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Average Male Height:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Male Weight:
72.6 kg (160 lb.) to 117.9 kg (260 lb.)
Average Female Height:
173 cm (5 ft. 8 in.) to 203 cm (6 ft. 8 in.)
Average Female Weight:
72.6 kg (160 lb.) to 117.9 kg (260 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

A Markalian male
The side of a Markalian's head
A Markalian on the Promenade

The Markalians are a humanoid species common to the Alpha Quadrant.


They are characterized by a hairless head with small scales and thorns all over their faces. They also have a striped pattern on the backs of their skulls and small oval depressions on the sides of their heads.

History and culture

They are known for a criminal organization, the notorious Markalian smuggling operation.

Many Markalians work in the freight business and, apart from the smuggling operation, some are employed by various other criminal individuals.

At the beginning of 2369, when the Federation took over control of Deep Space 9, Nog and a Markalian thief were taking advantage of the chaotic situation and tried to loot the station's assay office. They were caught by Odo however. As there was no way out, the Markalian thief threw a mace-like weapon at Odo, thinking to knock the constable out that way. He didn't know however, that Odo was a Founder and could just let the weapon pass through his face unharmed.

By the 2370s, Markalians had also visited planet Earth. One Markalian customer was part of Tom Paris's holographic representation of Sandrine's.

Regana Tosh was a Markalian who worked for the Markalian smuggling operation. He was arrested by Odo in 2372. Odo had hoped to infiltrate the Markalian smuggling operation using Tosh, who was one of their middlemen.

Madrat was another member of the Markalian species and a guest in Quark's in 2374. He was wounded with a broken glass bottle by a confused adult Molly O'Brien. He later recovered in sickbay, and pressed charges against the O'Briens for assault with a deadly weapon.

This information taken from Memory Alpha