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Brodie Codey
Career Occupation
First Officer
USS Chin’toka, CA-1375
Star Fleet Registration:
2009060587-001 PRTH
Biographical Attributes
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
83 kg (183 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Sun bleached blonde
Short-ish, off the ears and collar, and out of the eyes
Atheltic, defined
Caucasian, bronzed, healthy
Deep Australian with HRT or most commonly known as Australian Question Intonation
United Federation of Planets
Perth, Western Australia
Familial Relationships
Alexander Codey
Aaliyah Codey
Status of Parents:
Missing presumed dead
Tristan Codey, 22yrs – Male
Marital Status:

Personal History

Brodie was born before Tristan when their mother gave birth to twins. Although Tristan and Brodie look identical, they both have quirky differences – Tristan’s hair is dark brown / black, and has striking blue eyes. Raised in Perth, Western Australia, Brodie and Tristan quickly began to show they had different qualities, which finally resulted in Tristan being accepted to study at a Vulcan Academy.

Tragedy struck when Brodie and Tristan were 12 years old – they both received a communication from their Grandmother to return to the Kimberly Plateau to her Aboriginal Tribe due to sad news; Tristan refused to return home to find out that his and Brodie’s parents were missing presumed dead as a result of studying quantum singularities when their ship suffered a catastrophic systems failure – no wreckage was ever found.

Tristan was eventually forced to return home just before his 13th birthday - both he and Brodie took part in the Vision Quest in the bush as part of their Grandmother’s Aboriginal heritage. During the Vision Quest Brodie saw his mother and father. After getting into a heated argument with Tristan about the lack of emotion he had been conditioned into not showing, Brodie ran off into the bush where a Funnel Web Spider bit him; Brodie almost died as a result. Shortly after ensuring his brother was ok, Tristan returned to the Vulcan Academy.

During his teenage years Brodie excelled in gymnastics and won a scholarship to be professionally trained in Sydney, whilst being trained he developed a keen interest in engineering and ‘practical’ pursuits. Brodie often returned to Perth for holidays to an empty house as he secretly feared returning to his Grandmother due to the vision and the spider; Tristan refused to return home for holidays seeing them as a ‘distraction’.

Approaching his 18th birthday Brodie was selected to represent Australia for gymnastics and suffered a tremendous blow when during his final routine he slipped off the high bar and smashed into the floor knocking himself unconscious and dashing his hopes of a medal; Tristan did not return home for the event. When Brodie awoke he travelled to Vulcan and had a fight with Tristan causing him to be arrested after he punched another scholar for attempting to intervene – Brodie was deported back to Earth and fell into the ‘wrong crowd’.

Drink, fast vehicles (of varying descriptions), and women caused Brodie to go off the rails until he was arrested again for drunken speed racing a hovercraft across Shark Bay, which he subsequently crashed and was bitten by a shark before Police pulled him from the water, unconscious.

A new police officer by the name of Caleb Dale told Brodie to ‘get a life, mate’, and shortly afterwards they became ‘mates’ and Brodie enlisted in Star Fleet; it was at this point Tristan returned to Earth to congratulate his brother on making a ‘logical’ decision, and admitting he deserved the broken nose on Vulcan. Tristan has promised to return to Earth when Brodie graduates from the Academy and is currently seeking permission for Brodie to return to Vulcan.

Brodie’s Grandmother has said she wont come to Star Fleet Academy for fear of getting lost and becoming ‘brainwashed’ by technology!

Assignment: Space Station Sierra-18 [Stardate 20908.16 – 21005.22]

Brodie was quickly assigned as an engineering officer onboard Starfleet’s frontier space station, Sierra-18. Sierra-18 had just come through a Romulan siege whereby many Starfleet personnel had lost their lives, and there was much repair work to do to the station. Brodie’s first tasks were bringing the station back online with the engineering teams, and as a result he learnt much about the station and how to improvise, adapt, and overcome; this quality was demonstrated time and again in Sierra-18’s subsequent First Contact scenario with the Jinkarie.

Assignment: Space Station Sierra-18 “The Jinkarie Encounter” [Stardate UNKNOWN]

The Jinkarie First Contact was not typical of First Contact scenarios as experienced by Starfleet; the alien race was hugely advanced and had with them a psychological disease that could be transmitted telepathically. Brodie, who had limited time with his Chief Engineer, Jay Read, was left to head up the Engineering department as she was utilised in an away mission with the Station Commander.

After a series of assaults by station personnel that managed to destroy the Command Centre, Brodie was left to aid his colleagues in setting up a remote Command Post in Engineering, putting measures in place to stop renegade crew from destroying the last of the station; Brodie at last fell victim to the disease in the closing minutes of the episode only to be fully revived due to a strange alliance that had been struck with the Cardassians, and their gaining of the antidote. Brodie received the Gold Star for his efforts during the Jinkarie encounter that had him promoted to Ensign, and then to Lieutenant [Junior Grade]. Upon the Station Commander’s return, Brodie requested transfer to the USS Philadelphia FF-6053, and this was approved with immediate effect; Brodie departed the space station with a task en-route to assist in the revolutionary design of the vessel’s engine room.

Assignment: USS Philadelphia FF-6053 [Stardate 21005.22 – Present]

Lt [JG] Brodie Codey’s first task as Chief Engineer onboard the USS Philadelphia was to ensure that the ship functioned correctly with in-flight diagnostics, and engineering crew training. At the time of launching, the ship had no command crew as they were being transferred aboard from the USS Nova BB-106, so Brodie took the time to ensure that all his staff were ready for whatever was waiting for them on their first mission.

Assignment: USS Philadelphia FF-6053 “Is Anybody Out There?” [Stardate 21012.24]

At last the USS Philadelphia rendezvoused with the USS Nova BB-106, received her command crew of Captain Aloysia Yvette, and Commander William Hudson. The USS Philadelphia was assigned to accompany The USS Nova BB-106 and the USS Pegasus CL-2500, to investigate a star system that had appeared in our reality from an alternate universe. The flotilla engaged in First Contact with a race called the Gondwanans; a strange insect like species that had become highly advanced in power, and propulsion systems. The Jorpyin, the lead vessel, played host to an away team, of which Brodie was assigned, in order to learn more about the species and their servants – the Quinn.

Whilst onboard the Jorpyin, a sub-species called the ‘Neo-Gondwanans’ launched an attack on a orbiting space station that had disasterous results. Brodie watched helplessly as the station rotated in space sending a beam across the path of the USS Nova, rendering it powerless and in a decreasing orbit. The Philadelphia housed refuges from the USS Nova, including the Chief Engineer, Douglas Scott, who was to be a god-send in the immediate duture. The away team left the Jorpyin for the USS Philadelphia, where the flotilla became embroiled in an investigation as to what caused the genetic disease that was afflicting the ‘Neo-Gondwanans’; as part of the investigation the USS Philadelphia was permitted to land on Gondwana, the home planet.

The descent through the planets atmosphere was a bumpy ride and as a result the USS Philadelphia landed awkwardly causing damage to one of the landing struts. Brodie and Douglas Scott worked tirelessly to ensure that the strut was fixed, as well as ensuring enough power was afforded to the ground security teams that were out guarding the ship. As quickly as the Philadelphia was asked to land, it was instructed to leave the planet surface and only return by invitation of the Gondwanan government. Shortly after departure the system ‘reverted’ back to its reality, leaving a primitive system behind. Brodie was awarded the Starfleet Achievement Medal, and promotion to Lieutenant.

Assignment: USS Philadelphia FF-6053 “Here or There” [Stardate 21106.09]

After the repairs that were conducted on The USS Philadelphia from the encounter with the Gondwanans, the ship was then tasked with a Top Secret Mission to Starbase Charlie, near to the Bretreka Nebula on the edge of Federation / Klingon / Cardassian space. On the way Brodie was also tasked by the Corps of Engineers to begin a review of the Fearless Class Main Engineering decks; a task that would reveal its purpose in due course.

After arriving at Starbase Charlie, the crew of the USS Philadelphia were briefed and instructed to make ground to the Dalmatia System; a curious system with a vast number of orbiting bodies, synthetically constructed in nature causing a raft of strange spatial anomalies. Upon arrival at the Dalmatia System it was revealed that the USS Philadelphia was to investigate the planet Dvorak.

Dvorak had only been investigated by the Federation once before by the USS Titan, and on the planet surface an ancient Iconian Gateway had been discovered. Brodie was to be part of the away team to the planet surface in order to study the inert gateway, with a view to activating it. After some engineering genius the gateway activated and immediately an armoured carrier of Romulans graced the surface of Dvorak. Following an execution of one of the Security NCOs, the away team were captured – following interference disallowing the USS Philadelphia to intervene – and taken back through the gateway.

It transpired that Brodie’s Junior Engineering Officer (JEngO), Midshipman Taeroc, was critically injured during the kidnap and as such has since been retired from active duty. The Romulan’s introduced the new planet, on the other side of the gateway, as Montrose. Commander William Hudson was separated from the rest of the group, where Brodie learned that the Romulan’s were fighting for ownership of the planet with the DRR. Unknown to the group, a DRR separatist had infiltrated the Romulan guard and set the group free.

The kidnapped group were soon rejoined by Commander Hudson, and Brodie – with the others – made it onto a shuttlecraft waiting to take the group to an orbiting ship. It was then that certain aspects of the DRR started to raise suspicion with the away team. It transpired that the DRR personnel were not quite ‘Romulan’, they began acting in a staccatoed manner when Brodie was speaking with Captain Yvette, who was making arrangements for the away team’s safe return. Upon their safe receipt, Brodie completed his review of the Fearless Class and transmitted it off to Starfleet Command. Shortly afterwards, Captain Yvette informed the crew the punchy wasp-like USS Philadelphia was to be retired from service.

Assignment: USS Philadelphia FF-6053, “Command Training”]] [Stardate 21202.10]

Brodie was fortunate enough to be selected for command training after passing initial selection for his Lieutenant Commander’s board. The command training package had, as rumour would have it, a notorious reputation for eliminating most of the applicants – Brodie was nervous. His assessor was to be his own Commanding Officer, Captain Aloysia Yvette, which for Brodie was a blessing and a curse; the Captain would know what he was capable of, and adversely would know what he was capable of! The training took place in the USS Philadelphia’s holodeck, whilst the ship was in dock at Starbase Delta, and featured a scenario that bore resemblance to a situation Yvette had experienced in the past. Suffice it to say that precise details remain classified, but Brodie passed the training, and as will all other successful candidates unaware of his actual score.

Assignment: USS Philadelphia FF-6053 “Theft of the Chin’toka” [Stardate 21201.21]

Lt Brodie Codey had been busy ensuring that the USS Philadelphia was fit to be decommissioned, whilst the final finishing touches to the new Fearless Class Mark 2, USS Chin’toka, were being completed. It transpires that Brodie’s review of the engineering decks of the Fearless Class were to be directly incorporated into the Mark 2 to meet the new threat the Federation faced. At the dedication ceremony, in which Captain Yvette was awarded command of this fierce new vessel, a station-wide drill was initiated. This drill was to simulate an attack on Starbase Delta, similar to the one that had destroyed Starbase Charlie by the new ‘shard’ ships.

Brodie was reassigned to the USS Philadelphia with Commander William Hudson in command; having just completed his command training with Captain Yvette, Brodie was appointed as Acting First Officer. Having just completed the final inspection before handing the ship over, Brodie found himself powering the mighty Philadelphia up again ready to unleash her fury on the supposed attackers. During the drill, however, other sinister games were afoot and the newly commissioned USS Chin’toka was stolen with the entire command staff of the Fourth Fleet onboard. Soon the chase was on.

The USS Philadelphia, along with the USS Pegasus, USS Yeager, and USS James Madison, began a pursuit of the stolen vessel. Due to the seniority of Commander Hudson, he was given command over the pursuit and its tactical strategy. Brodie assisted by setting up a Strategic Command Centre in the Observation Lounge of the USS Philadelphia. After the USS Chin’toka had displayed its defensive prowess the ship turned 180 about, and began to head back to Starbase Delta. During the return pursuit, Commander Hudson suffered a major heart attack and was relieved of duty, leaving Brodie as the most senior ranking resident officer of the ship to take command. The Chin’toka separated upon nearing Starbase Delta, separating the pursuing fleet, with the USS Philadelphia to escort the saucer section back to the space station. Upon their return Brodie was awarded with the Gold Star, and promoted to the substantive rank of Lieutenant Commander.

Reassignment: USS Chin’toka CA-1375, Stardate: 21204.08

After spending some time on shore leave, mainly wandering the many corridors of Starbase Delta, Brodie received his new deployment orders, which were to be Chief Engineer of the newly commissioned Fearless Class, USS Chin’toka. Secretly, it was what all engineers dreamed of doing, being in charge of the very department and engine room that they designed – Brodie’s previous design review was revealed in tangible form around him. As part of their familiarisation the zesty Chief Tactical Officer, LCdr Christina Fiore, had organised a holodeck adventure that was to include pirates in a swashbuckling good time! It didn’t take long for the adventure to be spoiled by the fleet’s new instruction to send the C-T, as Brodie affectionately refers to the ship, on its authorised maiden voyage. In addition to this, LCdr Codey was to receive two new officers to his engineering team: Mid Savar Feyil – a transfer from Science, and Ens Mathew Phoenix – a transfer from the now decommissioned USS Pegasus.

Assignment: USS Chin’toka CA-1375 “Prime Defective” [Stardate 21211.10]

In order to break in the new crew, the C-T was sent on a study mission to monitor a nearby pulsar. During the mundane mission the C-T received a distress call from the stricken USS Halifax, after it had been, allegedly, attacked by a cube vessel. The cube vessel was detected to be from a new race – the Staraac – and not the Borg as first feared. The Chin’toka decided to investigate the Stoorc System enabling LCdr Brodie Codey, and others to deploy on a daring away mission to find out more about the species and why they may have attacked a Federation starship. After serious cosmetic surgery, performed by LCdr Laura Macleod, and intensive acclimatisation in the holodeck provided by Ens Matthew Phoenix, the team were ready to access the Staraac environment. Brodie and the team transported into a relatively uninhabited part of the station – the ablutions – to begin their reconnaissance of the new species. Almost immediately Brodie came into contact with ‘a female of the species’ called Mi. The artwork on their bodies, and the medical interference, successfully camouflaged them, and it appears that the first contact with this species was a great success – even if it included a little intimacy, as was custom with the race. Disaster was shortly to follow as the away team made their way through the station and it came into lockdown due to a solar storm. The away team had to continue with their mission and Brodie made his way into the computer centre to try and interrogate the files for reasons as to why the Halifax had been attacked. It transpired that active scanning damaged the Staraac systems – and this was experienced in the computer core as the shuttlecraft tried to extract the away team. Eventually the away team managed to get back to the shuttlecraft, and Brodie then learned of the impending Krynar attack. As the shuttlecraft sped back to the Chin’toka, to Brodie’s disbelief, the Krynar took the system; the Chin’toka managed to flee the scene with a lot of information and guilt concerning the new species. What would become of this passionate, yet defenceless race?

Assignment: USS Chin’toka CA-1375 “Enemy of my Enemy” [Stardate 21302.13]

The shock waves of the conquering of the Staraac race by the Krynar had barely sunk in across the Federation, let alone to the crew of the Chin’toka, before they were sent to patrol the Beloti sector. Brodie was made Acting First Officer in lieu of Cdr Latro, who was still unfit for duty, and before the Chin’toka had reached their destination they received a curious transmission that appeared to be Borg in nature. The ship altered its course towards the Mericor System; this system held special significance for Brodie as it was the last reported position of the SS Potts – the exploratory starship that his parents were on when they went ‘missing presumed dead’. The sector is littered with black holes and the signal was traced back to Mericor V. Brodie felt sincere apprehension at the mission, and couldn’t help but fear that his parents had not died exploring black holes, but had in fact been assimilated. These fears became a reality when the Chin’toka approached the planet and were contacted by the assimilated inhabitants. It appeared that the Chin’toka was not able to repel the insurgency by the Borg as they considered the Chin’toka to pose a threat to their existence in absentia from the destroyed main collective. As soon as drones transported aboard the Chin’toka to begin assimilation, Brodie and others were transported down to the planet surface. On the planet surface Brodie came face to face with his parents as he tried to barter for the crews freedom, and failed. Brodie was assimilated into the Mericor V Collective as 2:812. After diplomacy had failed by Captain Yvette, 2:812 was sent back to CA-1375 to begin complete assimilation. It was during the embryonic stages of the assimilation protocol that Species 3505 were detected. A deal was struck with Captain Yvette to utilise the CA-1375 as a weapon against Species 3505, the only “Catch-22” as Species 5618 would have put it was that several crew had to be assimilated to increase performance of the vessel. A fierce firefight ensued with Species 3505 until a narrow victory was attained. The Borg kept their end of the deal and returned the Chin’toka to a serviceable state, and its crew unassimilated – except for eight. Those eight were kept by the Borg in place of the eight drones killed in the incursion on the Chin’toka. Dr Macleod managed to remove the Borg implants and returned Brodie to his former self, but with the pain of the memories of seeing his parents, and of that of assimilation. The Chin’toka limped home to Starbase Delta but Brodie sat transfixed on the invisible dot of Mericor V as the ship made its progress from the system.

Assignment: USS Chin'toka CA-1375, "Not the bang, not the word, the true beginning" [Stardate 21302.14.10]

Vulcan Ship "T'Pau"

Brodie had walked in a monastic fashion following Topak into the ritual chamber aboard the Vulcan vessel. The temperature was hotter than the corridors of Delta, and drier; the scent of heavy perfumes filled the air and a heavy pregnant expectant atmosphere was upon him.

"Come! Brodie brother of Tristan, son of Aaliyah and Alexander Codey" the perilous command issued from the darkness of the chamber.

A tremble went through Brodie, it was the first time he had heard his parent's names spoken out loud since the Mericor incident. Suddenly Topak was nowhere to be seen, in fact no-one was anywhere to be seen except this bodiless voice calling him forward. He remembered that this was his doing, he had decided after deep meditation to go through with this. Suddenly a deep gong sounded and shook every fibre of his body to the very core. He paused in his progression into the darkness.

It sounded again, loud, but muffled slightly to take the edge off. Brodie stepped forward again.

The gong's sound was left to dissipate in what Brodie assessed to be quite a large chamber on the vessel. The floor was covered in sand, as he scrunched him toes through the coarse grains he wondered why it was here.

Must be to do with the ritual - every grain of sand and all that jazz...

A solo light was illuminated high above them, and focused on the enchanting figure of T'Preel who stood a few feet from him. A second light illuminated and shone down upon the hooded figure of Brodie.

"Dom - ki'sarlah!" said T'Preel, and Brodie's face looked confused.

"So, it has come!" came the voice of Tristan from the darkest depths, it would appear he was translating for Brodie's benefit.

"Dakh orfikkel aushfamaluhr shaukaush fi'aifa mazhiv. Sha'koshtri korseivel bai'elkhrul-akteibuhl t'Kolinahr"

"Our ancestors cast out their animal passions on these very sands. Saving our race through the attainment of Kolinahr," Tristan translated, "yes brother these are the sands of Vulcan" he added.

Oh, err nice...

"T'Preel wimish. Kup-stariben?"

"I am T'Preel. Can you speak?"

"I, oh, err yes I can High Priestess. I am Brodie, and I come to you for the ritual of fal-tor-pan with my brother, your mate?"

If the situation wasn't so heavily loaded some may have found the Australian's statement/question amusing as he tried to rapidly remember what Topak had said to him in his quarters. The high rising terminal in his voice could have caused anyone, other than a straight-minded Vulcan, to doubt as to his presence here but T'Preel remained unphased.

"Gishen worla ihk-banut. Ish-veh ni... komihn." *

"I won't translate that" Tristan whispered.

Another deep going sound penetrated the darkness and torches either side of T'Preel suddenly burst into flame illuminating two rising plinths, again either side of her but much closer. Brodie looked on at the rising plinths and knew these were what he and Tristan were to lie on as the ritual was performed. They were well within arms reach of T'Preel, who hadn't moved an inch since he had entered the room. The gong, he knew, was to serve as a primal prompt - to stir the memories and emotions that Vulcan's had purged themselves of; Brodie's emotions were certainly stirred and he was glad that the robe was pretty much all he was wearing, it was stifling in there.

When the plinths had risen, he felt a firm grip take his and move him forwards towards T'Preel who was terrifying as she looked on with an air of superiority over him.

"Vravshal srashiv t'Kolinahr..." she said to Brodie in a softer, but none-the-less perilous voice.

"You have not attained Kolinahr."

"I'tah tehrai k'etwel."

"You shall not find it here."

"Charming" Brodie said under his breath sarcastically.

T'Preel then took a step forwards and grasped Brodie's hood. Flinging it back with such force for such a small movement, Brodie's robe slightly parted at the neck exposing his chest and his tribal tattoos. She then placed both hands on either side of his head. A moment passed as Brodie's eyes were met with a searching gaze from the High Priestess. It felt awful, and he knew what the feeling was like - Borg tendrils probing their way into his mind. His breathing increased as he fought the sensation he experienced. Her fingers pressed harder against his skin. Brodie's eyes now were locked in a trance like state as tears leaked from his tear ducts, and down his cheeks - yet T'Preel's efforts continued unabated.

~Hear me Brodie, you are in no danger here. I am T'preel, High Priestess, and the facilitator for your journey. You do not have to speak! Think what you would like to say, and I shall understand you...~

I can hear you inside my head!

~This is as expected. Do not resist me. Take your place upon the altar, the ceremony will begin shortly. You have come this far, you are ready, and we are ready.~

I will do as you ask...

Brodie was released from T'Preel's touch but could still feel her inside his thoughts. He turned to the altar to his right, and her left, and sat down on the surface that was rapidly losing its cool temperature. He lay down, first placing his hands across his body, then down by his sides. He noticed that Tristan did exactly the same, except with more purpose and less nerves.

T'Preel placed one of each her hands on Brodie's and Tristan's foreheads. Brodie felt the connection instantly occur again except this time there was another presence behind hers. The other presence was familiar, he knew it.

"Dungi tu sahrafel?"

~Will you trust me?~

It transpired that Tristan was no longer performing the translation as T'Preel was dropping it directly into his consciouness.

Yes, I trust you T'Preel. I am ready.

"Vokau. Vokau Mericor. Nahp - hif-bi tu throks."

~Remember. Remember Mericor. Your thoughts... Give them to me~

Brodie swallowed as he fought the urge to yell out at the violation of his mind. A gong sounded again in the room and he knew that it must be at the same volume as it was previously, but for some reason he could hardly hear it in the distance.

Set a course for the Mericor system... he heard Captain Yvette say in his mind.

The SS Potts... he heard the Cardassian say in his mind.

Brodie was remembering but not in the right order as thoughts were irratic. He strained with all is might to remain completely still, whilst his face screwed up as he put every ounce of energy and effort to replay what he remembered. He felt that familar presence get closer in his mind - like a brush of a flower petal against his cheek, and he opened his eyes breathing slower and slower.

~Kashkau - Brodie - wuhkuh eh teretuhr~**

T'Preel inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, tilting her head backwards. The ritual had began. Meanwhile, the memory of the woman that had convinced Brodie to go through with this, to become normal once more, was unbeknownst to him being brutally assaulted several decks above him...

  • 'He's never what I expect. He is so... Human'
    • 'Our minds are joined Brodie, together and as one'

Assignment: USS Chin'toka CA-1375 "Duogravitics" [Stardate 21307.14]

Refitted, and re-crewed, with a new Captain and with Brodie as the officially appointed First Officer, the Chin’toka left Starbase Delta on a top secret mission to test a new weapon that had been devised to counter the Krynar invasion. The weapon itself was simple in its concept – it used gravity against the assailant, causing an anomaly to form and the ship’s integrity to disintegrate. The genius behind the weapon was Commander Edward Gregg, who had transferred across to the Chin’toka for the inaugural test. Brodie was initially sceptical about the test, but considered it a shakedown for the new Captain to get broken in, and for the new crew to adjust to the relics that had been left behind from the Borg encounter at Mericor. The initial tests proved to be slightly off-kilter as the weapon wreaked havoc with the Chin’toka’s gravity. With the Captain’s doggedness to continue, injuries were sustained just as a Romulan Firebird was discovered spying on the test. The Romulan ship gave an inconsistent story that led to heightened tensions and it ultimately opening fire on the starship. Due to the Chin’toka being partially crippled, Brodie took the tactical console and began its assault back on the Romulan vessel. After being hit with a cloaked mine the Chin’toka failed to continue its pursuit and the Romulan vessel escaped. When the Chin’toka had righted itself, tests continued with a new formula and was ultimately successful, if not frighteningly so. The weapon functioned at a fraction of the power with greater results, and left Brodie in awe of its ingenuity and fearful of its military application.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Advanced Warp Theory, Warp Speed Combat studies, life support systems
Academy Minor(s): Chroniton / Graviton Applications, Artificial Gravity, Starship Systems Maintenance
Hobbies and Pastimes: Gymnastics, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Speed racing, Sky Diving, Didgeridoo playing
Short-Term Goals: To visit his brother Tristan on Vulcan and watch him graduate as one of a few humans to attend the Academy
Long-Term Goals: To finally construct a working model of his ‘Kangaroo’ TeleWarp Drive and have a successful test
Personality: Relaxed, easily approachable, patriotic, will find any reason to hold a beach party
Sense of Humor: Dry, clean, amusing
Phobias: Sharks, Spiders
Likes: Sunrises over the Indian Ocean, barbecued vegetables, wipeouts
Dislikes: Boredom, clean ‘sterile’ places
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Tools not being returned, people who are too ‘stiff’
Achievements: Representing Australia in Gymnastics for the Commonwealth and Olympic Games
Disappointments: Not making the medal table when during a gymnastics routine slipped off the high bar and was knocked unconscious upon impact with the ground
Illnesses: Bitten by a Funnel Web Spider when very young, has a severe reaction to shellfish
Strengths: Focussed, extremely agile, good gut instinct
Weaknesses: Cannot resist telling a story, speed racing, taking things apart and seeing how they work
Fears: Confronting the Borg, being bitten again by anything that has more than four legs
Prejudices: Has a tendency to deliberately question Vulcan logic in attempt to provoke a reaction – not in a vindictive way though
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Boardies, flip-flops, vest, cargo pants, hoodie style tops
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo, left side of body, tribal / celtic in design: starting from mid-thigh twisting up over hip and left side of torso, with slight wrapping onto left pectoral, and left shoulder blade (not visible when in uniform)
Pets: An adopted Kookaburra family that nested in the Gum Tree at the back of the garden
Friends: Caleb Dale

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Being taken on a vision quest by his Grandmother out in the bush, and ‘meeting’ his mother and father the night before his and Tristan’s, 13th birthday – an Aboriginal rite of passage
Best Time: Caleb and Brodie riding the Indian Ocean surf the morning of joining Star Fleet – awesome waves.
Most Crucial Experience: Getting arrested for drunken hovercraft speed racing across Shark Bay (after being deported from Vulcan) – being told by the officer upon being released from custody:

‘Get a life mate, no point bitching about it not being fair, you’ve got brains, use ‘em to get outta here’
Role Model: Sir Ernst Shackleton - for exploring the ‘final frontier’ of his time

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20908.16 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Engineering Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 20908.16 – 21001.01 Midshipman Midshipman
Engineering Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21001.01 – 21005.22 Ensign Ensign
Engineering Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21001.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21004.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Engineering Officer Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 21005.22 – 21101.05 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21005.22 – 21204.08 Transferred/Promoted
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21101.03 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21101.03 – 21206.08 Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21102.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21105.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21202.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21202.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Engineer USS Philadelphia, FF-6053 21202.10 Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon
Chief Engineer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21204.08 – 21311.27 Transferred
Chief Engineer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21206.08 – 21311.27 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander
Chief Engineer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21211.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Engineer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21301.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Chief Engineer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21303.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21311.27 Promoted
First Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21311.27 Commander Commander
First Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21402.01 Diamond Star Diamond Star
First Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21408.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
First Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
Commanding Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21503.01 Promoted
Commanding Officer USS Chin'toka, CA-1375 21506.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Command School Graduate Ribbon Command School Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 4
Gold Star Gold Star 2
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 5

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