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Kivsi Diaz
Career Occupation
Medical Officer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Biographical Attributes
180 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
62.1 kg (137 lb.)
Eye Color:
Kivsi Diaz’s eyes are a swirl of pea green and chestnut in which you can occasionally see a hint of cerulean. Depending on the lighting and inevitable her mood and the clothes she is wearing at the time, you may see more of the pea green or of the chestnut then at an entirely different time.
Hair Color:
She has pastel carrot colored hair with faint streaks of chocolate. Her hair color is completely natural.
Kivsi’s parts her hair down the middle and puts each side in a braid. At the end of each braid is a coffee colored bead holding it in place with the help of an elastic hair band. Each of her braids reaches roughly to the small of her back and bounce of her back when she turns her head.
Kivsi has a slender, lean, yet healthy body with little fat or muscle, and was often regarded as a toothpick by her friends, but because of her height, her weight is higher than you would estimate by looking at her.
Kivsi’s lily-white china doll tapers down from a wide forehead to a narrow chin.
Facial Hair:
She has a peppy somewhat childlike voice that shows emotion very efficiently.
United Federation of Planets
Jewell, Iowa
Familial Relationships
Jethro Diaz
Alexandrianna Diaz
Status of Parents:
Married and living at was once her father’s grandparent’s house instead of the house she grew up in.
Lily, who died at age 7 and before she was born.
Marital Status:
Single with no current romantic interests in males whatsoever. This is because she lived a very sheltered life and thus hasn’t caught on to that aspect of a social life yet.

Personal History

At first her parents obsessed over her safety and she primarily lived in what she thought of as a ‘balloon prison’. Her house was big and colorful on the outside, but to Kivsi it was still a prison. Whenever her parents let her leave the house she would always get sick because her defense system was weak from living in a house as purged from disease as possible. This would cause her parents to worry more as her sister died from what her parents thought was a simple cold.

She lived a sad life, escaping only through books. One fateful day she started to read a book called, These Are The Voyages, and after that the idea of being in Starfleet became one of her most wanted dreams. She read everything she could about Starfleet, star ships, and the Federation as she could. She read about the early days of Zefram Cochrane and first contact to books about Denobulan diseases to books about Vulcan rituals to books about the Battle of the Sheridan Nebula. Anything about Starfleet or space in general she eagerly read. It became a sort of obsession. She didn’t have anything else to do. She started to gravitate toward the medical field as she understood those things better and enjoyed them more.

Whenever she wasn’t being fussed over by her parents, or working on her home school work, she was thinking, writing, or reading about space and Starfleet. She saved up any money she received for any occasion so she could go to Starfleet. The day she finally got enough money, she broke. She couldn’t take it anymore. She escaped for the first time from her ‘balloon prison’ and ran away to an abandoned library, where she found Zefram. Instead of moving on like she had planned, she stayed and nurtured Zefram back to health, and by that time her parents hand figured out where she was and back she was taken to the ‘balloon prison’.

It was another year before she attempted once more to go to Starfleet and this time she tried to talk to her parents about how she felt like she was in a ‘balloon prison’ and how she wanted to go to Starfleet. Her parents realized their fault and told her about her sister and how sorry they were. They paid for her to go to Starfleet and told her to keep the money she had saved for another time. After this incident, she and her parents became closer than ever before. Which is why, she wears her mother’s dress and father’s vest occasionally.

Her years at the academy were wonderful, but confusing. She was dumped into a world of culture, completely free. It was scary, but at the same time exhilarating. She grew a tight bond with the first cadet she ever met at the Academy, Sara Pendragon. She and Sara would talk for hours in and hours just about life in general. They are still close even though Sara’s on a different ship.

She took basic medical courses that any medical officer needs, but was especially interested in veterinary and medical technology courses. She would have loved to take a course on the history of technology in the medical field, but instead opted for a mandatory course on EMH’s and a course on Holographic programming. She was able to get her major in Intergalactic Animal Practices, though, and wishes there were more animals on ships. She loves helping animals just as much as people and loves seeing the bonds between owner and pet. Her roommate, a Risan, a very private one at that, did help her with studying on occasion. You see, Kivsi was never really good at tests; she always started to freak out when confronted with a test. At least if she studied alone. She never really studied with Sara because she the Risan was closer. Kivsi yearns to see Leenese, the girl a year older than her, again. She can remember the girl so perfectly, but she wonders if she remembers her.

After she graduated for the Academy, with a very quiet ceremony--no balloons mind you, she was stationed on the USS Ticonderoga for her first mission. The Space Station Sierra 18 had been taken over by Romulans and there was a fight to regain control. She ended up being in the fight, even though she wasn’t one for weapons. How, you may ask?

Simple. Once more she was helping people. A Vulcan named Lt. Pevok to be exact. He had been the victim of an exploding console, with an eye injury and several minor cuts and bruises, not to mention a piece of shrapnel in his back.

After not being able to get his collapsed body onto a bio-bed without help from Lt. Hoya, another medical officer on the ship, one she will always feel gratitude towards, she used a dermal regenerator to heal what she could. His eye would need treatment elsewhere; they didn’t have the equipment, but the Space Station did. The shrapnel would also be easier to remove with the technology at a Space Station.

So, forgoing what she said about not boarding the station, she made her way to the Cargo Bay and begged to be let to take him there. She was nearly crying thinking about what would happen if she couldn’t. But, luckily she was allowed to. But then he went unstable, but she was able to stabilize him at least for the time being, but they’d be in the first wave now. So, she beamed over with Tam, who would become a life-long friend, Pip Sloane, who had a grudge against her, why, she really wasn’t sure, something about a drink and an apple, a Lieutenant, Nan’le the Xyrillian, and a Bajoran, they had to engage in shooting to get into the Sickbay. Now, she herself, didn’t shoot. But Nan’le was hit in the shoulder and the...the Bajoran was killed.

And she couldn’t do anything about it.

When they finally got into Sickbay, they found them already unarmed. They met Lt. Kasier, a German officer who had been tortured by the Romulans. She began to help Lt. Pevok and asked a Romulan for help with Nan’le. She refused and much to Kivsi’s dismay, it cultivated into a match between Lt. Kaiser and the nurse.

He was mentally unstable and when a Romulan doctor came over and tried to explain this, he went berserk and fired off a shot. It hit a Romulan patient just finally recovering from her injury. And she blames herself for this. She had managed to get behind him with a hypospray of Kayolane, but couldn’t bring herself to use it.

After this episode and after she had finished with Lt. Pevok and Nan’le, she tried to go about normal business as best as she could but had a breakdown in the Armory and was escorted back to Sickbay once more, where Tam unsuccessfully tried to tell her it wasn’t her fault.

All her guilt led her to flee from the Ticonderoga where she knew she would always be haunted by them. Nan’le could have walked anywhere on the ship. She now is stationed on the USS Titan. To her surprise she was named Assistant Chief Medical Officer and promoted to Ensign, even though she was ‘responsible’ for two of the deaths on the Space Station Sierra 18.

Even though she’s escaped the Ticonderoga, she hasn’t escaped the memories. On the day of the launch; the day she was named Assistant Chief Medical Officer and promoted and also the same day she met the Gile Mundan they were to be transporting on their mission. She’s had a few setbacks during the first few days of the mission. She nearly had a breakdown when confronted with a bothersome patient. One that she had to convince herself was just really scared and needed counseling to get through the breakdown and that he wasn’t actually just a jerk. Honestly, she’s not emotionally ready for this position, she going to try her best and avoid the counselor as long as she can.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Intergalactic Animal Practices, Alien Physiology, Pharmaceuticals, Basic Medical Practices
Academy Minor(s): Holographic programming, Using an EMH, Biologically Terminology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, writing, hologram programming, chatting, board games, and photography
Short-Term Goals: 1. Design a realistic hologram of her cat, Zefram, so he can live on with her.

2. Discover an more accurate at home way to for a untrained person to gauge the severity of a disease.
3. Visit every planet in the Federation.
Long-Term Goals: Place her own mark on the history of Star Fleet.
Personality: Kivsi is very sympathetic, kind, and caring, being involved with the health of other people. She is very sensitive and emotional, causing her to be viewed as illogical by Vulcans (just like most people). She is quite the bookworm, but is not afraid to speak her mind now that she is away from the ‘balloon prison’. She is very positive and peppy, almost childlike in that sense. She has very high morals, as being a Christian.
Sense of Humor: Her sense of humor is very innocent, as she lived a sheltered life and doesn’t get dirty jokes, but if she did, she wouldn’t approve because of her high morals.
Phobias: Balloons.
Likes: She enjoys companionship, helping people, and other kind sympathetic hearts among other things. Also, she quite enjoys a good debate once in a while. For foods she likes vegetables, fruits, crackers, dairy products, popsicles, and very few types of meat, including chicken.
Dislikes: She dislikes dirty jokes, long periods of solitude, violence, and teasing.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: One of her pet peeves is when people around her act like adults all the time.
Bad Habits or Vices: She chews her nails and rattles on when she is nervous.
Achievements: Every year since 2nd grade when she read her first Star Fleet book, she has won the Homeschooler’s Space Bee. She has also won the Zefram Cochrane Essay Contest and the Lewis Zimmerman Holographics Contest, which involved creating a small hologram in a limited time that would be the most medically helpful, and many other space related academic contests which will remain unlisted.
Disappointments: The fact that her parents hid her sister’s death from her. Also, when she started to rattle on to a superior officer when she first reported for duty at Star Fleet. And when she learned her parents were trying to keep her in a ‘balloon prison’ just like she thought.
Illnesses: She experienced just the normal child illnesses, exaggerated to a great length by her parents. She had only broken two bones (at the same time) and experienced quite a few bruises, sprains, and the like. They were all self-inflicted because of her clumsiness. She has a somewhat weak immune system, as it was not built up as a child.
Strengths: She has fast reading skills, fast typing, and good writing skills. She is also very skilled at programming holograms.
Weaknesses: She doesn’t have much hand eye coordination, she is very clumsy, and she has a low pain threshold.
Fears: Balloons and stinging insects
Prejudices: She has prejudices to anyone who works with balloons (even hot air balloons), like clowns.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: She likes to wear loose, flowing outfits. But she doesn’t wear skirts. Other than the loose flowing aspect, her outfits vary differently on the occasion and day.

One is a long sleeved white button up shirt with a collar and flowing loose white pants are what she wears in her free time. Along with a brown fabric belt with a big bow on the front, a ruffled brown fabric cap, and a loose sleeveless robe with an open front, brown socks and slip on shoes.

Another outfit is consists of a long white pants that ball out at the end, with a silver translucent skirt with golden stars and sparkles that goes down to her knees for the bottoms. The top is a white spaghetti strap shirt with a blue short sleeve v-neck over it. She has on matching blue socks and white shoes that are similar to the crocs of the twenty-first century. For accessories she wears white gloves that go to her elbows, a big blue fabric bracelet, a golden locket on a slender golden chain, a gold head band with a blue star on it, and a gold colored fanny pack with the compartment on the side and not the front.

Also, when she is on her own, she occasionally dresses up in her mother’s formal attire to remember her by. It is turquoise with see through silk hanging off the long fitted sleeves. It domes out at the bottom and most of the bottom is covered in tulle. It has a high collar and over it she wears a blue heart shaped locket. She has a sleeveless, old fashioned, button up vest that ends before the bottom of the vest begins. The vest was her father’s but she thinks it goes quite nicely with her mother’s dress. Plus, she can remember them both when she wears both the vest and the dress with its accessories. She also has a turquoise hair accessory that somewhat resembles a humble tiara. Kivsi couldn’t fit into her mother’s original shoes, so she wears turquoise socks.
Distinguishing Features: She has big feet and silver oblong glasses with thin rims.
Pets: Zefram – A male black cat with green eyes. Zefram has an air that suggests he knows more than a cat should know. He has gone through more than a cat should ever have to go through. Kivsi saved him from under a fallen bookshelf in an old abandoned library a year ago. They haven’t known each other for long, but already have a strong bond between each other. Kivsi couldn’t bear to leave Zefram at home so he is with her. Zefram is up in his years and Kivsi hopes that he will live to see her advance up the ranks. She named him after the inventor of the warp core.
Friends: Currently, Sara Pendragon, the first person she met at Starfleet Academy, along with Sienna Tam, who was her emotional support through-out the Sierra 18 crisis, and Leenese, her Rivan roommate at the Academy

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most emotionally painful experience for her was when she learned why her parents were keeping her in a ‘balloon prison’. It played out something like this:

Anger radiated through Kivsi’s normally calm body, as evident through her eyes and her tone. She had finally broke. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Why must you keep me in this balloon prison? What is your problem? Why can’t you let me be a kid and get out of here once in a while? I can't take this anymore! And like it or not. I’m going to Star Fleet. I have the money and you can’t stop me.”

Her parent’s faces were sad and shamed. It was almost as if they had been expecting this day. They had been ever since Kivsi ran away to the abandoned library and found Zefram. Her mom spoke for the both of them.

“Honey, we are sorry. We were just so scared for you. We should have told you this before but you had a sister, Lily.”

A look of surprise was plastered on Kivsi’s face. She started to wobble and grabbed a wall to support herself. Learning you have a sister you never knew you had was sort of like getting a slap to the face, only much much more intense.

“A-A sister?”

Kivsi didn’t usually stutter, but she was in such a state of shock that she did. Her knees buckled as the fact started to sink in. Her parents had hid the fact she had a sister since she was born.

Her mom, Alexandrianna Diaz, looked down. It was as if she was ashamed, or mourning. She gulped and went on.

“Lily died when she was seven. A year before you were born. She was a healthy child full of life. But, she came down with the flu. At least we thought it was the flu. So we didn’t take her to the doctor, and the same day, she was gone.”


Kivsi started to say. She had so many questions, but her mother cut her off.

“We didn’t want the same thing to happen to you. So we kept you safe at home. In this, what did you call it? Yes. A balloon prison. We probably shouldn’t have and we are really sorry. Please forgive us. Also save you money for when you need it. We’ll pay for Star Fleet. Have fun Kivsi.”

Both Kivsi and her parents were crying and they embraced in a hug. It was a touching moment and it brought Kivsi and her parents close together; closer than most cadets and their parents and closer than Kivsi ever imagined.

The most physically painful time for Kivsi was when she fell down the stairs eating a brownie and broke both of her legs. Her parents had gone out for a while, and she was rushing down to get a new book about Star Fleet called, Inventory of the Star Fleet Museum. She was eating a brownie at the same time and tripped over her own feet. She tumbled down the stairs, luckily breaking only her legs. Zefram was in his carrier, so she had to sit there waiting until her parents got back. Luckily, when they did get back, they took her straight to the hospital and even though the pain had hurt before, when the doctor was finished she was completely healed.

Best Time: When she first walked into the Auditorium and took in all the sights, especially the sight of the Golden Gate Bridge through the window wall on the south side.
Most Crucial Experience: When she read her first book about Star Fleet and made up her mind about what she wanted to when she was older. Until then she didn’t know what she was going to do when she grew up. After reading These Are The Voyages, her mind was made up at that turning point in her life.
Role Model: 1. Zefram Cochrane, the pilot of the first warp ship and the man who had first contact.
2. Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, the creator of the EMH.
3. Her sister Lily, at least the ideal image she imagines of her
4. Her friend Sienna Tam
5. Her former roommate, Leenese.

Career History

Stardate 20906.14 - Graduated, Medical Division, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 20906.14 - Promoted to Midshipman, USS Ticonderoga, CA-1471
Stardate 20908.25 - Assigned to USS Titan, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 20909.26 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 20912.01 - Awarded RPGer, USS Titan, CL-2007

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