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Career Occupation
USS Columbia, FF-6145
Master Chief Petty Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Raass Giraath
50% Human, 50% Klingon
170 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Shoulder length, swept back away from face
Fair, smooth skin
Facial Hair:
Husky, sensuous
San Francisco, Earth
Familial Relationships
Captain Jauffre Tagain, Human
Klintara, Klingon
Status of Parents:
Mother: Deceased; Father: Alive, currently serving as Commanding Officer of Deep Space: Five
Marital Status:

Personal History

Family And Personal

Born in San Francisco to a Klingon mother and Human father. Her mother was assigned to the Klingon Embassy on Earth. Her father was a Lt[JG] in Starfleet, serving as a Presidential guard. Klintara refused to marry Jauffre, though she kept him as a lover. Char was raised by her mother in the Klingon Embassy, with occasional visits by her father. When she was four, her mother was reassigned to the Klingon Embassy on Andor, ending her relationship with Jauffre. He also quit playing father to Char. When she turned eight, owing to the rapid physical and mental maturation bestowed by her Klingon heritage, Char undertook the Right of Ascension. Despite completing the Right of Ascension, Char was never treated as fully Klingon by the other members of the Embassy, which disinclined her to join the KDF. So, she enlisted in Star Fleet at the age of eight. High aptitude scores and excellent physical condition allowed her to complete Star Fleet Basic Training as a Crewman Recruit. From there, she rose rapidly through the ranks, attaining Petty Officer First Class in ten years. She spent the next ten years advancing to Master Chief Petty Officer. Her entire career has been spent in Star Fleet Security. That, combined with her hard work, has made her one of the most sought after Master Chiefs in Star Fleet Security. When the Klingon border was closed, her mother, a supporter of Emperor Kahless, deemed it to be her duty to return to the Empire. Her transport, which carried several other members of the various Klingon Embassies, was destroyed by Kalok’s forces when it tried to cross into Imperial space. Since her promotion to SCPO, Char’s father, now a Captain serving as CO of Deep Space: Five, has tried to play the role of father to her, thus far making three attempts to re-establish their relationship. Each time, Char turned down his attempts.

While onboard the USS Spector, Char met her first serious lover, Jill Ravenna, with whom Char became very close. Their relationship continued after Char was transferred to the USS Sovereign, despite the long periods of time their careers kept them apart. They were rejoined when both of them eventually ended up on the USS Powell, where their relationship flourished. Their relationship was brought to a halt by the Borg invasion, and Jill's assimilation into the collective. In order to effect her own escape, Char was forced to kill her former lover, now a Borg Drone.

While serving aboard the USS Drake and Dauntless, Char become romantically involved with Lieutenant {Junior Grade} Ruth "Danni" Merez. This was the first time since Jill's death that Char had decided to pursue a meaningful relationship. Char's relationship with Danni did not last, as Char's hesitance regarding long-term relationships and her own promiscuous nature combined to drive Danni away.

Early Career

Her career was eventful from the start, as she completed Star Fleet Basic Training as a Crewman Recruit one year before the General War broke out. She served aboard an Akira-class ship for much of the war, before being transferred to the USS Sovereign for the last year of the war, where she served until the ship was decommissioned in the Fleet reorganization. While deployed to Setlik III, which was under attack by Cardassian and Jem’Hadar forces, Char was wounded while fighting hand-to-hand against a Jem’Hadar soldier, receiving a deep cut on her right cheek that nearly penetrated her skull. Due to the length of the battle and the fact that Star Fleet forces were temporarily cut off from their ships, Char elected to only receive minimal treatment for the wound. While she allowed her cheekbone and the worst of the gash to be healed, she chose to let the wound fully heal on its own. As a result she bears a scar, which she wears as a badge of honor. She was assigned to a frigate, the USS Oslo, where she served until her promotion to CPO. While the Oslo was docked for a refit, she was reassigned to a destroyer, the USS Powell. A year later the Second Romulan War broke out. She served aboard the USS Powell for the duration of the War, and took part in a major battle near the Bassen Rift. She was the sole survivor of the Powell, when it was boarded by the Borg while en route to the Sol System. While the ship was left mostly undamaged, the entire crew, except Char, was assimilated and beamed back to the Borg cube. Char was the only member of the crew who was able to reach the escape pods. She was rescued by the light cruiser, USS Tyr, where she was added to the crew. The USS Tyr rushed to join the combined Alpha Quadrant fleets in the battle to save Earth. After the Borg were eliminated, Char was promoted to SCPO and permanently assigned to the USS Tyr. Two years later she accepted a posting at Star Fleet Basic Training as a Drill Instructor. The following year, she was promoted to MCPO and reassigned to the USS Drake.

Later Career

Char served on the USS Drake during the ship's final mission to investigate a series of disappearances and strange sensor readings along one of the Federation's trade routes. The ship made first contact with a race called the Gy'sch, who made their home in a stable subspace pocket. The alien race had been abducting freighter crews in order to study means of dissection. The Gy'sch attempted to capture the Drake, and were repelled, but both the Captain and First Officer were abducted. The Drake was able to follow the Gy'sch back to their homeworld, within their subspace pocket, and was able to rescue the Captain and First Officer. After the Drake returned to home port, the ship was deactivated and slated for refit. The majority of the crew, including Char, were transferred to the USS Dauntless, which was just completing a refit of her own.

Char served aboard the Dauntless for one year, participating in two missions with the Battlecruiser. The first was a rescue mission to the planet Tekna, accompanied by the USS Copernicus. During that mission the Dauntless encountered a pair of rogue Cardassian ships, and Char was assigned to interrogate the prisoners taken by the Copernicus crew. The mission ended in failure, as the planet, suffering from severe tectonic instability, tore itself apart before the majority of the population could be rescued. Of four million inhabitants, only twelve thousand were saved. Char's last mission with the Dauntless involved an encounter with some kind of advanced race, who somehow managed to put the ship through a series of temporal loops, as part of some kind of test. During one of these time-loops, Char lost consciousness, and has been unable to remember any of the details of the encounter, except for the fact that the beings encountered used some sort of remote device to attack members of the crew.

Char was then transferred back to Earth, to serve once more as a Drill Instructor at the Starfleet Basic Training facility in San Francisco. She served in that capacity for a year, before being transferred back into fleet duty, this time aboard the frigate, USS Columbia.

On the Columbia, Char served as part of a detail escorting Captain Adaran on a routine mission to relocate an Intelligence Listening Station. While the relocation was in progress, Romulan terrorists captured the station personnel. Char, along with other members of the security detail, were able to free themselves and aid in freeing the other captured personnel, as well as eliminate the terrorists.

On the Columbia's next mission, Char remained aboard ship heading up the ship's security patrols, while the ship carried out an Intelligence gathering mission deep inside enemy controlled territory.

The Columbia's following mission to destroy an Uihvueri supply depot also ended in failure, this time due to a security leak that alerted the Uihvueri to the threat. They responded by enlisting the aid of three Tal'Shiar warships, who laid a trap for the Columbia in the form of a disabled freighter. During the battle, the Columbia was boarded, which resulted in numerous injuries to many of the Columbia's officers. Char was also wounded in the fighting to secure the ship. While the mission had to be aborted, the crew was successful in defeating the boarding parties. With the help of Captain Adaran and Lieutenant Giraath (who were in a stolen Romulan shuttle) and a newly designed Imperial Romulan ship, the Columbia succeeded in defeating all three Tal'Shiar ships.

Personality Profile

Hobbies and Pastimes: Working out, martial arts training, participating in holo-adventures, visiting exotic worlds, vacationing on Risa, Rubicun III, and Andor
Short-Term Goals: To be part of exploring an uncharted world; To convince her father to quit trying to rebuild their relationship
Long-Term Goals: Ultimately, Char is working toward promotion to Command Master Chief Petty Officer. Recently, she has also been entertaining the possibility of becoming an officer.
Personality: Char is aggressive and tough, and loves a good fight, partially due to her Klingon heritage, and partially due to her career experiences. While she embraces the aggressive and violent nature of her Klingon side, she is as individualistic as any human, and moderates her Klingon side with a more or less normal human lifestyle. She is outgoing and laid back. Her easy-going nature extends to her sexuality, making her somewhat promiscuous and open-minded about sex, though she keeps such activities strictly off-duty. She has a slight preference for women over men, but will sleep with anyone she finds attractive and interesting, male or female. Since Jill’s assimilation and death, she generally tends to avoid entering into long-term relationships, though every now and then she takes a shot at a real relationship. Despite being fairly laid back and easy-going, her temper is wholly Klingon, and when she loses it, she is very unpleasant and hot-headed. She is also very competitive, and hates to lose.
Sense of Humor: Her sense of humor is very broad, and she enjoys a good laugh.
Phobias: Tribbles; despite being otherwise fearless, she has inherited the Klingon allergy to tribbles, and can’t stand the thought of the vile creatures.
Likes: Drinking; a good one night stand; winning; sparring with someone of equal or greater skill
Dislikes: Officers who ignore the advice of their NCOs; People who don’t keep themselves in shape; Terran wines; losing
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Bureaucrats; slackers; having to visit Sickbay for anything less than life threatening
Bad Habits or Vices: Has a quick temper; drinks frequently
Achievements: Completing her Right of Ascension; Joining Star Fleet; Her relatively rapid rise through the enlisted ranks; Awarded the Star Fleet Commendation Medal and Purple Heart for her actions on Setlik III during the General War; Awarded the Star Fleet Cross of Gallantry for her actions on the USS Powell, though she only displays this medal during official functions that require medals to be worn
Disappointments: Not being able to save Jill form the Borg; Being treated as inferior by her mother’s people
Illnesses: Common childhood illnesses
Strengths: Her Klingon heritage gives her great strength and endurance; She is a very good investigator; she’s good with weapons and many forms of unarmed martial arts
Weaknesses: She can’t resist an invitation to drink; She is sometimes too frank and blunt in conversations; She can’t resist provoking Klingons to wrath
Fears: She fears developing a close, deep relationship with someone, and losing them as she did Jill.
Prejudices: hates Jem’Hadar, Vorta, and Founders. She dislikes Cardassians and Mirak. Char doesn’t much care for Klingons, though she has no problem working with them. Char is particularly fond of Edo, Risans, Andorians, and Orion women.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Snug, but comfortable tank-tops and pants or shorts, she prefers black and other dark colors. She occasionally wears close fitting dresses, of similar design as her tank-tops. Char almost always wears twin tajtiqs, worn at each hip.
Distinguishing Features: Scar on right cheek, just below the eye; tattoo of herself in a Risan wedding dress on her left shoulder blade; tattoo of thorny vine with three black roses (a large rose between two smaller ones) on the small of her back. While Char has the skeletal structure and internal physiology of a Klingon, her forehead ridges are more toned down than on a full Klingon, her spinal ridge is very faint, and she lacks the ridges on her sternum and feet.
Pets: None
Friends: Liandri, Edo female; Char has known Liandri for nearly a decade, and visits her on Rubicun III any chance she gets. The two have been to Risa together several times. Jill Ravenna, Human female, Deceased; Char served with Jill aboard her first ship, and Jill introduced her to the unique pleasure of Risa. Jill was Char’s first lover, and the two maintained a close friendship, even after Char was transferred to the USS Sovereign. The two served together once more when Char was transferred to the USS Powell. It was then that Jill introduced Char to the equally unique pleasures of Rubicun III and the Edo. Their bond deepened during the Romulan War, but their reunion was short lived. Jill, along with the rest of the Powell’s crew, was assimilated by the Borg when the Powell unexpectedly ran into the invasion force as it headed toward the Sol system. After watching Jill become a Borg drone, Char was forced to kill her to reach the escape pod.

Career History

Stardate 18904.25 - Completed Starfleet Basic Training, Promoted CMR, Earth
Stardate 18905.01 - Assigned Security Department, USS Spector, NCC-65549
Stardate 19104.01 - Promoted CMA, USS Spector, NCC-65549
Stardate 19204.01 - Promoted CM, USS Spector, NCC-65549
Stardate 19404.01 - Promoted PO3, USS Spector, NCC-65549
Stardate 19502.01 - Assigned Security Department, USS Sovereign, NCC-73811
Stardate 19704.01 - Promoted PO2, USS Sovereign, NCC-73811
Stardate 19904.01 - Promoted to PO1, Awarded SFCM and Purple Heart, USS Sovereign, NCC-73811
Stardate 19905.01 - Assigned Security Department, USS Oslo, FF-6093
Stardate 20012.20 - Promoted to CPO, USS Oslo, FF-6093
Stardate 20101.01 - Assigned Security Department, USS Powell, DD-4084
Stardate 20210.29 - Temporarily Assigned Security Department, USS Tyr, CL-2204
Stardate 20305.01 - Assigned Security Department, Awarded Starfleet Cross of Gallantry, USS Tyr, CL-2204
Stardate 20505.01 - Promoted SCPO, USS Tyr, CL-2204
Stardate 20705.01 - Assigned Drill Instructor, Starfleet Basic Training Facility, Earth
Stardate 20808.16 - Promoted MCPO, Assigned Security Department, USS Drake, CL-2509
Stardate 20904.17 - Assigned Security Department, USS Dauntless, BC-1553
Stardate 21006.01 - Assigned Drill Instructor, Starfleet Basic Training Facility, Earth
Stardate 21107.01 - Assigned Security Department, USS Columbia, FF-6145

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