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Quinn Mynx
Career Occupation
First Officer
Star Base Bravo
2010100576-117 LMTR
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Jordan Donovan
Trill (Joined)
165 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Lean and fit, a runner's build
Pale skin with trill spots
Facial Hair:
Smooth bass
Laren Manev, Trill
Familial Relationships
Durnil Trevias
Erna Trevias
Status of Parents:
Both alive and well living on Trill Prime. Durnil manages a very large textile corporation, and his mother enjoys the lifestyle of wealth and privilege.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Quinn Trevias initially sought to practice medicine on his homeworld as a civilian, and thus underwent schooling on Trill to do so. He was very advanced for his age and thus was always a few years younger than his peers. It was there at medical school that he met and married Mira Taek. While Quinn's parents had been ambivalent to his study of medicine, when he expressed his desire to actually practice, they were strongly opposed and applied heavy pressure to get him to take up the family business. Quinn resisted instantly. Mira sided with his parents, and tried to change Quinn's mind. This caused friction and conflict in the marriage that Quinn considered irreparable. They were divorced shortly there after. Partly as a result, Quinn soon became interested in exploring and learning about things outside his planet-bound life. Applying to Star Fleet Academy upon receiving his Medical Degree, Quinn was granted admission to the Medical Officer program and left without a word to his parents.

Quinn enjoyed his time as a cadet immensely, and did well in his classes. Upon graduation he was assigned as a junior medical officer to the USS Kelvin. There Quinn served under Lieutenant Commander Gregory Sherman, the Kelvin's Chief Medical Officer. Quinn served admirably up until his promotion to Lieutenant. He was offered, and accepted a transfer and promotion to Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Bunker Hill under the command of Commodore William Prescott. Quinn continued to progress, displaying a developed ability for leadership and organization. He quickly gained the respect of the crew, specifically the Commanding Officer. Prescott and Quinn both developed the habit of having tea together as much as several times a day. They developed a close working relationship built on mutual respect of one another. Quinn was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and underwent Senior Officer Training on the eve of the Romulan incursion and resultant battle at Star Base 157.

Quinn continued to distinguish himself in war just as he had in peace. He developed the reputation for maintaining a cool head in the most urgent of crises. He lead emergency operations to retrieve injured crewmen from damaged vessels during battle, as well as significant triage operations during battle. One of those battle triage operations led to the fateful twist in his life. An officer from another vessel,Sarah Mynx, has become mortally wounded and was only being kept alive by her symbiont. Her condition was perilous to the point that the Mynx symbiont would eventually perish as well, if not transferred to another suitable host. Of the handful of Trill available for implantation, Quinn turned out to be the only eligible host for implantation due to various reasons that disqualified the other trill. In an emergency session, as time was critical, Quinn was implanted with the Mynx symbiont and the host of Sarah died shortly there after.

After the battle and Bunker Hill's return to dock, he was replaced and put on medical leave to deal with the newly joined process. Sarah Mynx being a highly trained, Tactical Officer, Analyst, and with a background working for Star Fleet Intelligence in their special security section, Quinn Mynx had a lot to deal with in figuring his new self out. He returned to duty 9 months later and was given a battlefield promotion to Commander and made First Officer of the USS Bunker Hill, during another conflict with the Romulans. Having learned to incorporate the previous hosts knowledge and memories into his own self, his new skill sets made him a very successful commander in battle, while remaining true to the personality of Quinn Mynx who was very much a 'frontier physician' with a yearning to explore.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): General Medicine
Academy Minor(s): Xenobiology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Vulcan puzzles, strategic simulations and exercises
Short-Term Goals: Continue to serve with distinction on the star base just as he had in the fleet
Long-Term Goals: Become Superintendent of Star Fleet Academy
Personality: Quinn can usually be friendly and outgoing. He has a strong will though, and when he disagrees or is angered by something, it is usually clear to all involved. He can sometimes be overbearing, and thus has either those who like him, or those who hate him.
Sense of Humor: Quinn's jokes are usually for his own sake, and thus aren't always considered very funny by others
Phobias: Receiving major treatment by an unskilled physician
Likes: Outdoor activities both real and holographic
Dislikes: People unwilling to take responsibility without giving excuses on their behalf
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who say "sirs" instead of "gentlemen" or "ladies" as is appropriate
Bad Habits or Vices: Drinking Tea. Quinn loves all varieties of tea and drinks them frequently.
Achievements: Acceptance to the Trill Medical Institute at the age of 15. Gaining respect as a physician and an officer, by getting promoted from Medical Officer, to Chief Medical Officer, to First Officer.
Disappointments: Failed marriage and strained relationship with his parents.
Strengths: Confidence. Quinn can draw upon the experiences of two other lifetimes.
Weaknesses: Arrogance
Fears: Making a crucial mistake that results in needless deaths
Prejudices: Ferengi
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Always at least semi-formal. Always wearing pants, never shorts. Simple neutral colors and in a plain, non-fancy design.
Distinguishing Features: Trill spots
Friends: Commodore William Prescott, Commanding officer of the USS Bunker Hill, CA-1378

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Realizing he would not be happy on Trill, as a result of his parent's controlling efforts and the rifts it caused between him and his ex-wife.
Best Time: Star Fleet Academy. Quinn felt the energy of being surrounded by men and women who were driven to serve others and make a difference. It was a strong contrast to the life he'd lived at home on Trill.
Most Crucial Experience: Being joined with the Mynx symbiont. While Quinn didn't consider the situation as having left him any choice, his decision to become joined with the Mynx symbiont upon it's previous host's (Sarah Mynx) death, the sharing of lifetimes and consolidation into one individual has been, and continues to be the most crucial experience in Quinn's life.
Role Model: Doctor Gregory Sherman. Also Doctor Phlox, because he was an explorer and a physician at the same time, during Star Fleet's most crucial times. Quinn feels Phlox is a role model for all Star Fleet physicians.

Career History

Stardate 21010.09 - Assigned as First Officer, Starbase Bravo

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