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Career Occupation
Executive Officer
IKV Dreamslayer
Sogh (Lieutenant)
Biographical Attributes
Full Name:
Qal, Son of Morag.
Klingon, House of Morag.
198 cm (6 ft. 6 in.)
124.8 kg (275 lb.)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Dark Brown.
Long, worn mane-like in the traditional Klingon manner.
Tall and muscular.
Dark Brown.
Facial Hair:
Full beard, with Klingon-style mustache.
Booming, deep bass.
Klingon Empire
First City, Qo'noS.
Familial Relationships
Morag, Son of K'Tal.
Status of Parents:
Deceased; his father died in glorious battle against the Romulans, his mother died during Kalok’s assault on the First City.
Brother: T'Kar, deceased; died in glorious battle against Kalok's forces. Sister: Valkris, 35; currently living on Acamar III and serving int he Acamarian military.
Marital Status:
Married to N'alae t'Khaell.

Personal History

Qal was born in 2371 in the First City on Qo’noS to Morag and Karana. He grew up in the traditional manner of Klingon society, and joined his father in House Morag’s fleet upon coming of age. He fought in the First and Second Klingon/Mirak Wars, earning the ranks of Warrior 1st Class and Warrior 2nd Class, respectively.

By the outbreak of the General War, Qal had achieved prowess as a Warrior 3rd Class, and served well. He reveled in the opportunity to test himself against the Jem’Hadar, the warriors his own father had fought against in the Dominion War.

His father died in honorably in battle against the Romulans, leaving Qal’s elder brother T’Kar as leader of House Morag. Qal’s warrior prowess increased, and he earned the rank of Lieutenant at age 36.

He commanded his own B’rel-class Bird-of-Prey during the Borg War, and was subsequently selected to serve in the Cultural Officer Exchange Program with Star Fleet on Stardate 20311.01. He served one year aboard the USS Centaur, CL-2513, and returned to the Empire.

He served for a short time on the cruiser IKV Blackfang until Kalok came to power. The Blackfang’s commander had joined forces with a faction loyal to Emperor Kahless, as did T’Kar. As T’Kar was head of House Morag, Qal had no choice but to remain aboard the Blackfang. The Blackfang, along with two other cruisers, was driven out of Klingon Space shortly thereafter, and were escorted to SB-157 by the Dauntless under the command of then-Commodore Thrawn. Consequently, Qal found himself stuck on the Federation side of the border, unable to rejoin his House, or any other for that matter.

With the aid of his former Stafleet Captain, Qal was reinstated as an Exchange Officer and assigned to the USS Centaur. As House Morag had been loyal to Emperor Kahless, Qal’s family continued to fight against Kalok’s forces. Qal later learned that his brother had been slain while fighting against Kalok’s forces, and that his mother had died during the bombardment of the First City. He learned this from his sister Valkris, who was serving aboard the IKV Vengeance when it made a daring run across the border.

With the aid of his Star Fleet Captain, Qal was able to secure an extension to his tour of duty in the Cultural Officer Exchange program from Star Fleet, with the stipulations that he attend a six-month refresher course at Star Fleet Academy and that he either return to the Empire or accept a Star Fleet commission should he choose to remain in the Federation after the border is reopened.

When on leave, Qal resides in a remote, well-built cabin in Alaska. Despite a disliking Kalok and his regime, Qal longs to return to his homeland. Recent rumors of peace talks between the Federation and the Empire, coupled with an assassination attempt against him, have reignited Qal’s desire to return to the Empire and lead the House of Morag back to glory.

After a brief assignment to the USS Drake, CL-2509, as COS, Qal was reassigned to Earth. While in-between assignments, Qal was recruited for a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped Star Fleet officer from an Orion Syndicate cartel boss. During the mission, Qal served alongside a Romulan Star Fleet crewman, N’alae t’Khaell, who greatly impressed Qal as being a rare exception to his view of Romulans as honorless cowards. In fact, N’alae’s courage and sense of honor mirrored that of his own people, so much so that Qal found himself inescapably drawn to the young woman. Shortly after the mission, the two mated and Qal insisted they take the oath of marriage. N’alae took the oath with Qal, further proving to Qal that her heart was indeed Klingon.

Shortly after mating with N'alae, Qal was contacted by Kotram, Son of Rakva. Kotram offered Qal the position of Executive Officer aboard Kotram's new command, the IKV Dreamslayer. Qal seized the opportunity, and he, N'alae, and Valkris made there way to the Klingon border to meet Kotram and the Dreamslayer.

Personality Profile

Academy Major(s): Bat'leth, tajtiq.
Academy Minor(s): Operations (Tactical).
Personality: Bold and cunning; Qal is a warrior through and through, and lives life with what many humans would consider reckless abandon. In reality, this perceived recklessness is actually a warrior’s bold daringness combined, and enhanced, by a cunning mindset. He also has a quick, nasty temper and a penchant for drinking far too much when celebrating.
Sense of Humor: Qal’s sense of humor tends to be ironic and fatalistic, though he also enjoys a good joke or humorous anecdote, particularly when such antics involve pranks and schemes designed to annoy or harass a skilled opponent or violence of any sort. Qal keeps his sense of humor hidden while on duty, though it often comes out while engaged in combat.
Likes: Worthy opponents; honorable combat; alcohol; strongly flavored food.
Dislikes: Weakness, be it mental, physical, or moral, in his allies and opponents; cowards; those who hide behind words or their allies; those who do not speak plainly; bland food.
Achievements: Fighting against the Jem’Hadar in the General War. He reveled in testing himself against such formidable opponents. Also, competing in the bat’leth tournament on H’atoria, in 2397, where he won his place among the best warriors in the Empire as Champion Standing.
Strengths: Excellent in combat; extremely accurate with both small arms and ship based weapons; refuses to back down from a challenge.
Prejudices: Hates Mirak; strongly dislikes Romulans, who he views as honorless; dislikes Vulcans, who he views as cowards; detests Ferengi. With the exception of Mirak and Ferengi, Qal’s prejudices are against the respective cultures, not necessarily against specific individuals.
Distinguishing Features: Qal’s hands, particularly the knuckles, are criss-crossed with thin, faint scars, a result of years of melee combat with both the bat’leth and mek’leth. Qal also sports a jagged scar on his chest that extends diagonally from his left shoulder down to the center of his chest and curves around under his left pectoral.
Headridges: Pronounced, but rounded, covering the central forehead and temples.
Pets: None.
Friends: His sister, Valkris.

Personal Paradigm Shifts

Most Crucial Experience: Most Crucial Experience: His first time in combat, during the First Klingon/Mirak War. It was then that he truly became Klingon, putting his warrior beliefs to the test for the first time.
Role Model: Chancellor Gorkon, for boldly going forward with his plan of peace with the Federation, despite the resentment such an act generated from members of the High Council. Star Fleet Captain Rachel Garrett, of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-C, for coming to the aid of the Khitomer colony and defending it honorably and to the death against the Romulans.

Career History

Position Assignment Date(s) Event
Chief of Security USS Drake, CL-2509 20807.11 Appointed Chief of Security
Assigned to USS Drake, CL-2509
Executive Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20901.01 Appointed Executive Officer
Relocated to IKV Dreamslayer
Executive Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20904.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Executive Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20904.13 – 20908.31 Battle of Space Station Sierra 18, SS-18 Participant
Executive Officer IKV Dreamslayer 20906.01 Awarded Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month
Medals Tally:
Achievement Medals Awarded
Image Description Qty.
Role Player of the Month Role Player of the Month 2

Supplemental Information

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