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Career Occupation
Chief Science Officer
USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Star Fleet Registration:
GR‑279‑8899 BCN
Biographical Attributes
Kzintosh (Male)
218 cm (about 7 ft. 2 in.)
145 kg (about 320 lb.)
Eye Color:
Avocado rimmed with Spanish violet. He has transparent nictitating membranes, but surprisingly Human-like round pupils and irises. In addition, Khrag’s eyes are equipped with tapeta lucida that give him night vision, but can result in green eyeshine.
Hair Color:
Khrag’s base coat is a natural golden hue with beautiful stripes ranging from Persian orange to goldenrod and black. The tint of his base coat graduates to ivory around his brow, muzzle, chin, underarms, lower chest, abdomen, and groin.
Khrag’s coat is thick but shorthaired. From the stubble at the base of his tail, his hair gradually grows thicker and longer up along his spine to his neck. Around his neck, just behind his jaws, he maintains his hair in impressive mane-like fashion. He wants his regal appearance to reflect the honor of his name. Therefore, his naturally occurring “mane” or “beard” requires regular grooming, along with the rest of his coat, to keep it clean and dignified.
Khrag is full of lean, dense muscle, has a large chest and upper body with multiple hearts—does not experience circulatory shock[3] in reaction to injury and trauma—and a latticework ribcage, and has a flexible spine that prefers to arch forward. Though he prefers to walk and run upright, he is able to run 56 km/h (about 35 MPH) on all fours like a beast. His scaly rat-like tail, an extension of his vertebral column, serves a thermoregulatory function that offsets generated body heat, and it serves as an aid to balance and can even adjust his center of gravity.
A striped coat of fur covers Khrag’s entire body except for his “naked” tail. Therefore, his skin is normally invisible, except for his tail, which is silver pink. Nevertheless, the stripes that pattern his fur also pattern his skin beneath it.
Facial Hair:
Khrag clips the extremities of his whiskers with a specially designed tool he calls, appropriately enough, a “whisker.” Proper use of the whisker generates a natural-looking, finely pointed tip that enhances his natural ability to receive sensory information about his surrounding environment through his whiskers. For example, he can instinctively sense motion-induced vibrations in the air all around him, even without seeing the motion with his eyes.
Falsetto. When Khrag speaks Heroes’ Tongue, his first language, with fellow Heroes, it is a cacophonic orchestra accompanied by a charade of body language pantomime of mixed scent, to unlearned ears, eyes, and nose. He speaks in a respected Royal mode of Heroes’ Tongue that associates him with the ruling class. In common English, his second language, however, his speech includes a few subtle, involuntary hisses and growls, mainly because his large felid fangs make it difficult for him to articulate English words. When emotionally charged, therefore, his speech includes a proportionately greater number of short, involuntary hisses and growls. In extreme cases, he may hiss out English words misunderstood or even switch English words with their Heroes’ Tongue equivalent. When he is either very excited or very annoyed his tone changes to screams and roars, and when he is afraid or wary his tone changes to very long hisses and growls. His roars can be purposefully dangerous because he can include infrasound frequencies (8 to 18 Hz) that others can feel, a sensation that causes momentary paralysis in creatures with only one heart. On the other hand, when he is comfortable or in extreme pain, his speech and breathing include an attractive virile purr, the persistent power of which has a medically therapeutic, healing effect. His purr, which oscillates around 25 Hz on an exhale, acts as a painkiller by blocking such impulses to his brain. In addition, long-term benefits include improved bone density, faster healing of infections, and anti-dyspnea effects.
United Federation of Planets
Khrag was born at the Rritt House, next to the Patriarch’s Tower overlooking the Plain of Stgrat, in Capital City, Kzin. True to the nature of his home, Khrag’s physiology prefers long days, wide-open spaces, slightly cooler temperatures, drier atmospheres, and heavier gravity. Nevertheless, over several years with Star Fleet, he has adapted to variations in his environment as he switches back and forth between Fleet standards and his own needs whenever possible.
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Suits‑Riit is a noble of Kzin, a relative of the Highest of Kzin, a descendant of the ancestral Rritt‑Pride, and he has many powerful allies. He is a mature Hero, stands 244 cm (about 8 ft.) tall, and weighs around 227 kg (about 500 lb.). His size and power are a result of personally benefiting from Rritt‑Pride genetic manipulation technologies and selective breeding methodologies developed and employed throughout the generations since the Earth‑Kzin Wars. He personally oversees the Kzin “police” force, including a fleet of 12 corvette-like starships, all from its orbital headquarters, positioned high above Capital City, Kzin. As for Mother, she continues to live a sub-sapient life governed by her instincts, and by her owner who keeps her, and the rest of his harem, safe at the Rritt House in Capital City, Kzin.
Khrag’s father has caused the birth of 24 kits—12 male, 12 female—by several females of his harem. By Mother, he has brought forth not only Khrag, but also a female twin. Nevertheless, without the honor of his full name, Khrag cannot obtain the status of kin. Therefore, all Kzinti commoners are his rival “brothers,” but especially are those Heroes in a position to inherit or usurp greater honor meant for him. (“Sisters,” on the other hand, bear no consideration at all, except that a harem of many of them is desirable when he earns the honor of his hereditary name and breeding privileges.) Eight Heroes are Khrag’s greatest rival brothers by his father: Thirsk‑Sheriff, Purst‑Inspector, Shtetl‑Captain, Premfish‑Deputy, Gee'h‑Trooper, Moet‑Trooper, Parth‑Trooper, and Knell‑Warden. (Khrag ranks ninth.) Three commoners are his lesser rival brothers by his father: Warden’s‑Assistant, Timekeeper‑Clerk, and Twelfth Son of Suits‑Riit.
Marital Status:
Single. Marriage is a foreign concept to Khrag, but breeding is not. However, his Kzinti patriarchs will not grant him breeding privileges until he first earns them. Though he has obtained the honor of a partial name in recognition of his noble birth and inheritance, Khrag must actually earn his full name to receive females and breeding privileges. Thus, great deeds that advance the interests of the Patriarchy may motivate his patriarchs, such as his father, Suits‑Riit, to bestow upon him his hereditary name, “Riit.” Only then could “Khrag‑Riit” expect to contribute his genetic potential to the increase of many more Heroes of the Patriarchy.

Personal History

Khrag was born with a rare aberration; he possessed an unwelcome aptitude for telepathy. However, rather than cull him, his patriarchs chose to make use of him. Consequently, while he was still very young, they transferred him to a special institution equipped to fashion him into a useful telepath in service to the Patriarchy. To that end, the institution injected weaponized sthondat lymph extract, a highly addictive drug, into his regimen. It magnified his powers, but he became addicted to it and experienced its toxic side effects in the form of depression, neuroticism, muscular atrophy, and thinning fur. Furthermore, by means of his addiction, the institution maintained its control over him. Paradoxically, Heroes recognized Khrag’s telepathic specialty and sought to make use of it, but they despised him because of his resultant shameful appearance and because of his “weakness,” enslavement to Sthondat. Khrag ranked little more than a slave without a future, until he eventually used his powers to overcome coercion of his brothers to the contrary and escape the Patriarchy.

Khrag sought asylum within the United Federation of Planets where Doctor Johannes Schwicker took him on as his patient. The doctor’s detoxification processes promoted Khrag’s return to homeostasis, and his diagnosis supported Khrag’s registration for protection and his application for Federation integration. Eventually, Khrag settled in San Francisco, Northern California, USA, where he found part-time employment, first as a door attendant, then as a uniformed security guard for a reputable courier service that frequented Star Base Delta. Thus, he supported further secular education. He learned to “master” common English as good as any fanged felid could, and he had opportunity to demonstrate an instinctive understanding of formal sciences, such as logic, statistics, and decision analysis. He is naturally accustomed to thinking in octal and hexadecimal numeral systems—he has eight fingers and eight toes—so it was not easy for him to convert to decimal, but his mathematical multilingualism gave him certain advantages in theoretical computer science. Bound by his honor, he felt under obligation to “repay” the Federation’s compassion and generosity, so he applied to join Star Fleet. With Commodore Nicholas Ristone’s sponsorship, and Doctor Schwicker’s testimonial, Khrag gained entrance to Star Fleet Academy.

At the Academy, Khrag found competition in Galignor, a large Nausicaan. Their differences pitted them against each other with Khrag’s devotion to a code of honor versus Galignor’s invention of ruse. They were often star competitors in games that demonstrated feats of strength or martial ability, especially Gatka, Galignor with his sneaky tricks and Khrag with his angry honor. Media portrayed Galignor as “hunter,” often becoming the “hunted,” while Khrag played the part of “beast.” Eventually, they became friends. However, Galignor played his worst trick on Khrag when he mischievously laced his meat with illicitly acquired Sthondat. Neither was prepared for the unexpected consequences. Khrag quickly recovered from his surprise exposure to Sthondat, but Galignor’s mistake, and the resultant inquiry, ended their “friendship.” Thereafter, Khrag graduated from the Academy, left Galignor behind, and embarked on his new assignment.

Khrag graduated Star Fleet Academy as a Security Officer and began his assignment as such. Perhaps it was a combination of his initial underestimation of his own intellect and the push of his peers who saw only his obvious physical characteristics that Khrag did not at first consider to pursue a career in Science. However, as Khrag gradually rose through the ranks he did not miss opportunities to express his surprisingly comprehensive understanding of the formal sciences, nor did he miss opportunities to demonstrate his qualifications as a leader. He began to flex his hidden intellectual muscle. Suddenly, the opportunity for him to exercise both his leadership and his intellect unexpectedly arose in the approval of his promotion to Chief Science Officer—a promotion the honor of which he readily accepted.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Homeworld Security and Emergency Preparedness.
Academy Minor(s): Game Theory.
Hobbies and Pastimes: Khrag is a competitive Gatka player, he enjoys running a marathon, and he finds fricket fun. After sport, he likes napping in the warm glow of sunshine or, in the absence of actual sunshine, a bright red heat lamp. As far as hobbies go, he collects ancient printed material, especially if the popular culture that produced it viewed it as erroneous. The prize of his collection is a front page torn off an ancient Earth newspaper dated July 5, 1989, long before the Earth‑Kzin Wars, featuring the headline “Woman Births Twin Kits,” complete with color picture of the woman with her kits. Khrag proudly displays it as a framed picture on his wall.
Short-Term Goals: Khrag wants to do three things, soon: (1) He hopes to visit his father, Suits‑Riit, and his brothers, but somewhere outside of the Patriarchy. He believes that such a visit might afford him the opportunity to earn greater honor. (2) He hopes to follow up on his former friendship with Galignor to see what has become of him, and to see if salvaging their friendship might be useful in some way. (3) He is always on the lookout for ancient printed material to add to his collection.
Long-Term Goals: Khrag wants to do three things, eventually: (1) He feels that he must earn the honor of his full, hereditary name, “Riit,” and all the privileges that come with it. The name is a great one, indicating kin of the ancestral Rritt‑Pride, a royal family with a long history of producing heirs of the Patriarchy, including the Highest of Kzin. (2) He has been trying to discover or engineer an effective receptor antagonist versus the harmful effects of Sthondat. He tried naloxone and variations of it, but, alas, the telepath drug is not an opioid, thus his experimental trials with naloxone have always yielded negative results. (3) Falsetto singing in songs of common English make words sound more natural to him than the same words spoken. Therefore, he wishes to learn how to sing common English words.
Personality: Judging by the standards common to Heroes, Khrag is tame. This, however, is not a weakness; it is because of the strength of his regal self-control. Khrag usually exercises his self-control in one of two ways. Either he is responsive, a reaction that often causes him to appear fanatical, or he is unresponsive, a reaction that often causes him to appear aloof. The reality, however, is that Khrag’s emotional responses may be foreign to non-felids and difficult for them to interpret. In either case, because of his devotion to a code of honor, Khrag will not lie about anything, even to his shame.
Sense of Humor: Khrag was not born with a sense of humor, but he has found evil amusement in insults suffered—by others, of course.
Phobias: None.
Likes: Adherence to a respectable code of honor, and he respects honesty. He also values fresh kill to eat and free space to live in. When compelled to dine in a formal setting, he likes his game fresh—he will go and get it, if he has to—and he insists on maintaining his elbowroom. Since life on a starship can become somewhat restrictive and confined, he loves shore leave where there is game and wide-open spaces. Khrag also likes bigness!
Dislikes: Dishonor and dishonesty. Even though he has learned the value of nicknaming convention, viewing it as a way to recognize informal honor among friends, and he, therefore, accepts that many of his Star Fleet associates simply call him “Khrag” or “Cadet” when his name is actually “Khrag‑Cadet,” he considers deliberate name-calling insulting. Though he does not like to be insulted, he has occasionally insulted others. In addition, the mere thought of eating vegetation thoroughly disgusts him.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: The common misconception that Gorn males are bigger than Kzinti males.
Bad Habits or Vices: If he is comfortable enough, he may forget all about his surroundings and loudly cup liquid refreshment or nourishment with his tongue rather than shoot it down quietly between his teeth. In addition, he tends to lick his fingers and his plate clean.
Achievements: Khrag has survived years of Sthondat use, no small feat of endurance. Furthermore, he has recovered from its damaging side effects, has become an example of fitness, and now maintains a dignified, regal appearance. While training at Star Fleet Academy, Khrag joined the World Gatka Federation and competed in that sport. Together with his friend, Galignor, Khrag became a media sensation. Besides his natural talent for sport, Khrag demonstrated an intellectual diligence above and beyond the norm during Science classes at the Academy.

It’s a long way to Homeworld…

Khrag regrets his aptitude for telepathy and rather views it as a handicap that has robbed him of a “normal” life with his father, with his brothers, and, ultimately, with his Kzinti civilization. He also blames it for the loss of the first and only friend that he ever had. Furthermore, he has repeatedly sought to engineer a receptor antagonist versus the harmful effects of Sthondat, but all of his experimental trials were failures. Finally, though he and his friend, Galignor, were a media sensation during their years at Star Fleet Academy, Gatka was not a mainstream sport, and, so, neither was their recognition outside of the World Gatka Federation.
Illnesses: Khrag continues to repress occasional desires to return to Sthondat. The drug magnifies his telepathic powers, but a single dose will cause him to suffer depression and neuroticism for up to 8 hours, after which he will need to sleep at least 20 hours in order to avoid muscle atrophy and thinning fur. While under its influence, Khrag relaxes and his mind wanders elsewhere so as to probe the minds of targets up to 2,500 km (about 1,553 mi) away, but the ordeal is disgusting, painful, and exhausting for him. Unavoidably, his Sthondat-magnified powers cause his victims to experience debilitating migraines and seizures until he releases them, they escape, or they lose consciousness. As an aid to combating sudden cravings for Sthondat, Khrag has resorted to breaking zheerekti leaves, similar to nepeta cataria, native to Earth. He breaks them to inhale the nepetalactone released, which triggers a harmless reaction that briefly enhances pleasure received through his five base senses, thus reducing or eliminating his immediate craving for Sthondat.
Strengths: Tracking, hunting, and physical combat, all on land—versus an opponent with no technological advantages—would be no contest to Khrag, with very few individual exceptions. Instinctive skills pertaining to such primitive vocations of his come naturally to him by virtue of his feline nature, including a keen sense of smell. He is also a good swimmer. In a demonstration of strength, he is able to bend (unbraced) a 22 mm (7/8 in.) hot roll round steel long bar, 76 cm (about 30 in.) length, in mere seconds, and a 27 mm (1 1/16 in.) long bar in under 5 minutes.
Weaknesses: New technology has not only awed but also often amazed and baffled Khrag, taking him by surprise, because he usually thinks in terms of the status quo. Consequently, his aggressive nature has often caused him to leap before looking into any assignment, no matter the challenge. Normally, one would expect that such a blind leap that resulted in initial failure would at least teach him a valuable lesson in prudence. Khrag, however, is unwilling to admit defeat and usually leaps in again, and again, until frustrated and exhausted, thus forcing him to adapt his approach. On the positive side of his weakness, however, Khrag’s superiors can know that he will always give them his all, no matter what it is that they ask of him. Setting him up to fail, however, could have dire consequences both for him and for those hoping in his success.
Fears: Khrag is afraid that he might return to Sthondat use. Therefore, he personally avoids telepathy all together because he associates it with Sthondat. Of course, if circumstances necessitate that he use his latent telepathic powers for good, he might do so, but he will fiercely object to all requests to weaponize them with illicit Sthondat.
Prejudices: Khrag is prejudiced against intelligent females of any species. However, he usually counters his prejudice by viewing females as a separate species in their own right. Thus, he subconsciously disassociates gender from the equation and is able to esteem all fellow Star Fleet officers. However, he will usually address a superior officer as “Sir,” regardless of gender. Khrag views other felid or semi-felid species, such as Aulacri, Caitian, Draylaxian, Ferasan, or Mirak, as subsidiary. Oddly, however, he views the average Human as more intelligent than the average Kzinti. Khrag also scorns Vulcans because of their exclusively vegetarian diet, which is incomprehensible to him.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Khrag views clothing as a visual aid to comparing due honor. Therefore, even when he is out of uniform, he always wears his best, and he always proudly wears his Fleet-issued communication badge. His best suit is a black brocade kilt-like garment with belt and sash and a white blouse akin to a poet shirt complete with full bishop sleeves and decorative frills down the front and on the cuffs. Though Khrag does not look naked even when he is naked, because of his fur coat—not to mention that he is a Boreoeutherian-like mammal, but with internal testes—he is conscious of dress codes and public expectations that require covering at least his private area.
Distinguishing Features: Khrag is a tiger-sized biped with a rat-like tail. His furry face has familiar eyes, but an eerie black nose, ghost white whiskers, four pairs of large fangs, and frilled membranous ears that fold back flat against his head in defense. Each of his mighty arms end in licorice black hands with three fingers and an opposing thumb, all with sharp, retractable shiny black claws, just like his feet. Furthermore, his pattern of stripes is unique to him, like a fingerprint, as are the many ornately detailed symbols tattooed within the membranous folds of his ears.
Pets: The closest thing to a pet that Khrag ever had was Mother.
Friends: Khrag is not averse to temporary alliances, but he has yet to cultivate lasting friendships. Once, when he was a cadet at Star Fleet Academy, he thought that he had met a true friend in Galignor, a large Nausicaan. However, Khrag discovered that Galignor betrayed him with tricks rather than reciprocate true friendship. Since then, Khrag has required significant time to cultivate individual friendships.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Khrag lived in a world that applied a survival of the fittest mechanism. The necessary physical pain along with emotional detachment was numbing. Therefore, the thought of cultivating genuine friendships never even occurred to him until after he escaped the Patriarchy. Especially at Star Fleet Academy, he began to see the value of cultivating lasting friendships beyond mere temporary alliances. However, nothing could have prepared him for the moral and psychological conflict that resulted when his first, only, and best friend, Galignor, betrayed their friendship by taking advantage of his greatest “weakness,” Sthondat addiction, for his own amusement. This painful experience left Khrag apprehensive about cultivating lasting friendships.
Best Time: No longer under the influence of depressive Sthondat, and with much of his memories of the past repressed, Khrag is presently having the best time of his life. Occasionally, however, he experiences a misplaced nostalgic feeling for the past in general, which makes him feel unhappy.
Most Crucial Experience: His escape from the Patriarchy and his rescue by Star Fleet through his association with Doctor Johannes Schwicker. As Khrag, with the Doctor’s help, gradually came out from under the influence of Sthondat, he began to think and feel “normal” for the first time in his life. He views his personal experience as a good example of how the Federation reflects the highest values, and he aspires to use his renewed strength to demonstrate similar compassion and generosity.
Role Model:


Reoll‑Riit, the legendary Hero who demonstrated that the advantages of speed could triumph over the advantages of power. Of course, Khrag would love to become the biggest, most powerful Kzinti, but considering his life as a telepath on Kzin, which was physically weakening, Khrag knows that he will never be able to recover all of the potential growth that he lost because of weaponized sthondat lymph extract. In the face of this disappointment, Khrag looks to the example of Reoll‑Riit, both legend and forbear, who inspires him to see advantages where others do not, and to think outside the box.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21407.21 Received Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21407.21 Promoted to Midshipman
Reassigned to Security Officer
Assigned to USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21410.01 Awarded Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21410.01 Promoted to Ensign Ensign
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21501.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21501.01 Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21501.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21503.01 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21503.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Security Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21507.01 Promoted to Lieutenant Lieutenant
Chief Science Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21508.16 Reassigned to Chief Science Officer
Chief Science Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21510.01 Awarded Diamond Star Diamond Star
Chief Science Officer USS Yeager, FSC-28018 21511.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Diamond Star Diamond Star 2
Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe Star Fleet Distinguished Service Globe 1
Campaign Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Krynar War Campaign Medal Krynar War Campaign Medal 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 3

Contact Information


Supplemental Information

Characters Tally:
Name Type Status
Johannes “Johan” Schwicker Previous Player Character Retired
Led “Hoes” Meader Registered Non-Player Character Retired
Khrag-Cadet Current Player Character Active

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  3. A life-threatening medical condition of low blood perfusion to tissues resulting in cellular injury and inadequate tissue function.