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Tkir c.jpg
Career Occupation
SIS Consulting
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Adaran 225
3/4 Vulcan, 1/4 Romulan
168 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
54.4 kg (120 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Slender, attractive
Slightly pale
In her normal voice, T'Kir speaks very informally and often with an irreverent tone. She also has a light Texas drawl.
Venaras IV
Familial Relationships
Sonok (deceased), Stephen Campbell (step-father)
Status of Parents:
Her step-father is a freighter captain. Her mother spends much of her time traveling with him on his ship, though they maintain a family home in Dallas, Texas.
Elizabeth Campbell (half-sister), 24
Marital Status:
Married to Tess Natilique

Personal History

Early Life

Born on a Federation mining colony near the Romulan Neutral Zone, T'Kir lost her father, who was half-Vulcan and half-Romulan, in a shuttle accident when she was age two. The following year her mother remarried to a human freighter captain, and the family eventually left the colony and moved to Earth, making their home in the city of Dallas in the former North American state of Texas. Her step-father was often gone for long periods of time and occasionally took her mother with him, leaving T'Kir to be raised mainly by her Romulan foremother, Sivar, who lived with them. The addition of a sibling, Elizabeth, proved welcome to the young T'Kir, and she became especially close to and protective of her younger half-sister, a bond that the two share even as adults.

Growing up on Earth, T'Kir found human culture interesting and was fascinated by the degree of personal expression humans were allowed as compared to the rather strict rules of Vulcan society. Though she received traditional Vulcan training, her experiences caused her to develop a rather unorthodox view of the universe, and she preferred to seek out new ideas instead of finding solace in the confines of Vulcan culture. She also possessed a strong interest in her Romulan heritage, and she began to explore that aspect of herself despite her foremother's wish that she not.

As T'Kir grew older, her Vulcan studies suffered, and she began to experience emotional difficulties. In danger of being outcast from Vulcan society, at age thirteen her parents sent her to live with her foreparents on Vulcan so that she would be removed from the distractions of Earth. Though she missed her family, she complied with their wishes and concentrated on her studies, completing the "nath-pal-nahr," the intensive, last-chance training given to rebellious Vulcan youth, and after two years she finally returned home.

Early Star Fleet Career

Once back on Earth, T'Kir's newly-gained discipline allowed her to excel in her school work, and she earned several honors. Wishing to escape the narrowing confines of her family and inspired by a human step-uncle, who served in Star Fleet as a security officer, she applied to and was accepted by Star Fleet Academy. She initially began her studies as a tactical officer, but her linguistic and computer talents quickly attracted the attention of Intelligence, and she was soon recruited.

T'Kir spent her first year out of the Academy working at a listening post near the Romulan Neutral Zone, where she made use of her computer skills to decrypt messages picked up from within the Star Empire. Her superiors quickly realized that her talents were being wasted though, and she was assigned to the field. She gradually discovered her natural ability to lie, cheat and steal as she made a name for herself working undercover as a smuggler in the Neutral Zone, based on the planet Nevas IV. Her Romulan side began to emerge more and more also, and she earned a reputation as a dangerous and rather mentally unstable ruffian who was quick with a disruptor. Star Fleet often left her alone to operate as she saw fit, and she almost always came through on her assignments.

As part of her work in the Neutral Zone, she became a double agent with the Tal'Shiar. She worked with them on many occasions, including as a subject in an experiment to create Romulan telepathic adepts. Her own Vulcan abilities were used as a model for the experiment, and she underwent a modification to a part of her brain that controlled her telepathy. As a result, she developed enhanced powers. She was able to detect other nearby telepaths and to hear their chatter, and she could block any attempts to probe her own mind by another telepath. Her ability to mind meld was also increased. The new powers came at a cost, though. The experiment was ultimately a failure, and many who were enhanced further than she had been died, often by their own hand due to madness. Her mental instability was made even more so, and she has been constantly teetering on the edge of insanity ever since, though her discipline has allowed her to remain competent. She always knows, though, that anytime she uses her enhanced powers, she risks falling over that edge.

T'Kir suffered a setback in her career and personal life when she fell in love with an Andorian slave girl named Elara. Killing Elara's owner one night in a violent rage after she happened upon him beating her, she took possession of the Andorian woman and set her free. The former slave remained willingly with T'Kir, and they lived together happily for almost a year, until Elara's tragic death. The two of them were making love in bed one afternoon, when a bullet came through the window, instantly killing Elara. T'Kir never discovered who fired the fatal shot, and she came to blame her lover's death on herself for being sloppy and allowing her emotions to get in the way of her work. She should have never brought Elara into her world. She was sure the bullet was meant for her, and that Elara had only been an innocent victim.


T'Kir turned to alcohol to escape the personal torment she felt. Her once moderate drinking habit became severe, and she began to slip in her work, slowly becoming less and less reliable over the next two years. Nonetheless, her reputation was still such that she was chosen to be part of the newly-formed SFSIS unit being assembled on the USS Gettysburg by then Captain Derrick Grant. Reluctantly leaving the Neutral Zone, she found herself working as a member of a team for the first time in her career. She quickly learned to adapt though, and she emerged as a natural leader of the group, earning a promotion to field commander and being given charge of the unit.

T'Kir's first mission with the new unit took her back into familiar territory, an Orion trading station. Working with fellow team member Tess Natilique and another agent, they acquired their target, a supposed Romulan defector. During the mission, T'Kir began to realize that she was developing feelings for Tess. The intimacy of their cover, as master and slave, only gave T'Kir the opportunity to get to know Tess better, and she began to fall in love, despite her fears that she'd lose Tess in the same way that she'd lost Elara.

Her affection and admiration for Tess deepened as the mission continued, which saw them rejoin the rest of the team to infiltrate a secret Romulan base, which they destroyed. Possessing information on a new class of Romulan vessel equipped with phase cloak capability and armed with a thalaron radiation weapon, she and Tess, along with another member of the team, then headed towards the USS Ticonderoga to help them in their mission to secure the new ship from its commander, who had offered to defect.

Upon return from their mission, she and Tess began dating, and their feelings for one another quickly deepened. T'Kir fell in love, and with Tess' help, she slowly began to pull herself out of the alcohol-induced downward spiral she'd begun after Elara's death. Their next mission found them posing as a married couple while the team attempted to infiltrate a Satarran cell on Risa. They turned up few leads other than two Satarrans they killed during a robbery attempt and an Andorian waitress, Shara, who resembled Elara. T'Kir's attraction to Shara caused a few rough spots in her relationship with Tess, but the Andorian turned out to be an android specifically designed to lure T'Kir.

Meanwhile, several of the USS Apparition crew had become lost on a Risan moon while investigating reports of a hidden facility there. T'Kir took one of the crew with her to follow-up, and she found herself, along with the missing Apparition crew, trapped inside a Satarran base. In an attempt to bluff her way out of the situation, she lost her left hand when the Satarrans used their transporters to get rid of the "bomb" she was holding. The group eventually managed their escape from the facility, taking with them several people who had been held prisoner by the Satarrans, including the real Shara. Shara was in the midst of her mating cycle, and this set off T'Kir's hormones. She entered pon farr, but with help from Tess, she was able to make it through.

Marriage to Tess

Her love for Tess only grew stronger after that, and when she learned that Grant was planning to reassign Tess, she asked her girlfriend to marry her, not wanting to ever be without her. That night, or rather early the next morning, they joined their lives together at Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas in front of friends, family, Peter O'Malley and a Klingon Elvis impersonator. Their honeymoon lasted only a few hours though before Grant separated them, and T'Kir was assigned a near suicidal mission.

While Tess stayed behind to work with Grant on a separate project, T'Kir led the rest of the team to an uninhabited and unstable planet where a suspected Satarran base was located. Along the way, they encountered a strange ripple in time which changed the Apparition, their equipment and their clothing into late 23rd Century equivalents. Forced to use inferior resources, they continued their mission anyway and managed to infiltrate the base. They liberated numerous prisoners, who had been used as duplicates, and barely managed to escape the planet before geological forces, with help from the team, tore it apart.

Rendezvousing with the Gettysburg, T'Kir was reunited with her wife, and she spent the next few weeks relaxing as the ship headed into Romulan space on a mission not involving SF:SIS. Encountering Romulan vessels and becoming involved in a battle, she and several of the team members, not including Tess, were sent on the Apparition to board a damaged warbird and retrieve the cloaking device. The combination of forces from a nearby black nebula and the destruction of a warbird, though, opened a portal to an alternate universe, and the Gettysburg and Apparition were sucked into it. The Apparition was stuck in phase cloak for several days and unable to contact the Gettysburg until repairs had been made.

Alternate Universe

Back on the Gettysburg, Grant revealed the team's existence to the rest of the crew, and T'Kir took advantage of it to open up a private club in one of the empty cargo bays, complete with gambling, real alcohol and exotic dancers. She and the team made a tidy bit of profit from the venture before they were called back to action on the Apparition. Grant was taking the ship out to steal or otherwise acquire portal technology from one of the civilizations in the alternate universe, the Frions, who were similar to Klingon augments.

T'Kir led one team to the Frion homeworld to gain intelligence, but their cover was blown rather quickly due to a mishap on a space station while trying to steal a shuttle. They managed to escape the station, though, and they made their way to the planet below, where they were to investigate a mysterious power source. The signal proved to be a trap, however, and they were forced to flee. They barely managed to make it back into space, while being pursued, and rescued by the Apparition before their shuttle broke apart.

Once back aboard the Apparition, T'Kir learned from Sevala that Grant was planning to take the Apparition on a suicide mission, believing that blowing the ship's quantum and temporal cores would create a portal back to their own universe for the Gettysburg to take. She decided to prevent him from doing it, knowing he was too valuable to lose, and while Grant was visiting the Gettysburg before he left, she told the team her plan. They all volunteered to go with her, and they took the Apparition on their own, leaving Grant behind. Piloting the ship towards the proper coordinates for the explosions, they stopped along the way to pick up three crewmembers who had been off on another mission, including Trella Grex, Grant's yoeman and bodyguard, and once reaching their destination. they set off the cores, knowing that they would probably be killed in the process. Miraculously, however, the Apparition was pulled back into their own universe by the force of the explosions, and only the quantum and temporal cores were damaged. They were home.

Going Rogue

The found themselves in the Vulcan system, where several Star Fleet vessels had gathered to avert a crisis unknowingly caused by their arrival. Vulcan was threatened by a spatial rift. They were quickly contacted by a man calling himself Captain Thomas Smith, and they were told they were officially dead and that they could never contact their families again. He ordered them to report to Miranda base, which he then said wouldn't be there when they arrived, and he gave them a ridiculously short amount of time to travel there. Not finding his story convincing and unwilling to follow such orders from someone they didn't know, they decided to go rogue. They would find out what was going on first before they put themselves into any position that might trap them into something they might regret.

Unable to cloak, they were quickly discovered by the other Star Fleet vessels and asked to help save Vulcan. the USS Dauntless, however, seemed not to believe their cover story and locked weapons on them. T'Kir ordered the Apparition to Risa, where they'd blow up the ship and assume cover identities to throw off Star Fleet and Smith from their trail. T'Kir chose to portray herself as a Romulan actress and model, Dhisuia Nai, who was decidedly more feminine in her manner of dress and style than the rather tomboyish T'Kir. The Dauntless pursued them, but they held to their plan, using the other Star Fleet vessel as a "witness" to their destruction They blew up the Apparition, transporting over to a passenger vessel just before the ship's final demise.

On Risa, the team tried to stay low while they figured out what to do next. Upon learning that Grant was alive and had returned from the other universe, T'Kir decided that the best course of action was to find him and seek his help. Their attempt to remain out of the sight while on Risa failed, however, when Trella was kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity. Learning that a little boy's life was at stake, the team decided to leave Trella in captivity while they searched for her lookalike and attempted to secure the boy's safety. During this operation, T'Kir remained in constant telepathic contact with Trella, something which continued even after they'd found the boy and freed Trella. Their triumph was short-live, however, when one of the team members, Kiron Hunter, was caught by Star Fleet Security as they broke into a warehouse. The team had no way of rescuing him and were forced to leave him behind as they quickly made their getaway from Risa.

T'Kir then led the group to Nevas IV, where she knew they could procure a ship of their own without attracting too much attention. To that end, she adopted her old persona and found herself in a game of fizzbin, which she rigged using Trella's telepathy along with some fancy dealing, so that she could win a vessel from a gambling-happy captain. She also had help from friends of time traveler Peter O'Malley, who was himself a friend of Grant's, and an Angosian by the name of Rohan Lamarck, who wormed his way into coming along with them when they left the planet. Taking control of their new ship, which they named the Angel of Death, they soon set off for Romulus, where Grant was currently stationed as leader of Star Fleet's efforts in the Romulan Exodus.

Enter Trella

During the journey to Nevas IV and while working together on the planet, T'Kir and Trella spent a lot of time together, both physically and telepathically. T'Kir began to open up to her, finding that she and the Betazoid had much in common and that they understood each other in ways that it was hard for other people to understand them. They formed a bond, and before they'd realized it, they had fallen in love with each other. T'Kir still loved her wife, though, and had no intention of leaving her. She valued both women in her life. When she and Trella admitted their feelings for each other to Tess, Tess initially didn't react well but also tried to be understanding. She didn't make T'Kir and Trella stop seeing each other, though she laid down strict rules. T'Kir was very patient with Tess and stayed very loyal to her. Tess also became aware that Trella was in love with both of them, not just T'Kir, and though not sure about that, she began to loosen her rules for the other women, allowing them time together. Eventually, Tess began to warm to the idea of their unusual three-way relationship, and the three began forming new bonds with each other.

Upon reaching Romulus, T'Kir got in contact with Grant and brought him back to the ship. He agreed to help them as best he could if they would help him. A shipment of Ferengithium intended to protect the Romuluan star, Eisn, from the supernova blastwave that threatened to destabilize it had been stolen, and Grant needed someone with the team's experience to retrieve it. The team considered the offer and accepted it. Knowing that there was probably little chance of getting their old jobs back, as the SF:SIS program had been disbanded, and they were officially dead, they decided to stay together as a team and work freelance for Grant or anyone else who might be able to use their services, hoping for the best in the long run. They renamed themselves Special Intelligence Services, or SIS, in honor of their heritage, and they took off to Lharrhal, a Romulan colony world, in search of the missing Ferengithium.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Cryptography, Romulan linguistics
Academy Minor(s): Mathematics, Statistics
Hobbies and Pastimes: Games of chance, drinking, brawling, studying late 20th century popular culture
Short-Term Goals: To not screw up her marriage with Tess or her relationship with Trella
Long-Term Goals: To eventually settle down in a position that will allow her and Tess to raise a family
Personality: Arrogant and self-assured. She harbors a sharp and satirical sense of humor as well as an aggressive and competitive nature. She can be sociable when she desires to be so, though she also likes to spend time alone. She's not afraid to take chances or of offending anyone. She can be a bully at times, if she feels the need or desire, though for the most part she tends to leave other people alone
Sense of Humor: T'Kir has a natural sense of humor and is able to see even the most light-hearted subtleties in the darkest situations. She almost always has a joke on her lips, and she rarely takes anything seriously. Her obsession with late 20th century Earth culture also shines through in her humor. She rarely calls anyone by their real name, giving them nicknames such as Ace, Claude, Fred, Jeeves or Bobby
Phobias: None
Likes: Creativity, heavy metal music, alcohol, caffeine, barroom brawls
Dislikes: Klingons, losing, being challenged
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who think they know Vulcan culture just because they studied Vulcan martial arts or meditation techniques. Uncooperative people. Stupid people. People who try to manipulate her. People who interrupt her... Basically, anyone other than Tess and Trella and any situation not of her own making
Bad Habits or Vices: Can be controlling at times. She also has an addictive personality
Achievements: Getting married, earning her own command
Disappointments: Elara's death
Illnesses: Alcoholism. She also lost her left hand on a mission and has a cloned replacement
Strengths: T'Kir's greatest strength is her strong sense of discipline. She knows when to be serious and when to think logically, and she can quickly shift herself into that mode. She also possesses an above average intelligence and has the ability to adapt to any situation that comes her way. T'Kir also has a strong imagination, and she can come up with a story or an excuse for any occasion, which helps make her an effective field agent
Weaknesses: Her main weakness is her rebellious nature. She likes to push the boundaries that are given to her. She can also be aggressive, which sometimes leads her to act before she fully thinks about the consequences of her actions
Fears: Losing her sanity, losing her wife
Prejudices: None to speak of. T'Kir tends to keep an open mind about everything
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: T'Kir typically wears casual clothing, though she'll dress up for special occasions. She is never ultra-feminine in her attire and prefers plain clothing to anything flashy.
Distinguishing Features: Standard Vulcan features.
Friends: T'Kir has a difficult time, due to her career and her personality, making and keeping friends. She considers both her wife and her lover, Trella Grex, as her best friends.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Elara's death
Best Time: Her Las Vegas wedding
Most Crucial Experience: Trusting Tess enough to accept her help in overcoming Elara's death and in treating her alcoholism. It allowed her to regain her self-confidence, and she was able to pull her life back together after having let it fall apart for the past two years
Role Model: John Wayne

Career History


Stardate 20708.01 - Assigned Lieutenant, SFSIS

Stardate 20801.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, SFSIS

Stardate 20801.01 - Promoted to Field Commander, SFSIS

Stardate 21008.01 - Went rogue, SFSIS

Stardate 21101.01 - Team changed name to SIS, decided to remain freelance, SFSIS

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