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Edition 40 - Stardate 22308.01 - August 2023

FedSpace News


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The Search for Social Media

In an effort to expand our outreach and connect with Trekkers/Trekkies all over the world, FedSpace is trying to make its footprint on as many social media sites as it can.
In order to both recruit, and connect with our current players, FedSpace’s presence on social media looks to bring those of our fandom together by way of Star Trek news and memes.

As of this edition of FNN, please find FedSpace on the following channels:

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NCC: “Nice, Continuity Continues!”

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In order to make the site, and its writing, more in-line with Star Trek both past and present, administration has decided to “re-brand” most of the playable ships to have “NCC” registries. The Titania and Charon, previously holding the registration “RSV” (“Reconnaissance Science Vessel”), the Artemis with “EX” (“Explorer”), and the Philadelphia with “FSV” (“Frigate Scout/Survey Vessel”), have all been changed to the recognizable “Naval Construction Contract”, or simply, “NCC.”

As for why the writers and art directors originally chose “NCC,” there are varying answers to what would otherwise be a simple question. According to “Star Trek: The Magazine”, Volume 1, Issue 10, p. 26, Art Director Matt Jefferies explained: “Since the 1920s, ‘N’ has indicated the United States in Navy terms, and ‘C’ means ‘commercial’ vessel. I added an extra ‘C’ just for fun. Interestingly, Russia's designation is ‘CCC.’ So the ‘N’ and ‘C’ together made it kind of international.” Jefferies also believed “If we do anything in space, we … have to do it together.”

Notably, the only ship to keep its previous registration letters is the USS Geronimo, CR-75250. The CR, or “Corvette”, designation may or may not change after the ship’s current mission, but that is entirely up to Captain and Admin Adaran 225.

Creative Corner

From website CookFiction.com, we bring you the Human recipe for Klingon Bloodwine.
It can be hard in Sector 001 to get a good vintage of bloodwine, so if you’d like to hand-make the real-fake thing, here is how:

Ingredients Needed:
2 dashes tabasco sauce
1 oz gold tequila
1 oz spiced rum
1 dash grenadine
Cranberry juice

1. Fill glass with ice cubes if desired
2. Add the dashes of tabasco and grenadine
3. Add rum and tequila
4. Top off with cranberry juice
5. Using a shaker, shake two to four times

Hoy' on making the Human version of Klingon bloodwine!

20 Questions with Xenara Xardeen

Xenara Xardeen.jpg

This month we get to learn more about Preston, the player behind Lt Xenara Xardeen, Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Geronimo, CR-75250.

1. Real first name?

2. What brought you to FedSpace?
Well, not to show my age, but 20 some years ago I was looking for a forum based RPG when I found FedSpace. I loved Star Trek (well still do) and thought it looked like fun. And it hasn't disappointed yet.

3. Tell me a little about the process of developing your character.
When I create a character, I always want to do something no one else is doing. And at the time I created Xenara, Killjoys had just gone off the air and I loved Hannah John-Kamen who played Yalena "Dutch" Yardeen, a bounty hunter with a messed up past. So I decided to base my new character off of hers.

4. Has your character developed differently than what you had planned?
Yes. I always knew Xenara needed to be a tactical officer, but she also needed to be a bit less intense than her model. Characters always change because of, or in spite of, the other characters they interact with and I did take that into account. She's become more confident in herself and her abilities, but still unsure if she's command material, despite the biased opinions her friends offer.

5. What do you see as some goals for the future of your character?
Definitely Command. I just have to get off my butt and actually complete that test. But at the same time, I'd like to see Xenara have more...defining moments for her before she takes that plunge. Something to force her into it maybe.

6. So far, what is your favorite part about being a member of FedSpace?
Honestly the players. There's no hate or bias, just Trekkies/Trekkers having a good time.

7. If you were president for a day, what would you change?
I'd fire everyone! Yeah, you! Box! Parking lot! Car! Goodbye! "Shut up Cave Johnson! Get back in your cubicle! Someone check the security on those!" ~Ahem~ Let me get back to you on that one?

8. If you could choose, what Trek species would you be?
Q...duh. Are you kidding? All those powers and almost no accountability to use them? Yes please!

9. If you could name your own ship, what would you name it and why?
I'd have to think about that, but if you're putting me on the spot, I think The U.S.S. Nimitz would be an interesting name. He was a Navy commander in World War II and I went to a junior high school that was named after him.

10. What do you spend your time outside of FedSpace doing?
Well, my daily routine is, wake up, pot of coffee, catch up on tv and news (and American football during the season), play Path of Exile, MORE coffee, YouTube, more Path of Exile, rinse repeat…

11. What is your favorite Star Trek series?
Deep Space Nine. It showed the darker side of the Federation and Starfleet and how they had to make horrible choices just to ensure their survival.

12. What’s your favorite non-Trek series?
The Big Bang Theory. Very relatable.

13. If you watched the movies, which one was your favorite?
The Wrath of Khan.

14. Do you have a favorite line or phrase from either a show or movie?
~ahem~ "I knew it, I'm surrounded by assholes!" -Dark Helmet (Spaceballs) Oh you meant Star Trek? Well then that would be "You may test that assumption at your convenience." by Picard from the TNG episode "Sins of the Father" where he basically told Duras "screw around and find out".

15. Do you have a favorite character from the shows?
Captain Picard. I loved Sisko too, but Picard was 59 years old when we first saw him. We later learned that he had an artificial heart because he had gotten into a fight with Nausicans in his youth and then when the Picard series came out(as horrible those first 2 seasons were), dude was pushing 90 and STILL decided to play captain.

16. What piece of Star Trek Technology would you most like to see today?
Replicators. I don't think I'd want to be transported (or rather, killed and then reassembled over and over). Replicators would solve a lot of issues today. And yeah, they've got 3D-printers that actually print FOOD now, so only a matter of time.

17. What was it about Star Trek that made you fall in love with the show?
I've always loved Science Fiction, and I liked the Star Trek movies (well, the even numbered ones...lol) but it was TNG that finally made me fall in love.

18. What FedSpace player or character would you most like to meet in real life?
Who'd want to meet me? Seriously, I'm nobody. lol I'd love to meet some of the GM's. We'd probably get along quite well.

19. What do you see in your FedSpace future, for yourself or for your character?
Maybe another character? Thinking about an NRC after I get Xenara sorted.

20. If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about you, what would that be?
I'm just a nerd like y'all. But I'm not afraid to share my opinions, which is the only thing in this world people are entitled to. Being afraid of someone's opinions is why the world is in the mess it's in. Well, one of the reasons. Chill. If you don't like my opinions, cool. Debate, don't berate.

Thank you so much to Preston for being the first to answer the 20 Questions!
Would you like to be featured in 20 Questions? Please email our Content Manager!

Academy Graduates

Michael Brennan

Though he looks tough and talks gruff, Michael will admit it was rough growing up almost off the grid.
This born Engineer isn’t afraid to get dirty, and once he hits his stride in a project, can easily get wrapped up in it for hours on end.

Jez Mala

Half Betazoid, half Vulcan, all about karate and kicking butt as a newly-minted Security Midshipman on board the Geronimo!
Under the leadership of famed Captain Adaran 225 (once a Security Midshipman hirself!), we can’t wait to see what Jez brings to the FedSpace scene.

Eun Ju Han

This half-Human, half-Betazoid Engineer will run circles around you -literally and metaphorically- all while rewiring a circuit board.
Born on a starship and raised in Korea, Eun Ju is aiming for Chief Engineer, which we know Philadelphia’s Chief Hydish will train her well for!

Amaterasu Ichika

Japanese-born “Tera” grew up in the restaurant business, though while her father practiced his skills in the kitchen, his little girl practiced science in her bedroom.
Staying an extra year at the Academy in order to achieve a minor in Engineering, Tera is ready to -as her “short term goal” states- “boldly do something other than flip eggrolls”!

Delta s'Tar

Andorian and obsessed with her field, Delta served the Imperial Guard with pride for a number of years before an injury in battle made her question her way of life.
While running a shuttle service, Starfleet came to her aid during an attack, leading the Andorian to request asylum. Now bringing her experience to Starfleet, it is Delta’s hope to find her place in the Federation and start a family.

Star Trek News

Strange New Worlds

SNW-LD crossover.jpg

Season 2 of SNW has shown Number One having her day in court, Security Chief La’an breaking some rules to save the past, Spock smiling, and the crew as a whole becoming more animated when two unexpected guests dropped by. With 10 episodes in the season, fans will be “left wanting more” for a long time, due to the writers and actors strike currently taking Hollywood by storm. With no end to the strike currently in sight, fans may find themselves doing a re-watch of all the Star Trek series while we wait.

Lower Decks

While the Strange New Worlds characters got to meet two officers from Lower Decks in episode seven this season, viewers will have to wait a little bit longer to see what’s been happening in the lives of the USS Cerritos crew. Set to premiere September 7, the upcoming season will also only have 10 episodes.

Trek Trivia

This Month’s Questions

Question 1 - How long was the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant?

Question 2 - In “The original Series” original pilot, what does Captain Pike say “USS” stands for?

Submission Form

Last Month’s Answers


Question 1 - What is the name of the region near Cardassian/Bajoran space known for its plasma storms?
ANSWER: “The Badlands”

Question 2 - The constellation “Orion” is said to have two hunting dogs: name one of them.
ANSWER: “Canis Major and Canis Minor”

Last Month’s Winners

Question 1 Winners:


Question 2 Winners:


Space Agency News

CSA logo.jpg


Canadian student teams selected to build and launch their own satellites
CubeSats Initiative in Canada for STEM (“CUBICS”) has given nine grants worth $3.15 million to a select student group. These students have been given the opportunity to design, build, test, launch and operate their own miniature satellites. These mini satellites, called “CubeSats”, are square-shaped satellites measuring 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, and weigh around 1 kg. CubeSats can be used alone, or in groups up to 24 units.


ESA Patch 2022.png

Europe’s space agency attempts an assisted re-entry for a retiring satellite
Ever since man entered outer space, there has unfortunately been space junk. The European Space Agency is trying to remedy that problem, starting with the observation satellite ‘Aeolus.’ Currently, satellites are designed to disintegrate when re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, a quick and dirty way to keep them from being space junk. But in this “first of its kind” assisted re-entry, the ESA will bring their satellite back to Earth, even though it wasn’t designed with this in mind. Even if it’s as little as 20% of itself, they’re aiming to have had the satellite down by 28 July.


ISRO logo.png

Indian Space Research Organisation Chief speaks on space debris found on Australia’s beach
On a sunny Australian beach, an unidentified object that looked like part of a flying machine washed up on shore. The cylinder, which was approximately 2.5 meters high and made up of a gold-colored woven material, was said to most likely be a rocket motor casing. The Australian Space Agency said it was possible the giant cylinder could have fallen from a “foreign space launch vehicle.” Now rusting and barnacle-encrusted, the Indian Space Chief postulated that it may or may not be a part from India's latest Moon mission launch. The Australian Space Agency has since taken over the task of identifying the equipment.


NASA logo.png

NASA Names Winners of 2023 Student Rocket Launch Competition
The winners have been announced! NASA’s 2023 Student Rocket Launch Competition, which takes place across the nation, invites students from Middle School on up to build and launch high-powered, amateur rockets. The rockets must reach an altitude between 4,000 and 6,000 feet, while also making a successful landing, and executing a scientific or engineering payload mission. The “Best Looking” rocket award went to North Carolina State University (at the college level) and Cedar Falls High School in Iowa (at the Middle/High School level). “Vehicle Design” went to Yamhill Carlton Rocketry in Oregon (Middle/High School level). The 2023 “Overall Winners” went to University of Alabama (First place), University of North Carolina (Second place), and Vanderbilt University (third place).

Special Announcement

Wiki people wanted.png

There are currently over 4,000 pages on the FedSpace wiki - and unfortunately, not all of them are perfect.
Our Content Manager is looking for help with the almost insurmountable task of keeping the wiki up to date.
Whether you hit the “random page” button, or want to add something specific, the “Wiki Witch” is desperate for any kind of help you can give.

FedSpace’s wiki database is cultivated from Memory Alpha, Memory Beta, some member-created content, as well as a few independent fan sources where noted.
In an effort to make FS’s wiki more comprehensive and navigable, broken links (“red links”) need to be identified and corrected, pages need to be more than one line long,
or condensed down from multiple pages into one (Example: Minor Species), and not to mention keeping character and ships up to date!

No coding experience of any kind is needed for this - just send an email in, and the hard technical work will be done for you.
If you are writing an original page or re-writing a page, you will be credited for your work with your primary character’s name.
Our wiki helps us write Star Trek that makes sense, so let’s help our wiki make sense, too!

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