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Lactra VIII
Average Male Height:
2743 cm (90 ft. 0 in.) to 2896 cm (95 ft. 0 in.)
Average Male Weight:
362.9 kg (800 lb.) to 453.6 kg (1000 lb.)
Average Female Height:
2743 cm (90 ft. 0 in.) to 2896 cm (95 ft. 0 in.)
Average Female Weight:
362.9 kg (800 lb.) to 453.6 kg (1000 lb.)
Minimum Academy Age:
Life Expectancy:
Distinctive Features:
PRC Rated:
NPC Rated:

A Lactran child.

The Lactrans are a civilization of 30-meter-long slug-like lifeforms inhabiting the planet Lactra VII.

They are highly intelligent, and telepathic beyond Vulcan abilities.

They have a trunk- or tentacle-type structure on their front of their faces, ending in a three-finger-like appendage. They use this as their main mode of object manipulation. They have two yellow eyes, which are slightly raised from their head. They are highly advanced, with children of this species posessing measurable IQs in the thousands. Their telepathic powers are able to invade other minds, and probe for information, without resistance. Where one Lactran might not be strong enough to break into another's mind, they are able to combine powers and do so.

Lactrans have demonstrated abilities for great speed and stamina, with some Lactrans covering some 98.5 kilometers, without vehicles and carrying Humans, in a matter of hours.


They do not measure time the same way the Federation does, as demonstrated by a miscommunication when discussing the term "century" and its meaning of 100 Earth years.

This species keeps a zoo of animals on their planet, and keep intruders away by altering their sensor readings to mask their life-signs.

In 2269, a difficult but ultimately successful first contact between the Federation and the Lactrans was made. The USS Enterprise investigated the planet due to the disappearance of the scientific ship USS Ariel. When the Ariel's crew was found to be killed or captured, the Enterprise struggled and eventually figured out how to communicate with the captors, and were able to free the captured crew.


Despite their slug-like form, the Lactrans built at least one city covering an estimated five square kilometers. They possess advanced force fields, for which a Constitution-class ship of 2269 was no match and which were completely invisible, even when touched. The Federation believes that the Lactrans are able to travel to other star systems. Parts of their planet have been terraformed into custom environments for their zoo. They are able to pass through force fields, or at least the ones they have built on their planet.

After first contact, the Lactrans told Starfleet that they were welcome to revisit the planet, in twenty or thirty centuries.
However, this was in Lactran measurements, and it was not immediately clear how long that was.