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Leonard McCoy and some of his medical staff in 2266

Throughout the galaxy, many species from primitive to complex levels of civilization will have medical practitioners who are responsible for the physical and/or mental health of the members of the civilization. These practitioners have varying levels of training and expertise. Some terms include "doctor", "nurse", "healer".

List of Medical Officers

Star Fleet Positions
Crew Positions Tactical OfficerEngineering OfficerSecurity OfficerMedical OfficerScience Officer United Federation of Planets logo.png
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Officer Positions Chief Tactical OfficerChief EngineerChief of SecurityChief Medical OfficerChief Science OfficerFirst OfficerCommanding Officer
Flag Positions Group CommanderDivision CommanderCommander in Chief
Academy Positions Academy InstructorAdmissions OfficerTesting OfficerEvaluations OfficerCommandant (Academy)Superintendent (Academy)
Other Positions Game ModeratorGame Moderator AdministratorInspector GeneralCreative DirectorContent ManagerPresident