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Orbit is a term used to describe the flight path of an object in space which has a repetitive motion, and has a distinct center with respect to its flightpath.
In layman's terms, "orbit" is when Object B flies in a circle around Object A.

A starship uses a form of orbit to maintain its relative position.
The term orbit is also used to define the flight path of a planet within its own solar system.

There are several forms of orbit; some of them are referred to by Star Fleet personnel with names like "standard orbit" or "high orbit."

  • Synchronous orbit: Used by a starship to maintain position towards a specific point on a planet's surface. The ship's velocity will be the same as the rotation speed of the planet.
  • High orbit: A form of orbit in which the starship maintains a large distance from the planet's surface for safety reasons but is still close enough to use the transporter.
  • Polar orbit: A type of spacecraft orbit that passes within 22,300 miles of the geographic poles of a planet.