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Richard 'Rikk' Westfield
Career Occupation
Tactical Officer
USS Titan, CL-2007
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
178 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
90.7 kg (200 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Reddish brown
Short, neat. Closely trimmed beard/moustache
Slightly Heavy
Light tan
Soft and smooth with a slight English accent
United Federation of Planets
New York City, Earth
Familial Relationships
Jonathon Westfield
Brenda Simmons Westfield
Status of Parents:
Marital Status:
Married to Yasmin Boehm-Westfield

Personal History

Rikk Westfiled’s destiny was mapped out for him before he was even born. Grandson of Captain Paul Westfield and son of Earth ambassador to Betazed Jonathon Westfield, Rikk was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. Growing up in New York City, Rikk attended the best schools and mixed with some of the most celebrated personalities of his day.

When he was 10, his father was assigned to Betazed permanently. While his parents went to the planet to set up house, Rikk went to live with his grandparents in San Francisco, where Paul was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a Tactical instructor. This time was one of Rikk’s most treasured memories. Paul taught Rikk to fly atmospheric craft.

Paul also introduced Rikk to his best friend’s son, Marcus Lane. Rikk and Marcus became fast friends and were inseparable. Their adventures became legend in the San Fransisco area, usually because of the amount of property damage caused or number of Law Enforcement officers called in. When they were 12 years old, Rikk and Marcus decided to teach themselves how to surf. After making their own boards, they hit the waves. The experiment was a success until the last run of the day. Rikk took on too much wave and got thrown into an outcropping of rocks. When he awoke in San Francisco Medical center, he had a scar on his forehead as a souvenir of his little adventure. He walked away from the experiment with a healthy respect for the power of the sea and a thirst to learn from experts in a field before he tried something on his own.

When Jonathon came back to Earth to pick up his son, Rikk asked if he could stay with his grandfather. This was the beginning of a bitter feud between Jonathon and Paul. Although Jonathon let Rikk stay on Earth he never forgave his father for being more important to Rikk than he was.

Rikk had a wonderful time living with his grandparents, although his arrest for a flying stunt did cause some strife. When Rikk was 20, Paul was promoted and assigned to command Starbase 315. Rikk went back to his parent’s home on Betazed.

Betazed was another formative experience for Rikk. He lived in the Ambassadorial block but spent all his free time exploring the city. One day, during his explorations, he wandered into the shop of Simon Boehm. There he met, Simon’s 10 year old daughter Yasmin and 13 year old son Merric. The Boehm family made him feel very welcome and he spent many a lazy afternoon in the shop. 5 years later, Rikk was shocked when a tearful Yasmin showed up at his home to tell him Simon had died.

When Rikk was 27, a Federation captain showed up at the door with a message for Jonathon. After a pirate raid on Cassandra 6, Paul had taken a shuttle to survey the damage. The shuttle never arrived at the planet. Rikk, and accomplished pilot, joined the search effort and spent 2 weeks plying the space lanes between the Starbase and Cassandra 6. No evidence or wreckage was ever found. Returning to Betazed, Rikk received another shock; Thomas Brant, Yasmin’s best friend announced that Yasmin left to join Starfleet.

Rikk spent another year, aimlessly going through the motions of his life. While sitting in his room, going over some reports for his father, he found a picture of him and his grandfather standing in front of an airplane; the same plane he had flown under the Golden Gate Bridge. Suddenly, he made a decision. Packing his few possessions, he recorded a message for his father and boarded the next ship headed to Earth. Along the way, he transmitted his application to Starfleet Academy, hoping that his name and lineage might give him the advantage he needed to be accepted to the academy, so “late” in life.

USS Titan, CL-2007

First Mission: A Titan Reborn

Rikk was assigned to the Titan directly out of the Academy. The ship was already on a mission to Altair so Rikk took a shuttle to the system. Rikk arrived on the ship and was immediately sent to his post at the Tactical console. After configuring the controls, he put his education to use and found a cloaked Klingon ship near the Titan. Before the crew could react, the Titan and the Klingon ship were attacked by a Romulan Bird-of-Prey. While this was going on, a passenger, Gile Munden, showed his true colors as a Romulan collaborator and sabotaged the Titan’s computers. The virus he installed caused the Titan to lose power and shields, allowing the Romulans to beam an assault team onto the Titan, rescuing Munden. Rikk was able to deactivate the virus, but it was too late. Munden and the Romulans were gone. Rikk spent the entire flight back to Starbase Bravo blaming himself for letting the Romulans escape.

First Personal Mission: Shore Leave

After getting a few weeks of shore leave on Starbase Bravo while the Titan was being repaired, Rikk went to the restaurant in the Bravo Lounge where he reconnected with Yasmin Boehm. While they were having dinner, they were interrupted by a brawl breaking out in the bar next door. During the fight, Rikk and Yasmin met the Titan’s new FO John Dempsey and, then FO of the Ticonderoga Paul Braggins.

After the brawl, Rikk and Yasmin continued their date, only to have it interrupted by an urgent call from Betazed. Yamin’s brother Merrick and his wife Claira were deathly ill. Rikk and Yasmin boarded a private shuttle and spent 2 days flying to Betazed. Unfortunately they arrived too late; Claira had succumbed to the illness. During this extremely emotional time, Rikk and Yasmin confessed their love for each other. After Claira’s funeral, the pair returned to Starbase Bravo to finally complete the date they began 2 weeks before.

Second Personal Mission: Requiem

After his return from Betazed, Rikk received an anonymous message from a mysterious source. The message stated that the FVG needed his assistance on a mission. Rikk accepted and resigned his commission to Starfleet. He joined the mission on the DSS Freedom only to find out the mission was being lead by Paul Braggins.


Rikk was changed by what he experienced on the mission. He returned from [CLASSIFIED] a changed man. He was wiser and less rash. He also carried back scars that could not be seen.

Second Mission: From Kronos With Love

The Titan’s next mission was a first contact mission to Kyrten. During the flight to the planet, Rikk finally received a package from Yasmin’s mother, a family heirloom. With this finally in his possession, he created a romantic holodeck program and proposed marriage to Yasmin. She accepted and the two are now engaged.

Rikk was tapped by Captain Tregelen to pilot the landing party’s shuttle down to the planet. Rikk was thrilled to be part of the first contact team. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of the culture, Rikk was almost executed. Confined to the shuttle, Rikk befriended the guards left to watch him.

Maximus and Julius , the two guards, told Rikk a great deal about the culture as they sat and had a midday meal. During the conversation, Maximus hinted that the two men would like a favor from Rikk. Before they can explain, Yasmin approaches the group and explains that Rikk has been given permission to explore the planet in the guards’ company and the entire group moves off to see the sights.

During their tour, Yamin’s tricorder picked up readings of a mountain just outside of the city that seemed to contain a tremendous amount of water. The couple wondered why the restrictive society when there was a large water source so close by.

The guards receive a radio message and rush the couple back to the prime chancellor’s throne room to discover that Klingons have invaded the palace. After a brief discussion, the Klingons open fire on everyone in the throne room. Julius is killed in the opening volley and Maximus is badly wounded. Rikk grabs a gun and begins laying down fire to cover both Yasmin and Kat Rossi, who is trying to protect the Prime Chancellor’s son. Yasmin in a bold move, challenges the Klingon HoD to ahnd to hand combat and steps into the open. Rikk realizes he cannot continue to cover Kat and Yasmin at the same time, makes the hardest decision he has ever had to make; he protects Kat and the son, leaving Yasmin in the hands of fate. In a stunning battle, Yasmin kills the Klingon HoD, ending the invasion and the shoot-out in the throne room.

As the stunned Starfleet officers tend to their wounded, Yasmin mentions the mountain their scans had discovered earlier. The Prime Chancellor knew about the water but stated they had no way to get it out of the air and to the city. Rikk comes up with a plan that the Kyrtens can use that will not cause any problems with the Prime Directive. In a surprise announcement, the Prime Chancellor agrees to join the Federation if Rikk will agree to grant the favor Maximus and Julius had wanted to ask of Rikk; a shuttle ride through the Canyon of Alkali. Rikk agrees and gives his wounded friend the ride he asked for. In a touching pronouncement, Maximus says Rikk has the spirit of a Kyrten and Rikk responds by naming Maximus and Julius his brothers. Rikk returns to the palace and collects the rest of the away team before returning to the Titan.

The Wedding

Rikk and Yasmin return to Betazed for their wedding. The couple plan to stay in Yasmin’s old house with the rest of her family until the wedding. While unpacking Yasmin takes a walk and moments later, Rikk feels a psychic call for help. He rushes out of the house to find Yasmin collapsed on the front porch. After a trip to the hospital, the couple go to the hotel where the guests will be staying. While relaxing, Yasmin receives a communication from Merrick. Rikk’s father had told Merrick a secret from Merrick’s past; Merrick was actually Rikk’s half brother. After the emotional conversation, Rikk and Yasmin decide to stay at the hotel, rather than cause tension at the family home. Rikk goes to the family shop to confront Merrick and the two talk.

The next day, people begin arriving at the hotel, and the guests, including Paul Braggins, now Captain of the Ticonderoga, begin an impromptu party. After celebrating for a while, the couple leaves to attend the rehearsal at the wedding site. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the rehearsal is crashed by Paul Braggins’ clone, who had chased Paul from [censored by Starfleet security]. Paul was injured and the clone escaped.

The wedding was a mixture of Earth and Betazoid customs and was enjoyed by all. The ceremony was intricate, involved and the couple were ecstatically happy. The party then moved to the Westfield estate. During a quiet moment, Yasmin was attacked by her lifelong friend, Thomas, who was intoxicated. Rikk saved Yasmin, and while Yasmin was cleaning herself up, Rikk had Thomas removed from the premises and taken to a hospital. The wedding continued without further ado.

The next day, Yasmin and Merrick spoke and patched things up. The couple then left for their honeymoon; a few days at the cabin, owned by Yasmin’s grandfather.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Double Major- Helm/Tactical
Academy Minor(s): Engineering-Damage Control
Hobbies and Pastimes: Flying historical aircraft, playing holographic role playing games
Short-Term Goals: Fly something bigger than a single engine atmospheric craft
Long-Term Goals: Find out what happened to his grandfather.
Personality: Easy smile and good humored. Gets along with most people
Sense of Humor: Likes intelligent humor, although appreciates silliness
Phobias: Spiders
Likes: reading, flying, playing games
Dislikes: feeling helpless, not knowing needed information
Pet Peeves or Gripes: People who think they know everything
Achievements: Flew a single engine atmospheric craft UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge
Disappointments: Never finding any evidence of his grandfather’s whereabouts
Illnesses: Slight Asthma
Strengths: Quick thinker, almost eidetic memory
Weaknesses: short tempered, occasionally insensitive to others feelings
Fears: Never finding out what happened to his grandfather
Prejudices: Pirates. He blames them for the disappearance of his grandfather
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: Sweaters and denim
Distinguishing Features: Small scar on forehead from childhood accident
Pets: Dog (Jack Russel)-Jermiah
Friends: Marcus Lane

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: Receiving the communiqué that his grandfather's shuttle disappeared without a trace
Best Time: Learning to fly with Marcus
Most Crucial Experience: Spending 2 weeks in a S&R shuttle searching for wreckage
Role Model: Grandfather and father. Men of action, thought, and strength

Career History

Stardate 21002.21 - Graduation, Tactical Department, Star Fleet Academy
Stardate 21002.21 - Assigned to Tactical Department, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21004.01 - Awarded Role Player of the Month, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21005.01 - Promoted to Ensign, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21006.01 - Awarded Role Player of the Month, USS Titan, CL-2007
Stardate 21008.01 - Awarded Star Fleet Commendation Medal, USS Titan, CL-2007

Contact Information

E-Mail: tau1961@aol.com

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