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Edition 41 - Stardate 22309.01 - September 2023


FedSpace News

Headline: The New Forum

Hello FedSpacers, and welcome to a special edition of the FNN! Due to multiple software bugs and price hikes, the administration has moved us to a new home, with a new forum. Not all of our moving boxes made it, unfortunately, and the old forum is no longer accessible. The admins took care, however, to make sure that all active accounts made the move, though not everyone may have their login information just yet. Luckily, the moving box that contained our e-mail notifications has been found, and Autumn made sure that e-mail notifications are now up and running as they should be.

A few things different about this forum:

  • First, there are no more “status updates.” The ability to post a status like we do on certain social media sites is gone, and the place for us to congregate on the site now is Hailing Frequencies.
  • We are now known by our names, not our ranks. On the old forum, we were responsible for keeping up with what rank our character was, and how to properly write that out in our usernames.
    People had “Lieutenant”, “LT”, “Lt.”, or “Lt” before their name, and things weren’t exactly uniform. Now, we can focus more on our characters and less on their rank, which is now displayed
    in the forum’s “profile” section, which displays as a box on the left-hand side of our posts.
  • No more quick account switching. On the old forum, we used to have a plug-in called the “Account Switcher,” which allowed us to link accounts and quickly switch between them.
    That unfortunately does not work with the new forum, though luckily it is easy in this day and age to have our browsers save our login information.
  • It is now easier to find posts that a specific person has made. Simply view their profile, and under “Total Posts” you will see a hyperlink that reads “Find All Posts.”
    Long are the days of Department Heads hunting down where people in their department have posted; now it displays in an orderly list, complete with a timestamp, the forum, the specific thread, and a snippet of the post itself.

Academy Graduates

Despite the harrowing move, we still have life in the Academy!
On our wonderful ark from one server/forum to another, we’ve managed to graduate two Cadets, both going to the USS Titania. Please welcome the following:

Nirut Noxi

As a woman from Bajor, Noxi grew up still feeling the after-effects of the Cardassian Occupation.
Struck by a drive to give back to the galaxy and put some good into the worlds around her, she decided to go to Starfleet Academy.
Though she enjoys playing baseball in her off time, you can also “catch” this Bajoran in the holodeck, curled up with a good story.

Torok Powl

Descended from the Vulcans who made First Contact with Humans on Earth, Torok has always felt a sense of obligation to continue their legacy.
By joining Starfleet, Torok gained notoriety on board the USS Copernicus, where he served as Chief Tactical Officer until his abduction.
Considered Killed In Action for 12 years, a return to Starfleet Academy has made this Vulcan anew.
Willing to climb back up the ranks, what’s important to Torok is clear: serving the Federation.

Star Trek News

Star Trek Day

ST DAY 2023.png

This year, on our most holiest of holidays (September 8, the day the first Star Trek episode premiered on television), Paramount is planning quite the shin-dig. Jerry O'Connell, voice actor of Commander Ransom, and husband to Rebecca Romijn (“Number One”, Una Chin-Riley), is hosting the whole event, which is taking place across multiple platforms.

To start off with, “Strange New Worlds” is finally hitting cable - anyone with a tv should be able to watch on their local CBS station. “Lower Decks” will have theatrical screenings of their new season in eleven cities spread across the US, Canada, and the UK. Four new episodes of “Lower Decks” will be accompanied by other sneak peeks, free schwag, and other prizes.

A new Star Trek special will be online-only, focusing on the upcoming and final season of “Discovery.” With all the “Lower Decks” celebrations going on already that day, there will also be a retrospective at all Star Trek animated series. This will be viewable globally via StarTrek.com/Day, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, and will be available in the US via those methods plus Paramount+, Pluto TV, Mixable,Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Pop TV, Fave TV and Smithsonian.com.

On the main Star Trek website, you can also use code “STARTREKDAY” for 25% off site-wide.

Information for this article was taken from Trek Core, Deadline, and StarTrek.com.

Saving Prodigy

Prodigy banner.png

With thanks to fan campaigning, a banner that read “Save Star Trek Prodigy” was flown over streaming services’ headquarters on August 24th.
The plane’s route took it over Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon - notably, it did not fly over Paramount, the service that cancelled it.

Show co-creators Dan and Kevin Hageman praised the sky banner campaign, remarking,
“This is incredible. We owe these Trek fans a pint and our lifetime devotion. [We’re] Blessed to have people like all of you in our stratosphere.”

Prodigy was at first renewed for a second season in November 2021, but in June 2023, Paramount+ released a statement telling fans that the animated series had been cancelled. Furthermore, the series was removed just days after the statement. Fans at a Las Vegas convention had already gotten a sneak-peak at the next season, but Paramount only had this to say: “Star Trek: Prodigy will not be returning for the previously announced second season.”

With the second season in what would be post-production, fans of all ages are certainly rallying around the Star Trek show aimed at kids.

Trek Trivia

Due to this being a special edition, Trek Trivia will resume in the next edition.

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