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Marcus “Mark” Locke
Career Occupation
First Officer, Chief Armory Officer
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
185 cm (6 ft. 1 in.)
85.3 kg (188 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Short on the sides and a little longer on the top. Short enough to look ‘good’ without having to do anything to it though he usually has it ‘styled’ when possible.
Slight tan
Crip, clear, and commanding
United Earth
Paris, Texas
October 31, Template:YearConvert
Familial Relationships
Status of Parents:
Both alive and well, still living in Texas on Earth.
One brothers and two sisters: David (35), Rachel (28), Alice (28),
Marital Status:

Personal History

Mark was the second child in a family of five children. His mother, Amy, who currently owns and operates a small restaurant in Paris, Texas, was a stay at home mom during most of Mark’s young life. His father, Curtis, owns and operates a construction business, which is very successful in the area and always provided enough income for the large family.

David and Mark are very close in age and grew up not only as brothers but also as best friends. Their father loved to hunt and fish and having two sons was a dream come true for the man. From a very young age taught his boys cast lines, follow tracks, and fire a weapon with great aim.

At the age of five Mark (and the rest of the family for that matter) received a rather big surprise. His mother was once again pregnant, with twins at that, and less than a year later he found himself the big brother to two very adorable girls. Mark immediately became very protective of his two sisters, which would eventually haunt them when they began dating.

Life in small-town Texas was rather carefree and fun. Some of Mark’s biggest worries each year was whether or not he would remain on the school’s honor roll, make the starting line-up on the schools team, manage to take down a bigger dear than his brother, and whether or not a current crush felt the same for him as he did for them.

As Mark grew older his love for the outdoors shrunk slightly. He still loved to hunt, fish, and spend time outside but he now knew the land around him like the back of his hand. It had, in essence, lost the excitement of the unknown, as he no longer had anything to explore. For a time sports became Mark’s passion, especially football and basketball, as it opened another avenue for him to explore something he did not know.

When David graduated High School he left for college with the intention of earning a business degree, working alongside their father, and eventually taking over the construction business when his father was ready to retire. This did not come as a surprise to Mark. Both he and David had worked with their father every summer for several years. They both enjoyed the work (or at least the money that went along with it) but David had always been fascinated with it.

Mark had a clear place in the company as well if he wanted it. His parents however realized that Mark’s passion was not in the construction business and they therefore never pressured him into following in the family’s footsteps.

During his final two years of High School, Mark excelled at football and was therefore offered a scholarship to play division-I ball. Mark accepted the scholarship and began attending the University of Oklahoma the next fall.

While at University Mark studied criminology, which he found to be a very fascinating subject matter that fed his desire to be investigating the unknown. During his first two years at university Mark did not make the starting lineup on the football team. This was not unexpected considering Mark played quarterback and the team was always stacked with great talent.

Mark’s junior year brought a lot of changes. First, he was named the starting quarterback for the program a decision that added a great deal of stress and a great deal of popularity. Second, and even greater, news that a pilot named AG Robinson finally broke the warp two barrier.

Space travel’s popularity had been fluctuating in recent years. A vast majority of people followed it and were mesmerized by it. Others, like Mark at that point, had appreciated it but did not reflect on it much. The warp two breakthrough however had put space travel back on every news report and Mark found himself intrigued with the idea of exploring space.

This intrigue died down slightly as football season pressed on. Mark was a good quarterback and led his team to an impressive 12-1 season.

The next year, 2144, more news broke regarding space travel as a pilot named Duvall broke warp three. Once again Mark found his mind constantly on life in space. He was so distracted that his performance on the field suffered and his team went 9-4, one of the worst records in recent memory.

Mark graduated a semester early and although he had several offers to utilize his criminology degree he made his way to the offices of “Star Fleet” which was in charge of the space program. Initially Mark was told that his degree and experiences did not really pave a way for him to serve in Star Fleet.

Mark did not let this deter his passion and he continued inquire about his joining of Star Fleet. In the end he was told that his degree was closest fit that of an armory officer and that would be the natural place for him to serve. Mark agreed and spent the next two years in the Star Fleet Officer Training where he learned how to live in space and how to be an armory officer on a starship.

In 2146 Mark was assigned to the Earhart, under the command of Captain Duvall (whose warp 3 flight had convinced Mark to join Star Fleet) as a junior armory officer. Several others in the Officer Training Program were also assigned to the Earhart including Amelia Fawks, a beautiful engineer he had met in his second year of Star Fleet. The two had been friends since meeting but their friendship significantly increased while on the Earhart. Together they, along with a third friend named Nathan Kelby who was a year older than Mark, shared countless laughs and experiences.

After a couple of years however both Kelby and Amerlia were reassigned which left Mark alone on the Earhart. While he certainly missed his friends he enjoyed everything about his life in Star Fleet. Even when chaos and fear moved through Star Fleet Mark simply saw it as another opportunity to explore and learn something previously unknown.

This attitude propelled Mark through the ranks in Star Fleet and eventually he was not only a senior ranked officer but also held the position of Chief Armory Officer.

Considering he had known nothing about space travel before joining Star Fleet he was now somewhat of a space expert and veteran. He was one of the top Armory Officers in Star Fleet, a leader and innovator in ship wide security (as that was his field before joining Star Fleet) and had even learned to fly small vessels such as shuttles.

In 2156 Marcus Locke was promoted to full commander and named the XO and Chief Armory Officer of the newly launched warp 5 ship. One of his first acts as XO was snagging Amelia Fawks as the Chief Engineer.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Criminology (in college) Weapon systems (in Star Fleet)
Academy Minor(s): History
Hobbies and Pastimes: Playing sports, reading
Short-Term Goals: Be an asset as an XO to his Commanding Officer.
Long-Term Goals: Pave a path for other ‘security’ minded people in the Federation.
Personality: Very outgoing and friendly. Has the ability to be quite frightening when he wants/needs to be.
Sense of Humor: Marcus likes to tell jokes and make others laugh. He isn’t always successful but that never stops him from trying.
Phobias: Being exposed to space without an EV suit.
Likes: Hunting, fishing, reading.
Dislikes: Anything that requires him to remain stationary for a long period of time. Anything predictable
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Closed minded people
Achievements: Being named a Chief Armory Officer, being named an XO.
Disappointments: Not giving his all in football his senior year of college.
Illnesses: Nothing major
Strengths: Leadership (which he picked up in football), ability to deal with pressure and remain focused in stressful environments.
Weaknesses: Like to be involved rather than delegating out tasks
Fears: Space Exposure, loosing a family member while so far from home.
Prejudices: A healthy dislike for alien races with hostile intentions against Star Fleet and humans .
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Jean or shorts and t-shirts promoting his favorite sporting teams.
Distinguishing Features: A little scar above his left eye that is practically entirely hidden by his eyebrow.
Pets: Several family dogs that live with their parents.
Friends: While playing football, Mark had several close friends he considered brothers. He is probably closest however to his actual brother David.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing friends during the Xindi attack on earth.
Best Time: Being in the woods with his brother and father as a boy and teenager.
Most Crucial Experience: Finally being accepted into Star Fleet
Role Model: His father who always modeled hard work and loyalty.

Career History

2140 – Began attending University of Oklahoma as a Criminology Major
2144 – Graduated College a semester early, joined Star Fleet
2146 – Assigned to Earhart as Junior Armory Officer
2148 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2152 – Named Chief Armory Officer
2155 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2161 – Promoted to Commander
2161 – Assigned Chief Armory Officer and XO

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