Empok Nor

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Empok Nor (2373)

Empok Nor was a Cardassian space station located in the Trivas system, almost identical to Terok Nor (later known as Deep Space 9).

The Cardassians abandoned this station in 2372, leaving behind standard booby-traps that target non-Cardassians.

  • The station had been the site of a failed experiment that used psychotropic drugs to enhance the Cardassians' natural xenophobia.
  • These test subjects were left on the station in stasis tubes.

In late 2373, a Starfleet salvage team from Deep Space 9 was sent to Empok Nor for spare parts, due to a recent plague of technical failures on its sister station. During the mission, the two surviving soldiers in stasis were re-awakened, and killed three members of the team before they were stopped. Elim Garak was also exposed to the psychotropic drug and killed a fourth member of the team before he was neutralized. Eventually, the technology was successfully salvaged.

Later in 2374, Quark chose Empok Nor to be the site for the exchange between several Ferengi and the Dominion.

Finally, in 2375, Dukat brought fifty members of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths to establish a community on Empok Nor with him as their master.
He had Colonel Kira Nerys kidnapped from Deep Space 9 in an effort to convert her. Dukat fled the station when his control over his followers unraveled,
and the remaining Cult members decided to return to Bajor with Kira aboard the USS Defiant, NX-74205 .