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Edition 39 - Stardate 22305.01 - May 2023

FedSpace News


"We’re back, baby!"

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Earlier this year, Federation Space RPG underwent a change of administration. Their aim is to continue the dream of expanding the membership base, while also expanding the website’s reach to connect with the larger Star Trek community. The new administration team’s focus lies on player engagement, player retention, and integration of canon into the site’s storyline.

Understandably, the site looks a little different since FNN’s last edition in 2011. The RPG currently consists of five Player Character ships, with no Fleets to separate them, and roughly 40 active members. (That’s eight players per ship, on average!) Of course, players are encouraged to have more than one character, provided they can keep up with writing for more than one (or two!) alternate personalities.

In the quest to keep and recruit members, FedSpace is also looking into various methods of engagement. The Discord server is now “site official,” and has been opened to all Star Trek lovers, members and non-members alike. The Facebook page is holding steady, and the website has also hopped back on Twitter, an account which is gaining steam fast. In order to help spread the word, merch will soon be available in the form of stickers, magnets, pins, and more.

It is the hope of the administration, and hopefully all the site members, to keep Federation Space going for years to come.

State of the Site Address

In April, the administration published a press release regarding the current state of the site. Looking to release these statements quarterly, this FedSpace version of the “State of the Union” covered the topics of membership, where our ships stand in their current missions, the status of recruitment, and the site’s goals regarding social media.

As of the publication of the State of the Site, Federation Space RPG has forty active members. That doesn’t mean we only have forty characters, on the contrary, we have forty writers playing at least one character. This number doesn’t account for Primary-Rated Characters, Secondary-Rated Characters, registered Non-Rated Characters (the latter formerly known as “NPC”s), and anyone currently in the Academy. By this journalist’s rough estimation, that number actually jumps to 47 characters with registered accounts currently being played on the forums.

To writers and players alike, missions can be a bear. All ships have been on mission for a minimum of three months now, and most of them show no signs of slowing down. The Artemis has been sent to investigate the mystery of the USS Brittany, a Nebula-class ship that disappeared decades ago. The intrigue of the Brittany runs deeper with the Artemis, due to some family ties to Captain Crawford. Meanwhile, the Geronimo, done with their convoy escort mission, is now investigating something that showed up on long-range scans that by all means, shouldn’t be there. On the Romulan/Klingon/Federation border, the USS Titania is currently investigating a string of murders, complicated by the serial removal of the victims’ organs. Elsewhere in the Beta Quadrant, while dropping supplies to Starbase 6, the USS Charon is answering a distress call from a planet that hasn’t been heard from since 2365. In the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet Command has dispatched the Aquila to rescue Ferengi diplomats that have been reported as missing. And the Yeager, the experimental NRC ship, colloquially referred to as the “junkyard dog,” has suffered some kind of breakdown and is currently adrift between Qualor II and Free Cloud.

With the new administration stands new ideas, and at the top of their list is recruitment. Along with incentives for new and current members alike (see: merch), the admins are open to ideas for a reward system beyond the “100 points” awarded for bringing in new writers. New members are the lifeblood of any RPG, and FedSpace is no different. Whether it be through word of mouth, through other forum-based sites, at conventions, or on social media, the administration would like 2023 to see the ball rolling again on recruitment.

In addition to expanding our numbers, FedSpace is looking to increase its social media footprint, as well. FedSpace is now on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord, and may show up on other socials in the future. The site is looking to get its name out there in the world, and is working hard on doing so.

Star Trek News

Show News

With four Star Trek shows running concurrently, there’s a lot of dates to keep track of! Picard just ended, with rumors and hopes of a spin-off show, but for now, here’s what we know.

Strange New Worlds’ new season comes out in June, Lower Decks is slated for late in the summer, Prodigy is looking like a winter-time event, and sadly, Discovery’s last season will start in 2024.

Trek Trivia

This Month’s Questions:

Question 1 - What is the name of the region near Cardassian/Bajoran space known for its plasma storms?

Question 2 - The constellation “Orion” is said to have two hunting dogs: name one of them.

Submission Form

Check back next issue to see the answers, and to see who got them right!

Science News

Space Agency News


ESA's class of 2022 astronaut candidates start basic training.


“Moon to Mars”: NASA creates an office specifically designed to help get astronauts to the fourth planet.


Jeremy Hansen will be the first Canadian astronaut to fly to the Moon.

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