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Dukat, a Gul in the Cardassian military, served as Prefect of Bajor in the final years of the Bajoran Occupation.

He was known for his many atrocities made against the Bajoran people, both made personally and in the name of conquest.
Despite his hatred for Bajorans, he had numerous affairs with Bajoran women, including the mother of Kira Nerys, and another whom he fathered a child with.

Following his defeat in Operation Return, and the death of his beloved daughter by his second-in-command, he suffered a complete mental breakdown.
He allowed himself to be captured by the Federation when they reclaimed space station Deep Space 9. He subsequently escaped, and became a disciple
of the Pah-wraiths, attempting to release the Pah-wraiths into the Bajoran wormhole.


At some point prior to being stationed on Bajor, Dukat was a legate, but lost favor with Cardassian Central Command, and was reduced to the rank of Gul. He later rejected the title of "legate," because he felt Gul was more "hands on."
By 2346, at the rank of Gul, Dukat was made Prefect of Bajor during the Occupation.

In 2360, he was assigned command of Terok Nor, the mining station and command post in orbit of Bajor. During this time, he was responsible for many atrocities committed against the Bajoran people, and became one of the most hated individuals in Bajoran history.

  • According to Dukat, he was convinced that a gentler approach was needed to quell the Bajoran Resistance and make Bajor suitable for Cardassian colonization. His first act as Prefect was to cut labor camp output quotas by fifty percent, abolish child labor, and improve medical care and food rations. These measures led to a twenty percent drop in the camp death rates. The Resistance in turn destroyed an orbital drydock, killing two hundred Cardassians. During the Occupation, the Resistance attempted to assassinate Dukat five times, all of them unsuccessful. Dukat grew to hate the Bajorans for not acknowledging his "compassion" towards them.

Dukat strongly opposed the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor in 2369, which damaged his career. After the withdrawal, he became the Commander of the Second Order, and was given the command of the Galor-class ship, Prakesh. He went on to play a major role in many interactions between the Cardassian military and the Federation for the next three years, and made several visits to his former command post, now known as Deep Space 9.

In 2370, Dukat was implicated in the supplying of illegal weapons to Cardassian citizens in the Demilitarized Zone. He also assisted Commander Benjamin Sisko in an investigation of the Maquis, in order to prove his innocence. Briefly abducted by the Maquis, he was rescued by Sisko. It came out later that the Cardassian Central Command was actually responsible for violating the Federation-Cardassian Treaty, not Dukat.

In 2372, the Cardassian Union underwent a revolution, Dukat sided with the victorious Detapa Council, who made him chief military adviser. Following the Klingon invasion of the Cardassian Union, he was promoted to Legate later that year. Disgusted with the Detapa Council's unwillingness to fight, Dukat began to carry on his own one-ship war against the Klingons. In 2373, he helped an undercover Starfleet team to infiltrate Klingon military headquarters, in order to expose a Changeling interloper.

By 2373, Dukat became convinced that the only way to regain Cardassia's former glory was for them to join the Dominion. In secret talks, he negotiated Cardassia's entry into the Dominion, with himself as ruler. Dukat promised to the Cardassian people that under his leadership, all that was lost would be regained. In the months after his taking office, Dukat made good on his promises by expelling the Klingons from Cardassian space, and wiping out the Maquis with his newly gained Dominion allies. He commanded forces that retook Deep Space 9/Terok Nor from the Federation in late 2373. In the following weeks, Dukat directed the Dominion War from his old command, winning many early victories against the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Allied Federation forces retook the station during Operation Return. Dukat was driven insane by his rapid change of fate, which was made worse after the murder of his beloved Cardassian-Bajoran daughter.
He refused to evacuate with the rest of the Dominion forces, and was captured by Starfleet.


Dukat was married, and had seven children with his wife. However, he kept several Bajoran mistresses when he was Prefect on Terok Nor, during the Bajoran Occupation.

Dukat discovered his half-Bajoran daughter when he found the wreckage of a transport ship. Dukat had initially intended to kill both his daughter and his mistress, but after finding his daughter alive in a Breen mining camp, he decided to take her with him back to Cardassia. He abandoned his full-Cardassian family members,

As far as friendships, Dukat had a strange relationship with Benjamin Sisko. Dukat saw Sisko as a friend, and viewed him with a great deal of respect, though Sisko did not share these feelings. After Dukat realized his hatred for the Bajorans, he and Sisko became mortal enemies.

In the years after the Bajoran Occupation, Dukat and Bajoran officer Kira Nerys crossed paths many times. Dukat was fascinated by her, and hinted on several occasions that he was romantically interested in her. He was determined to win Kira's respect and acknowledgement, and there were times they were able to work together. Overall, Kira was disgusted by him.

When Dukat received cosmetic surgery in 2375, he posed as a simple Bajoran farmer and started a romantic relationship with Kai Winn Adami. He then used her to further his plan to release the Pah-wraiths upon the Bajoran people, though she rejected him once his true identity was revealed. She later poisoned him in order to appease the Pah-wraiths with a sacrifice, though in the chaos, both she and Dukat were killed.


Afterward allowing himself to be captured by Starfleet, Dukat began suffering from hallucinations and fits of paranoia. Treated by Federation doctors, he was declared "recovered," and was taken to face charges for war crimes. Escaping in a shuttlecraft, his hallucinations returned, and escaped in the shuttle. During his time on a nearby planet, Dukat embraced his hatred for the Bajoran people, promising to one day return and rain destruction on all of Bajor.

In late 2374, Dukat believed he found a way to destroy the Bajoran people, and their Emissary, Benjamin Sisko. Having immersed himself in the ancient Bajoran texts, he discovered that the wormhole was actually the Celestial Temple. He returned to Cardassia Prime, and enacted an ancient Bajoran ritual to release a Pah-wraith into his body. Now possessed, he traveled to Deep Space 9 and released it into the Celestial Temple via the Orb of Contemplation, causing the wormhole to disappear. In the process, he murdered Jadzia Dax, who had simply been in his path.

In 2375, Dukat secretly underwent cosmetic surgery on Cardassia Prime in order to pose as a Bajoran farmer. He then traveled to Deep Space 9 again, and used Kai Winn Adami, convincing her to join him as a follower of the Pah-wraiths. Along with Winn, Dukat plotted to release the Pah-wraiths from their prison in the Fire Caves. Once in the Fire Caves, Winn poisoned Dukat, as a sacrifice to complete the release ritual. However, the Pah-wraiths rejected Winn and chose Dukat as their Emissary, restoring him to life, returning his Cardassian features, and imbuing him with their power. Benjamin Sisko, acting as the Prophets Emissary, tried to stop Dukat, throwing both of them into the fires. Dukat was trapped seemingly for forever, and Sisko was rescued by the Prophets, though now trapped in the Bajoran Wormhole with them.