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Federation News Network for Stardate 20909.01.

Star Fleet News

Breaking News

War With Romulan Star Empire Ends!

Stardate 20909.01

Star Fleet Command has confirmed that Romulan Star Empire Ambassador Aerriion and Federation Councilmember Sanol signed a cessation of hostilities agreement with a formal treaty to be signed in thirty days.

Rear Admiral Deborah Owen, Sector 228 and Star Base 157 commander of Star Fleet operations made the stunning announcement. In addition, the Federation will formally recognize the Democratic Romulan Republic. The agreement will restore previous borders and neutral zone coordinates.

Also in an interesting twist, it was announced that the military alliance with the Klingon Empire will expire on midnight of Star Date 20908.31. At that time Klingon vessels are to leave all Federation territories, and vice-versa.

This is breaking news, more information with be forthcoming when it is made available. But for now it appears that this latest costly and deadly war is over. Peace has once again returned to the quadrant.



Stardate 20908.07

Good evening.

I am Rear Admiral Deborah Owen, Sector 228 and Star Base 157 commander of Star Fleet operations.

At 2015 hours today, a final agreement was signed between Romulan Star Empire Ambassador Aerriion and Federation Councilmember Sanol formally ending hostilities between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets. This is an initial cessation of hostilities agreement, which will be followed by a formal treaty within thirty days.

This agreement will result in the restoration of previous borders and neutral zone coordinates effective Star Date 20908.15; and will also result in the formal establishment of political boundaries between the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Democratic Romulan Republic; which will be recognized fully by the Federation.

The current military alliance with the Klingon Empire will expire on midnight of Star Date 20908.31, by which time all Klingon vessels shall have left Federation territory.

This is a historic occasion, and all parties made serious concessions and compromises to reach an agreement which will result in the saving of lives and the possibility of a future with more open relations between the Federation and Romulans. This is the cornerstone of the foundation of what may be a very positive future for the quadrant.

All inquiries as to specific Star Fleet operations during this period should be directed to regional command centers in accordance with normal operating procedure.

Thank you.

War Ends!

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

SAN FRANCISCO, Earth - The war between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire has ended, according to a press release from Star Fleet Command. The press release given by Star Fleet Rear Admiral Deborah Owen relates that an official cease-fire was negotiated between Federation and Romulan ambassadors on Stardate 20908.07.

The agreement effectively ended all hostilities between the Federation and the Romulans, reset the original borders, and officially recognized the Democratic Romulan Republic. An official treaty is expected to be signed within the next month.

However, there are already reports of Romulan forces having been driven from Federation space, including a decisive battle at Space Station Sierra-18, one of the first Federation facilities captured in the war.

Already throughout the Federation, news of the war’s end has spread like wildfire, sparking numerous celebrations and parties.

“I just can’t believe it’s finally over,” observed one celebrant on the streets of San Francisco, Headquarters of Star Fleet. “It felt like it would last forever.”

Still, not everyone is elated by the news.

“They invade our space and murder our citizens and we negotiate a treaty with them?” asked one Star Fleet cadet, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “We should be pushing them so deep into their own territory that they’ll think twice before they ever attack us again.”

Although this cadet’s sentiment is undoubtedly shared by many in Star Fleet, who have been at the forefront of this war, the overwhelming feeling is of relief. The war seemed to take a toll on everyone. And to many, it did not seem to be going well for the Federation at first.

Ultimately, however, the Romulan forces were no match for the combined power of the Federation, Mirak, and Klingons.

Massive Geological Disturbances Destroy Federation World

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

The Federation News Network has just learned that the surface of the planet Tekna, a Federation mining colony, has been completely destroyed by geological disturbances. Over four million people were killed in the massive, planet-wide earthquakes.

The colony had been experiencing unusual minor earthquakes for a while and the Federation dispatched the science vessel Copernicus to investigate. While there, the Copernicus came under attack by Cardassian forces that had crossed the border. The USS Dauntless, which had been in the area, assisted the Copernicus in repelling the Cardassians and began to help with rescue efforts.

Before a complete evacuation could be conducted, the planet became unstable and suffered a series of devastating geological disturbances that completely destroyed the surface of the planet and all life on it. The Federation has not released the names of the survivors, nor have they commented on why Cardassian warships crossed the border and attacked a Federation starship.

Tekna is a mineral-rich planet that was annexed at the end of the Federation/Dominion War nearly 40 years wgo.

New Commanding Officer Named

Fleet News Editor
Stardate 20909.01

The USS Titan, which is the second vessel to bear the name, is reported to be under new leadership. The original USS Titan was a Luna Class vessel under the command of the legendary William Riker.

More recently the Zeus Classed Light Cruiser was launched on Stardate 20206.01 under the command of Commodore Tam Otlan. After Otlan moved on, Admiral Joe Daher current Group Commander of the Second Battle Group took command of the vessel.

Most recently the USS Titan was under the command of Captain Malcom Reynolds who served as the Commanding Officer for two years. It was recently rumored that Captain Reynolds was ready to retire to a more quiet life and now that the conflict with the Romulan Empire is over it seems he is moving on to quieter pastures.

A high ranking officer in the second battle group had told the FNN that Commander Alexis Tregelen will be named the Commanding Officer of the Light Cruiser. The officer in the second battle group is not being named due to them being unauthorized to comment on the situation.

Commander Alexis Tregelen, a thirty-two year old Betazoid, has served as the First Officer on the USS Yeager as well as the Space Station Sierra 18.Tregelen was believed to be in-line to take command of the Space Station given its recent rough course of events. No word had yet been leaked about a replacement Commanding or First Officer for the recently re-taken Space Station.

With hostilities finally at an end with the Romulans the FNN can only hope that the Titan’s motto not be needed, though it rest easy knowing that the capable vessel continues to patrol and protect the Federation.

“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his counties cause.”

Sierra-18 to Get New CO

Managing Editor
Stardate 209009.01

STARBASE BRAVO – A spokesman for Star Fleet’s 2nd Battle Group announced two new command changes today.

Captain Jericho Roberts has been assigned to take command of Space Station Sierra-18, the Federation facility located at the Federation/Klingon/Cardassian border. Sierra-18 was the site of a pivotal battle in the recently-ended war between the Federation and Romulans.

Captain Roberts, who formerly commanded the USS New Orleans and taught at the Star Fleet Tactical School, had retired two years ago. However, he recently came out retirement due to a shortage of command officers because of the war.

He will replace Captain Joseph Valiant who was thought to have been killed, but was recently discovered alive on Cardassia Prime where he is now a Cardassian citizen.

Still No Answers in Mystery Supernova

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

Federation scientists are still no closer to determining what caused the star 3891 Shravishtha to go supernova a few weeks ago. The red dwarf star unexpectedly went supernova on Stardate 20907.05, creating a level 16 shockwave that obliterated Seker, an M-Class planet, and the Federation supply ship Sooner.

Seker, a Federation colony, had a population of approximately 131,000 people. Additionally, there were about 400,000 workers and tourists in the system when the star went supernova. The current death toll stands at 527,209 and is expected to continue to rise.

As of yet, the investigation teams have been unable to determine if the explosion was caused by natural or artificial means. Fears that the Romulans were behind the incident have spread through the Federation, although the Romulan government vehemently denies such claims.

With the Federation/Romulan war coming to an end, Star Fleet has promised to send additional resources to investigate the incident. In the meantime, several key star systems remain on high-alert.

Federation Delegation Attacked on Ecurai

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

ECURAI, DRR - Even as one of the Federation's bloodiest conflicts in the past decade comes to an end, new details are emerging about just what happened during the war with the Romulan Star Empire.

Star Fleet Command has confirmed reports that a Federation starship, the USS Pulsar, had been dispatched to carry a Federation ambassador to Ecurai, the homeworld of the Democratic Romulan Republic. The ambassador was to meet with DRR leaders and negotiate a final treaty between the fledgling power and the United Federation of Planets.

However, an away team from the Pulsar was attacked and captured by Romulan forces when it tried to land on the planet. Details are still emerging, but reports indicate that the away team was held captive for several days and possibly even tortured. The FNN will continue to follow this story as new information becomes available.


Rear Admiral William "Bill" Gillenwater
Stardate 20909.01

Hello all, it’s Cestly and this month were having a conversation with Rear Admiral Bill Gillenwater. Thank you Admiral for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with yours truly.

CW: Recently, I had a chance to interview your lovely bride, Commander Taylor. How did you meet?

BG: Ours was far from a typical courtship. I fell in love with Abby virtually the moment I first saw her… just something as far a chemistry, emotional, and intellectual compatibility just ‘clicked’ for me. I had neither the nerve nor time to tell her while I was working at the Superintendent of SFA. When I had made the decision to leave however, I realized I might never see her again… I had to tell her of my feelings, even if she rejected them I had to know if there was any chance she might feel the same way. It was the greatest moment of my life when she revealed that she did. The rest they say is history. I rushed her from dating to marriage in literally a few days, each step of the way she was as happy I hope as I was.

CW: Well, Admiral, the smile and twinkle in your eye tells me that you are truly happy. I just love a good romance story.

Now, tell me Admiral, just who is Bill Gillenwater?

BG: I am the son of naturalist parents who love the environment and educating people as to the importance of respect for the natural word be it Earth or extra terrestrial places. I joined Star Fleet to train as a scientist and visit new worlds and study their natural history and document my findings for study and comparison in the search for common/linking threads among all life sustaining planets in our universe. I also discovered a love for teaching and instilling my professional passions in others, hence my time at Star Fleet Academy.

CW: I can see what Commander Taylor saw in you, you’re not only handsome, but smart and interesting. She certainly is a lucky woman.

You recently left your position at Star Fleet Academy as Superintendent to take command of the USS Yellowstone. So tell me Admiral, was it a hard decision to leave the Academy? And why did you decide ultimately to leave and take the Yellowstone Command.

BG: The decision was among the hardest of my life. The CINC and I talked for hours one evening, and he finally convinced me that he needed me more in the field, running the Gamma-7 facility and commanding the Yellowstone on missions I’m not at liberty to fully discuses, but that do have the potential of helping shore up the security of the Federation in a different way from other more traditional operations. It was the opportunity to return to my first professional love: science as well as try a deep space command billet. A way to bring my career full circle and I think begin to look to my retirement on the horizon. Now that I am blessed with the most wonderful woman in the universe to spend the remainder of my life with.

CW: Ah security through science and exploration, now that certainly has a nice sound to it. I can see why you were chosen to command this very important assignment. I feel safer already.

So what kind of history does the Yellowstone have and what kind of missions can you and your crew expect?

BG: The USS Yellowstone was the namesake of a class of deep space exploration vessels specifically designed to deliver Star Fleet’s most cutting edge scientific instruments to orbital and surface surveys of previously unknown worlds. There were diplomatic First Contact specialists if needed but mostly her first missions leaned toward survey of worlds lacking sentient life forms. I began my career on Yellowstone as a science Midshipman. By the time her first five-year mission was over, I had risen to CSO. Unfortunate events in my personal life let me to a sabbatical from Star Fleet followed by a fortuitous return to a position as Dean of Admissions for SFA… and again the rest is history. I am not at liberty to discuss details of our missions as I mentioned. Yellowstone will have a brace of destroyers as permanent escorts while she’s underway, you can draw your own conclusions from that.”

CW: How exciting. And a vessel with such a rich history. It seems like destiny had a hand in this as well. Imagine after all these years, to return to the ship where you started your career. Sounds like a legend in the making.

Well gang, that’s it for this month’s installment of Conversations with Cestly. I want to especially thank Admiral Gillenwater again for taking time to talk about his fascinating life with us. Until next time, Until next time, Au Revoir.

The Tribble

Tribble Columnist
Stardate 20909.01

A man who attempted to walk completely around Andoria, was found dead this morning 20 miles outside of the Andorian Capitol. Apparently he forgot to take the left turn at check-point Albuquerque.

27 people were severely injured and 10 people were killed when two funeral processions collided with each other. Law Enforcement officers did not include on the casualty list the two people who were already dead.

An Engineering Midshipman (who has been requested by the family to be anonymous), has been given a very rare command-level reprimanded for saying something that the Captian of the ship (who has also requested to be anonymous), was so cliche that a reprimand of that level was the most minimum of punishments that the Captain could think of. When asked what exactly happened, the Captain gave a very solid answer. "There was a shake on the ship that apparently came from a slightly unstable warp field in a difficult region of space. When I asked 'What on earth was that?', the Midshipman spoke, 'A disturbance in the force.'"

Due to Borg inactivity, many of the ships assigned as forward observers have suffered incredible cases of boredom. The Counselor has reported that some members of the crew grabbed space suits, a hook that could attach itself to the hull of the ship and a 40 kilometer cable that was tied off at the end for a crewmember to grab while the ship was in motion. However that plan backfired when the Captain suddenly ordered the ship to warp out of the sector, which caused the poor crewman to warp out of existence.


====Major Power Shift in the Alpha Quadrant====
Opinions / Editorial
Stardate 20909.01

The news that the war between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire is ending has undoubtedly brought a new glimmer of hope on the future of peace and security throughout the region. It also represents a major shift in the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

The good news is that the Federation stands to gain the most from this recent conflict. The bad news is that the Romulans stand to lose the most. This is the paradox that will confront Federation policy-makers for the next decade while the Romulan Empire struggles to recover after waging an unsuccessful war and losing significant support from many of its own people.

The independence of the Democratic Romulan Republic, and its recognition as a sovereign power by the Federation and several other Alpha Quadrant powers including the Ferengi and the Mirak, has significantly reduced the Romulan Empire’s sphere of influence. How the Romulans react to this situation could well shape the politics of the Alpha Quadrant for years to come.

Despite going through a period of economic recession and losing some border worlds to secession, the Federation will emerge from this conflict no worse for wear, and perhaps even better off. Despite taking losses early in the war, the Federation gained crucial allies in the Mirak Star League and Klingon Empire. A new trading partner in the Democratic Romulan Republic will further strengthen the Federation’s overall economy.

By engaging in this war, the Romulans have only succeeded in further isolating themselves from the inter-galactic community. They have made enemies of the Klingons, Mirak, and Gorn. Their only ally, the Cardassian Union, is still rebuilding from a destructive series of wars over the past 40 years.

The Romulan Empire may engage in aggressive behavior simply in order to maintain their influence in inter-galactic politics. So, while the cease-fire is certainly great news, Federation foreign policy-makers should be very cautious in dealing with the Romulan Empire.

Dr. Ed Price is a professor of political science at Harvard University and a member of the Center for Inter-Galactic Policy Research, a San Francisco, Earth-based think tank.

Response to "Why we can't trust the Democratic Romulan Republic"

Opinions / Editorial
Stardate 20909.01

Dear Admiral Jack Jones, Retired:

I am writing in response to your opinion published in the last edition of the FNN Opinions column regarding Federation policy toward the Democratic Romulan Republic (DRR).

Your published opinion declared that hostilities between the human-dominated United Federation of Planets (UFP) and Romulans exist because Romulans feel superior and wish to dominate the galaxy. I suggest, however, that inferior races, such as many humans have so abundantly demonstrated themselves to be, simply cannot comprehend philosophy in support of the benevolent rule flowing out of Romulus - it is for the greater good of all inhabitants of the galaxy.

Furthermore, those that you categorically describe as “free” races have demonstrated that, in themselves, they are nothing more than puny, shortsighted, and egotistical, worlds. As such, they are presently incapable of foreseeing the bigger picture; namely, that ultimate survival and peaceful coexistence depends, not on their selfish independence and vanity for freedom, but on self-sacrifice, industrious labour, and fulfilling their destiny in the service of a far greater good such as is Romulus.

Vividly demonstrating the truthfulness of that is the fact that, as your example so abundantly announces, the UFP is simply not capable of, neither willing to, embrace the DRR in a permanent bond of common purpose and unprejudiced bias.

Please do not misunderstand me, sir. Your expressed attitude toward the DRR is an attitude that does you credit! How unfortunate, however, that you have retired and must, as consequence, be somewhat limited as to the exercise of enforcing the conclusion of your valid opinion. Would that I could lend a helping hand—

While the false reasoning behind the formation of your opinion does award the superfluous intensity of your empire’s propaganda campaigns, I cannot help but agree, though with superior seat of motivation, with your intelligently devised conclusion. As you say: “The Federation should cease all aid to the DRR and let the Imperial [Romulan] forces crush them.”

Travel the Galaxy

The Grand Canyon

Stardate 20909.01

Majestic, awe inspiring, beautiful, wondrous and breathe taking; these are just some of the many adjectives that have been used to describe the Grand Canyon. Located on Earth, on the North American continent in Arizona this great landscape has been viewed by literally billions of visitors for centuries.

And after just one visit, you will understand why. The Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, is immense, averaging 4,000 feet deep for its entire 277 miles. It is 6,000 feet deep at its deepest point and 15 miles at its widest.

Aside from its geological and scientific importance, the canyon area has a rich cultural history as well. And then there’s the view. Words truly do not do it justice.

As for activities, if you like hiking, back packing, camping, or just plain sightseeing, then the Grand Canyon accommodates. There are four large visitors’ centers that you can visit. Learn about the history and geology of the area or you can take in a space ranger led program.

This is a great travel destination for everyone, young or old, single or attached. Honeymooners, sightseers, adventurers and the scientific minded will all find something waiting for them at the Grand Canyon.

So make it a travel destination for you. Do not forget to bring water and sunscreen. Enjoy!

FedSpace News

Fed Space Launches New Ship

Fleet News Editor
Stardate 20909.01

On Saturday August 8th President Jon Beckett announced in the ‘Hailing Frequencies’ section of the site that there would be an addition to the current fleet on Federation Space. The President went on to announce that the USS Titan, which had been retired as a Player Controlled ship in October of 2007, would be re-commissioned under the command of Commander Alexis Tregelen.

The USS Titan was first brought on to Federation Space in June of 2002 under the command of Commodore Tam Otlan to respond to the Romulan threat against the Federation. Commodore Otlan served as the commanding officer of the Zeus Classed Light Cruiser for nearly three full years giving up command on the final day of January 2005.

Command of the now well known and respected vessel fell to the extremely capable hands of then-Captain Joe Daher. Daher, who rose through the ranks while serving on the vessel, also remained the Commanding Officer of the USS Titan for nearly three years. Now Rear Admiral Daher commands the USS Ticonderoga, the flagship for the Second Battle Group.

Out-of-Game the USS Titan was put in mothballs after the Ticonderoga was introduced. In-Game she was placed under the command of an NPC Commanding Officer and crew (please see the related in-game article regarding the USS Titan).

The Titan remained ‘inactive’ from October 2007 until now. This is in accordance to what President Beckett mentioned once about returning retired ships rather than always introducing new ones.

The FNN would like to wish Commander Tregelen and the crew of the USS Titan good luck as they create new history on a vessel with already has a rich and deep Fed Space history.

The Crew of the USS Titan (as of stardate 20908.27)

  • Commanding Officer: Alex Tregelen
  • First Officer: Ryan Cooper
  • Chief Tactical Officer: Amalek Barrett
  • Tactical Officer: Simon Thompson
  • Chief Engineer: Aiyana Baldwin
  • Security Officer: Xavier Caine
  • Medical Officer: Kivsi Diaz
  • Chief Science Officer: Etin Maket

For further information on the USS Titan, including the mission logs from the command of Otlan and Daher, please visit the wiki-page for the USS Titan.

GM Director Open to Suggestions

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

Have you ever thought of something that might help GM's better interact with players, or any other suggestion, but didn't know how or where to make your suggestion known? Well, now you have a chance to.

Rear Admiral Grant, the GM Director for Federation Space, has opened up a thread in 'Red Alert' for players to make "constructive suggestions for changing how GM's work on the site."

Grant is keeping the thread open to all players for positive feedback about GM's on the site until October 31st, 2009. He will then work with the current GM administrators to make changes to the GM Guidelines around the New Year.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make GM'ing on Fed Space better, please comment on the 'GM Guidelines Suggestions/Discussion' thread in the 'Red Alert' section.


The Importance of Regularly Updating Your BIOs

Opinions / Editorial
Stardate 20909.01

The importance of a character BIO is obvious. Other players who want to know more information about your character will undoubtedly look there for. But more than that, your character's BIO can be a useful tool for yourself as well. BIOs help you and your superiors develop your character through subplots or even during the main mission. GM's regularly look over crew BIOs to see if they can develop subplots around them.

Thus, it makes sense to have a regularly-updated BIO. I've seen some BIOs from Lieutenants and Lieutenant Commanders that haven't been updated since they graduated from the Academy. I understand that updating BIOs can sometimes be a pain. I myself have fallen behind in updating my own and admit that I am still in the process of doing it. However, players should strive to update their BIOs at least at the completion of each mission. And Department Heads and command staff should encourage their subordinates to regularly update their BIOs.

The importance of regularly updating a character BIO is obvious. However, in practice many BIOs go un-updated for long periods of time. If we all work together in encouraging players to update their BIOs, no longer will we face the problem of having to rely on outdated information.

Rear Admiral Joseph Daher is the commander of the 2nd Battle Group and the USS Ticonderoga.

Trek News


Paradise Lost

"Cadet, you are obviously under the mistaken impression that I'm asking a favor. I want a name, and I want it now, and that is an ORDER, understood, Mr. Nog?"
"Yes, sir."
- Benjamin Sisko and Nog
From: Deep Space Nine, Season 4 Episode 12, Paradise Lost


The 'Trivia' section will return next month with on our Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Christie, returns from vacation. The FNN staff apologizes for any inconvenience.

All Around Champs

Rank Player Score
1. Laura Macleod 64
2. Kivsi Diaz 15
3. Rachel Christie 12
4. Tara ch’Thane 8
5. Joseph Daher 6


Top Ten Least Popular Courses at Star Fleet Academy

10. Admiral Uniform Design.

9. Anthropology 502: Mating Habits of the Pakled.

8. Crashing Starships on Planets.

7. Literature 404: The Knock-Knock Joke In Vulcan Literature.

6. Jim Kirk's Women: A Career Retrospective.

5. Engineering 101: Inflating Repair Estimates.

4. Horta Wrestling.

3. Klingon Cuisine (lab).

2. Statistics 300: The Data On Command Baldness.

1. Android Studies: The Role of Mechanicals in Federation History.

Science News



The Trifid Nebula reveals three faces in this ESO view.

Credit: European Southern Observatory


Deadly Cosmic Rays?

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

Earth is constantly being bombarded by cosmic radiation, but we hardly notice any of it. Still, many scientist believe that these cosmic rays can be extremely harmful to life on Earth and may have been responsible for the mass extinctions of species on our planet millions of years ago.

Scientists estimate that the cosmic radiation from a supernova 30 light years away could produce enough radiation to wipe out entire species. They are currently looking for ways to trace cosmic radiation back to its sources, but it is difficult because it is bent by magnetic fields.

Scientists say, however, that we shouldn't be alarmed. Presntly, most cosmic rays never hit the planet's surface and instead hit atoms in the atmosphere. Only very few secondary particles are absorbed by humans - background radiation which our species has enured for eons.

Read more here


Internet Turns 40

Managing Editor
Stardate 20909.01

Len Kleinrock and his UCLA research team probably never imagined people sharing videos around the world or posting for a Star Trek based RPG when they constructed the first ARPANET network (what would eventually become the internet) in 1969. Now, 40 years later, the internet is hardly recognizeable, yet much more accessible. People from all over the world can communicate and share information with each other at amazing speeds. However, as the internet enters its mid-life, it faces many threats.

One of these threats is security. As with anything in life, evil people try to use the internet for malicious purposes. Hackers and viruses infect the internet like a plague, forcing companies and people to put up extraordinary security measures to protect themselves.

Authoritarian regimes use the internet to control the flow of information and keep people oppressed and out of touch with the rest of the world, threatening the very freedom that the internet provides to hundreds millions of people around the world.

Read more.