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Alaurien P'lonnos
Alaurien Plonnos.png
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Dauntless, CA-1553
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Alaurien Pollox-Lazune P'lonnos
1/2 Aenar, 1/2 Andorian
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Cerulean, with a milky glaze.
Hair Color:
Soft, pastel ivory, with very slight silver highlights.
Alaurien always keeps her hair in an updo of some sort, with either a single flower, or several smaller blooms dotting her curls. When off-duty, she prefers a single fishtail braid, with smaller flowers intertwined.
Slender, though not at all bony. Alaurien's petite frame is filled, enough to give her a bit of cushion.
Just barely off-white, with a tinge of blue around her lips, the interior of her mouth, nose, ears, palms, and the interior of her antennae. She has a very pale blue undertone to her skin.
Facial Hair:
None, save eyebrows and eyelashes.
Quiet, lilting, almost sing-song in nature. She does stutter when stressed, and has odd pauses in her speech at times.
United Federation of Planets
Aenar Caves, Andoria
Familial Relationships
Kollex ch'Zaar (Andorian)
Lazuren t'Lorrex (Aenar)
Azuna p'Lonnos (Aenar)
Jeziah p'Kier (Aenar)
Marital Status:

Personal History

Alaurien Pollox-Lazune P’Lonnos was born on December 14th, during the heart of Andorian winter. Despite the cold, little Ala was quite healthy, and was raised in the capable hands of her parental quad. She was a shy child, preferring the company of her parents rather than her peers, and would often request that she retire early from her classes, so she might work with her mothers instead. Though this was denied, Alaurien made sure that every moment she could, she was following her Thavan, Lazuren, like a shadow.

Alaurien adored working with her thavan, who served as a psychologist for Aenar and Andorian alike. He was a highly telepathic individual, yet calm and collected amidst the torrent of thoughts and voices around him. She would practice his blocking techniques from a young age, sitting quietly during his sessions and forcing herself not to allow his patients' thoughts to trickle through. Her dream of following in his footsteps would end, however, when an Andorian patient brought his phaser, and in a fit of rage during his session, shot at both Alaurien and Lazuren. Lazuren had shielded her, though not before one blast struck her abdomen.

It would be years before Alaurien understood what damage had been dealt to her. The scars across her abdomen served as a daily reminder that she would never be able to have her own family-- a thought that sent her spiraling into a depression. Even though she busied herself with working alongside her zhavey, functioning as her assistant in the medical ward, the monotonous routine of passing by the operating table she had laid on was too much. It was this depression that caused Alaurien decided to leave Andoria. Hired by a passing freighter as a doctor, she left her home behind to rid herself of the memories trapped beneath the ice.

The freighter was aptly named the Stardust, a very, very dusty old thing, but still operational. The crew was a soft bunch, mainly humans, with two Andorians, a Tellarite, and of course, herself. Despite the occasional witty comment from the Tellarite chef, Alaurien found the Stardust to be a relieving change. The crew made certain she would be comfortable on board-- especially the Captain's son, Oliver Birch. After a mishap nearly ten minutes into her stay on the stardust, Alaurien found a friend in the sheepish crewman. This friendship grew over the course of two years, and slowly changed to something deeper. Though it was never stated, it was obvious that Ala and Oliver were involved.

Alaurien and Oliver would be together for just over a year before the Stardust was attacked by a rogue band of pirates. Captain Birch surrendered their cargo of dilithium crystals in order to obtain reassurance that his crew would be left alone, but damage had already been done. Oliver, along with three other crewmen, were present in the lower decks when the first shot was fired. They were blown into space before the forcefields could generate.

A horribly distraught Alaurien was unable to cope with Oliver’s loss. She was forced to accept help from the crew to care for her patients, and by doing so, knew she would never be able to become a doctor in Starfleet, as Oliver had suggested. She was compromised. With a heavy heart and tight throat, Alaurien left the Stardust on their next trip to Andoria, where she stayed with her parents to recover from her pain. It was Lazuren who suggested she follow Oliver's encouragement and apply to Starfleet Academy. By the end of that year, she was enrolled.

Her Academy years were no more noteworthy than her peers. She chose a career in Cartography after changing majors repeatedly, for the better part of six months. Though her equipment had to be custom-made to suit her lack of vision, Alaurien excelled as a student, and graduated within the top 10% of her class.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Cartography and Astronomy
Academy Minor(s): Botany, Geology
Hobbies and Pastimes: Making flowers, Sketching, singing, collecting shells and rocks, sewing, knitting, and baking.
Short-Term Goals: To find a suitable mate, to become more comfortable on starships
Long-Term Goals: Somehow be able to have children of her own, retire to Earth, become a professor of cartography at the academy.
Personality: Alaurien is a cheerful individual, almost never without a smile. She is quick to offer help to anyone in need, and even quicker to indulge in sweets when she can. Alaurien's off days are very detectable, and despite all she does to block other's emotions, her own are very easy to read.
Sense of Humor: Alaurien is not one to tell jokes, though she will laugh at the ones she understands. She is quite oblivious to most jokes told by humans. She is very sensitive to jokes regarding anything sexual, death, racism, or insults.
Phobias: Aichmophobia(Needles), Glossophobia(Public Speaking), Hypsiphobia(Heights)
Likes: Cold weather, snow, soft things, most animals, sheep, plushies, sweet smells, sweet foods, ice cream
Dislikes: Hot weather, steam, feeling physically exposed, bikinis, insects and crawlies, spicy food, bitter tastes, being ill, sickbay
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Rudeness, Persistent noise, untidy people
Bad Habits or Vices: Chewing the inside of her cheek, isolating herself, speaking too quietly, panicking when stressed
Achievements: Being accepted to Star Fleet Academy, facing her fears with Oliver, being welcomed aboard the stardust
Disappointments: Finding that she was sterile, not being able to become a doctor, learning she would be away from her family
Illnesses: Though not an illness, Alaurien is completely sterile. The surgery to contain her Phase-pulse infection had to take most of her reproductive organs, lest it spread throughout her body.
Strengths: Compassion, knowledge, kindness, understanding, level-minded, pacifistic
Weaknesses: Fragile, blind, flighty, jumps easily, occasionally oblivious, pacifistic
Fears: Being alone in the dark, Being seen naked, being cat-called/hit on by strangers, sexual encounters, voids, deep ocean, Andorian warriors
Prejudices: Andorians who choose to go into the guard, or any other form of fighting, are heartless and cold, and are not afraid to hurt others in their way.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Alaurien prefers comfort over style. She owns few articles of clothing that do not cover her limbs entirely- long sleeved shirts and pants being her choice above all. Most of her shirts have a type of graphic on them, whether it be a quote or a picture. She also owns a sheep onesie that she wears in her quarters.
Distinguishing Features: Two very light, almost invisible scars, about 3 inches long, in a V shape on her abdomen. She had chose to keep them in order to make herself stronger. Her left antennae is slightly shorter than the right.
Pets: Kinna – 6-foot albino boa constrictor, previously owned by Oliver Birch
Friends: Oliver Birch (Deceased) – A passionate, yet shy human male Alaurien met while on the cargo ship, the Stardust. Alaurien has yet to find anyone to fill his space.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Being shot while shadowing her father. More emotionally than physically, knowing she would never be able to have a family is a thought that still tears at her core. The need for children of her own was close to her, and that privilege was stripped away at a young age.
Best Time: Kayaking in Rainbow Springs, Earth, with Oliver. He had brought her to his hometown for a week of playful splashing, and cozy autumn afternoons. The cold springs felt like home to her, and she still has a few clam shells from the trip.
Most Crucial Experience: Losing Oliver. Oliver's death was a severe blow to Alaurien's confidence, as well as her self-worth. It had taken her years to finally become comfortable with him, enough to trust him past her fear of being exposed. Losing him just as she was growing accustomed to love decimated her mindset. She knew she could never be a doctor in Starfleet, for she couldn't deal with loss. Oliver's death prompted her isolating behavior, and her hesitation towards making friends.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21509.15 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21509.16 Midshipman Midshipman
Science Officer USS Pegasus, CL-2500 21601.08 Ensign Ensign
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1

Contact Information

E-Mail: amberjacksoceanarium@gmail.com

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