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This page is for the Federation Space President. For the United Federation of Planets President, CLICK HERE.

According to the Federation Space Constitution, the President:

  • Serves as a member of the Site Administration team.
  • Acts as overall administrative head of Federation Space.
  • Acts as final approval/appeal authority on all site-wide decisions.
  • Ensures Site Administration are performing their duties.
  • Mentors Site Administration.
  • Appoints Commanding Officers (COs) at the advice of the Site Administration team.
  • Directs overall operations of Federation Space.
  • Acts as domain, forum, and website administrator.
  • Retains legal and financial responsibility for the Fed-Space Association LLC, which owns the site and contents.
  • Serves as legal President and Treasurer of Fed-Space Association LLC.
  • Acts as overall creative head of Federation Space.
  • Works with the Vice President (VP) on the site’s creative direction.

List of Federation Space Presidents:

  • 2413 - 2014: Selin Prenn
  • 2418 - 2420: Gavoath
  • 2420 - 2420: Unknown
  • 2420 - Present: Alanna Rigalt