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A Game Moderator is the "Dungeon Master" of Federation Space.

Once a ship is given a mission, the assigned "GM" is the one who helps move the mission along. When a character asks for GM input, it is the GM's job to answer to the best of their abilities within the confines of the mission outline.

A GM is allowed to injure a player's character, as well as mortally injure a "Non-Playable Character."

  • For example, a GM may say that a player's character is shot, but not fatally, whereas a temporary character "John Doe" is allowed to be shot in the head and killed.

If you are interested in being a Game Moderator for Federation Space, there are pre-requisites according to the FedSpace Constitition:

  • Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade or higher.
  • A history of running well-defined subplots.
  • Approval of their Commanding Officer (CO).
  • Is not permitted to GM a ship on which they have a rated character.
  • May have characters on no more than half of the active player ships at any one time.
    • Example: if there are 5 active ships, there may be characters on no more than 2 of those ships.

In addition, a minimum six months experience as Game Moderator (GM) is a requisite for Commanding Officer.