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Star Base Bravo is a Federation Immense class starbase located in the Kaleb Sector near the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone. After Star Base 39-Sierra was destroyed during the outbreak of the First Romulan War, Star Fleet realized the need to construct a new base near the border in case hostilities broke out in that region again. Nearby planets include Calder II, Kaleb, Draken IV, and Iota Horologii b.

SBB is the home base for the 2nd Fleet and therefore a vitally important military facility. Unlike Star Base Alpha which orbits Earth, Star Base Bravo is a remote facility and does not see a great deal of civilian passenger traffic.

As it is the main Federation facility in the region, though, it is a major stopover point for freighter traffic.


Star Base Bravo
Type: Immense
Length: 62,500 Meters
Width: 20,833 Meters
Height: 62,500 Meters (1200 Decks)
Weight: 4,750,000,000 Metric Tons
Standard: 50,000 Officers, 200,000 Enlisted
Emergency: 2,000,000
Reactor: 4 Matter/Anti-Matter Reactor Cores.
Generator: 3 Fusion Reactor Generators.
Impulse Engines
Type: 8 Main Impulse Engines (Class 8), 2 Secondary Impulse Engines (Class 4B)
Max Impulse: .25 C
Defensive Systems
Type: Type X Main Shield Generator (MSG-X)
Other: None.
Offensive Systems
Phasers: 10 banks of 2 Type 4 (360D) 20 banks of 1 Type G (360D)
Torpedoes: 8 Quantum Photon Torpedo Launchers (F/P/S/A)
Other: None.
Computer Systems
Type: Daystrom Industries HSCS-1
Type: 6 Main Tractor/Repulsor Beams, 12 Docking Tractors, 12 Shuttle Tractors
Type: 2 Bays (A), 2 Bays (F), 60 Shuttles (20 Type 7, 20 Type 9A) 12 Runabouts (Type 1)
Type: 4 Bays (P/S) 144 F-1 Fighters, 96 A-1 Heavy Attack Fighters
Type: Andorian Industries FSMSA-2
Combat Ratings
Offensive: 99%
Defensive: 99%
Maneuvering: 2%
CER: 66.6%

Crew Manifest

2nd Fleet Command and Administrative Staff
Com-cmdr.jpg Nicholas Ristone 2nd Fleet Commander Human Played by: Nicholas Ristone E-Mail
Base Command and Administrative Staff
Com-capt.jpg Griffin Wright Base Commander Human Played by: Griffin Wright E-Mail
Com-lcdr.jpg Zimora Lopi Personnel Division Andorian Played by: Captain Tyra Crawford E-Mail
Security Department
Com-cdr.jpg Kata Mihar 2nd Fleet Security Commander & Chief of Security Bajoran Played by: Captain Tyra Crawford E-Mail
Sec-po1.jpg Phaedra Weiss Security Officer Human Played by: LCdr Zephyr Praise E-mail
Criminal Investigations Division
Sec-blank.jpg Lead Investigator
Sec-lt.jpg Angela McNamara Special Agent Human Played by: Captain Tyra Crawford E-Mail
Sec-ltjg.jpg Scott Walker Special Agent Human Played by: Ens Mike Hobritz E-Mail
Specialized Response Unit
Sec-cdr.jpg Syrrek Komovar SBB Response Unit Liaison Vulcan Played by: Jadaris E-Mail
Sec-blank.jpg Security
Tactical Department
Tac-cdr.jpg Margaret Murphy Head of Tactical Operations
Tac-cdr.jpg Acenvar Crystillin Strategic Operations Director Vulcan E-mail
Tac-lt.jpg Hathain Tactical Officer Vulcan Played by: Cdr Ranaan Ducote E-mail
Engineering Department
Eng-blank.jpg Chief Engineer
Eng-ens.jpg William Daudrick Engineer Human Played by: Lt Michelle Price E-mail
Medical Department
Med-blank.jpg Medical
Science Department
Sci-blank.jpg Chief Science Officer
Sci-ens.jpg Alliovar Crystillin Science Officer Vulcan E-mail
204th Bravo Fighter Wing
Avi-blank.jpg Pilot
Avi-blank.jpg Pilot
Romulan Star Empire Liaison Office
Rom-mil-SubComd.jpg Valak Ir'Elehu Chief Liaison Romulan Played by: Capt Benjamin Vaughn E-Mail
Civilian Population
Civ-blank.jpg V'asillia Oberon Crystillin Owner of The Forge Art Gallery Vulcan Played by: LCdr Zephyr Praise E-Mail
Civ-blank.jpg Dorian Jammer Bar Manager, Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill Human Played by: Cdr Ranaan Ducote E-mail
Civ-blank.jpg Jocasta Cuervas Personal Assistant to Spanky McPasternak Human Played by: Captain Sienna Tam E-Mail
Civ-blank.jpg Ivy Rhodes Social Events Coordinator & Base Journalist Human Played by: Captain Sienna Tam E-Mail
Civ-blank.jpg Ash Entrepreneur & Purveyor of Objet d'art Human Played by: Lt William Robert E-mail
Civ-blank.jpg Charlotte Ingram Civilian Human Played by: Ens Zaira Morgan E-Mail
Civ-blank.jpg Iedra Owner and Operator of Nirvana Spa and Clips El-Aurian Played by: LCdr Zephyr Praise E-Mail
Civ-blank.jpg Jackson Murphy First Mate - Cargo Ship Labrador Human Played by: Cdr Maggie Murphy E-Mail

Support Craft

In addition to the shuttles and runabouts listed in the base specs, Star Fleet Command has also assigned Star Base Bravo three support craft: the USS Jacques Derrida, ES-17322, a Cicero Class Support Vessel, the USS Kilimanjaro, CY-13890, a Seleya Class Captain's Yacht, and the USS Entdeckung, ES-10012, a Osana Class Science Escort.

Station's Logs

Star Base Bravo Station Logs from Stardate 21010.01 to Stardate 21101.06

Habitat & Recreation

The Habitat decks of Star Base Bravo circle the top and bottom of the third ring, located under the Bridges to the Support Domes. There is an upper and lower Habitat Ring, with the Promenade and Commercial sections (Recreation) in between. Together the Habitat and Recreation span 249 decks. This isn't to say that the Habitat and Recreation sections span the entire span of those decks, simply that portions of these decks are dedicated to this purpose.

Habitat Levels

The Upper Habitat Levels span Decks 720-792 while the Lower Habitat Levels span Decks 918-969, for a total of 123 decks. Neither section is zoned for any specific class of resident, however approximately 35% of all habitat areas can be reconfigured to accommodate residents requiring different atmospheric or gravitational needs and 4% of all habitat areas can be reconfigured for non-humanoid residents.

Quarters Options

There are 5 different types of available housing units:

Temporary Quarters: For personnel or civilians who will be on the base for less than 60 days and visiting crew enjoying shore leave. These are small rooms with a lounge and dining area in one room, a small bedroom, a full washroom, and a replicator. They often have windows and open to a corridor due to the nature of placing these wherever there was space.

Apartment Style: For personnel or civilians who reside on the base. This type of housing provides mixed living where personnel and civilians intermingle. Made up of blocks of 40-60 moderately sized apartments, these units share a common lobby and entrance. Replicators are standard and these units contain one to two bedrooms, a dining and family area, and one full washroom with sonic shower. This type of living is for families of two, or with children young enough to not yet need their own rooms.

Group Style: For residents who wish to live in their own apartments, while living close to friends or relatives. Three to six apartments share an entrance and a small lounge-type lobby. The lounge area contains simulated windows which can be customized for the regular viewing of outdoor scenes. All of the suites have windows (which can be easily changed from opaque to translucent to transparent) which view the lounge. The apartments are identical to the ones in the Apartment Style. This style is limited in quantity.

Family Style: For residents with larger families and children, this style of house sustains more than 50% of the habitats on the base. Fifteen units share an entrance lobby that is actually a large atrium. As opposed to a lounge area, this large park offers areas to gather, play or meet. As opposed to the private dining and living room areas found in Apartment and Suite styles, the atrium also has sections set aside for these purposes to be shared between all residents. Each individual unit still maintains one personal replicator for everyday needs or snacks. Each house in these communities maintains its own private space, with individual entrances to private residences.

Single Style: For V.I.P.s who require privacy, these residences take up less than 5% of the bases available housing. Entrance is directly off a corridor, as opposed to all the other housing types which are accessed via lobbies. These types can be quite small one bedrooms or large four or five bedroom houses. None of these houses share any facilities with other residences. Waiting lists for this type of residence are long, and are limited to those who can prove a need such as the Admirality.


The commercial and recreation sections of the base span decks 793-917, 124 decks in total. Housing everything from the numerous large and small parks and pools to the holo-cinema, this section is meant for rest and relaxation. Some areas are reserved for Star Fleet crew and their guests, most areas are open to the general public. Additionally, the commercial sections of the base are in these decks offering services spanning from tailor shops to souvenirs to bars. Everything a person could want is available in the Recreation Section.


The Promenade spans decks 854-859. This is the main thoroughfare of the recreation areas with all major areas being accessible through the Promenade. The most popular restaurants and services are set up in this section.


Just a Drip: This coffee shop offers unique blends from throughout the galaxy.

Mom's: A homestyle atmosphere cooking up hearty Earth breakfast food all day and night.

bắp cải cay: This Vietnamese restaurant serves authentic food based on the spices native to this region of Earth. Mixing in similar cuisines of other species, some of the food here is so delicious, you must ask to reserve it when you make your reservation!

Crabbies Seafood: This laid-back joint serves seafood from the galaxies major planets including Bajoran, Betazoid, Earth, Cardassia, and more.

Bars, Taverns, Etc

Spanky McPasternak's Bar and Grill: The most popular Bar on the Promenade, this shop caters to the Star Fleet Officers which are the main source of tourism on the base.

The Nebula: The high class bar of Star Base Bravo, this is the place you go to impress those around you, or simply to waste some money. Offering a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by others of stature and class, this bar doesn't allow anyone in while wearing a uniform.

Bull and Crown: This English themed bar offers cultural food like Fish And Chips alongside cultural beer and spirits for a convincing experience of being back on Earth.


Nirvana Spa: The perfect place to relax. This spa offers everything from relaxing mud baths to massage therapists trained in hundreds of species special needs.

Clips: This hair salon is the perfect place to get trimmed up before a big date, or heading back out into the unknown.

Edge: This fashion store offers all of the cutting edge new designs from throughout the quadrant. Although their prices are high, their clothes are worth it.

Living Gifts: Providing real and holographic pets for all occasions. Customers can order a pet and pick it up on a later date.

Clothing Optional: Upscale business offering many different species and genders who dance around topless for viewing pleasure. Private security ensures safety of dancers and clientèle at all times.

Other Recreation Spots

Pool: Located on deck 902, this large room houses 3 Olympic size pools for swimming, 10 Jacuzzis, 4 wave pools and 6 play pools for general recreation.

Aquarium: This area offers large tables and comfy chairs surrounded completely by water animals. Providing a relaxing atmosphere to hang out with a group of friends, or just read the newest novel, this quite serene atmosphere appeals to many.

Martial Arts Training Center: This large training center spans decks 798-816 and houses everything one could need for martial arts training. Rooms fully lined with holoemitters provide training opportunities, while boxing and sparring rings provide opportunities to interact with others. Classes are taught on a regular basis.

Gym: The Star Base houses 7 of these gyms spread throughout the Recreation section on various decks. Containing top of the line equipment, these are great places to go for any type of workout. Personal trainers stand by to help guide a workout while classes are held every hour to provide further encouragement.