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Led “Hoes” Meader
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Gettysburg, BC-1863
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Johan Schwicker
158 cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
98 kg (216 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Led’s hair is a natural curly mess because he is unconcerned with having it combed and cut regularly. Led argues that regulation hair length should apply equally regardless of gender and so he allows his hair to grow long. While on duty, he wears an engineer’s cap, similar to that worn by gamma welders underneath their face shields. Within the cap, Led keeps tucked away any hair of his head too long to avoid suspicion regarding regulation length.
Short, stout, and heavyset.
Light to medium.
Facial Hair:
Cycles between various stages of unkempt stubble and beard until, usually by coercion, Led feels compelled to shave once again.
High and raspy.
United Federation of Planets
Fraena Medium Retention Centre, Sop Island, Ghertia, Free Consolidation of Fondia, Deneb IV. Led was miserably conceived in one of many acts of violence that occurred during an eight-day prison riot that brought down the barriers that segregated the male from female prisoners.
Familial Relationships
Squalor Meader
Soma Trieste
Status of Parents:
Squalor is still serving time at a newly rebuilt Fraena Medium Retention Centre ever planning his next great escape. Soma, however, has served her time there and now lives in a shanty in Monto, a small city on the other side of Fondia. Life is risky for Soma since Led’s former gang has a chapter in that city and, although the gang is not actively searching for her, an encounter with a gang member that knows her through Led could carry unwholesome repercussions. Nevertheless, Soma has gained a small measure of respect and security from her peers that know of her pride in Led, her illegitimate son in Star Fleet.
Led has no family in the usual sense but has countless half brothers and sisters because his father has done nothing but bring illegitimate offspring into the world.
Marital Status:
Single. Led is a cad like his father, does not understand the concept of loyal marriage, and does not believe that he should ever marry.
Like his father, Led sows his seed abundantly and indiscriminately but runs away from the responsibility when it is harvest time.

Personal History

Having been conceived in prison, Led was removed from his incarcerated mother at birth and raised in a crowded hostel with other displaced children and youths. When weaned at four years of age, as was the unwritten subculture policy, he began his career as a labourer for a local power generation station in order to generate financial compensation for the hostel’s services. Led gained practical and firsthand knowledge of a wide variety of machines and their parts as well as the principles of their operation, but suffered constantly as a victim of unspeakable abuse at the hands of his guardians and authority figures. As a result, Led determined that it was necessary to run away, as all the other children and youths in the hostel determined too. Few were courageous enough to attempt escape, however, and fewer still managed to succeed. Among them, however, was Led who finally succeeded in escaping at 11 years of age.

Not alone on the streets for long, Led eventually found a brotherhood of sorts with the Cutteyes street gang, and a brother of sorts with Jos Load, a member of that gang. The Cutteyes’ territory included a hugely vast and very dirty scrap yard where corporate giants transported all manner of discarded equipment, machinery, and infrastructure. It was from the heaps of wasted nuts and bolts that Jos Load helped Led find his place among the Cutteyes as he discovered that Led was able to put things together and salvage a great deal enough to earn the Cutteyes some money for guns, knives, and flags, not to mention a cut for Jos. Jos handled the bartering and trading, Led handled the take-aparts and put-togethers, and the rest of the gang marked the land and kept raising the stakes for their competitors.

Eventually, the Lol Soots, a jealous rival gang, issued an unforgivable ultimatum and there was outrageous demand for war. It was not to be, however, as treacherous informants within each gang tipped off law enforcement agents that acted decisively and caused enough of a snafu to bring down key personnel within each gang. It was while under arrest and during intense interrogation when Led was permitted to meet his mother for the first time since he was born. As part of a deal that promised a better life and permitted his release and reunion with his mother, Led betrayed Jos Load and everything else that he knew about the Cutteyes. By that time, Led was 15 and ready to start a new life with a new name, Hoes, after successful application for entry into a state-funded relocation program. At once, with his mother, he moved to the other side of the country to the small city of Monto.

Finally free from the streets, Led lived relatively constructively with his mother and found reasonable employment as a temporary labourer with the Fondian Power Commission. Though his status as a temporary labourer never changed, Led maintained his employment for four years. Finally, Led’s diligence and teachableness paid off when his employer, just before he himself retired, offered him what he said was “the next best thing to a permanent job.” It was a one-way ticket to four years at Star Fleet Academy and a dream and a chance to join the Star Fleet Corps of Engineers.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): General Engineering, and Manufacturing & Machinery.
Academy Minor(s): Aerospace Shop, and Finance.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Led loves to cater to the needs of little creatures like birds, guppies, spiders, etc.
Short-Term Goals: Led is not accustomed to thinking beyond his immediate needs and desires, such as food, drink, rest.
Long-Term Goals: Led has no clearly defined long term goals except that he does not want to end up incarcerated like his father.
Personality: Cheerfully provocative and confrontational, but he is all bark and no bite.
Sense of Humor: Sexy, dirty, sometimes demeaning even to himself.
Phobias: Sleeping or bathing around strangers or behind unlocked door.
Likes: Brotherhood, camaraderie, fellowship, females, and good food and drink. Led also derives a sense of satisfaction from hard work.
Dislikes: Led hates his own past history, also demonstrates a great lack of self-respect.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Led tends to resent counsel against his vices and that which aims to generate deeper self-respect within him, though he knows such counsel is wise.
Bad Habits or Vices: Smokes moderately, drinks daily, overeats usually, but never gets enough sleep or exercise.
Achievements: Led has survived thus far, no small achievement. Though Led hates his past history, he is proud of his good fortune in terms of his durability and survivability.
Disappointments: Led never had a childhood in the way that he believes that children should be able to experience it.
Illnesses: Moderate nicotine dependency, wheezing during and after heavy exertion, and frequent formation of kidney stones involving painful erection and passing and, on occasion, medical treatment.
Strengths: Though Led does not believe in luck, he is one lucky son of gun. This manifests itself in his durability and survivability.
Weaknesses: Prone to jealousy, sometimes even envy of those obviously enjoying a better standard of living.
Fears: Loss of freedom to do as he pleases, a fear often exploited by his superiors to good effect.
Prejudices: Non-humanoid persons purported to be intelligent enough to direct humanoid life, regardless of whether they are indeed intelligent enough to do so.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: In private, Led prefers not to wear shirt or pants, though he is seldom without underpants at least. When compelled to dress out of uniform, his clothing is comfortable but looks like a random assortment of patched up rags.
Distinguishing Features: The harder Led works the more he perspires, and the more he perspires the more he stinks because he prefers to be natural rather than use personal hygiene products. His natural odour is manly and robust but stinks like musky sweat. In addition, Led has a clearly visible but very sloppy tattoo marking that resembles a Gothic “C” with crossed pipe bombs in it on the underside of his right wrist. The marking indicates that a violent street gang, the Cutteyes, once viewed Led as a permanent member, though they now view him as a deserter.
Pets: Two birds, one male, one female, native to Deneb IV called hooters that resemble tiny finches. Led keeps them in a cage in his quarters for their protection, but releases them whenever possible so that they may fly about freely. Bird dust, discarded feathers, and droppings scattered throughout Led’s quarters and on his belongings is a common discovery, for example, on the shoulder of his uniform.
Friends: Led has no true friends but grew up as a member of a street gang called the Cutteyes. Jos Load, a fellow gang member, was the closest male friend that Led ever had. As a brother was Jos until Led turned him in to law enforcement officials in order to save himself from the full penalty of the law. Shortly after that, Led joined Star Fleet Academy and gradually drifted away from association with his former gang that sought opportunity against him but feared his connection with Star Fleet.

The female acquaintance closest to being a friend of Led was a very attractive, flirty server that worked in the Two Tassels Bar, on the corner of Dinas Avenue and Maine Street in Monto. Led frequently tipped her generously but he cannot remember her name nor is he inclined to renew acquaintance thus providing her a sorry excuse for a father for her illegitimate offspring.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience:  CENSORED 
Best Time: One night with a female acquaintance, a flirty server that worked in the Two Tassels Bar, on the corner of Dinas Avenue and Maine Street in Monto. Led cannot remember her name, but he feels that she is the closest thing to a mate that he will ever have.
Most Crucial Experience: Under arrest and interrogation, law enforcement essentially cut Led a break by making a deal with him for the betrayal of the Cutteyes in exchange for a new life with his previously unknown mother.
Role Model: Led has no specific role model, but refers with affection to anyone who seems to escape the consequences of their bad decisions, such as Evel Knievel, George Burns, and Rita MacNeil.

Supplemental Information

Characters Tally:
Name Type Status
Johannes “Johan” Schwicker Player Character Retired

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