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Johannes “Johan” Schwicker
Career Occupation
Acting Chief Medical Officer
USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Human name, Johannes “Johan” Schwicker; Klingon birth name, Ghil; Klingon name and title, Ail, son of Arag, House of Noon'can; Klingon honorific name, Ail lich-Noon'can.
183 cm (6 ft. 0 in.)
89 kg (196 lb.)
Eye Color:
Beady black.
Hair Color:
Clean black.
Relatively short, due to regulations, and neatly combed.
At first glance, Johan’s uniformed figure makes him look like an average Human male. Beneath his attire, however, he is quite physically fit and flexibly muscular. Furthermore, while he is genetically predisposed to appear outwardly Human, beneath his skin he is quite noticeably Klingon. While he is unlikely to declare his true nature, or dispel misunderstandings regarding it, a tricorder scan, detailed medical examination, or access to official records, will readily reveal the truth.
Johan is somewhat dark-skinned with no distinguishing fleshly marks, other than a receding hairline which tends to make him look a little older than he is. As with most Humans, he prefers not to wear scars as a badge of honour the way many Klingons do.
Facial Hair:
Johan used to wear a short trimmed goatee. Now, however, his naturally thick and wild facial hair receive grooming in typical Human fashion thus taming an otherwise aggressive expression.
Sharp and masculine, also rather audible when need be. When Johan is impassioned, his voice gradually gains pace, pitch, and power, rather than faint away when one would normally be winded, and it seems to draw increased strength from some hidden reserve and just continues becoming even more aggressive. In such an impassioned state, gestures are as much a part of his voice as are his audible expressions. Educated in Berlin, Germany, he tends to enunciate his words carefully but speaks English with a bit of a German accent: “Is sat not right? I sink so.” However, his expressions in archaic Klingonaase, his mother tongue, remain unaffected.
United Federation of Planets
Johan was born a fugitive in the emergency ward of the Targsec, a cruiser owned and operated by the House of Noon'can. At the time, the cruiser was battling prejudiced Klingon pursuers in the remote Smarba Sector, Klingon Empire, near claimed Tholian space.
Familial Relationships
Arag zanlich-Noon'can
Krest sulich-Noon'can
Status of Parents:
Due to the circumstances that Johan’s race presently finds itself in, it is impossible for him to know the precise whereabouts of any member of his race, including his family. While he cannot easily initiate correspondence with his family members, they are aware of his career ambitions with Star Fleet and can contact him through various Star Fleet Personnel Command services. Like despised gypsies and nomads, the House of Noon'can must continually rove about in order to escape genocide at the hand of powerful but prejudiced Imperial Klingon houses. Despite the lack of current information concerning the welfare of his family, he presumes that the majority of them, indeed the majority of his minority race, dwell as aliens within the relative security of the United Federation of Planets and other safe territories where they live rather unlike Klingons until, perhaps, one glorious day when they can freely return home.
Johan is technically the first-born of surviving triplets. Male, his brothers are Milscar lich-Noon'can, the second borne, and Kilt lich-Noon'can, the third of the triplets. Their precise whereabouts and circumstances are unknown to Johan, as are those of any member of his family, house, or race. However, he is aware that his two brothers joined Kriktok zanlich-Riskadh, a Klingon Augment with intention to lead a new rebellion into the Klingon Empire in an effort to establish freedom and independence for Augments. Johan, too, received an invitation but, having declined it, set his mind to join the multicultural Star Fleet instead. He is disappointed to be apart from his brothers and their quest, but feels that he has made the right decision for the long run.
Marital Status:
Single. As a pure descendant of Krom epelich-Noon'can, an infamous and ill-fated leader of a Klingon Augment rebellion that no Klingon will speak of, Johan maintains the purity of his ancestry, that of an artificially engineered fusion of Klingon and Human Augment genetics. To Johan it is simply impossible to even consider tainting his pure descent through union with someone other than the purest female of his own Augment race.

Personal History

Origin of Species

Genetic engineering by Klingon scientists in 2154 attempted to produce a race of Klingon super-soldiers, their version of the Human Augment. The resultant genetic augmentation successfully produced a few Klingon super-soldiers but unforeseen effects included neural reordering (increasingly Human-like personality and uncontrolled narcissistic psychosis,) cranial ridge dissolution (smooth foreheads,) and short life ending in a sudden and painful death. Scientists aborted the genetic manipulation but not before Levodian Flu mutated and caused the rapid spread of Klingon Augment Virus (KAV,) infecting most of the Klingon population of the Empire. Fortunately, authorities managed to contain the infection and scientists stabilized its progression, halting it in its initial stages. However, nearly the entire Klingon race found itself partially augmented and suffering the consequences of slight neural reordering (personality changes favouring Human-like passions and emotions) and cranial ridge dissolution. Thoroughly embarrassed, Klingon scientists turned their attention from further developing genetic augmentation to finding a treatment and cure that would reverse the consequences of KAV infection. By 2270, Klingon scientists finally discovered appropriate treatment and cure, and a massive campaign to restore Klingon Augments and their offspring to a more Klingon-like form began to eliminate the embarrassing century-long, and Empire-wide, Human-like condition. However, not all Klingon Augments agreed to accept treatment and cure. For a minority of Klingon Augments, their state of narcissistic psychosis, a result of the augmentation, advanced too far thus causing them to believe in their superiority. As more and more Klingon Augments, however, benefited from treatment and cure, the Empire gradually became Imperial again and it became increasingly evident who it was that categorically refused treatment and cure. Imperial Klingons, allied with former Augments that returned to a more Klingon-like form, divided the Empire versus those Augment houses that believed in the superiority of their augmentation. Thus, a new race was born in the sense that some Klingon Augments categorically refused any treatment and cure for their Human-like condition, believing themselves to be superior and preferring to remain as they were. They were, of course, still Klingons and demonstrated as much by fiercely competing for dominance in the Empire. Imperial Klingons regarded them as a pestilent minority in need of treatment and cure, and in the interests of the security of the government of the Klingon Empire, an aggressive campaign to eliminate the “plague” succeeded in virtually stamping out the Klingon Augment race. Noon'can, D'sidis, and Grokogh houses appear to be all that remain of Klingon Augments with the exception of some former nobles of the House of Riskadh. There may also be a few others, individuals, but Johan does not know of them.


Krom epelich-Noon'can

The Noon'can Klingon is a descendant of Krom epelich-Noon'can, one of many artificially engineered fusions of Klingon and Human Augment genetics, a result of the accidental spread of Klingon Augment Virus. Imperial Klingon scientists engineered the augmentation in an effort to gain a competitive edge over the rapidly expanding “Human Empire.” However, because of unforeseen circumstances, Augments originally meant to be in subjection to the pure Imperial houses usurped dominance. Vying for position and power within the Empire, Imperial and Augment allies eventually competed fiercely with unallied Augments. Much strife and a long period of sporadic civil war resulted until, once again, the Imperial Klingons clearly reestablished their sovereignty. Powerful and prejudiced Imperial Klingon houses, along with their Augment allies, swore on their honour to remove, permanently, the “plague” of artificially created Human-like Klingons. Imperial Hellenistic attempts at assimilation, eventually including the forced administration of treatment and cure, and fratricidal attempts at genocide, for those refusing treatment and cure, resulted in virtually eliminating the mention of Klingon Augments from history. A few Augments, however, continue to elude those Imperial Klingon houses that, to this day, seek to fulfil their ancient vows on their blood. Such is the heritage of Ail, son of Arag, House of Noon'can, but he will not speak of it.


The Targsec had a long history

Ghil was born the first of triplets aboard the Targsec, a fast, long-range starship equipped with a cloaking device, belonging to the House of Noon'can. The ship was under attack while its commander, Ghil’s mother, Krest, was in labour pains, simultaneously giving birth in her ward and relaying battle orders to her bridge. Though the Targsec was ultimately victorious in that skirmish, forcing the cowardly Imperial Klingon attackers to retreat, a sudden power loss during the battle resulted in an accident that fatally wounded who would have been the fourth child of quadruplets, a treasured sister. Painful emotion over this tragedy formed deep and early within Ghil and, so, he cannot help but become impassionedly militant and aggressive when he thinks of his sister’s unavenged death. Traditionally, the family recounts and memorializes the event on its anniversary, and each time that they do, Ghil searches for opportunity against the cowardly Imperial Klingon house that perpetrated the attack. Frustrating for Ghil, he has found no evidence, thus far, to indicate at which Imperial Klingon house he should direct his blasting ire.


Ghil grew up with his brothers, living a wild Klingon child’s life, but constantly on the run from one safe place to another. Those formative years ingrained an instinctive urge for self-preservation in the personality of Ghil and his brothers. The goal of self-preservation was not so much out of a selfish motive, but for the noble purpose of preservation of his genetically engineered kind, his race. The necessity of keeping themselves alive rather than fight to the death, a very un-Klingon thing to do, has earned the House of Noon'can the false reputation for being cowardly. To call Ghil a coward or to imply such would almost certainly cause an aggressive countermeasure, verbal certainly, physical probably. The challenge to run from a fight is one that Ghil has overcome many times. Nonetheless, at seven years of age he killed his first targ in self-defence. The targ was a member of a boarding party that attempted to infiltrate the Targsec. Ultimately, the invaders suffered route, all except for the targ. Unable to divert resources to capture or kill the beast, the crew simply left it to roam the sub-floors of the Targsec where it had found temporary refuge. However, the targ became increasingly hungry and vicious and threatened to derive sustenance by attacking young Ghil on numerous occasions. Finally, Ghil outsmarted the creature by offering it his left arm. Naturally, the hungry targ greedily accepted the offer and attempted to devour Ghil’s arm but, as targs do, it first licked it. The flavour of the deadly poison that Ghil had purposely put all over his arm must have been appealing to the targ that licked it up until dead. Ghil then cut the creature’s head off with his father’s ceremonial sivista and displayed it proudly at mealtime. Thus, Ghil Noon'can earned the honour of a new name, Ail lich-Noon'can, and confirmed his destiny in the potentially deadly art of Klingon Science Division.


These years, spent mostly with his brothers and father, were formative for Ail, indeed. Ail’s brothers destined their tutelage in various combative arts with various other tutors, but Ail, technically the firstborn, benefited from personal tutelage at the feet of his own father, Arag. An unconventional scientist himself, Arag inculcated in Ail the genuine desire to grow up to be just like his father, to be a scientist. This background created in Ail a definitely intelligent, cunning, and machinating, mental disposition that Ail employs well in his scientific pursuits. It was with Arag that Ail’s wisdom became deeply rooted in the fundamentals of astronomy, computer sciences, English, physics, and various theoretical sciences. These educational years with Arag instilled a great ability in Ail; namely, the ability to learn from his mistakes and especially those of others, without having to experience them himself. Ail also quietly learned, however, that constantly avoiding mistakes is not always the most glorious course of action.


Arag and Krest, Ail’s parents, while under constant threat and harassment from certain prejudiced Imperial Klingon houses, felt it best, though sad, to leave the Klingon Empire and seek refuge within the United Federation of Planets. Arag, an able scientist, with bureaucratic and diplomatic skills, successfully made application to the Federation Embassy for immigrant status among the United Federation of Planets. A sympathetic member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepted the application and granted temporary citizenship to the Noon'can family of five, with permanent citizenship granted to the children, Ail and his brothers, upon successful integration into the public school system. While Ail’s brothers would not cooperate, Arag and Krest agreed that Ail would attend school in the multicultural city of Berlin, Germany, in the very heart of the Federation. It is in Berlin where young Ail got his German name, Johannes “Johan” Schwicker, and his German accent. Johan, happily, also had opportunity to develop and train his hunting skills, and acquired a taste for various types of beer and unsweetened coffee. Johan learned better the ways of the humane, and due to the conflicting Klingon versus Human ideologies, learned most effectively the art of compromise. Most importantly, though, Johan met his best friend in Berlin, a Human who, remarkably, is like a brother to him.


Johan began his career as Science Officer

As Johan matured, he began to appreciate the tremendous opportunity afforded him in the United Federation of Planets. A truly multicultural community, a melting pot, afforded Johan the relative security required to continue his education and achieve his ultimate goals. The diversity of culture among his Federation peers, however, began to restore shape to his aggressive and competitive Klingon personality. Apparently, no longer would Johan have to run from one place to another. Rather than focus purely on self-preservation, the relative stability of a foreign home in Berlin opened up to Johan a completely new world of opportunity and risks, and he wanted to see it all. Thus, declining other offers, he joined Star Fleet Academy based on its promise of life. It was with the acceptance of his application to the Academy that Johan, Ail, truly began to feel like the fighting Klingon that his genes must have him be. While at the Academy, he opted to continue in the Klingon traditions that Arag, his father, had started; namely, focus on Science, include some Engineering, and, of course, some Tactics too.


Chief Engineer Schwicker

Johan began his post-Academy career as a Science officer aboard the USS Gettysburg. There, he soon distinguished himself as a capable scientist. However, he was not content to limit his experience to mere postulation, theorization, and discovery. Increasingly, he ever desired to explore invention, integration, and engineering. Secularly, he embarked on a detailed Reverse Engineering course offered by the Academy through correspondence. His foundation in Science was of immeasurable benefit to him, as even while only about halfway through the course, as a second-year Reverse Engineering student, he demonstrated the knowledge and ability that one might expect from a capable engineer. Ever eager to further his academic pursuit in that field, and especially to satisfy his lust for practical experience in that field, he relentlessly pursued opportunity to transfer to the Gettysburg’s Engineering Department, with success.

Despite his success as a clever scientist and a capable engineer, however, Johan’s uncontrolled thirst for knowledge of the most complex systems remained unsatisfied. It was not until he attempted to apply his scientific knowledge to the task of engineering a living pathogen, capable of quickly generating a sickness among Romulan populations, at the controversial request of one Commodore Derrick Ulysses Grant, that he began to realize that the most complex and, therefore, the most challenging systems are, in fact, living ones. Again, Johan researched a change in his career path, temporarily leaving his assignment to the Gettysburg, and feverishly studied health care, medicine, and surgery at the University of Rigel-5, host to a set of subsidiary medical courses sponsored by Star Fleet Medical School. While his knowledge in the theoretical fields of science and the practical fields of engineering proved invaluable there, especially in learning the mechanics behind living things both Human and alien, the “crash-courses” only barely qualified him as a medical doctor. Nevertheless, with his newly earned title, Johan, somewhat with the enthusiasm of a man with his own private agenda, gleefully pursues the bettering of his medical abilities with live patients in a real sickbay. Apparently, based on a carefully calculated risk assessment of Johan’s ability to treat casualties in a crisis, Star Fleet felt it best, in the interests of their respective crews, to reassign Doctor Schwicker from the Gettysburg, a battle cruiser, to the Pegasus, a light cruiser.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Computer Technology, and General Theoretics.
Academy Minor(s): Romulan Linguistics, and Telepathist Psychology.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Strolling. When there is nothing to do, Johan will stroll and observe his surroundings until his senses are satisfied. He often enjoys recording interesting scenes or capturing images with his personal recorder. He very much gives the impression of an enthusiastic tourist, even in familiar surroundings. If he is not out strolling, then he is usually studying and then applying his knowledge by processing various scientific hypotheses of his own creation, either with his own equipment in his own place or another accessible and equipped laboratory. As prelude to many of his laboratory experimentations and inventions, he enjoys studying theoretical subjects such as The Mirror Universe Theory, Temporal Mechanics, The Quantum Slipstream Theory, and things of that sort. Not simply for his pleasure, he views such study as practical training. Aside from intellectual pursuits, he practices marksmanship and wrestling simply for the pleasure that he derives from competing in such sports.
Short-Term Goals: Five of Johan’s short-term goals are (1) embracing his family again, (2) visiting Ziggy again, (3) exploring strange new worlds, (4) eating the wild meat of freshly killed game by warm fire and starlight in the company of new friends and allies, and (5) upgrading his Telepathist Psychology minor, with a view to ever fortifying his mind against extrasensory invasion.
Long-Term Goals: Five of Johan’s long-term goals are (1) avenging the untimely murder of his infant sister, (2) learning to read and write the Romulan language, (3) establishing a permanent home in the Klingon Empire, (4) finding an appropriate mate and bringing forth offspring, and (5) developing a working time machine or computer model of such, if possible.
Personality: Aggressive but not bombastic, cunning but not manipulative, cautious but innocent, definitely flexible, relentless but yielding, Johan is a master of compromise.
Sense of Humor: Light-hearted with allies, sarcastic with enemies.
Phobias: Tainting his pure Noon'can blood. Ironicly, his medical practice often increases the risk of contamination. Also, Johan thrice dreamed that he was the last one alive of his race, an improbable prospect the thought of which scares him thoroughly, nonetheless.
Likes: Looking at the stars, recounting glorious accomplishments of great warriors, hunting for sustenance, and competitive games of chance and strategy.
Dislikes: Waiting too long, insufficient compensation for services rendered, reading simply for pleasure, and food and drink that are too sweet.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People that talk too much but still expect others to listen, and insults without accompanying physical assault.
Bad Habits or Vices: Johan’s right eye waters and suffers from a winking mannerism. As a result, he unconsciously wipes it from time to time even when unnecessary, sometimes inadvertently irritating it further.
Achievements: Johan’s achievements include (1) killing his first enemy (targ) at seven years of age thus receiving an honorific new name, (2) fluency in archaic Klingonaase, English, and old German, and (3) earning the Golden Starship Award—first place judged by Star Fleet Corps of Engineers—for a school paper that elaborated on the theoretical processes of a temporal engine.
Disappointments: Johan’s disappointments include (1) failure to avenge the untimely murder of his infant sister, (2) lack of opportunity to kill all of his enemies in direct physical combat, and (3) regret that he may never see his brothers again because he declined an invitation to join them in their quest.
Illnesses: Johan’s adolescent years were turbulent times for his general health since his Klingon and Human Augment genetics, both conceptually woven into his DNA, matured in synchronicity each vying to express dominance. In addition to combating a general ill feeling during that time, various medicines helped counter other aggressive effects of his transition to physical maturity. Now past the bloom of his turbulent adolescent years, he is a relatively healthy individual with a working knowledge of how to preserve said health. In the opinion of Imperial Klingons, however, he is sick from his head right down to his DNA. A cure does exist that, if applied, will convert his Klingon Augment DNA to that common in Imperial Klingons thus causing neural reconstruction and cranial ridge restoration. However, he and his race categorically refuse any treatment and cure and, therefore, solicit Imperial Klingon aggression, in the interests of the security of the current government of the Klingon Empire. Alternatively, wicked scientists have developed a destabilizing agent that, if applied, will cause his Klingon Augment DNA to progress through the final stages of augmentation giving him super strength and intelligence but increasingly uncontrolled narcissistic psychosis and short life ending in sudden and painful death. He does not recognize his Human-like condition as a sickness and categorically refuses any treatment and cure for it, especially in view of the above-mentioned alternatives.
Strengths: Johan is a charismatically influential and convincing speaker. He can go before even a large audience and speak eloquently, though passionately, with no lack of courage. He would perhaps make a good diplomat if his ideology were more conventional and a good spy if his ideology were more loyal. Additionally, he knows his way around various types of computers and their programming, from small handheld devices to large planetary frames; from cumbersome computers of old to the latest artificially intelligent brains, his understanding of the fundamentals of such seems to come naturally to him.
Weaknesses: Johan’s vision is more acute in his left eye due to a winking mannerism that frequently causes watery, blurred vision and irritation in his right. Interestingly, though Johan is a brilliant scientist and a capable engineer, he is a rather mediocre doctor who, more often than not, is correcting his mistakes. Medical necessity that forces Johan to face his phobias will almost certainly result in greater risk to his patients. Also, though he appreciates good music, Johan cannot play any instrument despite numerous attempts at the guitar and Vulcan lute; further compounding this particular weakness is that, unfortunately for his neighbours, he will not give up trying. Cooking too, he cannot cook worth beans. Finally, there are those Klingons that would say that Johan’s entire being is a handicap, but that remains fiercely disputed.
Fears: Though only a newborn when his sister was lost, thoughts of the tragedy permanently haunt Johan’s memory. That is mostly because of the Noon'can family’s annual memorial of the event at which Arag and Krest, his parents, recount every aspect of the battle in graphic detail and summarize the history with a valuable Klingon moral lesson. The effect of such fear, the loss of a potentially valuable member of the female of the species, has created in him the instinct to prioritize the safety of females over males of any species. Additionally, he is unusually, for a Klingon, sympathetic toward any that have suffered the loss of a loved one in death, especially if a female or an infant was lost.
Prejudices: Though not grudgingly prejudiced against all Imperial Klingons, Johan views any of their kind with suspicion until he knows their intentions. Oddly, unlike most Klingons, he has never viewed Vulcans or Romulans with prejudicial bias, although, he is unlikely to ever truly befriend a Romulan. When young, he viewed most alien races as inferior; now, due to multicultural exposure within the United Federation of Planets, he views most alien races as potential equals.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Long-sleeved buttoned shirt with collar, fancy pleated pants, and shiny black shoes or boots with clip-clap heals, are often Johan’s choice in casual attire. Occasionally, he will sport a snappy sleeveless vest and cummerbund too.
Distinguishing Features: Aside from appearing distinguished at times due to his dress and grooming, Johan otherwise appears unremarkably Human, complete with a receding hairline which tends to make him look a little older than he is. It is more likely to be his aggressive and competitive Klingon personality that distinguishes him from most of his peers. However, without the Human luxuries of washing and grooming, his Klingon features, manifest especially in his natural scent, his facial hair including eyebrows, and his fingernails, will increasingly distinguish him as Klingon.
Pets: None.
Friends: Hans Sigrid “Ziggy” Kitzinger. Ziggy, a white male, 24, lives in Berlin, Germany, is a skilled hunter, masters the accordion, and brews his own beer. Keenly interested in the history of Germanic peoples, he has successfully traced his genealogy back to the time of Earth’s Second World War despite the horrific damage that the Third World War caused to international census records. His unflinching effort to trace his own ancestry has endeared him to Johan and the two confide in each other as true friends. He is the only close friend of Johan that knows intimate details of his Klingon Augment heritage, and they have spent many hours bonding in the purely “scientific” pursuit of dissecting tribbles in an effort to isolate and reverse the exact cause of their negative reaction to Klingons. Conjectural hypotheses based on observable post-dissection evidence resulted in the engineering of only one successful method for eliminating the negative reaction that tribbles display towards Klingons; namely, kill the tribble. The same analyses, however, engineered multiple successful methods for killing a tribble. They thoroughly enjoyed testing their hypotheses despite the lack of a glorious breakthrough, or a permit for possession of a tribble!

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: It was the family decision to leave the expansive realm of the Klingon Empire and seek refuge in the uncertainly United Federation of Planets with no immediate prospect of ever returning home. The family had always deemed survival of their race to be paramount even if it meant resorting to escape or retreat, however, leaving the Empire, with everything that that exit implied, pained the entire house to its genetic roots. “Coward” may forever shadow the family’s every move until, perhaps, one glorious day when they can freely return home. In the meantime, the undeserved reputation of cowardice pains Johan deeply and deliberate assertions of such, directed at him or his race, will likely cause emotional pain such as unwarranted guilt and other negative, uncontrolled, reactions.
Best Time: The early years spent with his brothers and under the tutelage of his father were the best times until recently. The familial bond has a strong appeal to Johan; nevertheless, with the uncertainty of the individual destiny of each family member, he has recently had better times in the United Federation of Planets. The best time for him was in Berlin, Germany, where he developed a close bond with Ziggy, his best friend. With Ziggy, he learned how to cultivate friendship and forge alliances that enable him to stand firm and not retreat. This has tremendously boosted his morale and given new life to his aggressive and competitive Klingon personality. Feeling thus empowered and wholly Klingon has given him the best time of his life and subtly drawn him closer to the principles that are the foundation of humanity. Freedom to be oneself is one such founding principle that particularly appeals to him.
Most Crucial Experience: Johan’s final decision to join Star Fleet instead of his brothers’ quest to join Kriktok zanlich-Riskadh, a Klingon Augment with intention to lead a new rebellion into the Klingon Empire in an effort to establish freedom and independence for Augments. Actually, Johan’s experiences in the United Federation of Planets up to that important decision were all crucial but they came to a climax with the making of a final decision. His Klingon prerogative inevitably forced him to stop running from his heritage and, instead, to turn and fight it. The question was only: Which choice would he make? Fight with his brothers, or stand with Star Fleet. The decision was his to make, but the full consequences are unknown to him since he has not heard from any of his family since uttering his final say. Because of this decision, his personality continues to widen out, breaking free from narcissistic points of view. His attitude is ever on the verge of shifting from belief in the righteousness of preserving his superior genetic ancestry to embracing multiculturalism and diversity. Johan is disappointed to be apart from his brothers and their quest, but feels that he has made the right decision for the long run.
Role Model: Krom epilich-Noon'can, Johan’s ancient forefather and racial originator of his artificially engineered fusion of Klingon and Human Augment genetics. While most Klingons infected with Klingon Augment Virus lamented their deplorable condition, Krom was one Klingon Augment whose narcissistic psychosis, a result of the infection, advanced too far before scientists were able to stabilize all Klingon Augment DNA. His state of narcissistic psychosis, indiscernible at first, eventually led to the creation of a minority race of Klingon Augments that passionately loved their augmented selves and categorically refused any treatment or cure for their Human-like condition. Though an Augment, Krom was an amazingly successful Klingon that came very near to grasping control of the Klingon Empire but, alas, it was not to be. Nevertheless, he successfully wrested no less than 10 resource-rich systems from the hands of the United Federation of Planets and others through his foxy machinations in the name of the Empire. Those systems remain in the Klingon Empire to date, although, three of them no longer support carbon-based life. Krom’s fame reached epic proportions, the likes of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon Bonaparte, until shortly after his death when an aggressive anti-Augment campaign, including the forced administration of treatment and cure, virtually erased all favourable mention of Augments from the Klingon Empire. To Johan, the memory of Krom, handed down in oral tradition from generation to generation, is almost like religion to him. He sincerely wishes to live up to his family’s heroic heritage in service of the Empire, whichever “empire” that happens to be.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 20803.12 Awarded Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20803.12 Promoted to Midshipman
Reassigned to Science Officer
Assigned to USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 a. 20805.17 Awarded Second Romulan War Campaign Medal Second Romulan War Campaign Medal
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20806.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20806.01 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20807.01 Awarded Purple Heart Purple Heart
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20808.01 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20904.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20906.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20907.02 Awarded Purple Heart Purple Heart
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20907.02 Awarded Gold Star Gold Star
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20909.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20910.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 20910.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 21002.03 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Science Officer USS Gettysburg, BC-1863 a. 21002.03 – 21109.19 Special Leave of Absence
Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21109.19 Reassigned to Medical Officer
Transferred to USS Pegasus, CL-2500
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21112.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month
Reassigned to Acting Chief Medical Officer
Role Player of the Month
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 c. 21201.01 Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21203.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Lieutenant
Acting Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21205.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 2
Gold Star Gold Star 2
Diamond Star Diamond Star 1
Purple Heart Purple Heart 2
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Second Romulan War Campaign Medal Second Romulan War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 6

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