Carrs, Jasal

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Carrs Jasal
Career Occupation
Dean of Evaluations
Star Fleet Academy
Biographical Attributes
132 lbs
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Oaken Brown
Very short, swept to one side with no defined part
Jasal is well built, but not stocky. His shoulders are wide for his height, and his muscles are well defined.
Well tanned and free of blemishes.
Jasal's voice is a high baritone
Chicago, IL. Earth.
Familial Relationships
Rarn Sunal
Carrs Matas
Status of Parents:
Mother Deceased, Father's whereabouts unknown
Marital Status:
Married to Myra Foxx

Personal History

Carrs Jasal was born on Earth. From an early age, all he knew were the poorest streets of Chicago, Illinois. He and his mother were alone, and unfortunately homeless, so life was hard. Matas, Jasal's mother, did what was necessary to keep her and her baby alive. As soon as he was able, young Jasal started pulling his own weight, finding what little money and food he could to help provide. Life was rough, this was undeniable, but at least he had his mother with him. He never knew his father, and Matas never spoke of him, so what lessons he learned from life came from the only parent he had. He never even thought to question what they, a pair of Bajorans, were doing on Earth in the first place.

Over time, he began to realize that his mother was finding it harder and harder to survive. Though he didn't understand what it meant, he knew his mother was sick: she was dying. Once she realized this herself, she decided to do what she could for her son while she still had time. Forcing herself to go on, she took the steps that were necessary for her son to be provided for once she was gone. By the time that she was no longer able to provide for them, help came in the form of a Federation Relief Team. A civilian service organization sponsored by the United Federation of Planets came through, and worked to help the homeless in that area of the city to rebuild their lives. Some found jobs, some found homes, but for Jasal and his mother it wasn't so easy. Even though she was given medical treatment, her illness proved too advanced. Jasal was an orphan at age seven.

The next several years of his life were spent in an orphanage in Chicago. Although he was no longer homeless, he grew up resenting the aid that was given to him. He would frequently wind up in trouble with local authorities, since he would steal from the local shops and businesses when he could, not only to make an extra credit or two, but for the thrill of it. In short, he was a delinquent. By age sixteen, it was beginning to look as if no one wanted to adopt the child. Of course, his mile-wide rebellious streak had a lot to do with that. He bullied the other orphans, and often offended his potential parents with rude behavior and comments. Ironically, it was this habit that eventually sealed his leaving the facility.

A few weeks before his seventeenth birthday (at least the day the orphanage chose to celebrate his birthday, anyway) the orphanage was visited by a Star Fleet Officer. The officer and the headmaster had a long conversation in private, before going out to meet the children. The officer seemed to take note of the younger children, but he paid the most attention to those who were older. A few snide comments later, and Jasal had attracted the man's attention, for better or worse. The Officer commented that Jasal was exactly the young man he was looking for, and asked the headmaster to begin the paperwork.

Jasal soon found himself attending a Star Fleet Youth Character Development Camp. Boot Camp. He felt anger and resentment toward the Headmaster, and the Officer. Long days, brutal exercise regimens, and harsh treatment were his lot, considering his rebellious streak. Of course, a rebellious teenager is no match for a trained military officer. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed, and Jasal began cooperating, out of nothing but the realization that he had food, clothing, and a roof over his head.

Over time, he began to change. He became less-rebellious, and even came to respect the officers he was around. His improvement impressed the overseers of the program, so much so, that they decided to make him an offer. Knowing that if a youth program could benefit him this much , they wondered how much more he could improve if he joined Star Fleet. When they approached him, he didn't know what to think. After great consideration, he decided to enlist with Star Fleet. The military lifestyle had changed him so much already, and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to be independent.

The Headmaster of the Orphanage contacted him the day he was scheduled to fly to San Francisco via shuttlecraft. He gave him a package, and told him to open it on his way. When he opened it, it contained a message from his mother. All those years ago, she had recorded a message for him, and left instructions that it should be delivered to him on the day he became a man.

The message contained her blessing, her well-wishes, and an apology. She apologized for the life they had lived for so long. She told him about his father: a man named Rarn Sunal. Sunal and a pregnant Matas had left Bajor headed for Earth, seeking new opportunities for his fledgling family. Shortly after arriving, they discovered things were not as they seemed. Sunal became involved in dark dealings, and in order to protect his family he fled. He left only a small keepsake for Matas to remember him by: a crystal pendant from their home planet, Bajora. The creditors and loansharks didn't care about anything but their money, and soon drove Matas and baby Jasal to the streets, siezing their home, and all their property. His mother's message concluded by telling him that no matter what, she would always be proud of him. The packaged contained one other item: his father's crystal pendant.

Time passed on, and Jasal entered the academy. He enrolled in the Fighter Pilot Program, once he discovered he enjoyed the complicated maneuvers it involved. He found that he had an aptitude for the technical skills involved, but he struggled with the classroom aspects of his studies. With the aid of tutors, and a great deal of determination, he graduated from the Academy, and was stationed briefly on Star Base Bravo. After the chaos that was the Battle at SBB, Jasal was promoted to the rank of Ensign, and reassigned to the USS Ticonderoga.

As the Tico led the battle for Sierra 18, Jasal and the rest of Halo Squad served as a diversionary force, to draw as many ships away from the station as possible. Things did not go as planned, however, and the situation degraded swiftly. The resulting furball of Pveer Class vessels and the Federation/Mirak fleet saw Carrs land his share of ship kills. Following on the Squad CO's lead, 5 out of the 6 members of Halo Squad made it back alive, though damaged. After the battle ended, and the war was declared over, Carrs helped with the restoration of S18. Also during shoreleave, a promotion ceremony was held which saw Halo Squadron well-decorated. Carrs came away with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. In the time leading up to the Tico's re-deploy, Carrs spent his time on the Ticonderoga, trying to enjoy what shoreleave he had left, as he knew it would end sooner or later.

Carrs was swiftly promoted again and reassigned to the Bajor sector, where he was killed during Bajor's destruction by the Krynar. When the timeline was restored, Carrs' fighter was not destroyed as it had been before, but crash-landed in a remote forest area. Both legs and his spine were shattered, and though he eventually recovered 90% of the functionality of his legs, his operational flight status was permanently revoked. Rather than mope, Carrs instead ensured that he and Myra married as soon as possible, and took a position at Star Fleet Academy, where he quickly became a senior Flight Instructor, before being selected to replace Captain Bodash as Dean of Evaluations when he was promoted to Superintendent.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Weapons Theory, Tactics
Academy Minor(s): Mechanical Procedures
Hobbies and Pastimes: Growing up in the streets, Jasal didn't have much time for simple free-time; every moment was needed to survive. But one activity he enjoyed was cards. He would play for money at every opportunity, and soon became good at it. He also follows a strict exercise schedule to keep in top shape, though this is not a true hobby.
Short-Term Goals: Make Ace
Long-Term Goals: Build a Family, and be able to support them
Personality: Jasal is a respectful man, as is expected of him. But from time to time his rebellious streak still shines through. His long period of self-reliance has caused him to be a bit introverted, and can make him seem "stuck-up" to those who don't bother to get to know him.
Sense of Humor: Jasal's sense of humor is crude. Not dirty or perverted, but not refined either. Sarcasm and irony are two of his favorite methods of humor.
Phobias: None
Likes: Like many pilots, Carrs can be classified as an "Adrenaline Junkie"; he enjoys activities which contain at least a perceived element of danger. Food-wise, he prefers Italian cuisine.
Dislikes: Medical Treatments. Carrs can be a difficult patient, since doctor's offices and sickbays give him the creeps.
Pet Peeves or Gripes: Jasal is disgusted by anyone who considers themselves better than anyone else, simply because they are less fortunate than they are.
Achievements: The event that Jasal is most proud of would have to be his graduation from Star Fleet Academy, and position in the Fighter Pilot Program.
Disappointments: He is disappointed in his father, not angry but sad, that he was never able to know the man.
Illnesses: No major illnesses. Shattered both legs and spine in an F-1 crash on Bajor.
Strengths: Jasal excels in the finer, technical aspects of piloting and his other duties. When presented with a hands-on challenge, he is able to adapt easily.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately, he has a little more difficulty with the more abstract, classroom elements. When it comes to tactical planning and organization, he isn't the greatest mind for such things.
Fears: Jasal fears that he will not be able to provide for his future family, and they will end up on the streets again.
Prejudices: Jasal has no major prejudices.
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Contemporary Terran Fashion
Distinguishing Features: Jasal has four horizontal ridges across his nose. He also has a six-inch long scar across the small of his back where he suffered a nasty gash during his later teenage years. During the destruction of Bajor, he suffered massive injuries from which he was not expected to recover: these have left scars and burn marks across much of his body.
Pets: None
Friends: Paul Braggins, MacKenzie Braggins, Myra Foxx, Rikk Westfield

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: The loss of his mother at such a young age.
Best Time: Star Fleet Academy Graduation, as it represented the new future he now faced.
Most Crucial Experience: Listening to his mother's recording, and learning about his Father.
Role Model: Rather than a traditional role-model, Jasal aims to do better for himself and his family than his father did. An "anti-role model" if you will.

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