed it was no longer reading as in orbit. The away team deduced that the planet was facing some sort of temporal displacement.

In orbit, the Copernicus now saw a much earlier version of the planet, with the technological advancements of around 20th Century Earth. In an effort to establish communication with the away team, the FO, Commander Mick Rolland sent the shuttle Xenon to investigate. The shuttle came under attack by Zaniah fighters, but the crew was transported back to the Copernicus letting the shuttle descend into the atmosphere.

On Zaniah, the away team investigated the ‘prophecy’ of their occurrence and found their own shuttle Xenon in one of the historical museums - being the lost shuttle the Copernicus had sent to actually rescue the team. It was evidently aged by time but still functional, and they used the sensors on the shuttle to locate a temporal device below them inside the planet. The Copernicus had picked up the same power signature and chroniton emissions, and sent another team to investigate the device. It was not of native construction, but matched Devidian designs, and in a state of disrepair and malfunctioning, causing the temporal jumps through an unfortunate interaction between it and unusual emissions from the local star. The team were able to repair the machine. This caused another temporal flash, but one that restored the timeline on the planet so that the Copernicus was able to beam everyone out including the planetary President who was now in need of protection. Captain Fields negotiated a settlement between the rebels and the President, and was able to convince the former by beaming the rebels to the ship - showing that the crew were in fact who they claimed to be, from the Federation and not some 'actors' working for the President. The time machine was now reading as dormant and had clearly now broken permanently, so the planetary time shifting was at an end.

Crew Logs

Copernicus Mission 1: "First Entry" - Stardate 20304.22
Copernicus Mission 2: "One Lump, or Two?" - Stardate 20401.15
Copernicus Mission 3: "The Borg Conduit" - Stardate 20409.25
Copernicus Mission 4: "Now You See it Now You Don't: Rainbows " - Stardate 20512.22
Copernicus Mission 5: TBD
Copernicus Mission 6: "Into the Void" - Stardate 20802.03
Copernicus Mission 7: "If it Looks too Good to Be True" - Stardate 20809.13
Copernicus Mission 8: "Phoenix Into the Flames" - Stardate 20903.02
Copernicus Mission 9: "Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained" - Stardate 20910.15
Copernicus Mission 10: "Ghosts" - Stardate 21010.04
Copernicus Mission 11: "Past, Present, Future" - Stardate 21107.16
Copernicus Mission 12: "Planet of Galactic Peace" - Stardate 21212.17
Copernicus Mission 13: "Missing Sister" - Stardate 21210.04
Copernicus Mission 14: "Futures Past" - Stardate 21407.25
Copernicus Mission 15: "What Lies Beneath" - Stardate 21508.29

Auxiliary Craft

USS Dysprosium, Science Escort

Science Escort, Lanthanum Classed

USS Dysprosium, ESS-9035/A

Runabout, Type-1

USS Sagan, GSC-9035/R

USS Sagan, Type 1 Runabout

Shuttles, Type-7

Argon, GSC-9035/1
Neon, GSC-9035/2
Xenon, GSC-9035/3
Krypton, GSC-9035/4
Radon, GSC-9035/5
Helium, GSC-9035/6

Shuttles, Type-9a

Palladium, GSC-9035/7
Iridium, GSC-9035/8

How points are awarded on the Copernicus


The policy being stated here initiates on December 16, 2010.

Constitution directive 1.3.4 states that “All applicants/members must agree to make at least two story oriented posts a week. (Exception: See 3.6 of Constitution.) Out of Context (OOC) posts don’t count towards this total”. The maximum participation points awarded is 500 per month. The Commanding Officer of the ship is charged with determining how to rate participation. Points run from 16-15th of each month and are published in the Red Alert thread on the 1st of each month.

(1) During a mission:

1.1. Each in-game, player-character post (which could also include a Non-Playing Character post, see point 1.2 below) will merit 50 points, providing it meets one of the following criteria (up to a maximum of 400 points per month):
1.1.1. Mission value: A post which helps to move the mission along or helps to develop the storyline.
1.1.2. Post length/quality overall: A post which has full paragraphs and detail. Two-liners do not rate well!
1.1.3. Character building: A post which may not accomplish either of the above but builds the character should be given a higher consideration.
1.2. These are GUIDELINES. DHs should use them when evaluating the posts of their subordinates, and making their recommendations to the FO, who will use the same guidelines when making their recommendation to the CO. The CO will make any adjustments they feel prudent. Note: NPC posts can accrue a player points in the same way as PC posts, though points may NOT be awarded in such instances if an NPC post appears to have been given priority over a PC post where the latter seems more urgent in moving along the mission/providing other players with a response.
1.3. An additional 100 points may be awarded to any player at the recommendation of the DH, FO, or CO for quality or other reasons. This is a subjective judgement.
1.4. Any player whose absence (announced LOA or otherwise) of more than 5 days causes one of the main plotlines on the ship to be held up, or causes other players to be forced to wait on them for a response, will have points DEDUCTED based on the following criteria.
1.4.1. 100 points per 5-day period after the third day of absence.
1.4.2. Additional points as determined by the CO based on the level of disruption.
1.4.3. If the player informs the CO or FO that they will be gone and that their character can be ‘hijacked’ or placed in a non-pivotal role for that time, then the penalty will be automatically waived. However, in order to receive full points, the player must make a minimum of 8 posts during the rest of the month.
1.5. Any time a player is awarded less than the maximum 500 points recommended for the month they can contact the CO to find out the reason for this.
1.6. Any time a DH or FO points recommendation is overridden, then the CO will email the FO and associated DH with an explanation as to the alteration and why.
1.7. Points awards issues or questions should be addressed to the CO in email at all times and cc-ed to the FO.

(2) Non-Mission (shore leave):

2.1. A simple 50 points per post shall be awarded, up to a maximum of 400; plus the 100 quality judgement.
2.2. LOAs must still be requested as normal.

(3) Department Head (DH) points:

3.1. The rules allow for up to 100 points per month for DH duties as judged by the CO.
3.2. These points are a combination of two administrative aspects of your duties as a DH:
3.2.1. Keeping your subordinates involved and posting. This accounts for 50 points per month-prorated. During a mission this means that they have something to do, regardless of the mission parameters. As a senior player, a DH should ALWAYS be able to find something to keep their people busy. Outside of a mission, this includes helping them (as necessary) to come up with subplots or involving them in other activities in game.
3.2.2. Performing administrative duties. This accounts for 50 points per month-prorated. Submitting points at end of month, prior to the 18th of each month at midnight site time, unless otherwise instructed by the CO or FO. You should NOT need to be reminded to do points. Missing points one month will result in a 25-point positional deduction; 2nd month will result in a 50-point positional deduction; 3rd consecutive month will result in 100-point positional deduction (no positional points) and may also result in being put on probation for your position at the discretion of the CO; 4th consecutive month and beyond will most certainly result in dismissal in your position. Persistent lateness in submitting points will result in deductions of 25-50 points dependent on the consistency and extent of lateness. Submitting an RPG’er recommendation for the month. Recommending NO ONE is valid, provided you explain it. If you simply do not mention RPG’er at all, you will have 20 points deducted from your positional points. With your points and RPG’er you are asked to provide an explanation of why you recommended RPG’er. This is to help the CO decide on the final choice of RPG'er. Keeping in contact with crew members who are not posting regularly. If you see one of your subordinates not posting for 5 or more days, drop them a friendly line asking them if everything is OK, etc. Contacting crew for various reasons at the request of the CO or FO.

(4) First Officer (FO) points:

4.1. FO is awarded up to 200 points per month at the discretion of the CO.
4.2. Points are based on the above, plus:
4.2.1. Accepting points recommendations from the DHs and processing them.
4.2.2. Providing a points recommendation update and crew update to the CO on or before 21st of each month except where changed by the CO.

(5) Commanding Officer (CO) points:

5.1. CO is awarded up to 300 points per month at the discretion of the GC and CinC.
5.2. Points are based on all of the above, plus:
5.2.1. Processing points from the FO and submitting to the GC prior to 24th of each month except where ordered otherwise.
5.2.2. Administrative duties relating to mission, timelines, etc.


The short of the above is… if you post you’ll get full (400) points with potential for an additional 100 points for quality. If you don’t, then you won’t. Holding up missions and leaving other players waiting for a response will also be penalised and may see your character hijacked by the Command Staff to move things on.
If you have any questions, please contact the Commanding Officer and First Officer.