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The First Officer (or FO) is a command officer who has taken the Command Officer's Test and usually serves aboard a starship. They are the second-in-command, just below the captain. On a Federation starship, the first officer had the following functions:

  • The principal adviser to the Captain
  • Implementer of the captain's orders
  • Preparation and issue of duty rosters
  • Commands away team missions at CO's discretion
  • Ensures department heads are performing their duties.
  • Assumes command in CO’s absence.
  • Greets new players and works diligently to get them involved in the mission as soon as possible.
  • Works with new players to complete the full bio if they only graduated with a basic bio.
  • Aggressively works to develop sub-plots centered on crewmembers that are not actively involved in the main plot.
  • Learns command principles from their CO.
  • Provides participation point recommendations for department heads to the CO by the 23rd of each month.

In Star Fleet the position was usually held by an officer with the rank of lieutenant or above.

First Officers in the Romulan Star Empire have the same out-of-game duties as their Federation counterparts, however a Romulan First Officer, ih'hwi'saehne in the Rihan language, has slightly different in-game functions. Romulan FOs also serve as Chief of Operations for their vessel. They can be of the rank of Erein or above.

List of First Officers