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Velera III
Average Male Height:
0 cm (0 ft. 0 in.) to 0 cm (0 ft. 0 in.)
Average Male Weight:
0 kg (0 lb.) to 0 kg (0 lb.)
Average Female Height:
0 cm (0 ft. 0 in.) to 0 cm (0 ft. 0 in.)
Average Female Weight:
0 kg (0 lb.) to 0 kg (0 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

Scan of a microbrain
Single entity formed by a group of microbrains

The microbrains are a species of sentient inorganic lifeforms found on the planet Velara III, which is located in the Alpha Quadrant. They are sometimes referred to as Velarans but within the Federation they are more commonly known by the name given to them by Star Fleet officers upon making first contact with them, the microbrains.


The microbrains are non-humanoid and inorganic but they are sentient nevertheless. Usually microscopic, they are crystalline lifeforms and are known to contain no organic molecules, instead being composed of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, cadmium, selenide sulfide, water, impurities, and sodium salt crystals in various quantities. They take the form of a complex network of crystalline structures with energy patterns flowing throughout them, and give off a glow of light which is visible to the naked eye of a humanoid, as well as generating a quiet humming noise on occasion. They are natural superconductors and are photoelectric, enabling them to acquire energy by absorbing light from their environment.

Microbrains are classified as being sentient and alive because they are both intelligent and capable of reproduction. They reproduce by replicating themselves, in a process similar to cell division. During this process, a microbrain expends a great deal of energy and requires more light as its glow begins to flash far more brightly and the hum it generates becomes louder. Following replication, both microbrains enter a brief resting state in which their energy levels are rebuilt. Groups of microbrains are also able to connect together to form a single entity. As more microbrains join the entity, it grows far stronger and more intelligent than any individual microbrain. As a single entity, microbrains can become large enough to be seen by the naked eye, and have the appearance of balls of glowing, jagged crystals.

While aboard the USS Enterprise, the microbrains displayed the ability to interface directly with the ship's computer by using their flashes of light to transmit programming instructions to it, allowing them to execute commands faster than a humanoid could. It was apparently necessary for them to connect together to form a more powerful entity before they could do this effectively. In this manner, they drew power from the lighting systems and used the ship's universal translator to communicate with the crew. They were also able to control or interfere with other functions, including the redirection of power from systems which they felt were a threat to them, exhibiting enough intelligence in this form to understand and manipulate alien computers. They showed similar abilities at the Federation laboratory on their home planet.

They appear to have a reliance upon the saline water in which they usually reside, though the nature of this dependence is unclear. It has been hypothesised that the microbrains may require the saline water to communicate with each other and form communities, raising their overall level of intelligence through a collective consciousness in the process. However, it may simply be that the microbrains need water to survive in the same way other forms of life do.


The microbrains were native inhabitants of Velara III, a Class M planet devoid of any other forms of life. This planet was scouted by the United Federation of Planets, who felt it could be terraformed and colonised. To that end, a team of Human Federation terraformers were sent to Velara III, where they set up a small lab and began the terraforming process.

At first, the microbrains paid them no attention until it became clear that the terraformers represented a threat to them. When the Humans began siphoning off layers of saline water from the planet's surface, the microbrains tried to send them messages requesting that they stop by flashing lights in patterns they believed would be understood by the aliens. The Humans noticed the patterns but came to the conclusion that they were simply random natural phenomena and not evidence of life. However, the microbrains couldn't comprehend this, instead believing that their message had been willfully ignored. Feeling they had no other alternative, they declared war on the Humans.

They began their war by reprogramming a laser drill at the Human's laboratory, using it to kill one of the scientists. However, one of the microbrains was discovered by an away team from the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, who were visiting the colony to find out why it had fallen behind schedule. The microbrain was transported to the Enterprise, where it was studied by the crew, who were unaware it was sentient. In an attempt to continue its war and grow stronger, the microbrain began feeding on the ship's lighting systems and used the energy to reproduce. By joining with its offspring to create a single entity, it quickly grew strong enough to begin communicating with the humanoids through the ship's universal translator, once more declaring war against them.

Feeling it had no choice but to continue waging the war, the entity began taking control of the Enterprise's systems, threatening the safety of the ship and crew. Before they were able to cause any serious harm, the crew realised the microbrains were photoelectric and neutralised the entity by depriving it of its light source. Once they had done that, they explained to the microbrains that they hadn't intended to harm them and that they simply hadn't understood their message. Convinced of the crew's sincerity, the microbrains declared the war was over but demanded that the Humans vacate the planet for a period of three centuries, at which point they would allow communication with the Federation once more.

Subsequently, the microbrains were returned to Velara III, while the terraforming team was removed. Star Fleet then placed the planet under quarantine to ensure the microbrains would not be disturbed until they were ready.