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Caithlyn Luca
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Yeager, FSC-28018
Biographical Attributes
Trill (Joined)
151 lbs
Eye Color:
Deep black
Hair Color:
Medium Brown
United Federation of Planets
Alpha Quadrant/USS Clearstorm
Familial Relationships
Venice Mehari, Retired Chief Tactical Officer, 49
Alysia Luca, Chief Medical Officer, 41 at time of Death
Status of Parents:
Mother Deceased. Father is on the Trill homeworld. Due to the circumstances of the joining, she is only allowed to speak wither her father over monitored communications no more than twice a month.
Marital Status:

Personal History

Caithlyn was born aboard the USS Clearstorm to her joined Trill mother and her Unjoined Trill Father. She was a very outgoing child, who got along with anyone and everyone she came into contact with. She was often seen in the presence of a Betazoid child, Litia. The two children were inseparable and caused much havoc, much to the dismay of their parents.

Life aboard a starship at a young age was never a good one and Caithlyn's boredom seemed to get her into more trouble than her parents would have liked. Thus, they allowed her to have access to the holodecks to keep her out of trouble. She enjoyed spending time with the child of the new CTO, a human boy named Brian. The boy loved all things 'action', from old Terran movies to books to holodeck programs that he found in the computers systems. He would invite Caithlyn from time to time whenever he found a new program, and this prompted Caithlyn to create her own program for him, which he fell in love with.

It wasn't long before Caithlyn began spending more time with her Mother in sickbay than she did with Litia or Brian, but it wasn't because she was interested in learning her mother field, it was because it was the only place that she could active study Chemistry and to a lesser degree, Biology. Her mother often would let 'slip' that Caithlyn should join Starfleet, as they would be to educate her and help her with a career.

Caithlyn, on her 15th birthday, asked her mother why her and her father didn't push for her to get joined like she was. Alysia had to explain to her daughter that she didn't apply either and that her Symbiont came from strange circumstances and that Caithlyn would probably be happier just getting into Starfleet and not having to worry about the hold Joining process.

At the age of 16, she decided that she wanted to follow her parent’s footsteps and was given the rank of Cadet for a few months while the ship made its way towards Earth so she could join the Academy. During this time, the ship was attacked by Klingons and her mother was badly injured while healing the injured in Engineering. Her mother had been injured so badly that she was dying, which would cause the Symbiont to dye as well. Her father had been in a coma since he was knocked out by an exploding door, and the only other Trill on the ship was the First Officer, who was stuck on the bridge without any way down. The Vulcan Assistant CMO Paal, told Caithlyn that there was no other way to save the Symbiont then to transplant it into her. Caithlyn argued with the ACMO for a good 30 minutes, telling him that she was sure that this was against the rules and that being implanted with her mother’s Symbiont would probably cause too many problems.

Her mother, who was barely clinging to life, told her daughter that the Symbiont had to be saved and that the Commission would do their best to make sure that Caithlyn's life was a smooth as possible. Caithlyn felt that she had no choice but to agree at this point and unwillingly laid down on the operation table to undergo the surgery.

This made Caithlyn the 10th host of the Luca Symbiont in over 101 years’ time. Caithlyn had nightmares and day terrors for weeks before word got to the Symbiont Commission about the transfer. A Symbiont Guardian, Leea, was assigned to oversee and help Caithlyn adjust to her new life as a Joined Trill. Leea worked with Caithlyn on the way to Earth and told the Academy Admins that Caithlyn was still ok for training, but Leea would have to remain there for a while to smooth things out.

Her father, Venice, was strictly forbidden to see or talk with his daughter, due to the rules of the joining. He argued and pleaded his case, saying that even though she had his wife's Symbiont that she was also his daughter. It was agreed upon that he could speak to her, but only through video communications with a member of the Symbiont Commission see/hearing the call as well.


The first year was very hard on Caithlyn; she tried her hardest to concentrate on her studies. Some days, it was so hard for her to get up that she almost quit the academy to head for home. On one of the first allowed calls to her father, she tells him how hard it is for her and how much she is thinking of going back home. He tells her that she is strong and that Alysia would not have agreed to the transfer if she didn't think so as well. She asked the Symbiont Commission Member, who was on the line with them, if her father was allowed to send her all of her belongings, since she was not allowed to see him. The Member said that it shouldn't be a problem and that her stuff could be shipped right away.

Years 2 and 3 were a lot smoother for Caithlyn, as she began to get used to joined life. Leea expressed that Caithlyn was at the point that she should be able to handle herself, but told her that she expected to be contacted once a week to make sure that her mental state was well. Caithlyn jumped to the top of her class quickly, earning high marks in nearly all of her classes. Her instructors wondered about the change, but accepted it without fuss.

In her final year, Caithlyn went through a heavy breakdown, which she concealed from Leea and her instructors. During the night, Caithlyn would wake up screaming in agony, as if she was physically living the memories of the old hosts. Her housemate, a Bajoran Female named Gyna, took this as her friend being ill and was able to contact Leea, who scolded Caithlyn hiding this from her and gave her instructions on a meditation ritual that she was ordered to do nightly. The meditation suppressed most of the more violent memories, but did do anything about the more personal memories she was getting from her hosts. After her contact with Leea and the introduction of the meditation to her nightly rituals, the rest of the year went smoothly, although Gyna found it funny that her housemate would wake up screaming the names of men her past hosts had 'relationships' with.


Saihah (Age 24) - Alive 2296 until 2320 (Joined 2310). Saihah's father was, at the time, head of the Symbiosis Commission. She actually didn't want to apply, but her father pulled some strings and was able to obtain for her a fresh Symbiont. She was only 14 when the joining happened, but since she was going to be leaving the planet to study on Cardassia Prime, the Commission allowed this special case. She studied on Cardassia for 10 years, during this time, she also met her husband, Cveto, a Cardassian Scientist. Their life was a fairly quiet one, until 2319 when the Cardassians occupied Bajor for the first time. Cveto told his wife that it was his duty as a Cardassian to go and join his brothers on Bajor. Unable to convince him, Saihah quickly left for the Trill homeworld, getting strangely ill half way through the trip. Upon her arrival on Trill, it was noted by the Doctors that Saihah had subconsciously began to reject her Symbiont, slowly killing herself. In order to save the Symbiont, it was quickly removed from Saihah, who only had moments to live, and in her dying breath, called out for her husband.

Aybika (Age 18) - Alive 2304 until 2322 (Joined 2320). Aybika was a very bright and gifted child. She had an IQ of 190 and could do math in her head in seconds. She had gotten the nickname "The Machine" when she was only 11. Her parents had worked hard to make sure their daughter had only the best education, but were very upset when she refused to apply for a Symbiont. Years later, she was approached by the Symbiosis Commission at the age of 16 and asked if she would be willing to accept the Luca Symbiont. After an hour of reading the story behind the first Symbiont carrier, Aybika agreed, undergoing surgery right away. What the Commission failed to was to actually look into Aybika's life. Her genius was a mask for the lack of self-worth and confidence she failed to gain in her younger years due to her parents sheltering her. It didn't take long for Aybika's parents to notice a change in her behavior. The usual reserved child was working on a secret project at all hours of the night and even was able to commission a shuttle for personal use. Her plan was to head to Bajor and find Saihah's husband Cveto, or rather, 'her' husband as she put it. Her parents realized that the Symbiont had taken over their daughter and had no choice but to 'deal' with her. Within hours, Aybika went missing, but was found at the launch pad there her shuttle was waiting. Her mother, Nagy, was the one that fired the shot to take her daughter out. On her deathbed, she actually thanked her mother, telling her that she was sorry as was weak.

Sanja (Age 21) - Alive 2302 until 2323 (Joined 2322) Sanja was working as an Ambassador to Cardassia/Occupied Bajor at the time of her joining. She had applied 2 years before she left to visit Terok Nor. She returned home for a bit of rest when she was strangely approved for the immediate transfer of a Symbiont (Which she later attributed to Saihah's dealing on Cardassia). Within a year, Sanja returned to Bajor for a meeting with the Prefect about the relationship between Trill and Cardassia. Sanja asked to see one of the "Labor Camps" for evaluation, and the Prefect agreed, leading her to a nearby camp. She found out, when she arrived that the Camp as overseen by a man who only recently joined the Cardassian Military, Gul Cveto. When Sanja introduced herself as Sanja Luca, Cveto nearly fainted. He knew of his Trill wife’s joining, but was shocked that there was a new host when he had seen her only 4 years ago. Sanja calmly told Cveto of Saihah's strange Symbiont rejection, as well as Aybika's strange behavior that lead to her death. During the 6 months she was on Bajor, Sanja had to repeatedly decline Cveto's offers for dinner, telling him that reassociation was against Trill law and that it could get her exiled. Weeks after not hearing from Cveto, Sanja had a bucket of bugs dumped on her by a few members of the budding Bajoran Resistance (It was later found out that Cveto had let it slip to one of his "comfort women" about Sanja and his past.). Sanja had an immediate chemical reaction and was rushed by the Trill, where the Symbiont was luckily saved.

Estella (Age 28) - Alive 2303 until 2331 (Joined 2323) Estella didn't excel in her classes, but she did have an aptitude for fighting and tactics. She was unusually fast and could sneak and stealth her way around seeming any building. As a dare, she applied to the Symbiont Commission for joining. After various testing, she was accepted due to her exceptional skills in Infiltration. Estella was quickly recruited by her government and was trained further in infiltration. Her new role was to insert herself into many cultures, learning about them. Her main target was planets that were either in negotiations with Trill or hostile planets to gather information. Her death is listed as "Natural Causes" Only new hosts would know what she was murdered by her government to keep her quiet after a bad negotiation session (one she could have prevented) caused the life of a Trill Ambassador.

Casta (Age 34) - Alive 2312 until 2346 (Joined 2331) Casta was an engineering genius. She was probably the most hired mechanical hand on Trill by the age of 17, which was around the time she received her acceptance letter from the Symbiont Commission. It was 2 years later that she finally passed all her trials and was awarded the Luca Symbiont. It was about a week or so after she received that Symbiont that she decided to make it her life’s work to create a better storage container for the keeping of the Symbionts. She spent the next 15 years doing research and going to different worlds to see about new technology. Her work would remain incomplete when she suffered a massive heart failure at the Age of 34. The Symbiont Commission quickly destroyed any of all of her work once she was pronounced dead.

Nivi (Age 30) - Alive 2326 until 2356 (Joined 2346) Nivi was a prominent up and coming medical student that had worked with Casta a few times as an understudy. Nivi was accepted as a Symbiont host when he was 18, but refused to be joined to any of the current Symbionts. Once Casta was deceased Nivi put in a request for the Luca Symbiont and was rewarded with his choice, later, he found out that it was because word had gotten around that the Luca Symbiont was "cursed" and was being rejected by many initiates. He had a hard time at first, adjusting to all of the memories, and being the first (and last) male to be a host to the Symbiont. It took him a few years, but Nivi became head of the Trill Medical/Science division and had been secretly continuing Casta's work. He took an understudy, Petra, so that he could have more help and hands. The two, along with a shuttle crew, were set out to a remote planet that was sure to give Nivi the breakthrough he had been looking for. Unfortunately, the shuttles engines malfunctioned and exploded, causing 3rd degree burns on 25% Nivi's body. Not taking any chances, Nivi ordered the Science Major onboard to perform the transfer process to Petra, who was unsure, but accepted.

Petra (Age 26) - Alive 2340 until 2366 (Joined 2356) Petra was a hard worker who excelled in school due to her over the top study habits. At the Age of 14, she became an understudy to Professor Nivi and at the age of 16, joined the Professor as they took off to a remote planet to study a plant life that Nivi had been sure was going to be a breakthrough for his research. When the engines exploded and Nivi was injured, Petra was forced to take the Symbiont into herself. Nivi died about 10 minutes after the Symbiont was removed and Petra found out later that Nivi could have survived. Their shuttle wasn't in good shape and Petra was going to need more medical attention then there was to offer, strangely enough, they found out they were close to the Space Station, Terok Nor, above Cardassian Occupied Bajor, and requested medical assistance. The Cardassians granted the ship to land and treated Petra with the best Medical care that they had on the station, while the shuttle was being fixed for the flight home. When Petra was able to walk, she was called into the office of the current Prefect Gul Dukat, who informed her that his people found what appeared to be some kind of sabotage device on the shuttle's engines. Petra grew angry and contacted Trill, demanding that they explain the 'device' and that she refused to return to the homeworld until she was told the truth. It took the Trill Government 10 years to finally figure out that the device was made and put on the shuttle by Nivi himself, something which Petra had already figured out, but was too high strung to admit. During her 10 year stay on Terok Nor, Petra kept herself mostly locked in her room, seeing only Medical Personnel and from time to time, Gul Dukat, who would ask how her 'fight' with her government was going. Having not had the proper guidance after her transfer, Saihah's personality popped up from time to time, causing Petra to make the mistake of having a one night stand with Dukat. When Petra returned home, she contacted the Commission and requested the Symbiont be removed, to which they happily agreed. Petra's last words were, "They will fall...".

Lenka (Age 55) - Alive 2345 until 2390 (Joined 2366) Lenka graduated in the top 5% of her class, her specialty being Tactical and Battle Strategies. Lenka realized that her path in life would be one outside of Trill and promptly submitted an application into Star Fleet. She wasn't accepted right away, so she turned to applying herself to be a Joiner. After being accepted, Lenka spent 4 long years working as hard as she could to pass, which she finally did. She was awoken one night by a member of the Symbiont Commission and told that there was a Symbiont waiting for her. A week after surgery, Lenka received an acceptance letter into Starfleet, and took no time into scheduling a shuttle to earth, but not without making sure the Engines were fine. She only spent 4 years at the Academy, graduating at the age of 25 and promptly being assigned to the USS Skyharp as a Tactical Officer. After 5 years aboard the USS Skyharp, Lenka was promoted to Chief Tactical Officer, before the ship was brutally destroyed during the Dominion War. Unable to continue severing due to all the death and destruction she saw from the war, Lenka landed a job training new cadets at the Star Fleet Academy. In her later years, she became a mentor to a special Trill student, Alysia, who seemed to be an exceptional Medical Cadet and had a good heart. It was by chance that Lenka and Alysia boarded the same transport headed for Trill. Lenka had a feeling that was time for her to give up her Symbiont and let a new generation take over. Knowing that the Symbiont Commission would never grant her wish to have Alysia be the next host. Lenka promptly poisoned herself, making Alysia the ONLY choice as the Symbiont would not have made it back to the Trill homeworld. (To date, Lenka has been the oldest living host of the Luca Symbiont.)

Alysia (Age 41) - Alive 2370 until 2411 (Joined 2390) Alysia never stood out when she was a child, but her study and fascination of helping others and medical procedures got her rewarded with an acceptance into Star Fleet. She felt very honored by this and joined as soon as she could at the age of 16. In her first year at the Academy, she began studying under Lieutenant Lenka, a joined Trill instructor who had taken a liking to her. She excelled in her classes, being the top Medical student of her class. Alysia met Venice, a Trill Security Cadet, while at the Academy and the two quickly became involved. Right before her final exam, Alysia requested a small leave of absence to go see her mother, who had fallen very ill. Alysia was happy when she found out that Lieutenant Lenka was going to be joining her on the way to Trill. Alysia wasn't sure why Lenka poisoned herself, but understood enough from looking in Lenka's eyes that she had wanted her to be the next host. Alysia returned to the Academy after a few months and finally graduated and was assigned to Star Base Alpha, where she met up with Venice again and was able to get transferred over to the USS Clearstorm with him. Within 5 years, Alysia had gotten married to Venice and received the rank of Lieutenant, taking over as Chief Medical Officer. 9 months to the day of her promotion, she gave birth to Caithlyn. Alysia raised her daughter aboard the Starship and never thought twice about returning to Trill to settle down. She was very excited when Caithlyn expressed an interest in joining Star Fleet. She helped her daughter as much as she could, even getting her temporary Cadet status and giving her hands on training on their way back to Earth. On their way back to Earth for a little R&R, the ship was attacked by Klingons, and Alysia did her best to make sure the crew survived, but while down in Engineering, she was caught by an explosion after a hit to the warp core. She knew at that moment that she wasn't going to survive and agreed to have the Symbiont transferred to her daughter.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Chemistry, Microbiology
Academy Minor(s): Biology
Hobbies and Pastimes: If she isn't in her quarters in heavy meditation, she can be found in Ten Forward drinking or in the Holodecks roaming the plains of the Trill Homeworld.
Short-Term Goals: To come to grips with all of the other hosts
Long-Term Goals: To find a way around the Commission’s ruling regarding her father
Personality: While off duty, she is very outgoing and bubbly, but while working, she becomes super serious
Sense of Humor: A mix of witty and sarcastic, although she'd rather listen to jokes/stories then telling them.
Phobias: Fear of insects
Likes: : Working, Reading, and being with others.
Dislikes: Openly talking about her past symbionts lives.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: : when people judge others when they themselves could be judged the same way
Bad Habits or Vices: Has a habit of 'falling into herself' after duty on a bad day (meaning she wills up memories from her past hosts on purpose)
Achievements: : Building the holodeck program for Brian from scratch; graduating the academy when everything seemed against her.
Disappointments: Being unable to save her mother and not being allowed to be face to face with her father
Illnesses: Caithlyn suffered quite a few broken bones from her days with Litia and even more with Brian after she learned how to turn the safety off on the holodeck.
Strengths: Her ability to overcome and do what is needed despite what is going on inside of her.
Weaknesses: Unable to block out random memories from past hosts that are triggered by a place or an event.
Fears: Meeting someone from her past.
Prejudices: She is rather stand-offish when coming in contact with Cardassians; as Saihah and Petra both had 'relationships' with them.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Caithlyn isn't one for lavish/stylish clothing; she prefers simple shirts and pants, usually a neutral or dark color.
Distinguishing Features: Trill spots.
Pets: None
Friends: Leea, the Symbiont Guardian that was assigned to her after her joining. They stay in constant contact and Caithlyn calls her at least once a week with a mental report.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The most painful time in her life in during her fourth year in the Academy when her dreams were filled with the painful memories that all of her past hosts were involved in. She never really spoke about it with Leea, but Aybika's death (being shot by her own mother) haunts Caithlyn because she sometimes feels that her mother ended her life by giving her the Symbiont.
Best Time: The time that would really make her smile would be when she would go into the holodecks with Brian. She regarded him as an older brother and always had a good time when he was around.
Most Crucial Experience: The time in her life that defined the woman she is today is when her mother died and more or less 'forced' the Symbiont onto her. This changed nearly everything about her, even if Caithlyn doesn't think so/want to believe it.
Role Model: She still looks up to her mother, even after her death. She knew her mother as a strong and self-reliant woman who would do anything to protect her family. She hopes to be just as successful in her career as Alysia.

Career History

Stardate 21306.01 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy, Science.
Stardate 21306.01 - Promoted to Midshipman, assigned USS Yeager, SC-8018.
Stardate 21308.11 - Assigned as Science Officer, USS Yeager, FSC-8018.
Stardate 21309.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Yeager, FSC-28018.
Stardate 21309.01 - Awarded RPGer of the Month, USS Yeager, FSC-28018.

Contact Information


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