Kea, Orrin

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Kea, Orrin
Career Occupation
USS Artemis, EX-11000
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Orrin Trino Kea
Played By:
Claymore, Judora
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
About shoulder-length and naturally wavy. He keeps it is a small bun when he's working.
Large and muscular but not too stocky - what might be expected of a rugby player. Or Adonis.
Clear and tanned like caramel.
The deep but subtle rumble of far-off thunder.
(N/A) 00.00
Familial Relationships
Omon Kea
Henna Kea
Nelus Kea (Brother 21)

Personal History

Orrin was an anomaly in his family of scientists and psychiatrists. He, practically from birth, was perfectly suited to be a marine. Large, intimidating and quiet even as a child, a combat-related job seemed to be the only thing that he could excel at, and he didn’t question this. Believing it was what he was meant to do, and not even considering he had any other options, Orrin trained to protect and - if he had to - break, both physically and mentally.

He was admitted to the marines without difficulty. In fact, his superiors were impressed both by his intimidating stature, and by his particular application of his betazoid abilities to intuit an assailant’s movements and later interrogate them. While some of this work made Orrin uncomfortable morally - he couldn’t completely ignore his compassionate heritage - he decided that his actions were for the greater good. He chose to push past his discomfort and instead invest wholeheartedly into his work, deciding he would be happy with it. It was, after all, what he believed to be his purpose in life.

His determination to be the best marine he could be and fulfill his ‘purpose’ led to a number of accolades. Teacher, commanding officers and peers were all constantly impressed by Orrin’s commitment to his work and his constantly developing and improving skills. But his marine days were cut short. On a particularly messy mission he and a number of other marines were caught in an explosion. Two died, and Orrin had the misfortune of losing his left leg.

Orrin recovered well, and was outfitted with a biosynthetic limb. At first the physical therapy results seemed positive. Orrin was raring to get back out there, and his hard work definitely showed in his rapid improvement. Then his progress plateaued. Despite his best efforts, and those of his doctors, he couldn’t completely regain full function in his new leg.

The doctors worked on him for months, but they couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong. It was postulated that there might have been some kind of neural damage, or he had some kind of psychological block. In either case, while he had function, it wasn’t at the level it had been and it was definitely not at the level required of his work in the marines.

It was at the loss of one purpose that he found his other purpose. The one activity Orrin had enjoyed as a child as much as playing marine had been cooking. While it had begun as a joke with his brother and then a hobby in his adolescence, it had quickly developed into a passion as Orrin had grown up. He had cooked and baked during his - albeit rare - free time, and learned all about food as one of the few things he had found truly fun.

It was thanks to his former commanding officer - who he had cooked for multiple times - that he discovered the next step in his life’s path. The man suggested that he continue to work for Star Fleet, but as a chef. Orrin decided to entertain this idea, and became a chef and bartender. He began cooking and tending the bars at various Star Fleet outposts and stations, lending a kind - and occasionally telepathic - ear while he was at it.

He was surprised to find this even more satisfying than his previous marine work. No longer was he using his abilities to harm others. Instead he was using a different set of skills to feed and comfort them.

With renewed purpose, Orrin serves Star Fleet by literally serving them with food, drink and a friendly ear.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Marine Combat Training, Advanced Assault Training, Specialized Interrogation Techniques
Academy Minor(s): Advanced Combat Training, Infiltration
Hobbies and Pastimes: Cooking, reading, listening to music, exercising
Short-Term Goals: Be an awesome Chef/Bartender and make his patrons happy.
Long-Term Goals: Regain his full physical ability.
Personality: Orrin might be physically intimidating, but for how large and intense as he seems, inside he is equally kind and sensitive. That doesn’t mean he is a against a fight, however. He has a strong moral character and years of combat training, and when he is pushed he will push back. You do not want to be pushed by Orrin.
Sense of Humor: Any kind of humor.
Phobias: Public Speaking
Likes: Food, cooking, alcohol, exercise in all forms, people.
Dislikes: Laziness, needless cruelty, insensitivity, gossip.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who order food and then . People who lie directly to his face (yes, he can read your thoughts).
Bad Habits or Vices: Alcohol. Orrin loves the stuff, but when he has too much he becomes a different much more open - and embarrassing - version of himself. As such, he rather intelligently abstains unless in the right company in a private setting.
Achievements: Accolades related to his service as a marine, chosen as part of a specialized infiltration and interrogation force. Cooking and baking awards. ‘Best Chef on Bravo’ Award.
Disappointments: Losing his leg.
Strengths: Determination, compassion, ability to listen.
Weaknesses: He is not outspoken, which can be difficult in social situations.
Fears: Never being able to return to his full ability.
Friends: Nelus Trino

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Losing his leg and being forced to leave the marines due to his inexplicable inability to fully recover.
Best Time: Cooking for his fellow marines.
Most Crucial Experience: Losing his leg and having to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.
Role Model: His former commanding officer, who helped him find a way to stay involved in Star Fleet despite his injury. It’s secretly suspected that the man suggested this simply because he selfishly wanted more of Orrin’s food.

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