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Heston Cornelius Taylor
Career Occupation
Science Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Biographical Attributes
Played By:
Kotho, Tamara
191 cm (6 ft. 3 in.)
86.2 kg (190 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Light brown
Parted on side, just long enough to cover the tops of his ears
Lanky yet well-toned
Light to deep tanned (depending on circumstances)
Facial Hair:
ruggedly handsome, strong jawed
Deep and distinctive, enunciates clearly, emphasizes certain syllables
Greater Chicago
Familial Relationships
George Cypian Taylor
Norma Hyden-Taylor
Status of Parents:
Married, living on Earth (handmade crafts persons)
Carter Drusus Taylor (52); Lilla Lunia Darcy Taylor (48)
Marital Status:
Single/divorced (when much younger)
1 adult son (estranged)

Personal History

Taylor was born on the outskirts of Chicago proper, and was a curious child, born as the middle child; an older brother and younger sister, two years apart. Young Heston was an introspective boy and was quite curious about animals in general and how closely all of Earth's lifeforms shared common DNA.

As he grew a bit older, he became curious of primates and how similar humans were to them, yet the cognitive separation seemed so distant. This led to his pursuit of learning about Man's closest biological relatives and their habitats.

Was not particularly close with his siblings and parents; and the family was busy enough and willing to let young Heston choose his own mostly solitary path.

And as he became aware of other worlds with humanoids and similar evolutionary branches; he studied Klingon and Betazoid evolution in particular. As most school students are called by one's surname (or just one name in some cases) Heston was known and called Taylor. It was all he he'd go by after a while. Some students would even mock him calling him Taylor Taylor, yet the young man could care less.

He excelled at school, biology and exo-biology being favorites and did very well in organic chemistry. He grew into a tall and lanky frame and was proficient in most common sports (futbal/soccer), baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, some martial arts, horseback riding. As puberty hit and beyond, his height and roughhewn looks grabbed the attention of a fair number of young (and not so young) ladies and other admirers. Taylor found the more dominant/aggressive women especially exciting, including the rare Klingon female student here or there.

And as Earth was but an island in a populated corner of the galaxy, Taylor made sure he studied hard and kept physically fit. His marks were good enough to get him a shot at Star Fleet Academy, and he was accepted in. He met a fascinating woman, dark, teal colored skin, near 6', with a powerful muscular frame that was covered with just enough body wide epidermal fat cells to add toned curves to her body. She was on a Security Officer track, but she had an interest of the whys and how’s of the universe. Her 'small' role (she said), was to be a stalwart presence against the inevitable entropy of human/humanoid propensity to make chaos (break the rules). Nature was chaotic enough to have people run amok and not have rules to limit (some people's) actions that were detrimental to society, others, and perhaps, one’s self.

Tanya Abara was her name; and she and Taylor were married about two years out from graduation. Tanya kept her own name as Taylor didn't want her to forego her birth name. The marriage had its fun points, but the Academy demands meant that the couple saw each other infrequently. And as the last year was being completed, Taylor talked on and on about taking to the stars and experience its innumerable wonders.

Tanya however, discovered that she didn't want to be a space peace officer and travel across the cosmos. She was plenty satisfied remaining settled on good 'ol Terra Firma and providing security duties on Earth. It was then that the pair separated amicably, in order to pursue their individual, and incompatible dreams. Unknown to Taylor, Tanya chose to become pregnant and not tell Taylor about it. Taylor was finally made aware of it almost two decades later (See most painful experience).

His first assignment, Mid Taylor, was on USS-Copernicus; under the command of Captain Elisa Godard. Taylor proved himself exceptionally capable and within a couple of years, had achieved the rank of Lieutenant...and that's where he chose to be. No further promotions, just a good solid Science Officer, mentoring newbies, physical relationships with willing partners (primarily Security types) off duty.

At some point, (three-four years later?), a new Mid, Jane Fields joined the ship roughly about the time when a temporal transplant, the exotic and exceptionally beautiful Lieutenant Commander Gloria Dys arrived; and Captain Godard shortly thereafter, gave Dys command of the Copernicus and a field commission to full Commander.

Fields was special and gained rank rapidly and had become quite close to Dys and subsequently to 'the original' Gloria Dys (going by Alora Dys). It was a pleasure to see Fields grow from a green officer all the way to Captain of Copernicus.

Taylor was transferred for some years, as one: he was called in about a pair of orangutans that had been artificially enhanced to human level intelligence; a product of an even greater (as in vast) experimental project called USS-Challenger where ethics were seemingly optional. Taylor stayed with the simian pair as enhancements ran their course in inevitable failure, the orangs exhibited catastrophic brain degradation, suffering from dementia and Alzheimer-like symptoms. Taylor stayed with them until each one died.

Next, an outbreak of a simian contagion spread across a handful of planets and Taylor led the scientific group from Star Fleet Science Institute. It took several years tracking down the cause and mitigating the decline in various primate populations. In the end it was discovered that a virus had mutated from a lab on Denova (to a virulent airborne variety) and was inadvertently tracked to other planets from normal interstellar travel.

Once solved, and post Krynar war; and with the new exploration focus of Star Fleet, Taylor put in for a transfer to get assigned to one of the starships newly based at Pioneer Outpost. As luck, karma, or whatever would have it, Taylor's request to be assigned to Copernicus was granted...

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: After divorcing shortly after graduating Star Fleet Academy and his upcoming assignment to Copernicus, his ex-wife kept the fact that she had gotten pregnant from him. His ex-wife eventually remarried and raised her son without Taylor. She finally let him know shortly before the Cop's mission that sent the starship to the large Magellanic cloud. Taylor was quite angry at the omission and missing out being part of his son's life. Upon returning to Federation Space, Taylor tried to establish a relationship with his son, but the young man wanted no part of his sperm donor's life.

Taylor then found comfort in having physical relations with strong/powerful women who were able to physically overpower him.
Best Time: Taylor has no best times. He has moments of wonder when hiking out into a wilderness and being entirely alone as he looks up into the night skies of various planets. He has moments of enjoyment working with colleagues and mentoring new Middies. The closest of a best time, would be the feelings he had developed for Jane Fields. He thought that maybe there was something budding, but Fleet priorities pulled him from Copernicus and the following duties had become his sole focus.
Most Crucial Experience: As a teen, Taylor was fascinated by Man's close biological cousins, the primates; chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, the myriad monkey species, lemurs and similar. He conducted his own experiment (like the famous Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Frans de Waal of the latter 20th century Earth) and entered successfully, a troop of chimpanzees. He lived with them and learned their mannerisms for a short while; welcomed by the troop, but was pulled out by game wardens after a week.
Role Model: Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Frans de Waal

Career History

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Contact Information

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