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Adam Jones
Career Occupation
Field Commander
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Terra Arking
188 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
83 kg (183 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark blond
Fit, athletic
Facial Hair:
A days growth of stubble usually
Strong English accent
Familial Relationships
Mark Jones
Evelynn Jones
Status of Parents:
Katy 20, Steven 33
Marital Status:
Emily 7

Personal History

Adam Jones grew up in England in the suburbs of a large city with his parents Evelynn and Mark. When he was five his brother joined the family and they got on like wild fire, always getting into trouble. Through school and high school he excelled in all of his work and gained top marks in all subjects. After high school Adam went on to fulfil a childhood dream of joining Star Fleet and quickly excelled in all areas, especially in but not exclusively computer sciences, close quarters combat, alien systems and the ability to speak fluently in several alien languages.

Halfway through his academy training he was approached by Star Fleet intelligence officers and upon graduating with honours “disappeared.” He later reappeared on Star Fleet records four years later in command of the Night crawler, a highly classified Star Fleet project involving complicated stealth technology. After several successful missions the project was scrapped as it was deemed to be scraping the boundaries of various treaties with other races and if the project was leaked could lead to a Diplomatic incident far beyond anything that had ever occurred. After this he was assigned traditional security duties working with Section four in Starfleet intelligence, the equivalent of homeland security. He worked for years in this division, taking part in many classified projects that could have easily resulted in the downfall of Earth or the federation but always pulled back from the brink. It was during this time he met his fiancé and fathered a child, a daughter named Emily. Not long after Adam was assigned to Romulus.

Being extremely competent in most types of poising and their administration he soon made a name for himself and was sent on a crucial mission to Romulus with a small team of five. The mission profile was simple enough; kill all top-level politicians to make way for a more Federation friendly government. Halfway through the mission there was a snag, whilst canvassing an old neighbourhood for a suitable place to lay low a lose piece of masonry fell from a building high above and struck Adam on the shoulder nearly tearing his arm off.

A group of security officers were close by and immediately attended the scene so it couldn’t be glossed over by the rest of his team, instead they regrouped and followed him. In the hospital however in a routine exam they found him to be human and he was immediately arrested and put in prison, ready for transport to Remus and its penal mining colony, also during that time he was tortured for information and even with the amount of drugs and abuse they gave him he didn’t break as far as he knew, helped along with the Federations development of an immunity to Romulan psychotropic drugs used.

After five months they gave up and was ready to transport him and that’s when Adam’s team struck. Rescuing him and freeing over one thousand prisoners at the same time, malnourished and almost dead he was taken back to the Federation where he was treated and once again disappeared for a year, eventually resurfacing on the U.S.S. Gettysburg as part of the security team.

From there Adam was recruited into the top secret organization within Starfleet Intelligence known as SFSIS. With a quick message to his fiancé and child he would now be out of contact with anyone he knew for months as he adapted to life within the rag-tag team of SFI personnel, criminals and marines. It was a challenging assignment, one that always kept him on his toes and just because of the threats they faced but because of Adam's relationship with the unit Commander, T'Kir. It was turbulent to say the least ending with at least one physical confrontation with her. never the less Adam enjoyed the work and watched as many members of team came and went, some good, some not so good. But in true Darwinian fashion the strong outlived the weak.

It was after a botched mission aboard the Gettysburg that Adam and fellow team mate Buck Steele became stranded in Romulan space--with Gettysburg and rest of the SFSIS team lost presumed dead--and captured by none other than a clone of Sevala one of the senior officers of the Gettysburg, thankfully, after some convincing Sevala agreed to Shepard the two out of Romulan space to a federation ship sent for them.

From there it was to earth and a meeting with the apparent head of their Section, Smith. adam could find no information on the man, this fact culminated in the possibility that, to Adam, Smith was possibly an agent in Section 31. Of course not many people had heard of it, it was beyond secret and Adam had only heard about in in mumblings and rumor. They were assigned a new team member, Mathew Briggs the brother of former team member Allie Briggs (lost during the botched Gettysburg mission.) The man was young, brash and no where near what anyone would call an intelligence agent/operative. But, with the tutelage of Buck, Mathew became competent in his execution of his new abilities and the men were assigned a mission to Cardassia to rescue a scientist or some such, however things went seriously wrong during the mission. Due to an unknown effect of the Gettysburg travelling back to normal space the planet of Cardassia changed, sending them all (once again) back, or indeed forward in time. It was unclear as after a long period it was possible the inhabitants of Cardassia could have reverted back to a primitive state. Then out of no where, and not so long later after being chased by, what could only be described, as a flying abomination, Adam, Buck and Mat reappeared on Cardassia inside a warehouse where they were promptly laid under siege by Cardassian security forces and knocked unconscious.

They all awoke later on aboard the USS Kansas city, they had been rescued by some advanced technology supplied by Smith to the crew, an advanced transporter beam that could transport over very large distances, however it wasn't perfect and as a result the three spent much time (27 days) in regeneration tanks to heal their wounds. From there they were informed they would be being dropped off in a debris field and it wasn't until they reached the location that they found out why. Smith, much to Adam's appreciation, had left the Elaine there. A Klingon runabout bought by Adam on Carraya after Grant's "death" (The man had in fact been smuggled off the planet by friendly Klingon forces and met up with Adam later on.)

The team received "orders" whilst aboard to return to the Sol system to speak with Smith, however because the message contained no such orders, just simply coordinates, Adam and Buck, with Mat tagging along, decided on a vacation. Rather that, they reasoned, than actually having to face the prospect of a FUBAR mission debriefing.

It was whilst on this "vacation" they received word that the Gettysburg had indeed survived and that Admiral Grant was alive. With the Elaine being repaired and refitted they needed a ride and met future team member Jebediah Mitchell, an ex-marine who still had his pilots license. So with a ship and pilot all four headed for Carraya and the meeting that was taking place there. When they arrived Adam, Buck and Mat went looking for Grant, who wasn't exactly over joyed to see them all, especially at the way Buck had introduced himself to those sat at the Admiral's table. Whilst Grant and Buck spoke and decided to head for the Nova for a covert meeting Adam told them he would join them shortly.

But before Adam could join them Jeb appeared and told Adam, of a plot to kill the Federation president. Armed with this information Adam met up with Grant, Buck and Mat on board the Nova and informed them of the plot. Grant, in an atypical response chastised Adam for not informing security straight away, despite the fact he had only found out minutes before and reluctantly allowed the team to investigate, under the condition that he himself inform Carrayan security of the matter which could have potentially caused the terrorists to change their plan or abort the mission to try again another time.

However the team was successful. Conspirators from every major power were arrested or killed in the operation and the president was allowed to continue with his speech unhindered. After this operation Buck and Mat were reassigned to parts unknown leaving Adam to officially recruit Jeb to the team and, without any work to do, leave them to their own devices for sometime.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Computer sciences, Xenosystems
Academy Minor(s): Xenolinguistic study, Advanced Close quarters combat, political studies
Hobbies and Pastimes: Running and tennis. Also enjoys a good game of three-dimensional chess and war games on the holodeck
Short-Term Goals: To live and survive
Long-Term Goals: To retire gracefully from the service, possibly as head of SFI
Personality: Extremely patient and able to work in the most dire of circumstances, even hid himself in a pile of dead bodies for over a day whilst escaping Klingon trackers
Sense of Humor: Adam, has a witty and common sense of humor
Likes: The security services, seeing them as a first line of defence from most of the empires in the galaxy
Dislikes: The way Star Fleet refuses to act against blatant acts of aggression and sabotage
Achievements: Surviving captivity and torture with the Romulans
Disappointments: His SFSIS team almost becoming defunct, he blames himself for the transfers out of his unit
Illnesses: Months of torture and interrogation at the hands of Romulan intelligence agents
Strengths: Sense of moral duty to his work and his quick thinking
Weaknesses: Emotional attachments
Fears: Not being able to prevent a tragedy that could be avoided
Prejudices: Romulans, being the enemy for so long Adam will always find it hard to trust them
Distinguishing Features: None, he’s an average guy, a face you could easily forget

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Leaving behind his daughter and fiancé
Best Time: Working with Section four
Most Crucial Experience: Joining SFSIS
Role Model: Giles Harris, head of Section four SFI

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