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Jack Regan
Career Occupation
Security Officer
USS Reciprocity, ES-17413
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
77.1 kg (170 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Salt and pepper (i.e. silver grey and black)
Wavy, collar length at the back, short at the sides
Fit and trim, an average build belies the ability to brawl with the best of them
Facial Hair:
Short sideburns
Medium pitch
United Federation of Planets
Vega Colony
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Father deceased, mother alive on Vega Colony
A sister, Sara, aged 42, married and living on Vega Colony
Marital Status:
A girl, Susie, aged 15, living with her mother on Earth

Personal History

Early Life

Jack's father was of Terran Irish ancestry and working as a civil engineer when he met and married Jack's mother on the Vega Colony. Jack never got a chance to know his father as James died when the boy was only 2 years old. Consequently he was brought up by his mother and step-father.

Jack disliked and resented his step-father for trying to impose paternal authority. So he left home at the earliest opportunity to join Star Fleet, having surprised everyone in doing well at school – he applied himself to his studies as an escape route from home.

At school and later through his Academy years, Jack played team sports like soccer, rugby, and parrises squares, earning a reputation as a 'hard man.'

Star Fleet Career

Jack served in Star Base Alpha Security for the first few years of his career, meeting his future wife Kate who was a civilian support worker there. After a short romance lasting 6 weeks they were married, both aged 23, and a daughter was born a year later. However, the relationship quickly ran into trouble. Jack was posted to the Light Cruiser USS Hecate, and Kate decided not to join him aboard, feeling that a starship was not a desirable environment to raise a young child. Conflict over this and a long-distance relationship did nothing to help their already strained marriage, and Jack's consequent drinking and womanising resulted in the final breakup after 6 years, his wife retaining custody of their daughter Susie.

Despite, or perhaps because of, his rocky personal life, Jack proved himself to be a dedicated officer, eventually progressing to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Security during a stint of 7 years' service on the Hecate. However, when a new First Officer joined the ship there was an immediate personality clash. The FO was a bad combination of inexperience and irritating officiousness. The friction between the two culminated in an incident during a fraught mission in which the Captain was seriously injured. Jack believed that the FO's incompetence was threatening the safety of the ship. He lost his temper with the man and punched him, breaking his jaw.

As a result of this incident he was demoted to Lieutenant [Junior Grade] and transferred to Star Base 77. There he served commendably as an ordinary Security Officer for 18 months, foiling a plot to blow up the station by Tqarian Separatists during this time.

In an effort to get his career back on track, Jack applied for and gained the COS position on the Philadelphia with his sympathetic former CO on the USS Hecate providing a glowing reference to support his application. Now having transferred and regained a DH spot, he is determined to make the most of this second chance.

USS Philadelphia

Jack transferred to the Philadelphia mid way through a first contact mission with an insectoid species called the Gondwanans, who had been transported to the present reality from an alternate universe. Part of their population was afflicted by a disease and had become virtual pariahs, while something akin to a civil war erupted between the afflicted 'Neos' and the Gondwanan government. A science and medical team from Philadelphia and Nova crews was sent to the displaced alien planet to help the Gondwanans find a cure for the disease. Jack led the Security detail along with Lieutenant Xan Macleod. As events progressed, Star Fleet got caught up in the civil conflict and the team was forced to extract before making any progress in finding a cure for the Neos. The mission was, however, successful from Jack's standpoint as no crew members were injured or threatened during the mission.

On his second mission the Philadelphia was part of a flotilla sent to repatriate Carraya IV from an apparent invasion by renegade Klingons. While Jack prepared his team for a ground assault to take back a mining station in the system, Philadelphia found herself in a battle with a Klingon destroyer. The Klingons sent two attack shuttles that attached themselves to the hull of the ship. Boarding parties cut through into Engineering and the Bridge. The attacking Klingons were found to be augmented cyborgs, with highly advanced weaponry and regenerative armour. Jack's team on the Bridge and Macleod's in Engineering were able to repel the attack and defeat the intruders using strobe lighting that interfered with the cyborgs' weapon-targeting systems. The strobe-light technique Jack had picked up many years before from an Engineering Officer called Frakes when Jack was just a raw middy. Driven back, the Klingons retreated to their ship, but not without leaving behind casualties and devastation in their wake.

The Fleet at Carraya eventually triumphed over their Klingon attackers, though with much damage to a number of ships including Philadelphia. On shore leave after the mission Jack was disappointed to lose his right hand in Security, Xan Macleod, just as he had formed a good working relationship and friendship with the young officer. Macleod was offered a Chief of Security position in the Second Fleet, leaving Regan as the only commissioned officer in his small Security team.

USS Chintoka

During the Krynar war, Regan served as Chief of Security on the Heavy Cruiser Chin'toka. His last action on the Philly had in fact been in pursuit of the 'Toka when she had been stolen from space dock prior to her maiden voyage. Jack was happy to be assigned to the Fleet's newest ship with his old Captain Yvette, and serve with trusted crew and friends like Brodie Codey and Laura Macleod.

On its first mission, the Chin'toka was monitoring a pulsar when they received a message from the USS Halifax that they were under attack from a cube-shaped ship that looked Borg in nature. The Chin'toka rescued the Halifax and discovered they had been attacked by an unknown alien vessel from the Stoorc system. The Chin'toka warped to the Stoorc system. Taking advantage of the sensor cover provided by a nebula, they monitored these new aliens. A covert away team was sent to board their ship, disguised as Staarc, to find out why they had attacked the Halifax. Jack was sent as part of this team with Codey and others. The aliens resembled native Americans, with extensive tattoos covering their body and did not wear clothes. Transformed in appearance, Jack and the team infiltrated the ship and accessed the computer, discovering that the aliens had attacked because they believed they themselves were under attack. The Halifax had scanned their ship and it turned out that Federation star ship sensors cause major damage to the Staarc ships. Once the team returned to the Chin'toka a Krynar ship and shard fleet appeared in the system and, no match for them, they were forced to flee and leave the Staarc ship to their fate. The next mission saw the Chin'toka sent to the Beloti sector on patrol investigating a Borg signal. When they entered the Mericor system they discovered a Borg probe manned by over 200 drones. The Borg scanned the Chin'toka and were able to take over the ship's computer system. They hailed the ship, claiming to have on board two Borg who were the First Officer Codey's parents. This turned out to be a trap to lure them in. Despite Jack's team's efforts to repel them, drones boarded the ship and assimilated many of the crew, including the FO. The assimilated officers and drones were effectively in charge of the ship. Jack wanted to self-destruct it instead of allowing it and the crew to be assimilated, but Yvette capitulated in an effort to negotiate. Regan stormed to the bridge and confronted the Captain angrily and she ordered him off the bridge. Indeed, the Borg would not negotiate the release of the crew and ship, until, that is, a Krynar ship appeared in the system. The Borg then were forced to negotiate because of this new threat, but they wanted to assimilate more of crew which they said was necessary to defeat the Krynar. Yvette agreed and ordered compliance. After the battle, the Borg helped with repairs and returned most of the assimilated crew, but kept 8 to replace their drones that had been killed. Captain Yvette's actions in ordering people to allow themselves to be assimilated, not to mention in letting the Borg keep 8 crew, caused extreme anger and unrest on the ship, and that was Yvette's last mission in charge as she was replaced by Captain Gagarin. The events shook up everyone, and the assimilated crew were severely traumatised on their return to the crew. This mission left Jack feeling bitter about events, and guilty that he had be spared assimilation while others suffered. He began to think about transferring or even leaving the military altogether. Nonetheless, he stayed with the ship for one last mission where they tested a new gravity-based weapon in a star system with a bunch of derelict ships. The weapon turned out to be overpowered, and a feedback wave caused a Romulan ship to decloak. It looked as if they had been spying on the weapons tests. Things got aggressive and their vessel fired on the Chin'toka but eventually fled the system.

After the Chin'toka

Jack put in a transfer request and stayed at Star Base Alpha for some months unassigned, travelling to Earth to visit his daughter. He was temporarily assigned as an acting CoS on the USS Copernicus but the ship was called away urgently before he could come aboard and it stayed away in deep space for many months. After kicking his heels on Star Base for a while, he applied to a position in the Counter-terrorism and Diplomatic Protection Service on Alpha which was expanding due to threats from various groups such as Terra Prime. Detail of some work during this time requires top level Security clearance to access.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Security (Weapons Specialist)
Academy Minor(s): Hostage Negotiation, Counter-terrorism, Crowd Control
Hobbies and Pastimes: Whisky, women, plays soccer, rugby and Parrises Squares occasionally
Short-Term Goals: To earn the respect of his new crew mates
Long-Term Goals: Retain his previous rank of Lieutenant Commander. Have a better relationship with his daughter as she grows up
Personality: A cynic and a no-nonsense plain-speaking character with a penchant for profanities, all of which can make for an abrasive personality. However, with close friends he is easy-going and generous, with a wicked sense of humour. He is willing to bend the rules to achieve results but does so for the best reasons.
Sense of Humor: Sarcastic
Phobias: None
Likes: Real whisky, women, soccer and rugby
Dislikes: Synthehol, his ex wife
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Excessive bureaucracy and red tape
Bad Habits or Vices: Alcohol, loose women
Achievements: Academy Graduation, making Lieutenant Commander and COS on the Hecate
Disappointments: His marriage. Demotion from Lieutenant Commander and losing the COS position on the Hecate.
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Shrewd and a good judge of character. Crack marksman
Weaknesses: Short-tempered and impulsive at times
Fears: Drowning
Prejudices: A long list... everyone and everything is suspicious until they prove otherwise
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Smart-casual
Distinguishing Features: Slightly bushy eyebrows and a somewhat angular face and nose
Pets: None
Friends: Lieutenant George Carter, his former crew mate and erstwhile drinking companion on the USS Hecate, Brodey Codie and Laura Macleod, former crew mates on both the Philadelphia and Chin'toka

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: His divorce – for the upset it caused to his daughter
Best Time: His divorce – he was delighted to be free of his ex-wife
Most Crucial Experience: Breaking the jaw of his First Officer on the USS Hecate and subsequent demotion to Lieutenant [Junior Grade]
Role Model: None

Career History

Stardate 21101.03 - Awarded Star Fleet Achievement Medal, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21106.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21111.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21112.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21202.01 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21204.08 (left 201307.10) - Assigned as Chief of Security, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21311.01 - Assigned as Acting Chief of Security Copernicus, position not taken up, USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Stardate 21402.01 - Assigned as Counter-terrorism and Diplomatic Protection Specialist, Star Base Alpha, Star Base Alpha
Stardate 21704.21 - Assigned as Security Officer, USS Reciprocity, ES-17413

Contact Information


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