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Maari Mozinphar
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Copernicus, GSC-9035
Biographical Attributes
155 cm (5 ft. 1 in.)
57.2 kg (126 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Mahogany brown
Long and straight, worn in a bun on-duty with little frill
Attractive, slim, just shy of athletic
Light and pleasant, with a hint of a sultry purr
United Federation of Planets
B'morgia (Olio III)
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Maari hasn't seen her parents since sold to slavery as a gesture to cement her father's friendship with a prestigious local family. She was passed to a number of different masters on and off B'morgia after that, and soon lost all contact. She assumes they are alive and well, and bares them no ill-will as she probably would have done the same all things considered.
Ter [Brother, 10]
Marital Status:

Personal History

Maari Mozinphar was born on stardate 18304.06 on B'morgia—an Orion colony on the third terrestrial planet of the Olio system.

Though she had a pleasant, comfortable childhood, it had always been clear to Maari that her father, Harrad, would have preferred a son. His lack of a male heir lead “Harrad the Mobile” to search for increasingly drastic ways to better his social standing. Once it was clear to him that simply picking his business contacts carefully and forging lucrative deals wasn't enough, he struck a deal with a prestigious local family stating that sixteen year old Maari would be turned over to them as a slave girl and dancer for an agreed sum and part interest in their off-world mining operations.

Maari stayed with the House of Takho for two years, serving mainly as a dancing girl. She was often praised by the men for her instrumentality in earning them a good deal of profit, but her youth was against her. Before she could be considered adult enough for the extended duties, Takho traded her in for an older girl. This marked her first experience of an open trade market.

Until 20, she was passed between numerous masters, and soon learned the truth about a slaves relationship with her masters. Eventually, she discovered she could manoeuvre herself into a position to choose when to move on, but such manipulation got tiring quickly.

On one stint off B'morgia with the captain of an Orion Syndicate vessel (aged 20), she was introduced to the possibility that more existed for her in life than her servitude. She was loaned to a visiting Bajoran “business man”, Lissan Robar. Lissan was a prominent member in a sect of the underground railroad smuggling slaves out of Orion Colonies territory. At first he had no intent on helping her, for his job was reconnaissance only, but on the second night of his stay aboard the ship they got talking. Once he knew she had dreams of freedom he felt he owed it to her.

For three more months she stayed with the Syndicate captain until Lissan swung back through the sector with his entourage. At first he planned to buy her contract, but when the captain dropped her onto the open market out of spite, he resorted to plan b. Sinking a considerable amount of capital into saving her, not to mention risking bankrupting himself, didn't seem sensible, but when a bidding war broke out one thing lead to another and Maari found herself in the employ of one Lissan Robar.

From there he terminated her contract in accordance with local regulation and set up a meeting with a low ranking crewman on a Federation-bound transport who believe he could stow her on-board without too much fuss. Despite his assertions the crewman was unable to keep his end of the bargain, and Maari was discovered, not by security but by a human professor named Russell Weeks.

The crew reacted as might any male-dominated group. They attempted to trade for her services. “Just a dance or two”, they'd say. Prof. Weeks would have none of it and insisted they keep their hands off her. In the mean time he offered her the chance to become a test subject for a pheromone suppressant he was working on. It wouldn't solve the problem altogether but would hold off dangerous build ups in most aliens long enough. In the course of the tests they would talk long into the night about almost anything. Somehow conversation always returned to science. Maari realised just how fascinated she was by it all. She'd always been a sponge for knowledge, but hadn't had the chance to learn anything new for a long while.

Later, the transport made planet fall near the Bolian home-world, and Maari said her goodbyes. For a month or two she revelled in her new life. Trying every new experience she could, as though if did, it would all be over and she'd have lost her chance. After a few incidents with the local cuisine, Maari quickly decided she needed to do something worth while with her life. Lissan Robar had left an permanent mark on her, and she knew she could never hope to be as much of a hero as he if she stayed do what she was doing.

Three months later she committed herself to joining Starfleet as a science cadet. It took two years to travel to Earth in the round about way transports do, giving her time enough to learn to pass the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Maari had to admit, although she had a great interest in her chosen career, she wasn't sure if she was cut out for the life style, but only time and the judgement of her peers would tell.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Anthropology. Exobiology,
Academy Minor(s): Planetary Sciences, Exopsychology, Organic Chemistry
Hobbies and Pastimes: Out of habit, Maari practices both dancing and dance-fighting with and without the traditional knives. She doesn't mind showing anyone either, considering she's used to it. She's also fond of a wide range of holonovels, and recreations of 20th century Terran noir stories. She identifies particularly with the leading ladies of the era, the femme fatale
Short-Term Goals: Gain the respect of at least one individual in whatever chain of command she ends up in, not as a leader to a subordinate, or master to slave, but colleague-to-colleague or friend-to-friend
Long-Term Goals: To make a lasting mark in her field, to discover, classify and be the leading expert on at least one new form of life, if not more
Personality: Maari doesn't trust easily. Coupled with being opinionated and stubborn enough to insist that people respect her whether or not they wish to, she doesn't make friends easily. She believes that being a Federation citizen entitles her to it somehow, and in truth it is better than her past life. That being said, she can be loyal to a fault under orders, and is far more pleasant to be around given her general life experience than her professional façade gives her credit. She would rather be treated according to her merits than by some nebulous ideal afforded to her for being Orion, or female, or both. She has a compelling voice for oration and likes to turn in on people from whom she needs something.
Sense of Humor: Personally? Dry, but around others she's happy to attempt to enjoy any form of humour the situation dictates
Phobias: Being found and repossessed by the spiteful Syndicate captain who dropped her on the market rather than make a deal with a Bajoran.
Likes: The freedom the Federation offers her to better herself in a comfortable environment
Dislikes: Disloyalty to friends and family, Bolian food, losing the attention of others, and small living quarters
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who have a problem with her acting herself
Bad Habits or Vices: Tends to bite and lick her lips when she thinks no one's watching. Maari also has a particular fondness of some of the more extreme Orion spices, despite knowing exactly what they can do to a person
Achievements: Counts acceptance to the Academy and being in the right place at the right time to meet Lissan Robar as her most notable achievements so far, but hopes for something more concrete in future
Disappointments: Losing track of her family - she hates not having the courage to build bridges with them, but as it is she doesn't feel she can go near Orion space for a long time. If she knew she had a ten year old brother she would hate herself more so
Illnesses: Childhood fevers, and one bout of malnutrition following her escape from servitude after finding out she wasn't suited to Bolian, or Klingon cuisine.
Strengths: Primarily an anthropologist, Maari has a knack for reading people picked up from her slavery and interest in exopsychology. She'd have made a good counsellor in another life.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, opinionated and has a weak knee from a dancing injury years ago.
Fears: On some instinctual level, she fears being a slave to a cause she doesn't believe in.
Prejudices: Hates people, especially men, who have no intent to make a like trade with her. Since gaining her freedom, this tends to mean “any individual who can't fathom the idea that she'd like them to return the favours she does for them”.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Orions often like to adopt their host cultures, so as to ingratiate themselves with those around them. Most often Maari keeps up with Federation fashion, but has a number of stand out Bajoran inspired outfits and even a traditional Orion outfit she keeps tucked away from the world.
Distinguishing Features: Has a birth mark of lighter green across the bridge of her nose. It's prominence varies over time and with certain qualities of lighting, and sometime fades away entirely.
Pets: None
Friends: Maintains only passing friendships and identifies more with groups than individuals.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: She didn't think it was possible for a father to give up his only child in exchange for better social relations, totally forsaking the loyalty most Orion's stand for. Maari hated her family for at least a decade, and while she still holds a grudge, for better or worse she doesn't blame them.
Best Time: Being able to rediscover childhood passions in the heady throws of her new found freedom. It soon wore off when reality crashed back in on her, but she remembers that decidedly hedonistic time with fondness.
Most Crucial Experience: [In addition to below] On that first transport after her escape, she was discovered not by security personnel but by a scientist who was instrumental in keeping her safe from the crew's stow-away regulations, their unwanted advances and improvising a way to keep her pheromones in check. It is this Maari gives as the reason she got over her fears and applied to the Academy... in science nonetheless.
Role Model: Lissan Robar was prominent Bajoran member of an underground railroad who, nearly single-handedly, arranged for her to be smuggled onto a transport bound for Federation space. She idolises Robar as a true hero, regardless of his “personal short comings”, and wants to one day help someone as he helped her.

Career History

Stardate 21306.05 - Graduated, Science Division, Starfleet Academy
Stardate 21306.05 - Promoted to Midshipman, Assigned to USS Copernicus, GEC-9035

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