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Telepathy is the communication of messages or thoughts directly from one mind to another without use of ordinary vocal and auditory mechanisms. Telepathy exists across space; it has appeared in various forms among various races.

There are many different kinds of telepathy, including:

  • Touch telepathy: Physical contact must be maintained to engage in telepathy. The Vulcan mind meld is a form of touch telepathy.
  • Intraspecies telepathy: Telepathy can only be accomplished with members of the same species. Betazoids are intraspecies telepaths to a point: they can only send their thoughts to other empaths and telepaths, but can receive emotions and sometimes thoughts from almost any being.
  • Psycho-projective telepathy: Thoughts, emotions, and/or symbols are projected from one mind to another. The Halanans have a form of psycho-projective telepathy, and if a Vulcan has Bendii syndrome, they can unknowingly project emotions.
  • Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand or feel the emotions of another being. Some humanoids have extrasensory empathy. A Human-Betazoid hybrid is a known example of such empathy, as are the Lumerian, Napean and presumedly Deltan people.

Some species are as a race telepathic, such as Betazoids and Vulcans. Other species have very rare occurences of telepathy, such as Humans. The Ferengi and a few other races are unable to send or receive telepathic thoughts and emotions at all.

Please see:
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