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Laura Anne Macleod
Career Occupation
Senior Medical Officer
Star Fleet Medical Command
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Xan Macleod
1/2 Human, 1/2 Betazoid
163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Bright Blue like her father.
Hair Color:
Raven Black, thick and slightly wavy.
Long, down to waist when loose but normally tied up in a French plait.
Athletic, curvy.
Facial Hair:
English, London accent, soft and pleasant.
London, England, Earth
Familial Relationships
Bolvershea, Shea for short
Status of Parents:
Married to each other, living on Betazed
Sister: Rachel 4 years her senior. Brother: Xan 5 years her junior
Marital Status:

Personal History

Laura's father is a writer and her mother a Federation Diplomat. They met on Earth, married and until their first child was born, travelled together wherever Shea's mission took them. When they decided to start a family, they settled on Earth but a year after their third child, Xan, was born the Federation specifically requested Shea for an assignment, and after that she decided to go back into active service. The Macleod's agreed that their children should remain on Earth with their father whilst their mother was on missions. This was hardest on Rachel, being the eldest and the closest to her mother, and she often convinced Shea to take her along, though both Laura and Xan, have also accompanied her at one time or another.

When Shea entered her phase, she again returned home, and she and Tom decided to move to Betazed. Xan went with them, but left soon after to join Star Fleet. Rachel and Laura had already left home and Laura still hasn't gotten around to visiting them.

Xan was one of those rare Betazoid children to be born with his abilities switched on. Automatically reaching out to the nearest ‘like’ mind, Xan managed to activate Laura’s own latent abilities. The young girl reacted to the sudden noise in her head by automatically throwing up rudimentary shields to protect them both. This surprised Shea, but Laura naturally took to the training she gave her, enhancing it with her own way of thinking and Xan automatically mimicked his sister, allowing him to lead a normal life and creating a deep bond between the two children.

Laura grew up in London, though she and Xan often took short trips with their father, when Tom needed inspiration for one of his stories and Shea and Rachel were off planet. They would do some sightseeing and have 'adventures' then Laura would play with Xan while Tom was writing. The three of them became really close during that time, and still are.

At the age of 12, whilst on one of their excursions to an ancient castle in Norfolk, Laura met the youngest son of the Duke, Charles Fitzalan-Howard while searching for Xan (who had become separated from her by wandering off while she was sketching). She later ‘adopted’ the young nobleman as her Cousin Charlie and he became fast friends with both Laura and Xan. A year later, Shea’s Great Aunt visited them on Earth. Thinking nothing of rifling through the ‘childrens’ minds, she mortified the teenaged Laura by laying bare her adolescent feelings for the young nobleman. Equally embarrassed and outraged by the treatment she received from her elder, the young girl put the shields she had developed into practice, channelling her emotions into them and no longer letting anyone in but Xan. She somehow made them strong enough to keep out full blooded adepts and her first reaction on seeing any telepath is still to protect herself.

Until the age of 14 Laura wanted to be an artist, and she still loves to sketch, but her life dramatically changed direction that year. Laura was accompanying her mother on what was supposed to be a short, low-key mission during one of her school holidays. Laura wanted to spend some time with Shea of course, but mainly she was looking forward to drawing some alien landscapes for her art classes. The mission was to a colony planet, consisting of several different species which were having 'cultural differences' and Shea was to arbitrate.

Laura was left to herself while the council was in session and accidentally fell out of a tree while trying to find the right angle to draw a particular scene. It wasn't serious, a fractured arm, but while she was in the infirmary the compound was attacked by a renegade faction. It was only a small medical facility and the ship they had travelled on had left on a mission, not being expected back for several days, as it was not supposed to be a dangerous situation. The settlements doctor, Dr Magda Jerome, believes in people being useful and as she was suddenly inundated, Laura got drafted.

That was the first time Laura saw anyone die, it was also the first time she helped to save lives, to give comfort and relief and to truly make a difference. She didn't know what she was doing of course, but she didn't panic, was totally focused and followed Dr Jerome’s instructions to the letter. Laura and the doctor impressed one another that day and Laura spent every day there with her after that, helping. The attack was brief but devastating, although it turned out to be the leverage Shea needed to forge a lasting peace.

As soon as they were on their way home Laura began planning her future career. Fortunately, she was still taking biology and chemistry, both of which she was good at, just not particularly interested in until this point. Dr Jerome had made some suggestions, including Star Fleet. She has remained an inspiration and mentor to Laura, and they are still good friends.

On graduating from Star Fleet Academy, Laura was assigned to the USS Gettysburg. It was after being involved in a major battle and its aftermath on her first tour of duty, despite the emotional pain it caused her, that she came to the conclusion that she had made the right decision and that her future lay in Star Fleet.

Laura was later joined on the Gettysburg by her life-long friend Charles, only to discover that he also had telepathic abilities (source unknown,) and that he had accidentally mimicked the bond she shared with Xan, giving him a permanent link to her. Although she forgave him his secrecy, the knowledge that he had kept a part of himself so hidden all those years, caused her to put more of a distance between them that she liked, choosing not to allow him in the way she had with her brother. The bond was later terminated when Charlie was seriously wounded and neither have sought to re-establish it.

Getting lost in another universe was one of the most trying times for Laura, so much happened at once that she hardly had time to think, and as usual, she pushed her feelings aside to deal with later. Between a battle with a Romulan vessel and the passage into a new dimension, the death toll was high. Just before the mission Laura had begun to get romantically involved with John Breckenridge, who for a short time was the Gettysburg’s chief tactical officer, unfortunately he was killed shortly after their arrival in the other universe. Laura’s telepathic bond with her brother did not function while they were separated, but Xan never believed his sister was dead, sure that if she were he would have felt it.

Far from being all bad, Laura was able to meet and learn about a new set of species, something that definitely excites her professional curiosity, and it was also during this time that she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief Medical Officer. Not knowing how long it would be until they could get home and gain replacement crew, the Gettysburg started a cross department training programme, and it was during that time that Laura undertook the command training she needed for her new role, under the watchful eye of Commander Yvette.

On their return to their own universe, the crew were re-assigned, mostly to the USS Nova. Unfortunately Laura’s friend Charlie was not posted with the rest of the crew due to his injuries, but his girlfriend, the Nova’s Chief Science Officer and their son CJ, were. Before the Nova left for its first mission, Laura had the chance to be bridesmaid for one of her best friends, Commander Aloysia Yvette and her partner Commander Nick Ristone. She later delivered their baby daughter and though Yvette’s promotion later took her off the ship, is still involved with their welfare.

The Nova’s first mission turned out to be its last for Laura and many of its crew, as the ship was badly damaged and had to be evacuated to the Pegasus, under the command of a newly promoted captain Ristone.

The mission involved first contact with an insectoid race from the alternate universe, the Gondwanan’s, and Laura ended up leading a research team to help with what they were told was a serious disease but turned out to be an artificially developed alteration to their natural evolutionary process.

Macleod was upset at the way the Gondwanan's treated the 'infected' and she sincerely wanted to find a way to help them, unfortunately the planet shifted back to its own dimension before anything could be done.

Once they set off for home, Nick Ristone asked the senior staff to remain on the Pegasus under his command, rather than return to the Nova. Laura had several reasons for accepting, beginning with her friendship with his family and culminating with the basic acknowledgment that being CMO on a ship the size of the Nova meant she was more of a hospital administrator than a doctor, something she had never wanted.

Laura had another surprise during the Gondwanan mission, when her brother was assigned to the 4th Fleet to serve on the Philadelphia under Captain Yvette. At first the doctor was reluctant to have Xan there, worried that their telepathic link would prove to be a dangerous distraction for them, or else have to be blocked, neither of which she would have liked. As it happened, though they did need to make a mental adjustment, they soon became accustomed to each other’s proximity during missions.

After just two mission's, Xan was reassigned once more, this time to the 2nd Fleet to take up a position as Chief of Security. Laura was able to spend one shore leave with him during his time in the 4th fleet, along with some of his friends, including her Head Nurse, whom he had been seeing romantically.

Laura’s next tour of duty started out normally, but just as they arrived at their destination a medical emergency on the Philadelphia prompted Captain Yvette to ask for her assistance. Along with Doctor Chen and Nurse Orlova, she took a shuttle over to their companion vessel to see what they could do to help. After putting Sickbay in quarantine it soon became apparent that some of the crew had skipped their Vegan Choriomeningitis jabs and a strain of it had mutated with the aid of the Levodian Flu. Fortunately they were able to synthesise a cure quickly, and within a few hours all of their patients were on the road to recovery.

While Laura was monitoring the recovery of her patients, she was called to a department head meeting where she learned that an away team had been sent down to the planet they were investigating – including three of their senior officers – and had come under attack by a group of Romulans, and some possibly sentient, telepathic plant life. They had disappeared though a gateway and as the next ranking officer, Laura was to lead the rescue attempt. Fortunately their efforts were unnecessary and it ended peacefully when a ship bearing Romulan androids returned their crew to them, having rescued them from the attackers. The doctor hadn’t had much practical experience in such situations and she determined to seek some tactical training once they returned to the starbase because although she had no desire to take her career in that direction, she felt she needed to be ready for anything.

By the time the crisis was over, the Pegasus was gone and the medical team had to return with the Philadelphia to Starbase Delta, but when Laura arrived it was to find out that Starfleet had re-assigned her to the USS Chin’toka.

After a few missions on the Chin'toka, Laura took a research role at Star Fleet Command, although she still took the occasional shift on Starbase Alpha so that she didn't forget why she got into medicine in the first place.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Xeno-biology, general medicine, surgery
Academy Minor(s): Pathology, Art
Hobbies and Pastimes: Art, Music, Martial Arts, Sword play
Short-Term Goals: To learn as much as she can and become the best in her field
Long-Term Goals: To help people and visit new places. Exploration and adventure
Personality: Friendly, open, intelligent. Empath (naturally). Quiet but adventurous. Very laid back and not ambitious, tends to live for the present. Very active imagination. Worries about her patients
Sense of Humor: Slightly warped and often sarcastic
Phobias: None known
Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Spitefulness, injustice and invasion of privacy
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People acting like idiots unless they have a diagnosable medical condition that cannot be rectified
Bad Habits or Vices: Singing to herself and chocolate
Achievements: She sees becoming a doctor and saving lives as her greatest achievement
Disappointments: Her relationship with her mother, they’ve never been close
Illnesses: None
Strengths: Excellent Memory and strong empathic ability
Weaknesses: An inability to pay attention when she is bored
Prejudices: Against acts of cruelty, and the people who commit them
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Comfortable.
Distinguishing Features: None.
Pets: A black cat called Shadow
Friends: Her brother Xan, whose telepathic bond with her makes them almost like twins

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing friends during battle on her first tour of duty, and later the death of a man she had become romantically involved with
Best Time: Going on adventures with her father and brother as a child
Most Crucial Experience: Caught in the middle of dispute at the age of 14 (see personal profile)
Role Model: Dr Magda Jerome. (see personal profile)

Career History

Stardate 20709.13 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy.,
Stardate 20709.13 - Promoted to Midshipman, Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863,
Stardate 20711.01 - Awarded SFAM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20712.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20712.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20804.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20804.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, USS Gettysburg BC-1863
Stardate 20805.01 - Awarded RPG'er of the Month, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20807.01 - Awarded Purple Heart, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20808.01 - Awarded SFCM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20901.15 - Awarded SFCM, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20906.27 - Promoted to Chief Medical Officer, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20907.02 - Awarded SFCM and Purple Heart, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 20907.04 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21002.03 - Awarded Gold Star, USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Stardate 21101.03 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Stardate 21101.06 - Reassigned, Chief Medical Officer, USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Stardate 21105.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Stardate 21202.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Philadelphia, FF-6053
Stardate 21204.08 - Assigned as Chief Medical Officer, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21209.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Chin'toka, CA-1375
Stardate 21307.11 - Assigned as Medical Officer, Star Fleet Medical Command

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