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The Ba'ul are a spacefaring species, native to the planet Kaminar.
This species is commonly thought to be the predator species that feed on the Kelpiens, a pre-warp sentient species also native to the planet.


Aquatic life-forms, they posses a humanoid form. They are noted for having "spindly" limbs and digits, long tendrils on their heads, glowing red eyes, and protruding spines along their backs. Ba'ul bodies are also covered by a black, smoky, oily substance. Not much is known about their appearance, since first contact with the species did not go well, and any accounts on their appearance have been made through myths and legends by the Kelpien people.

The Ba'ul digestive system clearly has evolved to ingest the bodies of Kelpiens, and it is believed that the latter of the sentient species is the main food source for the Ba'ul.

Society & Culture

The Ba'ul people were led by the Ba'ul High Council. Isolationist in nature, the Ba'ul chose to interact with the Kelpiens solely via technology. Secretly, the Ba'ul feared their sister species, believing the Kelpien predatory instincts to be "uncontrollable." Thus, the "Great Balance" was seen as the only way to prevent the Kelpiens from destroying everything.

The language of the Ba'ul is written vertically, from top to bottom, then right to left. The Kelpiens have their own, separate set of verbal and written language.

By 2257, the Ba'ul were warp-capable, and had knowledge of transporters and force fields. With sentry ships in orbit of Kaminar, they also developed small fighter craft to back up any ships that appeared to cause a threat to the planet and its people. The Ba'ul maintained networked pylons in every Kelpien village in order to monitor the Kelpiens, and summon those who had reached vahar'ai for harvesting. When a Kelpien reached vahar'ai, they were expected to be honored that the Ba'ul ships -called the "Watchful Eye"- had chosen them to maintain the "Great Balance."


During the mid-1st century, the Kelpiens were the predatory species, driving the Ba'ul to the brink of extinction. Using technological superiority however, the Ba'ul were able to fight back, killing all post-vahar'ai Kelpiens. After which, the surviving Ba'ul used that technology to place the Kelpien species into slavery, and created a belief system called the "Great Balance." This belief system prevented the Kelpiens from choosing to "evolve" into their post-vahar'ai predatory form, and overpower the Ba'ul. Under this belief, the Kelpiens were raised to think that they were required to offer themselves for ritual sacrifice when they reached vahar'ai, so as to preserve Kaminar's ecosystem. While there was plenty of flora and fauna for the Kelpiens to eat, the Ba'ul exclusively feasted upon the sacrificed Kelpiens.

By the mid-23rd century, the Ba'ul developed warp drive. In 2239, the Federation attempted to make first contact, but were met with hostilities. After their encounter, Starfleet initiated General Order 1, promising the Ba'ul that the Federation would not interfere with the way of life on Kaminar.

In 2257, an escaped-turned-Federation-refugee Kelpien broadcast a signal on Kaminar, triggering 60% of the Kelpien population to undergo vahar'ai. With their control over the Kelpiens fraying quickly, the Ba'ul attempted a full extermination of their previously-subservient sister species. However, their technology was rendered inert by an immense electromagnetic pulse, and revelation that the two species were different but equal left the future of the planet up for change.