USS Geronimo, CR-75250

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United Federation of Planets logo.pngUSS Geronimo, CR-75250United Federation of Planets logo.png
Geronimo logo.png
Wallace Class Corvette
United Federation of Planets
Commanding Officer
Captain Adaran 225
Active (242102.20)
Type: Corvette (CR)
Length: 115 Meters
Beam: 86 Meters
Height: 16 Meters
Mass: 120,000 metric tons
Decks: 3 Deck Plans
Crew Compliment: Standard: 8 Officers, 20 Enlisted Crew Breakdown
Emergency: 100
Warp Speed: Type: Thrawn-class Warp Core Reactor with Integrated Type 7 Nacelles
Cruise Speed: Warp 7
Sustainable Speed: Warp 8
Emergency Speed: Warp 9 (12 hour automatic shutdown)
Impulse Engines: Type: 2 Class 8 Main Impulse Engines (MIE)
Speed: .9 C
Defensive Systems: Type-2A Shield generator
Armament: Phasers: 2x 100-degree Type-I Arrays, one starboard, one port (Saucer - Dorsal);

2x 100-degree Type-I Arrays, one starboard, one port (Saucer - Ventral);
2x Type-G (Forward)
Torpedoes: Retractable Torpedo Turret with One Launcher (Ventral, 360-degrees)
Payload: 15 Quantum Torpedoes

Computer System: Yori-Moto D4D019
Tractor/Repulsor: 1 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beam,
2 Docking Tractors
Sensors: Daystrom Industries HSCS-2SC-B Starship Sensors
Other Systems: Planetary Landing Capability - Blue Alert

The USS Geronimo is a patrol, reconnaissance and escort vessel in the service of Star Fleet.


The USS Geronimo is the first Star Fleet vessel to carry its name. It was named after Geronimo, a Native American medicine man, leader, and warrior of the Apache tribe, who fought to defend his people and their land from the encroachment of Mexican and white American settlers. His bravery on the battlefield earned the respect and admiration of his enemies as well as his own tribe.

The ship's logo features a stylized thunderbird, a sacred symbol, and is patterned after the emblem of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment of the United States Army, whose motto, "Geronimo," was traditionally shouted when jumping from an airplane to prove that the solider was not afraid.

Current: USS Geronimo, CR-75250
Vessel Class: Wallace Class Corvette
Commanding Officer: Captain Adaran 225
Stardate 24210x.xx - Present

Vessel Dedication Quote

"Today is a good day to die."
- Native American and Klingon battle cry
Wallace Class Corvette (Side)
Wallace Class Corvette (Top)
Wallace Class Corvette (Front)

Crew Manifest

Command Staff
Com-capt.jpg Adaran 225 Commanding Officer Hermat E-Mail
Com-cdr.jpg Sothrick First Officer / Chief of Security Vulcan E-Mail
Tactical Department
Tac-lt.jpg Xenara Xardeen Chief Tactical Officer Elaysian E-mail
Tac-blank.jpg Vacant Tactical Officer
Engineering Department
Eng-lt.jpg Keir 77 Chief Engineer Hermat E-Mail
Eng-ens.jpg Kalli Thorn Engineer Human E-Mail
Security Department
Sec-lt.jpg Nira Said Chief of Security Betazoid E-Mail
Sec-mid.jpg Jez Mala Security Officer Vulcan / Betazoid E-Mail
Science Department
Sci-ltjg.jpg Arwen Qi Chief Science Officer Trill / Human E-Mail
Sci-mid.jpg Jukish Keti Science Officer Bajoran E-Mail
Medical Department
Med-lt.jpg Lois Lim Chief Medical Officer Trill E-Mail
Med-blank.jpg Vacant Medical Officer

NRC Manifest

Tac-po2.jpg Marisha Keen Female Human
Tac-po3.jpg ch'Bolas Male Andorian
Eng-po2.jpg Kimberly (KtiKat) Kitmat Female Caitian Warp Core & Power
Eng-po3.jpg Shalix zh'Aidrie Female Andorian Computer & Sensor
Eng-cm.jpg Mark Pentiction Male Human Shields & Impulse Drive
Eng-cm.jpg Torb Hope Male Cardassian / Bajoran Environmental & Weapons System
Eng-cm.jpg Carnegie Fairgraves Male Human
Sec-po2.jpg Matthew Davis Male Human (Afro-American)
Sec-po3.jpg Anessa Wade Female Human
Sec-cm.jpg Samantha Reagan {Keir 77} Female Human
Sec-cm.jpg Sovak Male Vulcan
Sec-cm.jpg Slad Male Vulcan
Sci-cm.jpg Slav Male Vulcan
Med-po2.jpg Raymond "Red" Reddington Male Human Medic
Sup-po2.jpg Alvish Yizzah Male Tellarite Mess
Sup-po2.jpg Enek Male Edosian Supply
Sup-cm.jpg Gak Male Ferengi Mess
Sup-cm.jpg Elvis Beuller {Adaran 225} Male Human
Sup-cma.jpg Lucille McGillicuddy Female Human
Sup-cmr.jpg Gi'ral Watanabe Female Human / Klingon

Deck Plans



The Geronimo carries the following probles

Ship's Manual

How Points Are Awarded

1.1 Monthly Points
1.1.1 Players are expected to post a minimum of twice weekly. Each post made by a player will count as 50 points towards their monthly total (up to a total of 400 points).
1.1.2 Qualifying posts must be written with full paragraphs and contain detail. Short posts of three or four lines will not be counted towards the monthly total.
1.1.3 Additional points of up to 100 will be awarded for quality of posting.

1.2 Department Head Points
1.2.1 Department Heads receive up to 100 positional points each month for performing the duties required of them in the Constitution. In order to earn those points, DHs must turn in points recommendations for their department along with an RPGer nomination by the end of the 18th each month, site time.
1.2.2 If a DH has not submitted points by that deadline, they will be docked 50 points. They then have until the end of the 21st, site time, to submit them or risk losing all positional points for the month.
1.2.3 DHs who fail to turn in the required points and RPGer nomination by the end of the 21st will receive no positional points for the month.
1.2.4 Site time refers to the time shown on the main board.

Leaves of Absence

2.1 If a player is to be away from the site for more than 7 days, they are required to announce a Leave of Absence, either by posting on the ship or by sending an email to their superior officer.
2.2 Players whose LOA causes disruption of the game will have their characters hijacked at the CO's discretion to help move along the plotline.
2.3 Players who request LOA will have the twice weekly posting quota waved, but they must make a minimum of 8 posts during the month to receive the full 400 points.