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Tamara Kotho
Career Occupation
Engineering Officer
USS Titania, RSV-88002
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Biographical Attributes
165 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
59 kg (130 lb.)
Eye Color:
Dark brown
Hair Color:
Very dark brown
Lion mane style
Type: well-toned
deeply tanned
United Federation of Planets
Capital City, Q’Nos
Familial Relationships
Kung, son of Q’ro
Golonda, House of N’Ntuk
Status of Parents:
deceased; murdered during a coup
Marital Status:
Single/Widowed (Husband, Kotho son Kogg died in glorious battle during the Dominion war)

Personal History

Tamara was born from the Klingon population that had been transformed to the human-like, smooth forehead beings from the Levidian flu (I.E., TOS era Klingons) in the early 23rd century. Her childhood years were harsh, but with rare respites from rigorous training and indoctrination in and of Klingonese warrior culture. While lacking the overt physical strength of her male trainees, she was a competent enough melee-ist, and could weld a disrupter to deadly effect; but where she truly excelled, was in the physical sciences and engineering fields.

She was brought into the Klingon military still in her teens and because of her natural aptitude and like of Imperial starship weapon systems, she was put on a fast track to learn all about the D7-class battlecruiser. This was during the Federation’s Constitution class heavy cruisers period, exemplified when James T. Kirk assumed command of USS-Enterprise.

Tamara met her future husband, Kotho, on a D7 (IKS-Ravager) when she was a newly assigned engineering specialist assigned to the ship. She and Kotho would have been participants in the greatest of battles in a war with the Federation (‘it would have been glorious’); but just prior to full scale engagement, the war was suddenly called off via some immense power as having come from the denizens of planet Organia. It seemed impossible that such beings existed, let alone had the capability to affect all weapons of war across the vastness of space between the naval assets of both the Empire and Federation…but the burned scars on Tamara’s hands (she was manning the disrupter cannons after all) were a constant reminder that it had happened.

And with hostilities negated and a peace treaty signed between to the two star spanning entities; Tamara and Kotho’s ship was diverted to pursue ‘easier pickings’ from outlier star systems; sufficiently away from the Federation and the newly created Neutral Zone. The Ravager had great success culling several pre-warp and pre-industrial societies save the last, on a planet designated K4151 IV, a frozen world (Star Fleet classification Type P, Glaciated), had a sparsely populated, pre-industrial society, that held a fantastic sounding secret.

An away team was beamed down (Tamara and Kotho were part of it, along with Captain Throg, and sufficient cold weather gear)) and after a day of skirmishes with the strong, snow-white haired native humanoids, the away team prevailed with acceptable losses and the incredible tale of a life preserving god (coincidentally a strong, unique energy source was detected flowing like an underground (or in this case, an under ice) river or stream. The energy made transporter reformation all but impossible, so an ice climbing team was assembled to scale the high cliffs to reach an opening where more precise scans could be made. Captain Throg took charge and designated that Tamara would accompany him and two others, leaving Kotho in charge of keeping the surviving inhabitants in compliance.

The cliff wall easily 2 kallicams in height, with the cave opening roughly 1.5 kallicams up. It was going to take hours to traverse up the ice wall, but the team made steady, if slow appearing progress ever upwards. Tamara suggested going in pairs, one member to provide backup for the other as they traversed upwards, but Throg wanted to test their individual mettle on the way up and the last to make it up would be executed for slowness. As it was, at the start and to about halfway (0.75 kallicams) up, Tamara was behind the males; and Throg was clearly in the lead. And then the first tremors occurred, shifting and fracturing the vertical ice sheets. Kronk, through no fault of his own, was on a sheet that detached from the wall and fell to his death. Now there were three.

Continuing up was going to be very dangerous, and yet going back down would be worse. There was only one way to go, up. And then finally after just climbing ‘uj after ‘uj after ‘uj, the Captain reached the cave-like entrance. It was then that Krathog seeing himself in second place and Tamara still had some several cams below him, pulled out his disrupter and aimed it at her…

“Sorry Tam, nothing personal, you’re just last!” Krathog shouted down. “Don’t do it!” Tamara cried out, knowing what was going to happen next. Krathog fired his disruptor, and as Tamara had discovered with her readings; the hidden ice’s energy signature would wreak havoc on the disrupter’s concentrated output and act as an attractor to the alien energy. A large rumble ensued and then several things happened: 1) Krathog’s body splattered against the ice sheet above her (he was dead), 2) the cave-like entrance crumbled and Captain Throg was crushed instantly under the weight of ice, and 3) the mysterious flow of energy (actually a supercooled plasma/liquid-like state) erupted from the ice encompassing Tamara’s entire body. For her, her last thought was being amazed that it didn’t feel cold at all.

Kotho, looking up in dread at the doomed climbers and there was nothing he could do but watch in stunned silence. The small form that had been his wife become engulfed in a brilliant, sparkling cyan flow of energy as if one were inundated from a large wave of water; and fell the nearly 1.5 kellicams down to the valley floor, her body unseen and unrecoverable under the massive amounts of energy and ice.

Approximately 150 years later, the forgotten planet was revisited by a Klingon, B’Rel class Bird of Prey scout as it had intercepted an old style, subspace distress signal. Tamara had woken up in the ice-cliff valley, amazed that she had survived her fall and soon discovered that the indigenous settlement was gone as well as any evidence of the away team and her husband; or any visual confirmation of the energy signal. Her hand-held scanner was inoperative, as well as her disruptor pistol. Eventually, while scouting around, she discovered the away team’s landing case and it had a working emergency sub-space beacon. She activated it and waited.

The Bird of Prey landed (with a design that Tamara was unfamiliar with) in the valley, and as they discovered Tamara; she was shocked at the rescuers being exclusively non-Lividian affected Klingons. The Bird of Prey Captain, was rather surprised himself and after consulting with his second, offered Tamara a good, quick death or she could be dropped off with the Federation as they (real Klingon’s, not the human-like embarrassment of century and half ago) had no use for her (she was considerably more human than Klingon, and her ‘stasis jump to the future’ made her an anachronism).

Tamara took the offer of life and was handed over to the enemy (the Federation), which turned out to be not the case at all. The Empire and the Federation had become (if uneasy at times) allies over the previous decades. It was a whole new galaxy. Of some minor consolation, Federation historians and scientists were highly interested in her.

She required (obviously) a crash course in the ‘History of Galactic Events’ (at least from the Federation/Star Fleet point of view) over the 150 years that she had missed; and brought up to speed with modern technology. At times it was overwhelming, but Tamara had nothing but time to invest. She found out that her husband Kotho had undergone the change back to the intimidating ‘normal’ ridged forehead Klingon several years after Tamara’s apparent death. He remarried and lived quite long and died gloriously in battle during the Krynar war. As for any other immediate past family she had, they were all in Sto-vo-kor. She was alone, and as for any descendants, she found out that they were all ‘true’ Klingons, and she surmised that she would be shunned, so she made no overtures.

And as she was being re-educated; she had come to the attention of Star Fleet; and through a series of interviews and holo-recreations (now that was marvelous); it was suggested that Tamara apply to Star Fleet Academy. And she did. And as she was her own sole person, she took Kotho’s name for her own (to honor him and to keep the connection), becoming Tamara Kotho. She was a willing sponge as she took classes in starship systems, noting the subtle differences between Federation and Klingon starship design and tech from a century plus ago, to now, the modern day. She was keen on weapon systems but had come to realize just how special Federation shield technology was. It was the reason that it took two to three D7 battlecruisers to take on a single Constitution class heavy cruiser. She excelled in starship engineering courses, propulsion, systems, the whole works; with focus on shield systems and ablative hull plates.

She competed and graduated with the best of the Academy students and was assigned to an Avenger-Class-Heavy-Cruiser, USS-Diligence, and she served on it, until the recent realignment of Star Fleet’s goals; one of exploration. Tamara had reached the rank of Lt[JG], and had become indispensable to the Chief Engineer and was reassigned to…

GSC-9035, USS Copernicus under command of captain Jane Fields. Kotho had assumed that she had earned, and would be offered, the Chief Engineer position, but the CE job went to the (she acknowledged), more senior and experienced Lieutenant Morad Ameen; and thus accepted the missed opportunity without enmity to Ameen, or shame to herself.

Upon arrival to Copernicus, a ‘personnel to assigned Quarters’ mix-up had occurred and she housed with the Science Department (on Deck 6) and shared her Quarters with a jaded, older, human male roommate: Science Officer Lieutenant Taylor. After the initial surprise, the accommodations were deemed acceptable to both parties, and they developed a friendly plutonic relationship.

As far as her job, with due diligence, an exemplary and capable work ethic, the Chief engineer awarded Kotho the title and responsibility of ACE, Assistant Chief Engineer…Ameen’s Second. This was a role that Kotho took seriously and even off duty, the Engineer would continue with learning about the Galactic Science Cruiser starship in intricate detail.

As the ACE, Kotho had made professional friends with Engineer, Lieutenant Jelaya Al-Mazi, Onca Mirak and spousal mate to Copernicus’ Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Shione Kurasa; and to Engineer Kalli Thorn (initially a Midshipman) that Kotho soon pushed for a promotion to Ensign, as the young Engineer had proven herself capable of the added responsibilities.

Kotho’s first mission aboard Copernicus was the ship being part of the pre-emptive attack fleet on a Borg ‘mega-sphere’; she had assisted Security in being armed up with a phaser rifle and placed in a sharp-shooter nest position to fire upon any Borg drones that breached Main Engineering. There was a slight disappointment in that Kotho and her Klingon soldiering background, had not had the opportunity to engage the enemy. While Copernicus remained relatively unscathed during the fleet attack, the loss of the CSO’s wife, Science Officer Kristina Talion, on a high-risk mission aboard the sphere, was quite palpable.

Copernicus next mission was one of exploration, to an amphibious humanoid species, the Eklata in the Silen System, that had an almost extinction level (reproduction) event for their species…made all the more fascinating, was a very large, and dying, sentient, cetacean-shaped being called ‘Mother’ by the Eklata, that had stayed off their extinction by providing vital, seemingly symbiotic reproductive help. Copernicus’ Medical and Science Departments, along with the Eklata equivalents, had managed to come up with solutions to get the species’ ‘natural’ reproduction ability back going.

Kotho was in virtual charge of the Engineering Department as Ameen had been part of the away team. It was an opportune time to go over the ship’s underappreciated and rarely used systems; and get to interact with the Department’s staff outside of emergency situations.

As the Eklata mission wound down, a mayday was detected and acted upon. The emergency request was from Captain Fields close friend, former mentor, and Acting Copernicus CO from a decade ago. The warp engines were maxed out, just shy of having to have cool down periods, for a rescue mission, Gloria Dys. Upon reaching the planet where the Captain’s friend and Star Fleet Officer John Zenteal were marooned; it was discovered that gender switched versions of same had arrived from a parallel universe (and presumably, Gloria Dys and Zenteal ended up in the other universe). Of mention: a telepathic, dilithium infused flora-like life form was discovered on the tidally locked planet. Stating the Prime Directive, the intelligent plant species were a pre-warp civilization; and thus contact was limited and the Copernicus left the red dwarf system, some 8 light years from Dozaria.

Upon reaching Pioneer, the ship was notified that Federation/Star Fleet was abandoning the Outpost and Copernicus was to receive evacuees and equipment for a several weeks, high warp journey back to the Sol System and SBA. And during the journey, the crew was notified about Copernicus’ fate and likely transfer of the majority of the ship’s compliment to USS Titania, a new class of ships, smaller, that had integrated, the new quantum slipstream propulsion drive systems. Kotho then studied everything that was available to her about the new vessel.

Once docked at SBA, Kotho was assigned training at the Academy for specifically: operation and upkeep of slipstream drive systems; and Luna Class vessel design and operation. Kotho barely slept during the intense training. She was determined to become an expert as soon as possible.

During the handoff, a day before the official boarding of the Reconnaissance Science Vessel, at an impromptu gathering of Copernicus-to-Titania staff and incoming Middies, Kotho had been effectively outed a Klingon, by Ambassador Kubid Oza, father of the Cop’s Tactical Officer, Kahe Oza. Kotho’s Klingon background was an open secret among those on the Cop with a need to know basis (Commanding Officers, Medical, and those with a need to know her medical history) and with those with enhanced senses (such as Al-Mazi Once Mirak). For all practical purposes, Kotho passed as human, perhaps with a Mediterranean background, and that was that.

But, the Betazoid Ambassador had pegged her somehow, of the extinct version of her (human-looking, Organian Peace Treaty era) kind. As it turned out, the new, out in the open, yet private information, had made no negative difference in how her colleagues perceived her.

Personality Profile

Sense of Humor: Into stories (well told and having a twist ending), not fond of pratfalls and random zaniness, not fond of sarcasm either
Phobias: Great heights (from cliff fall as mentioned in Private History)
Likes: coffee, sweet and flavored; most Terran foods, reading, stout (chocolatey-like) ales, Romulan ale, symphonic pieces and operas (human as well as Klingon)
Dislikes: tribbles (they don’t like her), her own (aggressive, ‘original’ deeply-ridged forehead kind), displays of weakness, cold temperature environments
Pet Peeves or Gripes: those that play loose with the command structure, and those that don’t celebrate (party hard) after a hard-won conflict
Bad Habits or Vices: can drink to excess when off duty (especially after a trying or difficult shift/mission. The more difficult the circumstances, the more alcohol consumed)
Achievements: Brought her knowledge up to current levels; adapted to the future, given (having earned) Federation Citizenship, graduated Star Fleet Academy
Disappointments: the loss of her husband; not having his child/children
Illnesses: None
Strengths: quick and creative thinker, follows orders well, has very good vision (20/10); proficient with dagger
Weaknesses: sometimes judges a book by its cover (first impressions of persons)
Fears: of becoming a full/real (ridged-forehead and crooked teeth) Klingon; Tamara likes who she is and has no desire to change. Falling in love again.
Prejudices: beings and/or cultures that appear weak
Off Duty Clothing Tastes: light (titanium) chainmail shirts and leather (faux or real) black pants, knee-high boots
Distinguishing Features: Pretty face, almond shaped eyes, most would assume she was human
Pets: None
Friends: None (was her husband Kotho)

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Painful Experience: was waking up after being in a suspended state for 150 years and truly have registered that her previous life is gone; and your people (because you are different) have no use for you (dismissed as something not worthy of notice). See also Personal History.
Best Time: Quiet moments being with her husband after a successful mission and the occasional raw need to commune with each other; discussions about life, the universe and everything.
Most Crucial Experience: Being turned over to the Federation; where she could finally realize the strength of the Federation and appreciate its diversity of cultures and planets. See also Personal History.
Role Model: Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (having the bold temerity to commit to peace with the Federation and being assassinated for the attempt) and historical Federation leaders and Star Fleet Officers.

Career History

As Vreean Abaa
As Misty Wood
As Gloria Dys
As Alora Dys
As Sallea T'Prell
Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Cadet Star Fleet Academy 21606.01 Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Engineering Officer USS Diligence, CA-1313 21606.02 Midshipman Midshipman
Engineering Officer USS Diligence, CA-1313 21701.13 Ensign Ensign
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21911.01 Transferred to USS Copernicus Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21911.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 21911.23 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 22003.01 Gold Star Gold Star
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 22004.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 22103.01 Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal
Engineering Officer USS Copernicus, GSC-9035 22105.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22106.01 Transferred to the USS Titania Lieutenant Junior Grade
Engineering Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22106.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22110.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 22112.01 Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Engineering Officer USS Titania, RSV-88002 242208.01 Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal
Medals Tally:
Service Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Star Fleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 1
Star Fleet Achievement Medal Star Fleet Achievement Medal 1
Star Fleet Commendation Medal Star Fleet Commendation Medal 1
Gold Star Gold Star 1
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 6

Contact Information

E-Mail: davedisalvo@gmail.com

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